New Cafe Hoping to Come to the Corner of Marion and P St, NW in Shaw


This could be awesome – in response to a zoning query on the Shaw listserve – a resident responds:

“The intention is to make a café. The proprietors are long-time neighbors in the area so we are quite looking forward to having it on Marion St.”

The corner of Marion and P Street, NW is right across the street from the newly renovated playground at the Kennedy Rec Center.



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  • Bonus! BTW… Does anyone know when the lot on the other side of Marion is going to get developed? I believe it’s supposed to be even more condos… but not sure when delivery is projected to happen.

  • Perfect place for a cafe

  • We’d be in line to be the first customers!

  • Does anyone know what kind of café is envisioned?

  • Great news! Always wondered about that building

  • The owners had a meet and greet for nearby neighbors a few weeks ago at Ivy and Coney. They live right next door to the proposed cafe so any issues of noise, trash, whatever, they have a vested interest in. The concept was “neighborhood focused” and a place where you can go for a bite when you just don’t feel like cooking breakfest, lunch or dinner. I’m excited.

    • If the owners are the people I’m thinking of (the ones with the super classy looking house and cute kid), then this cafe is surely going to be amazing.

  • I’m so thrilled to see the commercial scene beginning to break out of its “corridorization” (to coin a word) and come into the neighborhoods.

    • Exciting! I wish I had known about the meet and greet at Ivy and Coney. Are the owners spreading the word via the marion street neighbors list? or Shaw neighborhood list?

      • I’ve lived around the corner for years, but I’ve never been on any of the neighborhood lists. How do you sign up?

    • Holy hell + a million. That’s been one of the few real disappointments here – the lack of something like a deli or cafe on just about every corner. Changes are a comin’, I hope!

  • I live down the block and this is SO needed! How exciting!

  • Great news! I love that little corner building and would definitely check it out.

  • Does anyone know more about the proprietors? I’m wondering if it’s the family that used to have a restaurant in Mt. Vernon Triangle and now has a “home restaurant” around the block from P and Marion. I would -cheer- if this were the case.

    • Do you mean Sidra Forman ( I don’t know if she’s involved, but I wanted to second the fact that she is INCREDIBLE.

      • I do indeed, and here’s hoping! From what I understand, her husband(?) John Cochran has also been involved both in their former restaurant , their current home restaurant, and in some aspect of Big Bear .

        This is PURE speculation, but seems entirely possible given their history of making great spaces in the neighborhood. I’m super curious to see if it’s them!

        • I tried to include links to references I made above, put the commenting tools seems to strip them out. All of this is is easy to find on Google if you’re curious!

  • I live in the same block and can’t wait for that. That would great touch to our block .

  • Districtsource dot com says that the project involves at least one member of the team behind Room 11 in Columbia Heights. Apparently one of Room 11s owners, Nick Pimentel, was at the ANC 6E meeting Tuesday this week to discuss the project.

    There’s a very detailed article about the cafe on that site.

  • Look forward to fueling up here frequently, but was secretly hoping that something like this would come in to the vacant corner store at 6th and Q. Anyone have any scoop on whether there is anything going on there?

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