Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – 16th Street Heights

1327 Delafield Place Northwest

This rental is located at 1327 Delafield Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Adorable one bed one bath cottage nestled on a lot behind a single family home. Very private and quiet. All utilities included! A must see!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,400/Mo.

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  • Free perk – the outside of your house will look like whipped Velveeta that’s been left out for too long.

    • Down south we call that crustycheese (food product).

    • I am now yearning for Velveeta! Haven’t eaten it, or even thought about it for probably 30 years – but now I remember the lovely pudgy flex of it, the way it came so neatly nestled in it’s cardboard coffin, wrapped in nuclear-thick foil with inch markings down the side (I think?) the way the roller bar of the cheese cutter bobbed ever so slightly as the wire sliced off a spongy slab and the way you had to cut the squares to geometry to fit exactly on the bread – white bread with mayo of course, needing some snowplow tongue vigor to get it all off the roof of your mouth.

  • That stucco looks like they just covered the walls in expanding foam… fantastic.

  • I wouldn’t say that. Delafield is kind of far north, but $1400 is about right for a small 1 bdm in a nice neighborhood.

    • you don’t think it is far north?

    • It’s not a “nice” neighborhood. Shaw and Logan are “nice” neighborhoods.
      16th Street Heights is perfectly fine, but it’s far from everything. You can still get 1BR townhouse basement units in Shaw for this price. If this place were newly updated (within last 5 years), I could potentially stomach this price. But in this condition and location, I wouldn’t pay more than $1200.

      • maxwell smart

        you are assuming that everyone wants to live in shaw/logan. some people actually prefer to live a little further out and go home to something quiet.

      • dude you are delusional. 16th streets is a nice neighborhood, some people don’t want to live in the middle of everything. Furthermore from a safety standpoint, Shaw is definitely less safe than 16th street heights.

        That being said, for $1400 you aren’t going to get a pot to piss in in Shaw or Logan Circle.

        • That’s okay, in Shaw or Logan you don’t need a pot to piss in, you can just use the nearest park or side of a building.

      • You seem to be under the mistaken impression that “nice” has an objective and non-ambiguous definition. It doesn’t.

  • You find lots of these small stucco cottages behind houses in Southern California. Reminds me of home!
    That said – overpriced.

  • this is not overpriced at all. it’s a great deal. a private 1br with utilities included! it’s far north, but very bus accessible. where else are you going to find a true 1br for that price??

  • for the size and neighborhood, totally agree. expand the bedroom and living room and remodel the kitchen and you can get this price for it there.

  • maxwell smart

    really? because anymore it’s impossible to find anything within the district less than $1600/month, so considering this is a 1 bedroom, all utilities included and not in a row-house basement (aka no windows) it doesn’t seem that bad.

    • Uh, I pay under $1600 (plus electric, includes gas) for a 1 bedroom non-basement apartment in Columbia Heights. Not impossible.

      Under $1500 on the other hand…

  • I am guessing they did not list square footage on this place because they could get a complete yardstick inside the door.

    • Clearly the biggest drawback of this place and the main reason that even with utilities included, it’s not a good deal.

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