Uprising Muffin Company Now Open in Shaw

1817 7th Street, NW

Uprising Muffin Company is located at 1817 7th Street, NW right by the Shaw metro, between the Solidcore gym (and opening soon Fishnet restaurant). Thanks to all who sent emails. Check out their menu here. Anyone stop in for a taste?

From a press release:

“Uprising Muffin Company is OPEN!!

Uprising is a bakery/cafe specializing in fresh, scratch baked muffins (in-house), locally roasted coffee and hand crafted grab-and-go sandwiches and salads.

Over 35 Flavors on a rotating basis:

From Blueberry, Black Bottom and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, to Maple Pancake & Savory Bacon, Egg & Cheese (yes, a bacon, egg & cheese muffin)!!

Mon – Sat: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm”

Here’s a peek inside:




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  • It looks great!

  • can this strip really maintain both this place and site,. as well as cafe bohem right around the corner?

    • Plus the new coffee place opening up down by Dacha? Also the rumored one at Marion and P St NW

    • Probably yes (I wouldn’t really describe Kafe Bohem as “right around the corner”) but I guess we will find out.

    • Yes. Huge new developments at The Shay etc, plus continued filling out of Progression Place and the Wonderbread Factory will keep it plenty full. I’d be more worried about the place at 4th and Florida.

    • Absolutely! This is a high traffic area (directly in front of the metro entrance) and will only be more so when The Shay opens.

    • There’ll be several hundred people working upstairs, between UNCF, Teach for America, and the offices in the Wonder Bread building. Coffee right outside an office building is a no-brainer.

      Kafe Bohem has been packed during the day, and with the restaurant they use the space all day.

  • Stopped in yesterday and grabbed a wrap, a muffin, and an iced coffee. It was about $16 and the sandwich didn’t have a price on it, so I’m led to believe it was a little too expensive. The muffins and coffee are at a good price though and everything tasted great.

  • Chairs look comfy!

  • Stopped in Saturday and got an iced tea and a muffin, the muffin was pretty good!! I think the area can support it… Kafe Bohem gets pretty crowded already, and this place is right at the top of the metro so it will probably create a new market of people that don’t usually stop in the neighborhood for coffee or whatever. Plus all those apartments in that building that I don’t think are filled yet… Guess we’ll find out!

  • I assume there’s wifi, but does anyone know for sure yet? I’d love to get some work done there today!

  • Technical question: Is there any difference between a muffin and a cupcake? I thought “muffin” meant savory and “cupcake” meant sweet. Is calling it a “muffin” a way to make us feel better about eating a 500 calorie treat? — or are there actually other differences? It’s funny, This place looks great, and I’m sure I would have scoffed at the idea of another “cupcake” joint.

    • Muffins don’t have frosting!

    • According to my girlfriend, muffins are supposed to be more “hearty” and less “cake-like”. In other words, it’s okay to eat muffins for breakfast, while maybe less acceptable to eat a cupcake?

    • Both are primarily sweet, though the batter used to make muffins is more like bread or scone batter, whereas that used to make cupcakes is, as the name implies, similar if not identical to cake batter (thus loaded with sugar). Muffins should have fewer calories due to the lower amount of sugar but hey, you never know.

    • muffin :: cupcake as banana bread :: banana cake

    • Thanks for the info everyone!

  • I was so excited for this place to open until I found out I can’t eat gluten anymore. Stopped in yesterday to ask if they offer any gluten free options. The manager was on site and answered my questions. He was super nice and willing to speak with me even though there were other customers who could actually purchase things that day.
    If anyone is wondering, they’re aiming to have gluten free choices by the end of the week. I’m happy they’re able to cater to those of us who can’t have regular muffins!

  • Looks a little uncozy in a way that is hard to describe. maybe the cement floors and relatively bare walls? Seems a little sterile. That said, I’m glad it’s in the hood and I look forward to checking it out. I think/hope the neighborhood can sustain all these places. I’ll certainly do my best to contribute!

  • Uprising…like the 1968 Riots? Because it’s Shaw? (I mean, I get that muffin rise too, which is cute.)

  • I stopped in yesterday around 5:15 (they close at 6) and there were slim pickings left (a good sign, I think!) but I did pick up two huge sandwiches — a caprese and a chicken pesto. Sandwiches are $8/ea. Good bread, chock full of stuff (thick slices of mozzarella, for example), very tasty. The salads also looked good, and are the big dinner-plate-sized containers. Also picked up 4 muffins, and while I’ve only had one, they’re a good size, moist, and flavorful.

    I didn’t stick around there but the place looked like a comfy place to hang out, drink a coffee, use the wifi, have a muffin, and I hope they do really well. The employees were very nice.

  • Haha the sandwiches aren’t $29.95, they are between 6.50 and like $8 but they are a nice size and super tasty. The bread is so fresh tasting, wonder if they bake that in the back too??? I’m totally here, this is my new place! Oh, and the Lemon Poppyseed muffin is unbelievable!

  • The bacon and egg muffin is life-changing! SO GOOD!!!

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