Rebellion Opening in May on 18th Street in former Mum Mum space – Check Out their Menu

1836 18th Street, NW

Back in early March we learned Mum Mum had closed and would become Rebellion Tavern at 1836 18th Street, NW across the street from Lauriol Plaza, Bar Charley and the coming soon Saloon 45. They’re opening in May and they’ve posted their menus on their website. Menu sound good?


Updates when an exact opening date is known.


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  • Can’t wait to check this place out! The menu sounds absolutely delicious and the bar looks like a chill place to hangout after work or on the weekends.

    • way to jump right in there, Rebellion marketing team!

      • albany

        Don’t be so quick to snark – I too am looking forward to this place too, even just by looking at the menu. In fact, I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming that a new restaurant in the District that does NOT feature: small plates / make your own X / short ribs for 30$ / vegan encrusted Y / or some pathetic excuse for a cocktail that used to be a martini.

      • Nothing like being supportive of a new restaurant/bar and having someone immediately size the opportunity to be snarky. I am genuinely excited for Rebellion to open and eat a plate of shrimp n’ grits (which really shouldn’t be that hard to believe).
        Sincerely, Not-Rebellion’s-Marketing-Team

  • I really liked that rooftop

  • justinbc

    It sounds kind of plain, but I guess sometimes the city needs more plain. I do find the notion of $9 for pretzel sticks with beer cheese as “an upscale dining experience without the price” rather perplexing…unless it’s an entire pint of beer cheese.

  • $8 for some freggin tater tots. Absurd.

  • That space turns over more than any I know. I think Straits of Malaya lasted the longest .

  • Please, please, please let this be good!

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I’m looking forward to trying this place out as well. They have an awesome roof deck and I’m always in the mood for some Carolina style BBQ. The prices don’t look out of line for the neighborhood and location.

  • Mum Mum’s had one of the best HH’s in town – $3 beers – especially nice on a warm sunny day. I am very interested to see what kind of HH they have.

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