Scuttlebutt Confirmed – Owner and Chef of Mintwood Place Opening Up 2nd Restaurant in Shaw

7th and O Street, NW

Back in November of last year I posted some scuttlebutt about a Mintwood II restaurant from owners of Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan coming to Shaw in City Market at O. Happy to see that that scuttlebutt is now confirmed! From the Washington Post:

“Restaurateur Saied Azali and chef Cedric Maupillier have signed a lease to open a second concept together, at 801 O St. NW, otherwise known as City Market at O in Shaw. Yet to be named, the 120-seat dining room will be a riff on the business partners’ popular Mintwood Place, home to American food with a French accent.”

Now the only question left is whether or not Top Chef Winner Kevin Sbraga will also be opening up a spot in Shaw?

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  • big win for the hood.

  • O Street market is pretty damn cool. I’d like to see people do this with other similar places in the District.

    • It sounded like that’s what they were thinking about that place near the Black Cat until the neighbors got angry that U Street wouldn’t get an 18th supermarket.

  • “The spinoff will find smaller portions and lower prices.”

    How thoughtful! You cut the portion size in half, one would hope the cost also goes down as well. SMH

  • Looking forward to having those street-level units fill up. There’s been a whole lot of nothing on that block for a long time.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to find out what’s going to open in the remaining two 1,000 sq ft. spaces.

  • Awesome. I remember living 2 blocks from here a few years back and there was nothing to do. Shaw has really come a long way.

  • Is the grocery store on the second level?

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