STIX Food Truck will Share Space at Mothership on Georgia Ave and Serve Breakfast and Lunch

3301 Georgia Avenue, NW

Last week we heard the STIX food truck would be opening up a brick and mortar spot in Petworth. This caused a lot of excitement and folks were eagerly awaiting word of where. Sadly the news is not that sweet. Turns out they won’t be opening up in Petworth, nor will it be a completely new spot, they’ll be serving breakfast and lunch at Mothership located at 3301 Georgia Avenue, NW. Still good news but very different from the original impression.

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  • Well, this sucks. Seems to me that their tweet was misleading. Serving breakfast and lunch at Mothership? Lame.

    • Disappointed that they aren’t opening a new spot, but I do feel kinda bad that the messaging of their announcement got botched a bit through Twitter. Without more details, I’m still unsure what this actually is. Is it a pop-up? Will it be 2-restaurants in one? Are they open weekends or are we taking only about breakfast and lunch on weekdays? One thing is for sure – Mothership is not in Petworth.

  • What does this mean for Mothership’s Sat/Sun brunch? Always seemed to draw good crowds (deservedly so). With all the new apartment buildings scheduled to open up within the next year within a few blocks of Mothership maybe there will be a market for weekday breakfast and lunch options.

  • This is not a total shock; prior to Mothership’s opening, the El Floridano and STIX food trucks were parked side-by-side on what is now the Mothership patio area. Nevertheless, given the choice of what to have for lunch, I would much rather have the Ho Chi Banh Mi that was a staple of my Thursday afternoon diet from 2011 until the El Floridano truck ceased operations in the spring of 2013 than the pretty but not especially flavorful offerings of SITX.

  • Maybe they’ll fix the sign that is peeling off and still has Brown’s Bakery on it.

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