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  • Kosher wine is gross. All of it.

  • i’m not relal liking the whole ben’s being a chain thing idk.

    • The Ben’s Chili Bowl stands at Nats Park are a joke. I tried to order a half-smoke all the way tonight, and the only topping they had was chili.

      • That is sad. 🙁 I feel like its really losing its authenticity. Its on U st for a reason. Nice that they have the funds for it, but come on..Ben’s in Arlington? what is that.

    • likewise
      i feel eh about it coming over to H

  • what ever happened with them knocking down the building illegally? Seems a whole lot of people turned their heads the other way, or was there some other legal outcome?

  • @anon 8:32 it wasn’t an illegal raze…they had permission to tear the building down and reconstruct using the original building materials. They stored all of the facade and will use it for the first floor of the new building

    • brookland_rez

      Good to hear. The way the corner is angled it does look like they’re going to maintain the look of the original building.

  • IMHO, the best part of Ben’s coming to H St. will be the breakfast. There isn’t a greasy spoon option right now, and I look forward to Ben’s filling that void.

  • As a transplant from U st that now lives near H…I love it. Ben’s has always been and is hoping to stay a neighborhood establishment in neighborhoods with tons of entertainment/social options. Saying that to myself allowed me to swallow their decision to expand to Arlington (although as a DC native, I’m really not feeling it. VA can keep Ray’s). It’s just good business for everyone involved to have them at the Airport/Fed Ex Stadium/Nats stadium.

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