Taxi Drives Into Inter-American Development Bank Mail Room at 13th and H St, NW

Photo tweeted by @FlyDTW

@FlyDTW tweets just before noon:

“mail room of the Inter-American Development Bank. 13th & H St At least patient 1 transported, DCFD Tech Rescue on scene”

@wowindc tweets us the photo below:


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  • IDB Mail Room? *snicker*

  • sheesh
    hopefully there are no serious injuries

  • Very unfortunate accident.

    I am curious why the IDB is not as heavily fortified around the perimeter as the World Bank and IMF buildings. Since the focus is Latin America is it not as vulnerable to terrorism? Any insight?

    • Just speculating, but the IDB, aside from being smaller than the other major development finance corporations, is majority owned by the nations of South/Central America and the Caribbean (compared to the IMF, World Bank, etc where the lending countries hold majorities). The anti-Globalists wouldn’t be as likely to target the more representative institution. That said, I’d say the security is on par with, if not stricter than, a Congressional office building.

  • I wonder if that chevrolet was part of the GM recall. What model car is that?

  • brookland_rez

    Taxi cabs are some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. There was one several years ago that somehow ended up in the middle of the field surrounding McMillian water treatment plant in the snow.

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