STK Now Open on Connecticut Ave

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW

STK “modern steakhouse and a chic lounge” opens today at the corner of Connecticut and N St, NW. They had a preview party last night – after a little negotiating they let me in:






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  • Looks… about right.

  • ah

    How was the chic steak?

  • Cue the snarky comments in 3…2…1.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that most of the PoPville commentariat will not be going to this place. These updates always garner funny comments and universal scorn. That poster outside the door- yikes. Does this really work? I’m so out of the demographic they’re going for!

    • You mean you’re poor and snobby, and not rich and snobby?

      • haha! It takes more than money to have class.

      • Well I know I am not their demographic – female, over 40, not interested in hanging with “hot young thing on the make,” and not a “hot young thing on the make.”

    • Lots of money, very little class. Mostly the VA and MD commuter set who want to spend big dollars on a “night out in The City.”

      • Bachelorettes and tourists.

      • Bachelorettes and tourists. She looks like she is picking a wedgie.

      • Totally, bridge and tunnel crowd.

      • since when is DC the “big city”? you act as if it’s some fabulous metropolis filled with high style and discriminating taste. far from it my friend…far from it.

        • Defensive much?

        • Looks like McMansion resident from McLean showed up to the sand box.
          Either that, or an ex-NY’er forever whinging about how DC is not as good as NYC.

          • This place will be gone in five months. I’m not even giving it six. All the PR push “opening” night is not going to save this establishment. I don’t say that because DC is some uber cosmopolitan city… because it’s not. This place will fail because it is exactly not this. Maybe seven years ago this would have been the hotness, but now it’s just a sad joke right out of the gate.

            People will still be lining up for places like Red Hen and Rose’s Luxury in five months, this place will be shuttered.

          • kken, I kind of hope you’re right…but people still line up outside Ultrabar every weekend. Pretty much the same demographic.

          • actually I’ve been a DC resident for almost a decade :). i just think people (likely transplants who grew up in the suburbs themselves) sound ignorant when they harp on the notion that DC proper is some sort of mid-atlantic Paris and as soon as you cross the line it becomes the sticks.

          • For me, I do not see DC as some sort of Paris or uber cosmopolitan city. I see it as a small city that has a bit of charm and intelligence and has outgrown its overshadowing patron, the US Government. This city has come into its own right in the last five years, which is why I’ve chosen to stay the 12 years I’ve been here.

            That said, I think that’s why there is such a visceral reaction to STK. This is NOT Hollywood, it’s NOT Las Vegas, and yet they are treating it as such. Red carpets? Velvet rope with a-hole doorman attitude? For a RESTAURANT? The restaurant scene has come so far in terms of really good food and ambiance, and these guys roll in and guests aren’t even allowed to sample the FOOD? The whole reason for this place to exist? It’s comical that all the local food journalists (old established and bloggers) had to go NEXT DOOR to Shake Shack, to get a meal.

            That is what people are up in arms about. Trying to pull the same old “glitzy” wool over our eyes, forcing the issue with PR teams guerilla posting everywhere online to pump this place up when its own food can’t even speak for itself. This town has come so far from that and yet they’re still living in 2004.

      • Can’t resist: A line of Range Rovers at the curb speaks volumes…

      • With Ray’s in MD and VA, I don’t think they can be bothered with this.

  • Now is everybody here ready to get just a little SEXY?

  • that one wall looks cool lol

  • Reggie Love and Paul Wharton of the former “Real Housewives of D.C.” are considered VIPs?


  • Money can’t buy you class!

    Elegance is learned my friends!

  • Oh thank goodness. My life is now complete.

  • Plaid is bad, Dan. Plaid is bad.

  • Seriously – I thought this was some cheesy strip club kind of place…aging frat boys smoking turd cigars and generally being offensive to women and humanity.

    I took a closer look at the ad and realized it was a meat joint…

    agree with above comment — it will be a convention crowd and not be an ‘in’ place.
    Paraphrase Yogi – “That place is too popular, no-one goes there anymore.”

  • I don’t get why are so many commenters offended by this place. There are dozens of comparable downtown nighttime spots that appeal primarily to an office/commuter crowd. You should be thankful they’re in their own element and not yours.

    • I think people are offended because this place marketed themselves as a “female-friendly” steakhouse (whatever that means). It’s just totally ridiculous (much like those Bic “For Her” pens- I mean, really?). Then to add insult to injury, they put out a poster of a woman provocatively dressed holding a huge slab of meat and a cleaver. Female-friendly? I think not.

      • yeah — it’s a weird concept and totally not on my level. . . but it’s not like I or many others commenting here would touch this place with a 10 ft pole if they didn’t market it as total cheese. i used to pass Rumors every day walking home, and I sort of appreciated that it was a haven for d-bags who may otherwise occupy places I liked. Sort of like Ozo

  • Does this remind anyone of the time Buddha Bar tried and failed in DC? Seems they were going after a similar crowd. I don’t like their chances. Red carpets and rope lines don’t really work in DC. I think many DC-ers rightfully see this type of opening as superficial and something of a joke. Hope the food is outstanding if they are to have a chance.

    • I remembered when they tried and succeeded in snarling traffic when they thought they could just set up some podunk valet on Mass Ave.

  • Going there would be a huge #miSTK.

  • Seriously, how did CPK go out of business at this location, but Bertucci’s somehow survived?

  • The comments are pretty much what you would expect from a city that revolves around a man’s world, heaven forbid a girl wants a place to eat a steak.

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