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  • What entity/entities are they looking to unify with — Kosovo??

    • I assume this is the Greater Albania folks. They want to unite ethnic Albanians in pretty much all the neighboring countries with Albania proper, to create a greater Albania; part of the justification is that they claim ethnic Albanians living outside Albania proper are being denied human rights. Not sure why they’re having this particular demonstration right now.

  • I hear Albania borders on the Adriatic, its land is mostly mountainous, and the chief export is chrome.

    • Albania, Albania…you border on the Adriatic. Not sure how many folks will get this reference but it is pure comedy gold my friend. Cheers.

    • Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
      All other countries are run by little girls.
      Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
      Other countries have inferior potassium.

  • They were chanting USA USA when I rode by the group in front of the White House not too long ago.

  • That is a sweet DC United flag!

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