Shooting in Columbia Heights just before 10pm Friday Night

A reader tweets us around 10pm Friday night:

“6-7 gunshots fired in Columbia Heights a couple min ago.”

@dcalerts tweets that at 9:41pm:

“Shooting_2141 hrs_2800 block 14th St. NW_1 adult male victim DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

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  • seriously….this is way to close to home

  • I live just a few blocks from here and had no idea this happened. If you watch the local nbc news you’ll hear chuck bell give the weather every 5 minutes, but absolutely nothing about shootings happening in your neighborhood. Thank you Popville for being there for us.

    • Right?! If not for popville, I’d never know anything about this stuff. Is there a good source for local news? I don’t watch local tv, but would like an online source that actually covers this stuff!

    • Re: local news: 1) They can’t cover everything, there’s limited resources. 2) They cover the whole DC metro area, not just your neighborhood (e.g. a viewer in Herndon doesn’t want to hear about a shooting in CH any more than you want to hear about a shooting in Herndon). 3) The average viewer doesn’t need or want a long rundown of every crime that has occurred in the DC metro area – they want general news, sports, and weather too. 4) local news is fluff anyway – they’re fighting for viewership and generally go with the most sensational stuff.
      I understand your frustration but the key here is that the information you want is not the same as what they can or will provide. In short, don’t waste your time with local news if you want to know what happening in your neighborhood; if you do, don’t complain about what they cover since you should know it’s going to be of limited value.

      • before local/neighborhood blogs, the local news channels were worse. it was our interactions with these blogs that caused changes. so no, i disagree with you. when you voice what you want, they will respond. when you don’t they will pay more attention to the areas that do complain about the lack of coverage.

        • I don’t think what you’re saying is actually true, but even if it is, you’re not really disagreeing with me. No matter what they pay more attention to, there will be someone somewhere saying they’re not paying enough attention to something else – they don’t have enough time or resources to cover all the crime stories, so complaining that they don’t cover all the crime stories is silly. If you want consistent coverage of what’s happening in your particular neighborhood you’re not going to get it on the local news.

        • If it bleeds, it leads (the one exception being weather porn)…..if someone had died the tv stations would have been there like vultures. If a blonde had been carjacked, ditto. The Post has a long tradition of covering local news badly and not hiring people who know anything about the area. Woodward and Bernstein were guys who didn’t want to cover suburban council meetings–it’s like a tradition with that paper.

  • I was visiting a friend when this happened, her apartment overlooked the alley where it happened. A guy was in his car and another guy running by shot at him in the car. An ambulance never came, so it’s unclear if he was unharmed or if he ran away and they found him later. The cops were outside writing stuff down for 3 hours or so.

  • This wasn’t random. The word on the street is that this was over a woman. If this is true, you could have been standing next to the car with an orange hat and the shooting still would have happened.

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