Works Starts at Prime Space on the Corner of 11th and O St, NW

11th & O

“Dear PoPville,

I tweeted you about the construction ongoing at the long vacant building of 11th & O NW (southeast corner). Here are some photos. Any idea on what’s coming in?”

Another reader writes:

“It was a corner store years ago and has been vacant /for lease since we moved in almost 2 years ago. Work started on it last week. We saw people who used to be affiliated with The Pig (the old chef?) one evening last year and they were looking at spots. They are doing a LOT of work on the space.”

Hmm, could this be the future home of Gristle?

Update from the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association:

“The 1337 project will ultimately be a mixed-use development comprised of two large residential rental units on the top two floors of the building and a restaurant space on the ground level and first floor above.

The restaurant space has approximately 3,500 sq ft of indoor space across the two floors as well as an additional 2,200 sq ft of outdoor space, the majority of which we hope to utilize as outdoor seating – with, of course, the input and blessing of the surrounding community.”

11th & O(2)

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  • 11th Street will be the hottest corridor in the city if anyone can ever put together a deal for the Frontier Condominiums.

    • $1 million each didn’t get the condo association to budge, since the vote to sell had to be unanimous. That’s going to be a very, very expensive piece of land to acquire.

      • The caveat is it’s actually four parcels of prime land. Yeah, $1 million each for 50 units is a lot but you’re acquiring a full block on 14th street and 3 big parcels on 11th. I think someone is going to be able to make the math work.

        • Developers have tried multiple times, it’s never going to happen at a price that a developer finds palatable. One homeowner can scuttle the whole deal. The co-op docs are ironclad.
          People need to give up this pipedream that Frontiers will ever be re-developed.

  • I believe the massive Pepco building is also holding back that particular block. I wish Pepco would just sell the property and relocate to a cheaper area of DC. However, I know nothing about how our electricity is provided to us…. so maybe that is not an option.

    • It’s a sub-station; it’s not going anywhere. It’s needed infrastructure to redistribute electricity throughout the neighborhood. No substation? No electricity.

      • It serves the White House. They’ve just upgraded the equipment and will be redoing the grounds. It’s not going anywhere. Keep clutching your NIMBY pearls.

  • diploj

    I believe – but am not sure – that it was just the condos on 14th St that had this offer. I don’t think a similar offer was made to the 11th st ones.

    • No, that’s the whole reason the deal has been so complicated. A change to any of the four parcels requires the agreement of every single condo owner on both 14th Street and all three 11th Street locations. All the units got the offer.

    • Nope – the condo association is all four parcels; 54 units in total. Sure, you can make the acquistion costs pencil out but you can’t force an owner to sell if they don’t want to. That’s what tanked it the last time, even with offers that were 10x the original purchase prices.

    • No developer can ever make the numbers work because they are going to need to offer a ridiculous number to get every single owner to agree. It would literally need to be $3+ million per unit to get every owner to sign. Maybe even more. It will never happen when every owner has veto power.

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