West Elm Coming to 1728 14th Street, NW in Logan Circle?

1728 14th Street, NW_west_elm
1728 14th Street, NW back in December 2013

Looks like some potential competition for Room and Baord located at 1840 14th Street, NW. Potentially huge update for the new building coming to the former International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers building in Logan Circle. District Source reports that West Elm has filed for a permit for the retail space at 1728 14th Street, NW. We have previously learned that plans for the building included:

“The current design anticipates the first two floors as retail space with two floors of office space above.”

West Elm currently has a DC location in Georgetown at 3333 M Street, NW.

Rendering of 1728 14th Street, NW from Perseus Realty

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  • it will be nice to have a more affordable home furnishing option in the area.

  • Oooh, that would be awesome! I still really miss their huge store that used to be at Metro Center – it had good sales. Glad to hear that something besides a restaurant is coming to 14th St too. My wallet and I will be a regular visitor.

  • In 5 years, 14th street is going to have a lot more national retail. It will help balance out the restaurant-heavy moment we are in and it will work. I’d love to see more mid-range clothing retailers on the strip, and I think it will happen…

    • Curious – what are you thinking of as mid-level clothing? Zara? Gap? Uniqlo? Come to think of it, maybe this would be perfect for some of those mid-level international chains like TopShop.

      • I’d love to see a Madewell somewhere in the city other than Georgetown.

      • Could you imagine the moaning and gnashing of teeth on this board if a Gap was announced?

      • To your question: Gap, Zara, Uniqlo, Banana, etc. They will be preceded by smaller, higher-end chains, which are currently being preceded by boutiques.

        • Alpinepaq, I agree with your feelings on this. I feel like 14th Street NW went from used-car lots, vacant storefronts, etc. to super-expensive boutique-y clothing and furniture places. It would be nice if there were places that weren’t so ultra high-end.

  • Cool. I generally like West Elm for cheap furniture, but their store in Georgetown is too small.

  • yesssssss

    I think the georgetown store is technically a “pop-up” that’s making too much money to un-pop up. This is a perfect neighborhood for west elm, I think.

    • Yep, the July 2011 press release calls it a “pop-up” that’s much smaller than the average location. They’ve probably been scouting for a full-sized location for a while. With nothing opening up at that end of M St., 14th is the next best bet.

  • OH MY GOD YES! I am so happy. This is my favorite “big box” home retailer and the Georgetown store is so tiny and hard to get to. I have mourned the old Metro Center location for years. YES YES YES YES YESYEYSEYESYYES

  • West Elm had a store in the old Woodies building where Forever 21 is now. It closed several years ago. I’m surprised they are trying a standalone store again.

    • Pretty sure there’s a standalone West Elm in Georgetown…

    • That was what I was wondering. I assume they are targeting what they see as an even better condo market with all the news one in NoMa and downtown. Still don’t know that they will be any more successful than they were the last time.

    • Different sized store, different location, and in many ways a different city. Judging by the volume of business that Room & Board seems to do, I’ll hazard that this one will do just fine.

      • I was actually surprised that Room and Board opened there when they did. There was nothing else anchoring the strip at that point and Union Row was the only major condo development there at that time. Kudos to them for timing the hell out of the market.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll keep them in business.

  • Bye-bye, Money. Bye-bye…

  • I miss the Woodies “flagship ” location . I didn’t realize they didn’t normally have large stores . They also had excellent sales (markdowns every 6 weeks!).

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