7 juvenile females arrested for Simple Assault by Eastern Market Metro

From MPD:

“Tonight around 6:10pm, 1D officers were flagged down in reference to a large fight at Eastern Market Metro Station. A total of 7 juvenile females were arrested for Simple Assault. None of the victims sustained injuries.”

In a discussion on twitter @PoPville about the incident, @capitolistdc noted:

“U mean less than 2 blocks from the public safety meeting right now at the Hill Center?”

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  • The teenage kids have been getting out of control as Summer comes to an end. Last week there were two juveniles being placed in a cop car after they and others swarmed a store

  • Yep didn’t see the fight but there were girls in handcuffs and lots of cops taping off the area. Seems the school kid fighting is getting worse down there.

  • halfsmoke

    They be Wildin’

    • What does, “they be Wildin” mean?
      My comprehension of the English language may not be as robust as I thought it was.

      • sounds like a stab at late 80s humor directed towards the media scare over thugs randomly attacking innocent bystanders (kind of dated, no?). Sort of like the urban myth about the “knockout game”.

        The extra “They be” ebonic flourish just sounds like patronizing mildly racist rhetoric.

        • No. “Wildin” is a colloquial term that means something along the lines of “going crazy/going to the extremes”.

  • This comment is inappropriate.

  • I got off the metro at Eastern Market right as this was happening and there were about 20 teens involved- they were only beating each other, but they were REALLY going at it. Even after the police got involved and were putting them all in handcuffs, they were still trying to rip each other’s hair off.

  • As I was going into Yes! yesterday there some people yelling back and forth on 8th Street, and by the time I walked out and went past the Metro the whole area was taped off with cops trying to control the crowd. One adult was telling one of the girls to keep her mouth shut. Hooligans.

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