Rental of the Day – Columbia Heights/Park View

772 Lamont Street Northwest

This rental is located at 772 Lamont Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Renovated 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse in Columbia Heights. Kit with stainless appliances, granite counters and separate dining room. Living room with gas fireplace. Spacious bedrooms with 2 full renovated baths upstairs. Fenced back yard with private pkg but ample street pkg in front. Near 2 metro lines,buses,hospital, Catholic & Howard Univ. Current tenants packing to move, Available May 15.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,400/Mo.

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  • That seems like a great deal. Compared to every other rental of the day I’ve seen on here seems like you get a lot more bang for your buck here. Plus there’s several new bars and a few good old bars on Georgia Ave. I wonder if there will be a bidding war for this?

  • I think it’s a pretty good deal, but those pictures are awful!

  • If you decide to rent this to split it between 2 single people, 1 bed 1 bath each, I’m guessing it might end up costing big bucks in utilities, no? Heating or cooling a whole house split between 2 tenants would hurt.

    • How do you define big bucks? It’s not a very big house so I don’t think it would cost that much.

  • i garden near there, its definite got a lot different vibe then 13th or 14th streets….but then again thats fine! Sherman is up and coming if you are ok with that.

  • Hmm kind of a creepy block to be walking home on late at night. Also it would be nice if the outdoor space was configured a little better – e.g., with a patio. Assuming that this doesn’t include utilities (likely to be much higher than in a comparably-sized apartment) it’s fairly priced at best.

    • Is this area really that “rowdy” or “gritty”? I just moved to the 700 block of Kenyon street and yeah, I mean, I can sort of see what you’re talking about, but I expected that moving to Columbia Heights. Is that part of Lamont just particularly not great? I know this whole neighborhood can be sort of block by block, but it’s two blocks from 11th st…how bad could it really be compared to the rest of DC?

      • This is a perfect example of “sort of block by block”. I ride my bike there after dark regularly but don’t think I’d like to walk.

      • (puts on neighborhood boundary pendant hat) The 700 block of Kenyon is in Park View, not Columbia Heights. (takes off hat).

      • Mug of Glop

        I live on this block a few doors down from this house. Yeah, it’s super-creepy at night owing to the factory/warehouse/facility (whatever you call an industrial laundry building) across the street, but it’s pretty quiet and I rarely even see anyone when I come home from the west at all odd hours of the night.

  • It’s a rowdy block yet with a gritty charm. It’s across from Lamont Lofts and the industrial laundry; lot of people coming and going and the block pops up on the 3D police listserve with regularity. Utilities would NOT be bad for a rowhouse that small. Even with the cold this winter my larger rowhouse didn’t go above 100 per month (Pepco and Gas combined) although I kept the temp at about 59 degrees.

  • come on people. over $1,200 a bedroom is not a good deal.

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