Adam Express Closes For Real in Mt. Pleasant

3211 Mt Pleasant St, NW

@CraigPlazure tweeted us the sad update last night:


Back in March we first learned Adam Express intended to close but those plans fell through when a buyer backed out. For whatever the reason the closure seems permanent now so let’s wish the Baes a peaceful and happy retirement:

Mr. and Mrs. Bae previously biding farewell

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  • Here’s hoping the Baes enjoy a happy retirement! And that a new restaurant can fill the vacancy left by Adam Express soon.

  • What’s sadder than losing Adams Express is that this place will likely sit vacant for years and years, like many storefronts have in mount pleasant over the past couple decades.

    • Huh? Other than the burnt out building, what in Mt. P is vacant?

      • Currently the corner space next to Best Way is vacant, and has been for 2+ years. But the commenter is referring to the history of Mt P, where landlords — of which there are not that many so they wield a lot of control over the retail landscape of Mt P St — prefer to let their properties sit vacant. Or for-all-intents-and-purposes vacant, i.e. Logan Antiques.

        While landlords have a right to prioritize money over community, it doesn’t serve the greater good to have an empty space on what is struggling to be a vibrant street. IMO, they are the ones holding the retail part of this great neighborhood back.

  • I remember back when I was a kid, this space was called Adam’s Fish Market. It was run by this one guy (Maybe his name was Adam?) who was really nice with the kids including me at the time. Knew exactly what we wanted cuz we always came by after school. Then fast forward I saw it was closed, and then got revamped and turned into Adam Express. The guy (Adam?) was gone and met the Bae’s very nice couple, had some sushi and some other things over time which were great. Hope everything goes well with them. I wonder what will come of the space? Will it keep the Adam name? I hope it doesn’t sit too long. Sad to see it go…

  • Mystery solved — check out the Health Department restaurant closings for last week.

    • If you look at the list you see other restaurants closed for health reasons. They re-open once they’ve taken corrective measures. In the case of Adam’s Express, the owners chose not to do this so the restaurant remains closed.

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