Three Fifty Bakery Opening Soon at 17th and U St, NW

1926 17th Street, NW

Thanks to @JessicaEWilson for tweeting us the photo above:

“Well this place looks so cute! #neighborhoodupdate”

This is the former Written Word space that we heard was turning into a bakery back in Sept. of last year. From the outside, it looks like it’ll be worth the wait!

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  • please have delicious croissants and cookies! be the right-across-the-street butter/sugar fix that I’ve always dreamed of!

    • You won’t be sorry! Jimmy is the MOST incredible baker I have ever known. He used to be mine when he was in Texas and now he moved! Not good!!

  • And please don’t charge three fifty for a cookie!

  • Yikes, thought this said “3/5th Bakery” at first

  • Damn loch ness monster, I ain’t giving you no tree fiddy

  • Bread. Please bake good bread. Crust, please. My kingdom for a bakery that does good bread.

    • This space is small. Definitely not enough space for a bread baking operation. My guess is that most baking will happen off-premises in a proper commercial kitchen. This will probably be more like a coffee shop with it’s own baked goods as the centerpiece.

    • Bread Furst is opening up Conn. Ave. You can Metro there.

    • There *may* be a retail bakery opening up at the Vida Salon location at 16th and U by the folks from Le Diplomate at some point. I really have no idea, but I know Starr is leasing two locations there (and looking to expand bread selection).

      • Oh yeah, and I do work in the bakery location there but we’re kept pretty mum on upcoming Starr restaurant details until much closer to an opening.

    • We have a really small kitchen, will start with mostly sweets and a few savory options….cookies, cakes, muffins, dessert breads(banana), scones….which will all be baked onsite. We will possibly do some croissants/breads soon after opening that will be made offsite and baked onsite. We have a full Illy Coffee Bar. FYI, I did see that a new bread shop is opening on 18th called Rise. But hope you come see us 🙂

      • When you say you’ll “possibly do some croissants/breads soon after opening that will be made offsite” does that mean they’ll be made by you (off site) or that you’re buying them from someone else and just baking them off?

  • I like cookies and all, but I can only eat so many sweets, and these places never seem to actually bake bread. Good baguettes are sorely needed in D.C. Leonora in Arlington does a pretty good job; someone should lobby them to come to the District.

    • You’d go to Arlington before you’d go up the street to Le Caprice, which bakes very nice bread right there on 14th Street? Like, you can watch them doing it. You can listen to the staff speaking French to each other. How much more authentic does it need to be??

    • RISE is opening on 18th. I’m not sure how their bread is, but I bet it will be great. Not sure when they will open. But when you do get that sweet tooth, come see us!

  • Based off of the equipment they have, I’d say this is going to be a cookie, cupcake, scone, and cake joint – w/ coffee.

    But who knows, if Jimmy is crazy enough to prepare and bake off bread, rolls, croissants, and baguettes daily – then GREAT for me!

    • Clearly a theme here. Bread! It’s pathetic that the best bread in D.C. is probably at Whole Paycheck.

      • You need very large ovens to bake bread at the proper economies of scale. It doesn’t make sense to bake bread in the densest neighborhoods of the District. Bread is also extremely low margin, you make money by selling large quantities.
        If everyone’s willing to take a hit on their property values, you’ll get bread.

        • SO TRUE.

          You don’t just need a double stack oven, you need a rack oven. You also need large mixers. And staff who are there early in the morning – say 4 am.

          I doubt that space has the amperage to handle being a real bakery.

          But maybe they do. Regardless, to be viable – it’ll be expensive.

        • I’m not saying that the place has to have ONLY bread – just that I’d be a much more frequent customer at a bakery that also makes really good baguettes. Also, nothing stops a place with great bread from serving things like sandwiches and coffee – this is what Eric Kayser does, and it’s fantastic. I don’t buy the “low margin” argument. There are many much more expensive cities than D.C. out there with great bread bakeries. New York and Paris, obviously, but they’re not alone. The best places aren’t usually cheap, either.

  • Hello,
    My coworker (Chris Cagle who went to high school with Jimmy) suggested I visit your place while I’m in DC (May 5-10). Will you be open? Hope so!
    Thank you.

  • Also, what is your address?

    • Hey Connie, sorry for the delay in replying. The bakery isn’t open yet. We are waiting on the DC Gov zoning and permits. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Sorry we were not open during your visit.

  • FYI, for those wanting bread in the area, I just saw that RISE is opening a storefront on 18th in Adams Morgan. I checked out their website and it looks like all they do is bread.

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