Steakhouse Coming to former HR-57 and Fever Space on H Street; Restauranteur Predicts Area will transition from Hipster to more Cosmopolitan

816 H Street, NE

Big news about the former HR-57 and Fever Lounge space at 816 H Street, NE from the Washington Business Journal – they report Mythology Modern Chop House/Lore Lounge will open next year and:

“The “chop house” restaurant will occupy the first floor, with three levels of lounge above, including an indoor-outdoor space on the third floor and a fourth floor space that can shift concepts. Luongo envisions a beer-tasting room or a whiskey bar, depending on the season and the trends of the moment.”

Equally as interesting to me was a quote from the owner who says:

“I think where things are going with H Street, it’s going to transition away from that hipster scene to more of a mainstream, cosmopolitan, urban scene.”

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  • h street isn’t “hipster” by any stretch. total bridge and tunnel crowd.

    bloomingdale is the center of DC hipster-ness.

    • justinbc

      H Street hasn’t been “hipster”-lite in quite a long time, but it’s definitely not a BnT crowd either. Bloomingdale also isn’t hipster, but I’m sure it makes them feel better to think so (the inherent irony of that probably has actual hipsters laughing hysterically).

      • Definitely not BnT crowd, who take over 14th-19th & K-U St NW and 18th St in AdMo on weekends. H Street is way too far.

      • If you don’t think it’s B&T crowd on the weekends, then you obviously haven’t been out and about on H Street on a Saturday afternoon over the past five years or so.

      • +1

        the nightlife scene began transitioning like 3-4 years ago when you started seeing kids from gw and the like come around on friday nights

        i much preferred it when i was there closer to 5 years ago
        all of the change has been great for the area i suppose

      • The last couple times I’ve been out on H Street on a weekend night, I got the sense that either it’s attracting the BnT crowd (more so than anywhere else) or the BnT crowd has actually moved to the neighborhood. It felt a lot like Clarendon.

        • +1. There is a lot of B&T in that neighborhood on the weekend, if you look at all the cars with Virginia tags on the streets. And why does everyone act like this is such a bad thing? Shit, a decade ago, you’d be lucky to lure any young people into the city beyond work hours, except maybe to Adams Morgan. And anybody lamenting H Street’s loss of hipster cred needs to learn how things work around here. The gentrification process combined with the huge amount of very wealthy young people in the DC area means that most neighborhoods go from Hipster, to Mass Appeal, to You Might Not Be Able to Afford to Hang Out There Much Anymore.

          • Ha, true. I live near Eastern Market and it’s nothing but Virginia cars on the weekends, but I love that I live next to something that rich people are willing to drive 20 miles on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to see.

      • brookland_rez

        H St will eventually become like 14th St. It’s only a matter of time. It’s all part of the process that gentrifying commercial corridors go through.

      • brookland_rez

        RE: Hipster. Real hipsters do their own thing and don’t care what people think, including what qualifies oneself to be labeled as a hipster. Anybody that dresses like the stereotypical dictionary vision of a hipster is by definition not a hipster. They’re posers. Over the years, I’ve met some interesting people and a whole lot of boring, carbon copy, plastic people. Real hipsters are truly interesting people with interesting life stories and interesting perspectives on life. There’s not a whole lot of that in DC, to be honest.

    • Right, because nothing’s more hipster than million dollar row houses.

    • Darn it, you completely beat me to it! The hipsters fled H St YEARS ago for greener pastures. Time for blogs and other media outlets to come up with a new lazy and inaccurate label to put on the people who go out in the area

    • There is a substaintial out of town/neighborhood aspect to H, but I think a lot of the new faces are just a result of more people moving into some of the newer apartment buildings (360 H, Ava), and I would tend to agree with the owner’s comment above about moving to a more cosmopolitan feel. not sure about your assessment of Bloomingdale though; deep pockets and high end arent exactly the halmarks of “hipsters”

    • DC doesn’t have a “BnT crowd”… that would be NYC.

      • I think they just mean bros from Arlington.

      • how else do people from arlington come to the city on friday and saturday nights? helicopter?

        • Bridges, yes, Tunnels, no. The metro tunnel doesn’t count – as the tunnels in question in NYC are the car tunnels, not subways.

          So.. we don’t have any tunnels.

          And.. the use of the BnT leaves out almost all of Maryland who don’t cross a bridge to get in.

          Be original.

          • What about the 3rd street tunnel?

          • Yes, the subway tunnels definitely counted when the fancy Manhattanites would sneer at the B&T queuing up outside Studio 54.

          • so no one in NYC on a friday night rode a PATH train in? seriously?

            BnT definitely exists for DC as well as NY.

          • dude, unclench. it’s just a term.

          • I’m not any of the anon’s above and have no stake in this discussion at all, but I let out a tiny fart a millisecond before I could process “unclench”. I’d like to think it had nothing to do with your comment, but I’m now rather amused. 🙂

  • What is a Hipster?

  • DC doesn’t have hipsters. It has nerdsters.

  • Wait, where did HR 57 go?

    Also, out of curiosity, where might one spot a hipster out in his or her natural habitat?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They moved across the street to 1007 H St, NE

    • How to find a hipster in three easy steps:
      1: Go to The Big Hunt*
      2: Get a table
      3: Your hipster server will be with you shortly

      *Most bars will suffice, but The Big Hunt is the easiest example to cite

    • Yeah, this was my first thought, as well. I guess HR-57 just can’t keep ahead of gentrification. 🙁
      PS – all the real hipsters – aka the kids who can only afford thrift shop clothes and ride a bike because they can’t afford a Metro pass – have moved to Takoma Park. They are fleeing Bloomingdale and H Street in droves as the group houses are sold to flippers.

      • Does hipster connote lack of funds? I always thought it was kids living off their rich parents/trust fund while they think about art and coffee and irony and other worldly things. This is not be confused with someone who works for the man but who has a bike, plastic rim glasses and wears skinny jeans on weekends. Those are wannabehipsters.

      • HR57 is still there…they just moved.

  • I know you absolutely hate when people say anything about spelling, grammar, writing style, etc., and basically anything goes here. But the word is restaurateur, no ‘n’. 🙂

    Still my favorite blog, read you every day, PoP!

  • So let’s start thinking about what should come to this place when the “chop house/lore lounge” closes.

  • Hipsters eat pork and vegan food. I’m not sure a steakhouse makes sense as a non-hipster alternative though.

  • ““I think where things are going with H Street, it’s going to transition away from that hipster scene to more of a mainstream, cosmopolitan, urban scene.” Wow, who saw that coming! Something that was once hipster is now mainstream?!?!?

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