Banana Leaf, Sri Lankan & South Indian Cuisine Coming to Chevy Chase

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5014 Connecticut Ave, NW

At long last a replacement for the former Clover Market space which closed back in 2012. Coming soon is Banana Leaf – Sri Lankan & South Indian Cuisine. Ed. Note: Not to be confused with Dupont Circle’s Banana Leaves.

I also like how the sign specifies – “Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian”:

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It’s located across the street from Politics and Prose and next door to Jake’s American Grille:

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  • Yum! Masala dosa please! Sambol! Yay!

  • Yessss.

  • Wait, is this the Banana Leaf from New York?

  • I hope it’s the same as that in NYC! I’ve been there several times and they serve pretty authentic Srilankan food. I should know, I’m Srilankan. How cool is that to be able to get to via metro, even though it’s a bit of a walk from the Van Ness station. Bring it on.

    • maxwell smart

      It’s one more stop on the Red Line but the walk from Tenleytown is the same distance, it’s flatter, and if you time it right, you can catch an M4 in front of Wilson (just outside of Tenleytown) and it will take you right to Connecticut and Nebraska.

  • It’s not quite like saying Potomac Video is in Tenleytown, but it’s not in Chevy Chase.

    Forest Hills or Tobago.

  • I met one of the owners. Seems like a nice guy. I think it is their first restaurant venture so I don’t know if it is the same as the NY spot that people are referring to.

  • yes its the branch of banana leaf ,new york which is opening soon in DC

  • Yep, Mr: Raj Perera, hope u will serve the same Sri Lankan and Indian delicious foods which I tasted over there in Newyork Banana Leaf. It’s a pleasure to Hv a same kind of familiar restaurant here in DC. Pls accept my best wishes

  • Can’t wait. Local chef makes amazing food. Have not been to the restaurant in NY but this one should be great. (Just wish it was closer to my neighborhood!)

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