Reader Report Gunshots Fired by Woodley Park Metro around 5pm

@mattspencedc tweets us:

“Shots fired near corner of Connecticut and Woodley about 1/2 hour ago.”

On Facebook a reader writes us:

“3 gunshots in the 2600 block of Connecticut Ave, NW. No one hurt, perpetrators got away despite very fast response from MPD.”

You tube video taken by James Calder “about 6:15pm”:

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  • What’s up with people today? There was also a raucous, tense catfight on the SW corner of Irving and 14th at the Columbia Heights Metro at 4pm with a speedy MPD response.

    • Spring break and warm weather. Am I the only one who remembers horrible homework and essays due right after the break?

      • If you resorted to gunplay because of homework and essays, you should seek therapy.

        • That’s a great idea! Want to pay for it?

          • Why don’t you pay for your own therapy? Shouldn’t that be the goal? In the meantime, it’s really not helpful to excuse these events. They shouldn’t be okay in any of our neighborhoods.

          • You seem extremely dense. You must realize that nobody is making any excuses.
            But please, keep clutching those pearls, you’ll sleep tighter this way I’m sure.

    • “catfight”? smh.

  • Anonomnom

    I live on Garfield street, maybe 50 feet from the metro to the elevator. There were definitely gunshots, and a few people ran screaming through the back ally between Connecticut and Woodley. Was kind of shocked at the absolute lack of information on this, was glad to see you guys reported it at least.

  • Large police presence in 18th in AdMo. Dozens of youth being escorted

    • Yeah, now they are also being escorted down Conn Ave. probably 30 youth and 12 cruisers. It has taken the bus an hour to go from Clevland Park to Dupont Circle.

  • DC students on spring break roaming the streets.

  • Just saw a huge group escorted by no fewer than 6 police vehicles through Kalorama towards CT Ave. Anyone know why?

    • Brawling in the middle of the Ellington Bridge – it was chaos. Probably related to the gunshots at the metro since some of the kids were asking how to get back to the metro after the police dispersed them towards Kalorama. Heard some of the kids retelling the events to each other afterwards. Lots of scared tourists – the kids truly didn’t give a shit about anything.

      • There were aboug 40-50 kids fighting (most were watching) in the middle of the street at Calvert and 20th around 6:25pm. While I was calling 911, about 5 police cars arrived and a lot of the kids ran away. I can still hear lots of sirens now.

      • “….after the police dispersed them towards Kalorama.”

        That will go over well….

  • Just came out of my apt at 19th and Biltmore. Craziness. Cops everywhere. Mob of high school kids flowing down the street. Cops pushed them south down 20th. Someone said a fight broke out at the zoo. I didn’t hear shots. Just now seeing this report.

  • Isn’t the zoo’s African American Family Day NEXT Monday? I guess this is a prelude to next week’s fun. I saw a group of about eight girls harass a poor lady pushing a baby stroller.

    • and you’re no better. the racist jokes aren’t funny and not a good look, Jason.

      • I wish I was making a racist joke. I was genuinely confused when I got off the Metro because this is the exact same nonsense that has happened at AA Family Day in years past. There’s a reason why the police have massively stepped up their zoo/Woodley Park presence on that day the past couple of years. Is it racist of the police that they anticipate the violence and try to stop it?

        And I’m sorry, but it really pisses me off when I see a group of punk girls harass a woman pushing little kids in a stroller.

      • It’s not racist. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one group over another, based on innate characteristics. Observing a fact that large groups of black males roaming the streets of DC get into trouble is just that, a fact. Observing that on African American family day at the zoo, every year, there are robberies / gun shots is also just a fact. The funny thing is the people claiming it’s “racist” to say that are the same ones that probably run away when they see a black male coming towards them at night…

    • gotryit

      Do you have some facts that you’re not sharing with us? Or are you just making shit up for fun?

    • AA family day at the zoo has a history of incidents similar to what happened this evening. I don’t know Jason but unless he has little regard for innocent tourists, women, and children then he is surely a better human than these kids.

      • TempleCt

        Please remove your white hoods before commenting, you racist punks!

        • Drop the hysterics. If you’re worried about human beings of any race being made to feel intimidated for no reason (as am I), then you should also be disgusted by these kids brawling in the middle of the street.

          • that’s true, however that doesn’t give anyone an excuse to buy into stereotypes about an entire race of people.

            it’s amazing to me how many people try to justify their racial prejudices. I would venture to say if someone made such a loaded and general statement about a different class of people, women or the LGBTQ community perhaps, people would be up in arms.

      • @Calhoun9999 – I’m not sure if I can post a link here, but here:

        In 2011, a young black man stabbed and seriously wounded another black teenager at African American Family Day at the National Zoo as part of a larger brawl. Referencing historical fact is not racism, it’s history.

        • TempleCt

          “History” are u serious?? How about your ancestors??

          • @calhoun9999 – I’m not having a conversation about my ancestors. I am having a conversation about the history of violence at a specific annual event, which has resulted in serious injuries in the past. I don’t have a particular interest in things that people I never met who have been dead for so long even their bones have turned to dust may or may not have done (especially since they didn’t live here when the US had slavery, which is what I assume you’re referring to), which is why I don’t participate in conversations with internet strangers about my “ancestors”.


            African American Family Day is an event every year with a large attendance by black people, specifically young black teenagers, at the zoo

            African American Family Day at the zoo has previously resulted in stabbings (see the link above) and other violence and mayhem (see other links in the comments)

            Noting that these things happen in Woodley Park, an otherwise generally peaceful, quiet neighborhood with little to no violence, seemingly annually on the day that there is a special event bringing large numbers of young black teenagers to the neighborhood is not racist. It is not saying that one race is in any way superior or inferior to any other race. It is noting fact, much like noting that most suffregettes were women is not sexist and or that most people in a gay bar on a particular night are gay is not homophobic. All three are just statements of fact.

            However, it is also true that some people can only see racism everywhere they look, no matter what is or isn’t there. And I’ve learned to deal with that.

        • That’s what is weird. That is the only incident that I’ve seen. That is one too many BUT I have seen similar incidents in different locations with all types of kids. DC’s bad ass teens are normally black. IN other areas they are white. In other areas they are Hispanic.

          What people seem to be missing is that tons of gatherings for black folks go off without a hitch so it gets a little silly to point out a very small group of bad ass kids like they are the norm when they are not. If they were this city would be far more chaotic.

    • Let’s do a quick common sense check

      1) You don’t know if anyone in the video above is “African-American” because nationality isn’t visible. They could be Domicans, Afro-Cubans, Nigerians, hell, any number of ethnicities.
      2) A random fight by *this* group of people has nothing to do with whoever will show up next week near the same intersection.
      3) The eight girls you saw “harass a poor lady pushing a baby stroller” have nothing to do with the people in the video above.

      The reason why you’re being called a racist is because you have no reason to connect any of these unconnected three groups of people other than what race to which they *appear* to belong. This is the classic shortcut to advanced critical thinking that is colloquially referred to as racism.

      • Alan,

        1) Ok, I’ll give you that. We have no idea of the nationalities of the kids. So I’ll just say they were black teens.
        2) This kind of “random” fight doesn’t exactly happen with regular occurrence at that intersection. It has however, occurred around the day after Easter/ week of DC school spring break.
        3) The eight girls had everything to do with the people in the video above. They were yelling, screaming, and generally being a-holes with the larger group, until they broke away down a side street off Connecticut Ave.

        So excuse me for taking a classic shortcut to advanced critical thinking — or as I like to call it, not having my head in the sand. When Asian teens start regularly running amok in the city, we’ll come down on them too. Until then, we have to rely on facts, reality and truth. Sometimes the truth can be painful to confront. (Do you remember what the Philadelphia mayor said to black teens a couple of years ago?)

        I can guarantee that had you been confronted by this pack of kids last night, you would have been just as nervous and scared as the rest of us.

      • Like everyone else, I think I’m the most reasonable person in the world. But having seen this all go down, it’s hard to ignore what I saw. I saw tourists with their kids running away in fear. I saw kids kicking other kids in the middle of the road while others yelled on in joy. Afterwards, I saw nearly a complete lack of concern that the police showed up. There was a mob mentality but to be fair not all of the kids were completely caught up in it. Some were there because they’re teens and their peers were there. I walked towards the situation and tried to stick around the kids who weren’t obviously out for blood. But a mob mentality took over many of the kids. Also, it was clear that they only were in this neighborhood for some particular, coordinated reason and from what the kids were yelling after the brawl it seemed like they were acting out on some preexisting beef. It’s understandable that someone without racist inclinations might think, given the problems the annual zoo celebration has had (more than just in 2011), that this was the aftermath of that. Kudos to the cops for eventually calming the situation, because it was volatile and it could have ended much worse.

  • 5:02 pm watched a group of kids from my apartment window behind 2700 Connecticut Ave apartments and to the side Woodley Park Guest House circled together. Then closer to four or five shots at which point they all ran up the alley. Police officers arrived about thirty seconds later and chased down at least one kid who they later released. Kids looked around 10 or so years of age and several girls in the group. Group was around 8 or so kids when the shots were fired, but more were running in the area. Wish I had thought to take some photos or record it, but instead I ran down to the street level to see if anyone was hurt.

    • oh, and forgot to add that it was a 9 mm according to the officer and you could see the casings laying there.

    • Not sure it makes it any better….but from what I could see, it didn’t appear that they were attacking each other, but rather just wanted to discharge the gun. I actually thought it was fireworks at first due to the way they were circled around, but they really ran once the shots stopped.

      • oh well then no worries, just a bunch of kids having a bit of a laugh firing gunshots into the air. i love kabul in the spring.

        • many kids like to feel that they live on the edge of safety. it makes them feel alive.
          i was like this as a teenager too.

  • This happens every year…schools go on spring break and all the kids go to the zoo and things go crazy. My first year of living in the city, all sorts of horrible things were yelled at me on my walk home from the metro when this happened. I think it’s usually the day after Easter, though, but maybe spring break is a week earlier this year because Easter is so late?

  • Typical Blood Moon Day.

  • Walked the Ellington Bridge at about 6:00 and got tangled up in it. They started shoving me around (37 yo female, btw), but there was a nice man starting his run who walked me out of it. Thank you, Mr. Blaze Orange Shirt. WTF. Seriously. These kids were rotten.

    • CS, glad you made it through unscathed. That is really scary. I remember during the zoo madness in 2011 when the kids were throwing things at cars and running in the middle of Connecticut Ave. Where are exactly are their parents?? How the hell do these kids get raised to be animals at such a young age?

      • justinbc

        “Where exactly are their parents?”
        I’m going to guess at work. Although when I was in high school it’s not like my parents ever escorted me anywhere.

    • Glad I ran by when I did. Hopefully the dollar ends up in deserving hands.

  • Well they didn’t have room to fight on Conn. Ave yesterday at 3pm, b/c the entire street was a parking lot due to the zoo traffic…

  • Got off the Woodley Park metro with my baby at approximately 5:05 this evening. The metro and the block near the metro entrance were packed with African-American adolescents everywhere. The cops seemed to have recently established a presence both inside the metro and on street level. Woodley Road by the elevator had been roped off entirely. (Sounds like that’s where the shooting happened.) Have to say it didn’t seem like the kids were daunted by the cops and didn’t give me or my baby any personal space either. I’m guessing there may have been some sort of flash-mob-type congregating facilitated by whatever social media the kids are on these days.

  • Can we do an informal poll of how many white PoPVille readers have had an African American person call them a racist name here in DC versus how many African American readers of PoPVille have ever had a white person call them a racist name here in DC? I’ll start. I’m white, as in the four years I’ve lived here, I’ve been called “cracker” twice and “white bitch” once. In my thirty five years in NYC, including 10 in Brooklyn and four in Queens, never once did I get called a name like that.

    • I’m white. My ex called me racist names on a few occasions, but never anyone else in DC.

    • I, a wm, have been called several unprovoked slurs here and can say I’ve never called anyone (or thought about) anyone such racist names.

    • And what would this accomplish, exactly? Kids say a lot of dumb racist shit everywhere. That’s not an excuse for doing so in DC, but I don’t see how listing a litany of racial slurs helps the situation.

      • Funny story. I grew up in a predominately white suburb and we had a couple of black students at our school. One day, one of the black students received a racist note in her locker. The whole community was in an uproar and really upset about the incident. After a few weeks of the police investigating, it was revealed that she wrote it herself. Her punishment was that she was supposed to apologize to the whole school during the next assembly. She ended up transferring to another school before apologizing.

        • that’s pretty sad.
          sounds like she felt like an outsider and probably didn’t know another way to express herself.
          not the right way to go about it. poor girl. i hope she figured out that life isn’t out to get her.

        • It’s not funny — it’s sad. And her punishment was cruel. It makes me wonder if, as one of only a couple of black students in a predominantly white school, she had prior concerns that were shrugged off as “kids being kids” — and her reaction was to create a bigger concern so her pain would be less likely to be ignored. Yeah, I know I’m jumping to conclusions and making a lot of assumptions, but I’m sure her stay at the school was not an easy one, and the thought of this one black kid, standing by herself in front of a large white audience to apologize just seems awful.

          • Yeah, being forced to *apologize* — what is this, Soviet Russia?

          • Apologize to a WHOLE school — as an adolescent — no, it’s America — which is known for… oh, never mind. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

    • Been here on and off for roughly 10 years. I’ve never been called a racist slur, nor have I used one. Bottom line: All teenagers suck.

      • My friends and I never did this growing up. The difference is that our parents taught us the importance of respecting ourselves and others.

    • And your point is what, exactly?

    • Can we do the number of times we hear racist jokes and comments in white only groups? Because I have heard that a hell of a lot more times than I have been called cracker. Racist white people are more scared in DC to mouth off on the street but don’t think they aren’t here. They are always confused when a few white people call them out on it.

    • How many times has it been by someone in any position of power? I can think of a couple – racism by DC employees (been a while) that disadvantaged me at say, the DMV and racism by someone physically threatening, and I agree that’s crappy. Now also recognize that racism against black people is far more subversive. Imagine being discriminated against by police, employers, and other people that hold far more power over your life.
      Think about that the next time you’re oh-so-insulted by someone calling you cracker who has no impact on your life.

      • I don’t think that makes it right to take out one’s anger on an innocent passerby who’s just minding their own business (simply because one cannot take it out on cops, people in authority, etc). And if you’re talking about physically threatening someone because they’re white (or any other race)- that’s completely inexcusable period.

    • I lived in NYC and definitely got called cracker, white devil, and other names. However, that has never happened to me in DC….

    • Iv been yelled at several times (also went to school in college park md). Got called cracked several times, chased out of panda by a homeless man because i wouldnt give him monday (that might not have been racist), also just yelled at given funny looks. I was actually thinking about that the other day…because my friend (who is light skinned but african america) was asked by a white couple in my building ‘who are you here to see’ (we have had several thefts recently), i feel like she thought it was racist but they also asked the same thing to my white guy friend when he came. I think its interesting how much people hate white people, i see it every day almost

      • justinbc

        “chased out of panda by a homeless man because i wouldnt give him monday”

        • ok, Ive seen you correct grammar twice on this thread. Chill-out, you know he meant “Panda Express” and “money”. Your comments generally lean toward annoying and bloviating, don’t start a new trend of correcting people posts or asking clarifying questions when clearly intention can be discerned.

          • To his credit, the only reason that I understood what the poster above is because I attended UMD and thus know about Panda Express. You can’t reasonably expect folks to know about this hole in the wall, and as such, the sentence is indeed extremely confusing.

          • justinbc

            ^ Thank you. It was more the panda thing that made no sense, I already assumed he meant money instead of Monday.

      • I strongly recommend reading about this nation and DC’s use to Southern Congressmen. Jim Crow “lived” in DC too.

    • Been in DC 15+ years. Been called cracker, honky, white trash, and a “sodomite.” Not sure if that last one was racist or just anti-gay. All of these slurs hit me while I was just walking down the street. All delivered by people who did not appear mentally ill.

    • this is ridiculous, but i will play.

      as a black male, I’ve been called a ni@@er three times (by a white person) in the 5 years since I came here for college. in addition to that, i have been subjected to more racist incidents than i care to remember. to name a few, being asked if i knew how much something cost while shopping, being followed around a store and being pulled over for no reason while driving an expensive car.

      not to mention the countless jokes, stories, and micro-aggressions I’ve heard over the years. I do mean countless.

      • this is absolutely ridiculous. a white person thinks we can understand racism by a few incidents in our lives that stand out to us compared to the institutionalized racism against people of color in our society? yeah, it’s called white privilege for a reason.

    • justinbc

      I’m sure it’s happened since I moved here, but it’s not significant enough of a life event for me to actually recall it. I got over people calling me names in elementary school, it means virtually nothing.

      • for you…surely as a straight white male, you recognize your (and i do hate the overuse of this word) privilege.

        • justinbc

          Oh most definitely. I’m not trying to project my experiences upon anyone else. Lots of people are sensitive to all sorts of things that I don’t let bother me.

        • The priviledge of, what? Being the only being in the US who is an officially sanctioned punching bag?

    • I’m guessing that OP wants to make the point that LOTS of white Popville readers have been called racist names by African Americans in DC and very few African American PoPville readers have been openly harassed in similar ways by white people in DC. First off, the number of African American Popville readers is relatively small — so you’ve already got a skewed data set. Next up, as many have already commented, racism — and the scars and damage that it creates — is much more complicated than that. And much more about power and dominance and legally sanctioned discrimination than about being called names by disaffected teenagers. So, while I’ve all too frequently been up for discussions about race and racism and it’s historical context I think I”ll sit this one out, at least when it comes to showing my scars to people who likely look upon them as some sort of competition.

      • +1000 Extremely well said!!

      • well said, but i wonder how many people will learn something by it.
        i hope! but i’m skeptical.

      • “I’m guessing that OP wants to make the point that LOTS of white Popville readers have been called racist names by African Americans in DC and very few African American PoPville readers have been openly harassed in similar ways by white people in DC. First off, the number of African American Popville readers is relatively small — so you’ve already got a skewed data set. Next up, as many have already commented, racism — and the scars and damage that it creates — is much more complicated than that. And much more about power and dominance and legally sanctioned discrimination than about being called names by disaffected teenagers. So, while I’ve all too frequently been up for discussions about race and racism and it’s historical context I think I”ll sit this one out, at least when it comes to showing my scars to people who likely look upon them as some sort of competition.”

        If this is you sitting out, then I can’t wait to hear you talk

      • I’m right there with you Blithe. You really do have to pick your battles.

    • Black male. I have been called “nigger” on a few occasions around DC. I have also been called “not really black” or “not like black people” on quite a few occasions by caucasian people, which is just as racist as “nigger” in my opinion.

    • Am AsAm. Have been called chink, gook, slant, nip, ching chong, wing wong, ah so, charlie chan mfer by plenty of AfAm teens in DC for the 12 years I’ve lived here. I would say however that chink is the prevailing term of choice tho.

    • I got called cracker once. It totally ruined my day. At least it didn’t remind me of a time when my members of my race were literally owned by another race.

  • There are guns WotP? Who knew?

  • I live at 2700 Connecticut and was able to hear four gun shots right behind our building……and then had a birds eye view of 15-20 young African-American children(Around the age of 14 or 15 years old) go running in every direction. About 5 police were running after them and then used their cars to block the roads.

  • None of this can be confirmed by any official sources, are we sure the accounts are accurate?

  • The gunshots happened in the alley leading directly to Aidan Montessori School where many of the kids (including my daughter) were playing on the playground. Fortunately our crossing guard heard the shots and helped the teachers rush the kids indoors where they had to stay until police gave the all clear. Now all the teachers are talking about contingency plans for next Monday which apparently has a history of problems and where school normally isn’t in session (but they are making up one of the snow days this year). Glad no one was hurt at least…

  • I saw a procession of about 30-40 of them walking through 18th and Florida and they were escorted by a heavy police detail. The cops were so confused when I just motored through them to my apartment with jumbo slice in hand. I initially thought it was some sort of a protest or something but then figured something weird went down since there were so many cops.

  • A pack of about 50 black teenagers were on U Street around 6:15. There were at least 6 cops watching their every move. I overheard the teenagers talking about fighting and heard the word “motherfucker” no less that 30 times. They were nothing but trouble looking to cause nothing but trouble.

    • justinbc

      Come to one of our college football viewing parties any Saturday in the fall and you’ll likely hear it a lot more than 30 times, and we don’t even have enough people to form a “pack”.

  • Same kids just got escorted off Cap Hill. One was just arrested for punching an MPD officer in the face. METRO trainsit has been denying the access to all buses and train from the Zoo until they get back to SE.

  • Huh? Groups of teenage black kids in DC shooting at each other and otherwise being a full on menace to society? Nooooo can’t be. That absolutely never happens, ever.

    And to some dudes point above, “African American” day at the zoo is a clusterf$&k. Stabbings, shootings, group vandalism of the stores across Connecticut from the zoo entrance.

    • Really? I can’t see the zoo promoting yearly if it is as bad as you say. Everyone seeme pretty shocked about the stabbing that did occur in 2011(?) so I’m wondering how crazy it really is.

      • As someone who is shocked at how ridiculous it is year after year, WITH extremely heavy police presence, feel free to get off the metro at Woodley Park around 5 pm on Monday and you let me know how that goes.

  • Yeah, this behavior is wrong and unfortunate, but working EOTR, you really don’t understand how mild this stuff is. Not saying that harassing women with strollers or calling white guys “crackers” isn’t sad, but all but two of the homicides this year are on the other side of the Potomac. That kids want to spend a little more time in the nice part of town before returning to their homes makes sense.

    • Potomac?

    • Arlington’s homicide rate must have skyrocketed!

    • Um, but when they behave like packs of wild animals harassing everyone, shooting guns and fighting in the street, they have lost that privilege. Residents have a right to safety and enjoyment in their neighborhood without lawless teenagers shooting the place up. If they acted respectfully and like decent human beings then I’m sure people wouldn’t have a problem with their presence.

      • +1

        We just moved to the area a month ago and live right beside the bridge where it all went down. I find this entire incident disrespectful and appalling…especially that it involves teenagers. We picked this area because it was quiet and safe. Now I plan stay away from the zoo area next Monday in case something like this happens again. As a resident, I shouldn’t have to worry about these types of things.

      • the metaphor “wild animals” really has to go.

        come on people.

        • The metaphor is relatively harmless. The behavior it’s referring to is not, so I think it’s the latter that has to go.

          • no. its really not harmless.

          • No, it’s not harmless at all. And I’d be willing to bet that you know this. You can deplore behavior without dehumanizing people. Really.

          • I said “relatively”. And don’t accuse me of dehumanizing people, I’m not the one running around the streets shooting guns and fighting – that dehumanizes yourself and everyone around you.

          • sorry. which person was it that you are referring to when you say ” the one running around the streets shooting guns and fighting”?

            or just the lot of “them”?

          • x, I don’t know how else you can read what I said, but I was referring to the people who were shooting guns and/or fighting in the street. What’s unclear about that?

        • justinbc

          You’re telling me you’ve never seen a bear duel a moose, wild west shootout style?

  • I saw the start and the finish of this walking to and from the Woodley Station. One youth brushed past me and said “excuse me.” But I knew something was brewing. About that zoo thing: My African American grandmother would not take or allow her children to go to the zoo on Easter Monday because she said it attracted the wrong crowd. That was the 1930s and 1940s. And she was struggling with all the issues segregation and the Great Depression could put on a person. So it’s not as simple as a class issue. Grandma’s generations maintain her Easter Monday tradition to this day. We stay home. Courtland Milloy of the WaPo has his perspective and some background as well. Regardless, I’m concerned about these youth and give credit to the police who handled this without major drama.

  • And one guy stupid enough to tweet about it:

    The fact that they’re so cocky and proud makes me mad.

  • The video looks like mayhem, but not an actual fight.

  • Ahhh reminds me of my time in Baltimore. Always stay home for the first few nice days as the teenagers need to ruin wild. I was once at the inner harbor and there were about 1000 kids…with many many fights. This was nothing compared to that night….total mayhem in the middle of B’more’s tourist trap.

  • What I find the most appalling aspect of this whole incident is the fact that there is no public record that it occurred, no news report, nothing. Here we have a mayor incident with firearms and a mob gone wild/melee/riot and it is as if nothing happened. Apparently, this is par for the course for DC Police.

    Can anyone find any reporting on this?

  • Shocking! A group of African-American youths street fighting and firing guns. In a white neighborhood, no less!

  • It is interesting how this story has not had a whisper in the Post or other mainstream media. I actually think people need to be warned. I live very near the zoo, and know that will be hunker down for the day next Monday. I don’t care whether its is disaffected AA youth, or British football hooligans — when gangs of people egg each other on to commit mayhem, it is hard to predict what will happen.

    Not a day to be strolling along Connecticut Ave with your baby in a stroller.

  • America has stupid/annoying/dangerous teenages of every race. End of story.

  • Why did the young men in the video respond to hearing shooting by taking their shirts off?

  • Did anyone not think the comments of this post would turn into a pseudo-discussion of race that is neither interesting nor important? Teenagers are assholes– it’s all hormones, angst, and that I Don’t Give a F**K attitude. Stuff like this happens and it’ll continue to happen because no one wants to do anything about it. Kids are still going to shoot up their schools, bully their classmates, and cause mayhem. It’s not a black or white or asian thing. White people are angry because they had nothing, personally, to do with any of this (well, at least most of us). Black people are angry because, well, institutional racism. It’s complicated. And if you think it’s NOT complicated, and just a matter of “Well, you deserve to be called a cracker” or “You just need to get over the past”, you are an idiot. Sure, if it worked that way and things could magically become equal, that’d be awesome! Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. We pretty much live in this cycle of anger that’s not going to change until we look at it unemotionally. How can we do that? I have no idea.

  • was on woodley shortly after… about 12 african american boys, young teens, were tromping through the gardens and side yards between the alley and woodley…. when police arrived in force, quite impressively , they dispersed and ran in all directions…. cops caught who they could, the others regrouped elsewhere

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