Takorean Applies for Liquor License in Navy Yard – Lots More Coming Soon to Twelve12 Development

1212 4th St, NW at the corner of 4th and M St, SE

Takorean’s liquor license placard has gone up at the new twelve12 building across from Bluejacket – it says:

“Quick service restaurant that will serve a variety of Asian inspired taco combinations and menu items. Occupancy Load#60, Sidewalk Café Seats #14.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday: 7am – 2am, Friday and Saturday: 7am-3am.


Also coming soon – Harris Teeter:


Next to Takorean will be the Sweetgreen and above the Vida Gym and Penthouse Pool:


View facing north:


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  • the fact that we’re about to have 3am food options in Navy Yard is excellent news for drunk me and horrible news for my waistline.

  • In practice, I wonder if they will be open that late? Seems a lot of places request longer hours than they actually operate just in case.

  • I have a feeling this building will look dated very quickly. Is that parking in the center of the building ? How very 60s/70s.

  • Awwwww yiss. Looking forward to more eateries walk-able from the nearby regions of SW.

  • If their hours are anything like Union Market, they will be open 25% of the time you try to eat there.

    11AM- until they decide to no longer heat the tortillas and claim they ran out/it’s sunny outside/it’s day that ends in “Y” so they’re closing early

  • any idea when the harris teeter will officially open?

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