Another Alleged Package Thief Caught in the Act

A reader writes:

“Anyone recognize this guy?

3:55 Monday May 12. Argonne Place near 16th Street & Columbia Road Rd, NW.

He did not take any letters from the mailbox, just the package which was sitting on top of the mailbox. Then he placed the package on the deck and opened it, put the contents in a plastic bag and walked away.

Anyone with information can contact Officer Rider with case number
CCN# 14-067-395

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  • “Alleged”?

  • Thank god he wasn’t thirsty otherwise your 223 bottles of water would have been guzzled!

    • My first thought too! Why do people have those big jugs of water delivered instead of just buying a Brita filter?

    • Pretty sure this is from the large group house near the intersection of Argonne and Harvard that was mentioned a few months back in the post about the last remaining collectives in DC proper. So, I imagine there are a lot of people living in the house, hence all the water.

      • Still crazy! You know it is actually safe to drink tap water? And filter it if you don’t like the taste. Jug water delivery is just weird and insane.

  • why wouldnt he just throw away the box, at least then the resident might have thought the package got lost in the mail.

  • So you caught him or didn’t?

  • We’ve had a few packages stolen on the 1500 block of Harvard St. I wonder if this is the same guy. If there’s any updates on this please share!

  • Not really “caught in the act” as much as “videotaped in the act”

    Hope he does get caught soon though!

  • Our apartment building is on the same block of Argonne Pl. We’ve had a few packages stolen from our building. Probably the same person!

  • Damn, you trekking out to the desert with all that water? That’s way more than our office gets delivered!

  • Aesthetics aside, wouldn’t a sign saying something such has “SMILE, YOU THIEVING SACK OF SH*T, YOU’RE ON CAMERA!” get some added deterrent value out of your camera system?

  • Remember the post from several weeks back about the guys “caught in the act” stealing packages in North Columbia Heights? Did the cops ever catch them? Or, more likely, has been my experience… The MPD just makes you feel like it is your fault say there is nothing they can do. How dare I pay to have something delivered to my house! It’s almost like they side with the criminals – at least in District 4.

  • Bought an under the sink filtration system from 3M for about $30. Filters all my cold water. Change filters twice a year. Sorry about the gems in that bag, but seriously, all that water is just stupid.

  • If there’s video evidence of this man stealing the contents of a package, it’s safe to dispense with “allegedly.” Are you worried he’ll sue you for defamation?

  • Gotta work on that camera placement.

  • Niagara Falls!

  • Yes! We have the same guy on video stealing a package from our front door on the 1700 block of Lanier Place. Our case # is 067-688. I’ll put Ofc. Merritt in touch with Ofc. Rider.

  • This is exactly the type of low level crime that MPD needs to nip in the bud.

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