Beautiful Gate Gone from Chinatown


The awesome gate from the side of the Wok n Roll restaurant on H Street in Chinatown has vanished. Perhaps it’s just getting restored but I’m not holding my breath

UPDATE: DC Commission on Arts and Humanities says they’ve removed the gate for restoration. “The ornamental artwork was in severe disrepair and posed a safety hazard to adjoining businesses and the general public. The Dragon’s Gate was created by Atlanta-based artist Andrew Crawford in 2007— as way of camouflaging and beautifying an otherwise drab alley corridor that housed trash bins and served as a service entrance. A conservator will restore it, and the goal is to return in in 2015.”

It was a beauty so hopefully it will return one day:

From Dec. 2011

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  • Unless those metal gates were falling in complete disrepair, why take them down? I agree with PoPville that they were gorgeous.

    • One guess: this is a public alley. Gates not permitted.

      If it’s a private alley, then no idea.

      • My understanding is that you’re allowed to instal gates onto a public alley if the residents/businesses using that alley pay for the gates.

  • the gates were created via a public call for art through dccah. initially the contract was to create gates that blocked the view of the dumpster. clearly they failed at that requirement.

  • Nooooooooo!!! It was like the only authentically cool thing left in Chinatown!

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