Young Man Falls from Stone Arch by Capital Crescent Trail Last Night


A reader sends word last night:

“7:00 witnessed a young man fall from the stone arch at the beginning of the Capital Crescent Trail in Georgetown. There were a bunch of kids hanging out on top of the arch, and someone fell near the water, and hit a big metal pipe.”

Horrible. Hope the young man is ok.


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  • sheesh
    i knew it would happen one day

    thats a very popular hang out spot for people in general
    all beware there is a undercover up there sometimes waiting for “bad” decisions to be made

    • Thanks for undermining law enforcement, brah. Classy move.

      • Eh, it’s not like any of the kids who would get rolled by the 5-0 are reading PoP’ville.
        That said, 9 out of 10 times they are probably busting people for BS “quality of life” crimes (drinking in public, 420, etc) that are not harming any one.

        • +1. Considering that they’re all products of DCPS, most of them probably can’t read at all.

          • Uncalled for. DCPS, although not without its screw ups, graduates many intelligent and now successful people. I was DCPS K-12, dick.

          • Gratuitous slur alert. Which, in my DCPS-to-Ivy League bitter little heart prompts an almost obligatory: So why don’t you go back home to whatever fantabulous -ly educated place you crawled out from?

      • lol it isnt at all that serious
        like someone else stated we are talking victimless crimes here

        id rather someone know it may not be a smart idea to go out there with a flask or some grass tis all
        not like im helping criminals abduct children or something

  • I hope he’s okay. I also really hope that this doesn’t spoil a great spot in DC – it’s fun to show friends from out of town this when they visit.

  • Best wishes for the young man who got hurt. For anyone who is curious, that little stone structure is actually the abutment of the former Aqueduct Bridge. More info:

  • Emmaleigh504

    Yikes! I hope he’s ok.

  • Horrible for the kid.

    Sweet Brompton.

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