Angelika Pop-Up! Movie Theater Coming to 550 Penn Street, NE behind Union Market

550 Penn Street, NE

Well this could be awesome. A recent liquor license posted next door to Dolcezza Gelato and behind Union Market says Angelika Pop-Up!:

“Movie Theater serving snacks with 150 seats. Total occupancy load of 296.”

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Thursday 7 am – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 7 am – 3 am.

Not clear if this will be a temporary movie theater or just a place holder for the liquor license placard until the permanent movie theater is built. In November of 2013 we learned that a permanent Angelika Film Center would be opening by Union Market in 2015.

Updates when more info becomes available.



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  • How on earth does a “pop up” movie theater work? Some folding chairs and a projector?

  • Yayayayay for things in my neighborhood!

  • Interesting (and yay for more art-house movie options coming to town).

  • TempleCt

    I’ll be there!

  • Wtf. This “pop up” fad has gone the way of craft beer and artisan food. Quit trying to be trendy and call it what it is. We don’t want to fully commit so we’re half arsing it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I hear ya but that actually doesn’t apply to this case – they really are opening a proper spot in 2015:

      “In November of 2013 we learned that a permanent Angelika Film Center would be opening by Union Market in 2015.”

      • Hi. Has the construction begun? If they really plan to open doors in 2015 construction should be underway, no?

    • To the extent that it allows a business to do real-world market research that may lead it to eventually commit when they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so absent the pop-up, I’m all for it.
      Starting a business – especially a small business – is really, really hard. Hedging against risk is just smart.

  • Pop, any news about the movie theater on New York ave and N ne? is it still going on?

  • So you pay to sit in a dirt lot in an ugly, industrial part of town to watch a movie and drink over-priced beer?
    Bad deal.

  • As long as anonymouse 2:33 stays away, it should be awesome.

  • SweetEpiphany

    This would be great. Can you please tag the Brentwood neighborhood for this post? Despite the NoMa metro stop being close by I’m pretty sure this is technically in Brentwood. Metro stops don’t always align with established neighborhood boundaries. For example, Union Market was historically part of Brentwood, but now that it’s yuppified it’s somehow part of NoMa. SMH.

    • “Metro stops don’t always align with established neighborhood boundaries.”
      So true. Witness the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro, located (technically) where Petworth, Park View, Columbia Heights, and 14th Street Heights meet.
      Or the addition of “Adams Morgan” to the name of the Woodley Park-Zoo station. Adams Morgan is on the other side of a long bridge!

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