“Three suspects armed with handguns ran into a house occupied by Catholic University Students”

From Catholic University Campus Safety:

Crime Alert – Off Campus – Armed Burglary

At approximately 6:00 p.m., the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) reported to the Department of Public Safety that off campus CUA students were the victims of an Armed Burglary. Three (3) suspects armed with handguns ran into a house occupied by CUA students in the 3300 block of 7th Street, N.E. The suspects tied up the victims and took their cell phones, wallets and cash. None of the victims sustained physical injuries. The suspects were last seen running south, away from the campus, on 7th Street, N.E. The investigation is being handled by MPD.

Description of Suspect:
(1) Black male; approximately 6’ in height; wearing a gray or black shirt; armed with a handgun.
(2) Black male; 5’9” – 5’10”; mustache; armed with a handgun.
(3) Black male; 6’ in height; braids hair style; wearing a navy blue or black hoodie; armed with a handgun.

If you have information relating to this incident, or witness suspicious activity, please call the Department of Public Safety on 202-319-5111.”

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  • Wtf DC? This is stuff that happens in Honduras

  • Didn’t this happen to a group of CUA students last year as well?

  • Didn’t something similar happen last year?

  • That is crazy! Something to think about for folks looking to buy into the Brookland renaissance.

  • Armed burglary? That’s a home invasion.

    Why does our nations capital have to be a Third World country?

    • Home invasions happen with fairly regularity in many parts of the U.S.
      I’m from Los Angeles and it’s fairly common there to hear about them on the news (at least a few per month). I’m actually surprised we don’t hear about it more in DC.

  • Something like this did happen sometime ago and the cops trapped them in the house. When the crooks decided to come out guns slinging like the wild west the cops lit them up.

    But lets be clear. In that situation one of the students was apparently buying and selling weed. Remember he was referred to as the “weed man” The crooks had been in the house before assuming drug related. It was not some random act of violence there was a back story.

    I live and Brookland and have for years. Although the occasional B&E a bunch of dumb youth tying you up and ransacking your house should not be a concern. That last comment about warning people moving to Brookland is ridiculous. This situation may have been a similar situation to before, we don’t know. So before jumping to conclusions the whole story need to come out. More importantly search for the Police sketches of two of the suspects. INCREDIBLE!!! They look like cartoons, one looks like little Bill!!

    • Exactly. We will soon find out that these victims were selling drugs and got caught with associating with the wrong folks since they moved from somewhere in NJ to DC to go to CUA.

  • Stoeln from the interwebs:

    “I wear a ski mask to bed so if there’s a home invasion the intruder will think I’m part of the team.”

  • There is a culture of crime in DC and until our elected leaders take it seriously and look at innovative, proactive so.utions; these incidents will continue.

  • This happened in 2010 when I was a senior there. But its not like this shit happens to just anyone, the kids put themselves in a stupid situation and almost paid for it and I imagine thats what happened this time too. They were probably slinging weed or something else and the wrong people took notice.

  • This was likely not a random crime. I live very nearby and this house was well known to be a house where university students lived and partied. There is speculation among neighbors that drugs may have been involved which is likely why the suspects may have bound the victims and possibly searched for a stash. Why would 3 guys use this kind of force to just steal cell phones and wallets from some college kids? The story is likely more than it appears so I would encourage anyone reading or watching the news on it to not jump to any conclusions on the safety of brookland or catholic university students.

  • I thought we were through with this. I lived a block away in the 80s when the Edgewood projects were notorious. . I was of the understanding that those days were gone. It would be interesting to hear the whole story. It doesn’t excuse it, but it makes sense if it.

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