7-Eleven Coming to Space Once Anticipated for Ledo Pizza in Brookland

A couple weeks ago a reader sent in some old marketing materials for a planned Ledo Pizza at 12th and Otis St, NE in Brookland. Turned out that deal had fallen through but on the Brookland listserv this morning:

“Dear Neighbors: Yesterday I was told to check out the sign at 12th and Otis at the old auto repair site. So I did and I see a “Coming Soon” sign proclaims a Seven Eleven franchise is slated for that location.”

Suffice it to say an intense debate followed on the merits of a 7-Eleven for that location.

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  • As a Brookland resident, I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m glad the space will no longer be vacate, but a 711? Guess I was hoping it would be another restaurant, a coffee shop, a pet store or even a gym!

  • YIKES….a large sketchy looking 7-11 with its own parking lot. That is going to be a disaster of a mess, trash everywhere, sketch characters. And this is THE HOTTEST NEIGHBORHOOD IN DC!!!1111…right

  • The best way to express discontent about a new business moving in is to not shop there. If enough people feel as strongly as you do, the market will correct the problem. If that ends up not happening, maybe the people who opened that business knew something you didn’t.

    • Yes, but by then the building will be there, and it’s just about the worst land use imaginable in that location.

      • Agreed. The space could be used for something of much higher quality. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like the 711 on Rhode Island. Or even worse, the people hanging out in the lot could end up relocating to this one.

    • I dont live in brookland but just see how negative 7-11 can be to an area and a neighborhood. Its just ends up being a garabage can with trash all over the place, people yelling and screaming ect. The one in columbia heights is awful. If they removed it (which they wont because a ton of people shop there and i am sure it makes a lot of money). It is kind of like how 14th and U street (some might argue as THE INTERSECTION of DC nightlife) has a mcdonalds and a subway on it, and a cricket wireless. Just looks tacky.

      • brookland_rez

        All joking aside about hot dog wrappers and chicken bones, I think it depends on the neighborhood. The 7-11’s I go to downtown don’t have that problem, nor does the ones in Georgetown. The 7-11 on RIA is pretty dysfunctional, however.
        I feel the same about this as I do about the Ledo’s. I don’t mind 7-11, it serves a purpose. I’d just much rather see this develop into a small residential building like is happening elsewhere on 12th St.

        • justinbc

          Is it just 7-11 that people hate, or convenience stores in general?

          • I like a good convenience store. One that has semi-decent prepared food and coffee and snacks (like wawa) is always nice to have. Somehow 7-eleven always comes across as being trashy though– I think it’s the focus on things that are simple not good for anyone (hot dogs, cigarettes, lottery tickets). Wawa has that stuff too (maybe not the hot dogs) but it’s not as prominent.

          • brookland_rez

            Wawa is much nicer, I agree. Also like Sheetz. Both of those are geared towards a large suburban footprint though. Maybe they will come up with an urban concept at some point, for now we have 7-11. And justinbc, I’d actually rather have a 7-11 over generic bullet proof convenience stores, just not in the format they’re going to build. I’d like to see a small residential building in that spot with perhaps a 7-11 as one of the street facing retailers.

    • Agreed. Let the market work its magic. This place will fail, if no one goes there. If it’s actually successful, then obviously there was a need for it in the community. Brookland isn’t a planned economy, a la Soviet Russia.

  • Ugh. Brookland needs more housing/density to better support existing businesses – not a third (or fourth, depending on how you count) convenience store within a 2-block stretch.
    I certainly won’t shop here.

    • Kinda feel like if it was a starbucks coming to this space – comments would be different. There are 7-11 stores that aren’t all that bad. Yes the one on Hawaii Ave is terrible, doesn’t mean this one has to be.

      • There IS a Starbucks coming to the Monroe Street Market development, and IIRC people weren’t jazzed about that either. Thankfully we’re getting more local businesses than chains overall. I don’t object to a 7-11 on principle, but this is horrible land use.

  • Major fail for 12th St. If it is to ever improve it needs more quality establishments. 7-11’s are a way for that area to move backward not forward.

  • It seems to me that if a 7-11 in Brookland devolves into something “sketchy” with “trash everywhere” and “people yelling and screaming,” that’s a pretty clear admission from the residents of Brookland: “We are some despicable garbage people.” My suggestion, should it open, is — yes — don’t shop there if you don’t want to. But if you do, Brookland residents, use this as an opportunity to exercise some self-control and learn to behave in a civic manner.

    Do you guys need help identifying “trashcans” and how to use them? I am available for consultation for a reasonable fee.

    • My guess is that this place will be wildly successful. It’s on the way to the Metro, so plenty of people will be stopping in for coffee in the morning and grabbing eggs, milk, or juice on the way home in the evening. Despite boom town SFH prices, tons of low- and middle-income people still live in Brookland and need this amenity. Many of the nearby apartment buildings are rent controlled.
      Much ado about nothing, IMHO.

    • “Do you guys need help identifying ‘trashcans’ and how to use them?”
      A lot of people in D.C. apparently do, and the presence of mini-marts exacerbates whatever tendency toward littering already exists in the community. Yes, it’s true that a 7-Eleven won’t survive if there’s not a demand for it… but to some extent, the presence of a 7-Eleven _creates_ the demand, or at least solidifies it.
      It’s better that it’s a 7-Eleven than one of the generic bodegas where the staff is behind plexiglass and the store specializes in junk food, alcohol, and lottery tickets… but I understand why Brookland folks would be disappointed with this.

      • justinbc

        I always thought the whole PoPville trend of commenting about chicken bones was a joke of some sort, til I found them in my garbage can one afternoon after it had been picked up. I don’t exactly live right next to anything that would produce such a thing commercially, and yet there they were. Had it not been for this site I might have wondered whether a stray chicken somehow got himself lodged in my bin before spontaneously combusting.

    • I don’t think the RESIDENTS of any area that a 7-11 comes to are confused as to what a trashcan is, so please do not insult the beautiful people of Brookland in that fashion. I believe the true issue with all 7-11’s are: open 24-7 and undesirable folks or mentally unstable, use it like a Motel 6, OUTSIDERS treat the property like a gas station, they are also many times ill-managed and used as porta-potties. You will find the same activity at most gas stations. To be fair, 12th St., has 2 gas stations that are open 24-7.

      • Yeah, well, there are three 7-11s within walking distance of my neighborhood that do not have these post-apocalyptic features so there’s clearly something residents in our neighborhood are doing right that I guess some Brooklanders are not confident they’ll be able to pull off.

        Love the whole “auslanders” meme. For fuck’s sake you live in a city; if you are afraid that “outsiders” might stop in for a Slurpee you should perhaps take up residence in some distant redoubt.

        • For “Fuck’s Sake” do you live in a corridor that is heavily traveled? Hyperbole only works in your head. 12th street is a thoroughfare, folks come through therefore making for an especially transient 7-11. Is that simple enough for you? Georgetown cops don’t allow loitering even though it is perfectly legal in the district. Loitering from vagrants brings rats, roaches and even more crime. 7-11 is a haven for those types of activites. Especially in a neighborhood that is changing economically. Have a great day.

          • Everything will be fine so long as the residents of Brookland can find it in themselves to be even marginally civilised and not a bunch of trash people who can’t behave themselves. Hate to break it to ya, but the same conditions apply to a Ledo Pizza — pretty much just as “upmarket” as a 7-11! Don’t trash your own community! Be worthy of a 7-11!

          • Oh and LOL, yeah, our 7-11 is off a waaaaay more heavily trafficked corridor than, ha, 12th street. That’s adorable. It stays clean and nice because we residents are the sort of people who care about our community and it obviously rubs off

        • brookland_rez

          I think it’s more that Brookland is sort of an enclave surrounded by certain undesirable elements (Edgewood Terrace, Brentwood Manor apartments, etc), and 7-11’s are attractive to that element and we don’t want that on 12th St.

      • That’s what I was thinking. Weren’t the murderers in the barracks row 7-11 not from the neighborhood? I think most of the sketchiness comes from people passing through.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think it can be said that the litter in ANY neighborhood all comes from “outsiders.”

    • Yeah I personally love having a 7-11 that’s a block away that’s not the Columbia Heights one. A beggar might be outside once in a while but it has a free ATM (for me as a credit union member), 5AM coffee if I forgot to buy beans, and was good enough to be featured in The Onion: http://www.theonion.com/articles/gas-station-clerk-glad-to-see-pump-2-doing-so-well,35817/
      The Columbia Heights 7-Eleven is not the archetype for 7-Elevens. It’s an international 24-hour convenience store that’s generally well received; I don’t understand how anyone can have some sort of naive understanding of them being a symbol of blight.

  • Does anyone know a way to protest this? I agree this is a major step backwards for Brookland, especially as we have several great restaurants opening up the road. I would hate Otis street to become the dividing line between “nice” Brookland and “scummy” Brookland.

    • These comments are hilarious. Listen to yourself- you want to protest a… 7-11?

    • justinbc

      I understand if you’re not a fan of 7-11 for some reason, but how is something moving into a vacant space a step backward? It’s still something there, providing goods that people presumably need and jobs and tax revenue to the city.

      • I understand the mixed feelings — I felt similarly about the 7-Eleven that moved in next to the Game Stop on Columbia Road. Better than a vacant storefront, but I was hoping for something nicer.
        7-Eleven is preferable to most mini-mart establishments, but I can understand people in Brookland wishing it had been a pizza joint, a Starbucks, etc. rather than a 7-Eleven.

        • justinbc

          Wishing it were a pizza place or coffee shop, or whatever else, I totally get. But there are multiple people here saying this is actually negative growth for the neighborhood, as if they’ve torn down a puppy shelter or something to build it. That I just don’t get. It’s not as if 7-11 itself is just throwing all the leftover chicken wings on the ground for rats to pick apart.

          • brookland_rez

            I guess it’s better than a vacant lot, but that site has so much better potential like I’ve mentioned in this thread and the Ledo thread. Why squander that potential on a 7-11? With all the other smart development around it, I’m pretty sure the market would support a residential building with street facing retail. I just can’t understand why a developer can’t see this potential?

  • It the warmth emanating from 7-11’s rolling hot dog cooker.

  • This is the funniest thread I have read in a while. I want to read the blog where people sit around complaining about how all the small plate concept restaurants moving in are ruining the neighborhood their family has lived in for generations.

  • We need to look at Brookland again. Wife and I both liked it and felt very comfortable walking around last time we were there. It seems about the most affordable neighborhood in DC that really appeals to us. Only problem is that its mostly really big houses that are space than we need (and more than we would want to spend) or new apts that are still a bit too pricey per sq ft (unless they have some deal going) Ideal would be a nice condo thats a bit older, but I guess not much new was built here in the couple of decades before 2012 or so. Or a house on the smaller side.

  • At least at 7-11 you can get lotto tickets in addition to bad pizza. I’d say this is a step forward!

  • There is already a 7-11 pretty close by on Hawaii right behind Catholic U. That 7-11 doesn’t seem to hurt anyone.

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