Battle of the Banners – Is it Barracks Row or Capitol Riverfront?


Looks like we have a little turf battle of the banners going on in the 1100 block of 8th Street, SE. Who has the right to the block Barracks Row or Capitol Riverfront?

Side note – I’m digging the new (to me) Barracks Row banners:


Side note two – thanks to reader for sending word that the former Levi’s Port Cafe space is for rent:

1102 8th St, SE

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  • The space definitely belongs to the Capitol Riverfront BID (as opposed to the Capitol Hill BID) but it’s also part of Barrack’s Row Main Street (which is not a BID). I do think Barrack’s Row has a better claim to this block in terms of where it “fits in” but both seem to be supportive of the businesses in that stretch.

    And I know this has been said a million times but “Capitol Riverfront” is the stupidest name ever. It’s the Navy Yard!

  • Interesting question. I consider it part of the Capitol Riverfront right now but it could be absorbed into the Barracks row strip if that development expands further south.

  • South Barracks row or SoBaRo . Nothing major is going to happen until the blue castle is sold to a developer.

    • It already sold to a developer 7 years ago and it recently went back on the market undeveloped. It’s funny that it was once considered a necessary catalyst for near SE to develop and the area is just passing it by. . . just like the Zax Overpass

  • It’s rather simple, really. Barracks Row is 8th Street, SE, between Pennsylvania and M. Capitol Riverfront BID only overlaps the southernmost block of Barracks Row.

    • I would say BR only goes as far south as the freeway. The rest belongs to the Riverfront.

  • Thanks for the compliment on our new banner series! These are Barracks Row Main Street’s new spring banners, but we will have seasonal ones to install for summer, fall and winter as well.
    Barracks Row Main Street, DC’s oldest Main Street program, was chartered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street initiative in 1999. Our boundaries run along 8th Street, SE from the Eastern Market Metro Plaza at Pennsylvania Avenue SE on the north side to the Latrobe Gate of the Washington Navy Yard on M Street, SE on the south side. Our service area overlaps with Capitol Hill Business Improvement District from Pennsylvania Avenue to the north to the freeway, and with the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District from the freeway south to M Street.
    North of the freeway, our banners share light poles with the banners for the Capitol Hill BID because they are the same size. South of the freeway, however, since the Capitol Riverfront banners are a different size, they are on different light poles. No “turf battle” here – we both serve this great connection between Capitol Hill and Capitol Riverfront!
    Martin Smith
    Executive Director
    Barracks Row Main Street

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