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  • 99 percent sure that picture is of O Street.

    • South side of P between 8th and 9th I think?

    • I am 100% sure this is O Street – I walk past it every day. Plus, the P Street building hasn’t been built yet. Just the parking deck below and one floor. The building in the photo is clearly more than one floor.

      But, yay Starbucks! I love a good iced mocha on a day like today!

  • Is there any corner that will not have a Starbucks?

  • tonyr

    This will be the lobby coffee shop for the hotel that’s going in there, so it’s not a shock that they’d go with a chain. Having said that, three coffee shops opening within a couple of blocks (this one, La Colombe and the one on 7th), plus the ones in the new Marriott(s) is caffeine galore.

  • They really need more on Georgia avenue in Petworth that aren’t in Supermarkets. Tired of shops that close too early, and 7-11s in DC are dismal and always running out of coffee. For shame.

  • Never thought I’d see the day when a Starbucks opened in Shaw. Its exciting having so many new services, but sometimes I kind of miss the old funky Shaw too.

    • +1 I don’t think “old funky” shaw is GONE yet. But I agree I much prefer the smattering of independent coffee shops that have been cropping up to a generic starbucks. but I guess the fact that it will be in the hotel lobby makes sense. But I’ll be patronizing Kafe Bohem, Uprising, Compass Coffee, etc.

    • The one where a man was raped Sunday morning for asking directions? Because that Shaw is still very much there. (See WashPo story for more info.)

  • I feel bad for Azi’s.

    • I wish I could feel bad for Azis, but they need to step up their game. A single shot of espresso, some steamed milk and a squeeze of Hershey’s syrup does not a mocha make…

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