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  • Holy smokes. Those prices seem remarkably reasonable for a Hilton Bros. spot. I friggin love Satellite Room. One question, what is a wutangmosa? Is it some sort of mimosa?

  • maxwell smart

    Ugh. I HATE HATE HATE this stupid Brunch trend in DC. It’s breakfast with booze, end of story, nothing special. It’s so annoying that anywhere in DC on a Sunday is a 3 hour wait because OMG BRUNCH LOL ROTKL BRUNCH #BESTTHINGEVER!?!?!?! Especially anywhere on or near 14th and U street, forget it. If I don’t have the patience M-F to deal with METRO delays, I sure as hell do not have patience to spare on Sunday to wait all day for something I could make at home.

    And I’m sorry, but at 4pm, that’s not Brunch. That’s old-folks dinner.

    • wait, you hate it but mostly because you really want to go to brunch but too many other people do too, therefore it sucks? this reminds me of the old Yogi Berra saying “that place is so crowded that no one goes there anymore”.

      • maxwell smart

        No – what I want is a simple BREAKFAST (because no one orders the lunch items anyway) that isn’t twice as expensive and doesn’t take all day – Ain’t no one got time for that.

  • Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches!!!

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