Aroi Gets Outdoor Seating in Bloomingdale, Let’s Hope Red Hen is Next!

1832 1st St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Aroi Thai and Japanese Cuisine now has outdoor seating in Bloomingdale. You can see Aroi’s menu here.

Here’s to hoping the outdoor dining trend continues down the block with Red Hen!

Ed. Note: Rustik across the street has also improved their outdoor seating with some cover and fans.

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  • I love Aroi, even more so now that Beau Thai is pulling up roots and abandoning us : )

    A neighbor said he asked about Red Hen’s outdoor seating recently and was told they have problems with it and would not be this year (third hand of course) I would suspect the next outdoor seating will be in the following order for Bloomingdale……….. Washington Firehouse, Costa Brava, El Camino.

  • Aroi is great — but I do wish they would put some art work up on the walls to make the inside more inviting! that said, the food is terrific, I’m a loyal delivery customer, and will definitely check out hte outdoor seating!

  • I like Aroi Thai more and more. Maybe the new art work makes the food taste better, but I really think their food has improved a lot. I’m glad that we have it and I’m planning to eat there more often. As far as outdoor seating is concerned, I would love to see the outdoor seating at Windows Cafe improved. That place has a lot to offer and with some small tweaks to the menu and seating, I think it could be greatly improved.

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