6 Story, 51 Unit – The Bentley Rising in Logan Circle

1328 14th Street, NW

For those curious about the huge construction on 14th just south of Rhode Island next to Ghana Cafe – from Donohoe Construction:

“The Bentley

51 Units

Torti Gallas

Completion Date
Fall 2014

1328 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC

New construction of 6 story mixed use building with 51 luxury apartments and ground floor retail, with one level of below grade garage on the 1300 block of 14th Street Northwest. Net of 4,135 square feet of retail space on ground level and a net 30,803 square feet of residential space from the 2nd to 6th floor.”

Rendering via Donohoe Construction

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  • The original modernist design for this was so cool…shame the ANC watered it down to this: http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/the_bentley_formerly_the_irwin_moving_forward_on_14th_street/5495

    • Welcome to Logan Circle. Not exactly overflowing with forward-thinking people.

    • Welcome to Logan Circle. Not exactly overflowing with forward-thinking people

    • I disagree with you that the earlier designs were better, but to each their own. I’m all for “modernist” or “out of the box” designs, but they have to work. For reference, I think that the upcoming Eastbanc’s West End Library project looks phenomenal. Those bumped-out bays are dime a dozen downtown, and look rather cheap in the two earlier iterations. I much prefer the cleaner repurposed warehouse look of the current plan. Is it original? No, it’s not. But it looks much more classy and understated, and will likely stand the test of time much better than the other designs.

    • Man, that original design was ugly. Glad the ANC stepped in.

      • You’re joking right? I’m new commenting here, but sheesh, everything looks like a copy of the Ellington, beige bricks, all brick and flat fronts. The bay windows, strong lines and newer design push the architecture market. Just because you don’t like it, if they rent the whole building then it clearly is appreciated by enough….if not, then the style is gone and no private company will ever do it again.

    • I like modernist in the right context , but this is a far superior design (or at least rendering). It shows remarkable restraint, and breaking the main components along the N/S axis makes it fit much better with the adjoining structures. It fits the context of the block.

  • Wow… is this a blatant rip off of the building just up the street?? I mean almost IDENTICAL!
    Negative points for innovation.

  • i think it looks great and appears to fit in with the rest of the street. Although i have to wonder – when will 14th street just be lined with these massive mixed use buildings and loose the character that makes it great (small botique shops, plenty of variety of bars and restraunts). For some reason eating in a restraunt in a massive mixed use building does not seem as ‘authentic’ as a row house or older style building. But thats just my opinion

  • so many stories about these few blocks this afternoon

  • every time I’m on 14th street I have to stop and think of how much that area has changed, it is unrecognizable.

    ps. I can’t believe this whole “more for you” advertising nonsense has followed me here to PoPville! It has to be the most annoying thing on blogs these days…

  • I understand the need for some minimal input from the ANC (not really, but let’s go with it for now), but nuanced design choices being dictated by neighbors? Really? People are really okay with this? I understand input on items that may impact the neighbors (although arguably most of that is likely already dictated by code), but design choices? Whether to have bay windows or flat lofty warehouse style windows? We let the ANC weigh in on these things?

    • Right on. ANCs, while some do good in the hood, should be disbanded completely. They are power grabbing, largely corrupt individuals who “represent” 2000 people. They represent their own interests and hopes for higher office and nothing more. DC will never get rid of them because it is the natural springboard for CM.

  • I’m a modernist at heart but that first design was terrible. I don’t think these guys are known for their modern architecture.
    That being said… I think this design looks oddly similar to the building on 14th and Q above Drafting Table.

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