TruOrleans Property Acquired on H Street, New Concept Opening in June

4th and H St, NE

Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting us the promising plans:

“400 h street NE property acquired. (Formally TruOrleans) Looking to open in early-mid June. Concept announcement soon! I can tell you it’s being beautifully renovated, American fare with Mediterranean influence, craft cocktails and local craft beer

Updates as more info becomes available.

TruOrleans closed back in Sept. 2013.


You can read a review of the then recently opened TruOrleans here.

Remember when it looked like this back in 2010:


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  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ack, posted before I could finish. I meant to also say that this is such a great space. It’s been out of commission for too long, and I hate for it go to waste. This sounds like a fitting concept for this space.

  • Small plates and $15 cocktails, please!!!

  • Please just be something basic and reliable. Please.

    • Agreed. This spot would be great for a solid, chill bar, sports or otherwise, like a Queen Vic or Biergartenhaus on this end of H.

  • Glad they are “craft” rather than regular cocktails and beer, that would be horrible

    • ha ha — i know. this whole craft thing has just gotten stupid

      • I buy all my concepts and crafts on Etsy. Can’t wait to get my small plates and beer via UPS!

      • Don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before artisanal takes hold here.

        • Huh? Did you mean to post this in 2006? Artisanal has come and (partly) gone here.

        • This reminds me of Chef Spike’s “handspun” shakes and “hand-cut” fries. Really? Last time I checked Good Stuff Eatery employees use a boring old blender to make those “handspun” shakes. “Handspun,” “artisanal,” “crafted,” and other similar words are supposed to make me feel better about spending more money on food that is oftentimes underwhelming. It’s all about marketing.

  • please let the new place be something loud and disturbing for that crazy neighbor across the street.

  • justinbc

    Awesome, we’ve been wondering what the heck was going on with this place, since they were keeping the lights on. Frankly I was hoping to buy up all their beautiful wrought-iron on the cheap if they had a closing sale, oh well. Kinda surprised they’re anticipating a June opening, that’s really quick.

  • concept announcement soon!

  • Keep the balconies, they look cool!

  • At first I thought June seemed very soon but most of the development work is done since this was a bar/restaurant before. Some new furniture and decorating should take care of this by June-ish.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Yay! Always went to TruOrleans for drinks because I live really close-by and it had outdoor seating, but the food was terrible and the service was meh. Hope this becomes a nice spot for outdoor brunch or drinks. Also, it’d be a great spot to have fun dance party nights on that roof deck. I’m hoping it’s more fun and laid-back as opposed to stuffy.

  • Is that you, Tru? Still trolling local blogs?

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