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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Scratchy throat, hope I’m not getting sick. 🙁
    RAVE: I looked out the window, saw the weather, and said ‘eff this. Working from my bed in my pajamas and listening to NPR 😀

    • GiantSquid

      re: rant – allergies? many people who don’t normally have an issue with them, like my boss and acupuncturist, are super affected by them this year because of the triple punch of pollen all at the same time.

      • Oh yes, my allergies have been in over drive this year. I’m taking two 24-hour Zyrtecs per day. It helps but it’s not a perfect fix. Claritin no longer works for me. 🙁

        • Have you tried Allegra? About a year ago, some kind person posted a hierarchy of allergy meds here that led me — happily — to Claritin. For the past week or so, I’ve had a cold on top of allergies. Not fun.

  • Rave: azaleas

  • Rant, double rant- dumb ass neighbors.
    Rave – DC fire department! And also the dispatcher.

  • Rave: Unable to get an adult sized toothbrush comfortably into my mouth, I now have two (TWO!) Buzz Lightyear kid’s toothbrushes. Starting and ending the day is great with a little “Toy Story” homage.

    Rant: CEO at the non-profit I work for gave a presentation yesterday and about all I remember is seeing a 20% cut. UGH! With all the medical expenses this year there’s not a lot of hay in the barn if I lose my job. I should get a room mate but I like my privacy!

    • I love that the toothbrushes are your rave! I have a Buzz Lightyear sippy cup (even though I have no children) and it never fails to make me smile!

    • Instead of a full-time room mate have you thought about Airbnb? Or even renting to an intern during intern season?

      • Or even just a 3 month lease and if it turns out you like the person you can give them the option to extend if they so desire. There are plenty of people looking for temporary situations in this city.

      • AirBnB sounds like too much work. Plus my two older lady dogs are starting to have issues with being housebroken and I’d hate to see that in a review. Actually I should post pics in the forun sometime and see what people think I should rent it for. It’s a huge space with an enormous bathroom with a great shower. It used to be my master but I moved down one floor. Location is at 13th and T NW.

        • That’s a pretty prime location. I don’t know what the going rate is for a houseshare in that area — maybe $1200? $1300?

    • Smilla

      I’ve always had problems with adult-sized toothbrushes, simply because my mouth is small. Could never reach my back teeth properly. I also had to replace my toothbrush every three weeks, because the bristles would splay fairly quickly from a combination of brushing too hard and trying to squeeze my toothbrush to reach my back teeth.

      Finally, my dentist suggested I try an electric toothbrush (the kind with the small round head) and I’ve never looked back. They’re more expensive initially, but I think I end up spending less in the long run, because I’m not constantly buying new toothbrushes. More importantly, I run less risk of damaging my gums from brushing too hard, while my teeth are cleaner now.

      • My dentist feel very strongly that no one should be using hard toothbrushes. I use gentle or extra soft which are hard to find

        • I am always surprised they even sell medium or hard toothbrushes at the drugstore. I would only buy those for cleaning household stuff like grout.

        • Smilla

          Same here. I always used soft-bristle toothbrushes, but that’s why I’d go through them so quickly. The bristles would start splaying within days. I tried to brush gently, but it never worked. Brushing with an electric toothbrush makes it easier to use less force. You just let the toothbrush sit on your teeth and the motor does the work.

          • Yes, I love my electric toothbrush! My teeth feel so much cleaner and it’s definitely easier to reach the back of my mouth.

          • I was using battery operated which I liked but felt it was going thru batteries too fast. Dr Collins period toothbrushes are great (manual toothbrush)

          • `perio` not period

          • One technique for brushing more softly is to hold the toothbrush with only your thumb and index finger, rather than with your whole fist. I had the same issue of brushing too hard and also switched to an electric, but sometimes it isn’t ideal (traveling, I often brush my teeth at work after lunch, etc.) and the 2-finger trick works at those times.

      • This is really good to know. I have the same issue and am getting sick of Barbie or fairy toothbrushes that last a couple weeks. I will have to try the electric route!

  • Rave: Vacation starts Thursday! Going to sunny weather, fruity cocktails, and lots of QT with the husband.

    Rant: We spent several thousand dollars repairing our roof (mostly re-tarring, I think) this Spring and the leaks persist. It’s been a royal pain getting the roofer to come back again and again to try to repair this – even though he gauranteed his work for 5 years. So with 3 days of rain this week, it’s just drip-drip-drip in the guest room, rotting the drywall, etc. ARGH. Why is this so dang hard to just FIX???

    • Ouch – that sucks! But why exactly is it so dang hard to just fix? What is the roofer saying? But if you are getting a steady drip through the ceiling, better to just poke a hole in the drywall and limit the soaking. Also steers the drip more easily into a bucket.

      • yeah, it’s time to poke a hole in the ceiling. the stuff is rotted anyway so will have to be repaired. it jsut gives me such heartburn to cut in to drywall!

    • Leaks are tough to find and repair. It took me several attempts over the space of 5 years to finally get mine fixed. Of course now I have a leak in another part of my roof!

    • My roof leak turned out to be a chimney/brickwork leak. Haven’t had problems since it was fixed.

      • Yes, I’ve found this to be the case in my old house. We had a leak in the master upstairs bedroom for a whole year and the water was coming down the dry wall from the point where the wall meets the ceiling. It rotted the dry wall multiple times. The leak was in the exterior masonry of the wall, not the roof. Having an old house can be an exercise in frustration 🙁

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • Yep. Most people assume that the problem is always the roof itself. I used to do part-time work on a roofing crew, and the majority of leaks that we were called about were related to sunlights or flashing.

        Did they use the tar rolls or hot tar?

  • epric002

    rant: this weather, and we still have gotten our backyard drain working. just called a plumber.
    rave: million pibble march this saturday.
    chronic rant: poor etiquette on metro. i do not want to listen to the music leaking out of your headphones; the seats are not for your bags/feet/sprawl (especially when the train is crowded); move out of the doorway unless you are entering/exiting.

    • what’s a pibble, and do I want a million of them?
      On your metro etiquette rant: me too! Got on yesterday, there were three open seats, each one next to a single rider. I sat down. Turned out the three single riders were all together. They carried on a loud conversation from their respective corners, over my head. Rude.

      • Why is the march sponsor using this term “pibble”? Seems like the message would be communicated a lot more clearly if it were “pit bull.”
        I too was wondering what a “pibble” was. (Something like a pebble?)

        • epric002

          i’ve always called them pitties or bullies, so apparently pibble is just another nickname (albeit not as common as the organizers suspected).

        • I completely agree with your point. I would wager most people who are not involved in pit bull rescue and advocacy would not be aware of what “pibble” means.

          • On the other hand, I’m guessing that attendance at this event will not go very far beyond the “pibble” community anyway, so they’re probably not shooting themselves in the foot with the name.

          • Yeah. I have a friend who’s somewhat active in this, and eventually I figured out that “BSL” meant “breed-specific legislation,” but I’d never heard “pibble.”
            When you’ve got a message to convey, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot to use a pet name (so to speak 😉 ) that most people don’t know.
            It’s like the Spanish-language religious bumper stickers that have pastel lettering on variegated pastel backgrounds, so you can’t actually read them unless you’re behind them at a stoplight. The medium is impeding the message.

          • Anonymous 11:08 am — True that the attendance itself might not go very far beyond the “pibble” community, but on their website they’ve got T-shirts with “One Million Pibble March on Washington, D.C.” on the front, and on the back a circle with a line through it and the wording “Dog Fighting & BSL.”

          • Textdoc, not sure what your point is about the t-shirt on their website. My only point is that there’s probably a high correlation between people who are truly interested in this issue and people who know what “pibble” means. It’s not like they’d get twice the attendance if only they said “pit bull” instead. The message doesn’t always need to be understood by *everybody*.

          • Yeah but the whole point of the march is to spread awareness to those who are not involved. That’s why it would have made more sense not to use a nickname. But oh well, I’m going and I’m excited nonetheless!

        • Same reason big oil companies advertise “energy security,” and Tea Party a-holes have names like “patriots for America.” “Pibbles” is a cute sounding made-up word. Your suburban granny could have a Pibble – where she would never have a vicious, slavering, aggressive killer ghetto Pit Bull.

          • It’s cute, sure, but then they need to do more to popularize the term “pibble.”
            Epric002 and others, hope you and your doggies have fun at the march!

          • justinbc

            I think that’s definitely part of the point, but more to the fact that the term pibble might be familiar to pro-pitbull folks, and likely unfamiliar to those who love to lambaste them at every chance (and therefore not advertising your march as a Pitbull March is less likely to draw antagonism).

          • epric002

            thanks textdoc and all, but to clarify, this march is for people only- don’t bring your dogs!

          • Oops, sorry about that! Didn’t mean to spread inaccurate information.

          • austindc

            All these names confuse me. I assumed pibble was about pie nibbling, and I assumed pit bulls were when you tie up your bulls in a pit to keep it out of the sun on a hot day.

    • Where/when is pibble march? Time?

      • There are walks from five different meeting spots to the west lawn of the Capitol (you can find specifics on their website, posted further up in this thread). The official rally starts at noon.

    • Ditto your rant re. poor etiquette on Metro. And let me add to that dudes who sit with their legs so far apart that they take up part of the adjacent seat.

      • Ugh, yes about the dudes who sit like that. I’ve come *this* close to saying “Come on, man, your balls aren’t that big! Put your legs together!”

      • How about a shout-out for the leg-crossers (overwhelmingly women) who can’t sit in the seat without crossing their legs? Sure, take up the adjacent seat-space, or better yet, just stick your foot out into the aisle so everyone can walk around it or trip as they go by.

        • epric002

          i’ve never had a problem with someone crossing their legs taking up extra room. and women often cross their legs b/c they’re wearing skirts/dresses.

          • Keep an eye out for it, it’s a real thing. Not as prevalent as the male spreaders, but I’ve unintentionally kicked and tripped over enough crossed legs that it’s on my list of annoying things people do on the metro. And whatever the reason, it’s unnecessary and inconsiderate.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ve only had a problem with men crossing their legs and taking up extra room, but that’s rare, usually it’s the manly must spread my legs as wide as possible stance that takes up all the space.

    • Your rave is my rave too! The weather is supposed to be perfect and I can’t wait to see all my fellow pit bull people out en masse!

    • Yes to your poor metro etiquette rant. I was on the bus yesterday morning and the woman sitting directly behind me was watching some kind of action movie, replete with gun fire, explosions and yelling, at full volume without headphones. I really wanted to say something but knew the kind of response I would get. It was early, and weighing my options, I decided it would be less of a headache to just ignore it the best that I could. This went on for at least 15 minutes, until the man sitting next to me asked her in the nicest possible way (certainly a way that I would not have been capable of before having any coffee) to turn down the volume. She responded that she would not turn down the volume because it was hers. She then proceeded to grumble to herself with indignation that anyone would dare ask her such a thing and then got off the bus.
      I grew up riding public transportation and using headphones was a hard and fast rule that was never to be broken. When did this change? Honestly, while the action movie at full volume at 8:15 in the morning was not so great, what really annoys me is when people have the sounds for their games on without headphones. All that repetitious beeping… that’s the worst.
      And ditto to your other metro rants. I would say my biggest pet peeve (even more so than loud audio) is when people fail to move completely into a car on the train or gather by the doors and make it damn near impossible for people to get on or off.
      Thanks for letting me co-opt your rant… that was great fun… I’m already starting to feel better 🙂

      • Headphones alone don’t fix the issue. I find it funny how, when I take the bus (usually the X2 or 96), I’ll be surrounded by people with headphones on and I can still hear 5 different songs.
        I grew up taking public as well, every day to school, and am sure that I blasted my music as loud as my discman would allow. Can’t imagine doing the same as a semi-adult.

      • Headphones alone don’t completely fix the issue, but at least the noisebleed coming from the headphones isn’t as loud as it would be without headphones.
        I’m surprised the woman objected so vociferously (although I guess nothing should surprise me any more). Don’t Metrobuses all have signage in the front indicating no eating/drinking/smoking, and no use of audio equipment without headphones?

  • Rave: Boss brought back some Longjing tea from China, and there is now Toki Underground delivery. Life is good.

  • Rave: Spring! Leaves on trees! Everything is prettier! (see picture above) Seriously, I’m so much happier when trees aren’t bare.

  • (Somewhat silly) Rant: Facebook informed me an ex’s parents got a new puppy. Now on top of the general sadness I sometimes feel that we aren’t friends anymore slash I don’t get to hang out with his awesome family, I’m also sad I’ll never get to dote on this adorable pup!
    Rant: So much rain and my new rainboots haven’t come in yet!
    Rave: Made plans to go zip-lining this weekend!
    Revel: Promising date on the horizon?

    • A date you say?

      • Emmaleigh504

        (I love you.)

      • Hahaha, you, sir, are my new favorite poster. I doubt my saga will live up to kickball anon or waitress guy but it would be a CMB date so who knows where I fit in!

        • Hadn’t heard of this CMB until kickball man brought it up. Tell me more.

        • justinbc

          I’m going to have to look at this CMB thing, people here seem to reference it a lot. I’m not on the market, but I find the constant new influx of dating apps or possibilities rather fascinating in terms of human relationship evolution. Do you use it exclusively, or prefer it to other outlets?

          • I use it exclusively. It is nice, because it really isn’t a dating app. You get one match a day, based on friends of friends from Facebook, and some sort of algorithm. If you like them, and they like you, it sets you up. Super simple, super easy, takes zero effort, and little time. Not overwhelming in the least.

            As opposed to dating sites, where you have to send 50 witty and focused messages to get one response. I am a big fan.

          • I agree with kyle-w – I’ve had much better success actually enjoying my dates via CMB. I was on OkCupid for a while but it was super overwhelming and (for some unknown reason) stressful. The one match a day thing is perfect for me because I don’t feel like I’m spending a lot of time online dating. I also use Hinge which does essentially the same thing but gives you 10 matches a day but I’m new to it and nothing has really come of it yet.
            I find the evolution of dating apps fascinating too – I think of CMB and Hinge as the offspring of OkCupid (time consuming with more information) and Tinder (game-like with zero information)

          • I find it interesting that these new dating platforms REQUIRE you to have a Facebook account since not everyone has one and it seems like more and more younger people are ditching it.

          • justinbc

            Whoa, one match a day, it’s like a never ending Hanukkah!

      • With one of your Doctors?

  • Rave: the dance weekend went really well! Bands were awesome, attendance was great, I had wonderful dances, the weather couldn’t have been better in the afternoons.
    Rant: even though I took yesterday off to recover, I am still exhausted, but that’s what happens when you sleep 5 or less hours a morning, only starting after 3 am for three straight days. This is the first year I have really felt old during this event.
    Rave: my coworker brought me back a Marketplace mug from Kai Ryssdal’s show last week. That was so nice and unexpected.
    Rant: my Nespresso machine isn’t frothing my milk anymore, it’s just making cafe au laits. My dishwasher isn’t using the dish soap packets, it just spits them out unused after it runs.
    Rave: I stopped at Qualia for all my morning needs and I had a delicious latte and cinnamon pecan scone. The scone was even better dipped in the froth of the latte.

    • Mine too!! How long have you had your Nespresso? I think I’m coming up on a year (or possibly over) and it’s just flat milk- no foam- every darn time!
      Same with the dishwasher. I don’t close the soap packet in the little compartment anymore and things have been working out fine until I can spring for a new one.

      • If you don’t want to replace your entire Nespresso machine, Ikea makes $4 milk frothers.

      • I have the “DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System” and I bought it in November 2012 (thank you Amazon, I never would have remembered that). I think it was last summer/early fall when I had them send me another frother compartment top because I got exasperated with the frother detaching ever so slightly mid-froth, and therefore stopping mid-froth. They had fixed the design, so it stays attached throughout frothing now. But, I think the problem might be the machine itself, it is making a much different noise now when it froths.
        If you don’t put the soap tablet in the compartment, do you just put it in the bottom of the dishwasher? This thing is brand new, so I’ll contact them, I just haven’t had time since this problem started last week.

        • That’s exactly the one I have! Also from amazon. I never had a problem with the compartment detaching, but it used to make such nice, thick froth. Now it’s literally just warm milk. I didn’t even know replacing the frothing compartment was an option so maybe I’ll try that just to see if it helps.
          Yup, I just put the tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher. Seems to work just as well. My dishwasher was never stellar so I always planned on replacing it. Just that so many other things seem to come up!

  • Rant – This weather is apparently never going to get better.
    Rave – 2 weeks until I am in sunny Las Vegas, where temps have been averaging 80 degrees. I can’t wait to NOT be cold.

  • rant: the rain
    revel: the looking glass lounge’s chicken tenders for $5 on monday nights.

    • Was not aware of this chicken tenders deal. Will have to check it out!

    • I googled “best chicken tenders” over the weekend…will be looking to fwd to checking out Looking Glasses:) Thanks for the heads up.

  • Rave: Last date volunteering at higher achievement. I enjoyed it but glad i will get my tuesday nights back. I am looking forward to possibly a new volunteer opportunity with DC government/economic devlopment (which would be much more up my alley)
    Rave: texted coffee meets bagel girl last night out of the blue just to chat, i havent done that in a while and we had really solid whitty banter back and fourth.
    Rant: She is in the middle of law finals/graduation, so it might be at least a week or two before/if we get to meet, can i keep up the momentum? or will she find another better bagel?!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Two neighbors down the street had their houses (roofs?) catch on fire last night
    Revel: prompt and plentiful response from the fire department.
    Rant: Allergies. Constant unpleasantness.
    Revel: In two weeks, I’ll be on the beach in OBX. It’s really slow at work so I’m using some of the free time to plan.
    Revel: I’m going to be an aunt again!
    Rant: Brother told his siblings via email. Lame.

  • Becks

    Rave: Working from home today in my pajamas.
    Double Rave: New kitty, Lady Carlotta and I are spending some quality time at home on a cold rainy day.
    Rant: I am very worried about my seedlings and this cold rainy weather. I have the pots up under the porch with plastic covers.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope you will send pix of Lady Carlotta for the Afternoon Animal Fix.

      • Becks

        I have become that mommy with the camera. Lady Carlotta is getting very tired of her Mommy following her around. Pictures forthcoming!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yay with the pictures! My new(ish) kitty, Donna aka Tiny Kitty, has learned to love my iphone. She licks every chance she gets which makes taking pictures difficult, but I persevere! On the other hand, if the iphone is not in my hand or near me, on the floor it goes. She cannot abide it being on the coffee table or arm of the couch. Silly Tiny Kitty!

  • Rave: date tonight at Sakuramen – we’ve only been out a couple of times, but things seem pretty good.
    Rave: getting good at networking.

    On another note, does anyone know if the pavilion at the Old Post Office is closed to visitors right now (as in today or tomorrow)?

    • Sakuramen is a pretty good place for a date.

      FYI – they don’t sell alcohol.

    • Sakuramen is my favorite ramen place (i think its better than dc noodles and tann, and even Toki)

        • ok honestly Saku>Tan>DC Noodles> Toki (toki was by far and away the most overrate bowl of soup iv ever had, it was like friend chicken in broth and the next day when i had the left overs it had solidified – GROSS)

          • Hey hey hey, that’s a bridge too far there, buddy. DC Noodles and Taan > Toki? No way, that’s crazy talk.
            Sakeramen is damn good. Toki has a more interesting menu, imo. Both have flawless execution.

          • Toki gets knocked because A) its on H street, B) its impossible to get a seat (i went monday and camped out for 30 minutes while my date was late C) the food was not that good D) its crammed as hell in there E) its just overrated. but thats just my opinion obviously

          • I was underwhelmed by Sakuramen (minus its pork, which was pretty amazing). Combining daikaya’s broth with Sakuramen’s meat=win. Haven’t been to Taan though, need to check it out.

          • justinbc

            Everyone has their own preferences I suppose. I certainly wouldn’t knock a place based on location though, I prefer to focus on the food. For me it goes:
            Toki > Taan > Ren’s > Sakuramen > Daikaya, I wouldn’t even really include DC Noodles, since it’s really not a focus there.

      • What about Daikaya?

    • I was there this weekend and they said the tower would close on May 1st so the government workers could move out. Not sure what that means for the pavilion part, good luck!

  • 1st Floor apartment rant – Lost a few hours of sleep last night due to some commotion happening outside my bedroom window. I was too tired to go outside and find out what happened, but it involved a MD driver going the wrong way down a one way street, lots of police, people taking photos of cars, people yelling, flashing lights lighting up my bedroom, loud idling fire trucks, followed by even louder idling tow trucks. Ah, city life.
    Rant – Some idiots dumped their trash into my old empty trash bin that I put out for collection marked with the “take me” stickers.
    Rant – I am so effing tired. And I have so many rants today.
    Rave – I second the rave about leaves on the trees! Everything is so green and pretty, even in the rain.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think my baby tooth is about to crumble. I’ve had so many medical bills this past year & a 1/2 I don’t want another. Also I love my baby tooth.
    Rave: rain which will wash away all the evil pollen!
    Rave: Everyone’s dating stories.

  • Rave: Had my best weekend in perhaps forever. Relaxing evening Friday. Awesome day Saturday with Nats win, Bullpen, Party later, and then Southwest.

    Rave: Had two other EXTREMELY encouraging changes in my personal life, relating to the huge change in my life from earlier this month. I am now certain I am getting a clean break, and a chance to move on with my life. VERY VERY happy about this.

    • good for you kyle, I am about to break free for better or worse this summer. Kind of excited to see how everything plays out but at the same time, scary that change could be for the better or worse!

      • Good luck to you for sure. It can be done, and you can move forward in a very positive way. Mine has turned out to be way for the better, and I haven’t felt this good about life and where I am headed in a long, LONG time. Good luck!

  • RANT: On Sunday night, a woman at T and 14th Street stood in an open street parking space so as to “save” the parking for her friend, whom she apparently was on the phone with at the time. When we attempted to park she got all indignant and apoplectic, even telling us that the person coming to park was a new mother (and this is of my concern.) Lucky for you lady I didn’t make an issue of it. Better be careful about who you wave off in this city, thinking you’re entitled to save street parking.

    • Wow. I take it they’re not from around here. I would not be at all surprised if there are people in this city who would run her right over to get the parking spot. She definitely better watch it.

    • I dunno… it was wrong of her to try to “save” the parking space, but methinks it wasn’t very nice of you to try to park there when she was “saving” it. Better to shrug it off and keep driving, looking for another space.

    • GiantSquid

      It’s not saving a space until you put a folding chair or trash bin in it. /sarcasm

    • This was just on 20/20 on Friday night. Moral of the story: if someone insists on saving the place, let them. Alternatively, if a driver insists on taking the spot, let them. A former SEAL got shot over a parking dispute!

    • I would have love to see if the “new mother” was traveling with her baby. Then she might get a free pass for parking. But, if you’re using the excuse and don’t bring the infant – don’t be surprised when your car gets egged.

    • I save parking spots for my girlfriend by parking my scooter in a street spot in front of my building near U Street. I feel a tiny bit guilty, but it’s perfectly legal (considering parking my scooter on the sidewalk is illegal).
      It’s hilarious to watch MD drivers on Friday night get pissed off when they see my scooter parked in a prime spot near the U Street nightlife area. Then my girlfriend pulls up to park her car and I drive my scooter back into my building’s parking lot *giggle*

      • You shouldn’t feel guilty. Trading a vehicle for a vehicle is — at least in my opinion — fine. Idiots standing in spaces, however, is not.

      • I think this is okay honestly. You are allowed to park your scooter there. You are not allowed to park your butt there, waiting for a friend to drive up. The fact that you are bothering mostly MD drivers makes me a bit happier about the whole situation as well 🙂

    • I once had a fight break out over a spot I was vacating. After I got in my car, a full vehicle pulled up next to me, slammed to a stop (noticing I was in my car) and they asked me if I was leaving to which I said I was, as soon as I set up my GPS. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the next thing I knew the driver started screaming expletives, zoomed to block me into the spot, and then got out to yell at a car behind her to back off. By this point, there were also a few other cars behind these two, so backing up was not an option for anyone and the street was too tight for the cars behind to drive around her.

      I debated just getting out and taking a cab or metro, but was a little concerned that her rage would result in damage to my car. It was a total mess (and completely unnecessary).

  • Rave: Big fat second interview tomorrow. Incredibly nervous, but I’m ready to kick some interview buttinski after a long year of applying and waiting.
    Rave: Rain can’t bring down this great day.

  • Rave: Promotion posted in the office I transferred away from about a year ago. Old supervisor called to tell me I was the best candidate if I want to apply.
    Rant: I like the work in my new office much more, and it is much less stressful for me. Trying to decide if the job is worth the money (GS-12 to GS-13). It’s also not looking like there is great promotion potential in my current position.

    • The promotion potential is definitely something to be concerned about, but if you like the work in the current place better, and if it’s also less stressful, I’m not sure it’s worth it to switch.
      I left a GS-12 job for a GS-13 one in another agency because I’d run out of promotion potential and I had a couple of toxic colleagues (though I really liked the work itself). The only positives about the GS-13 job were the additional $ and having my own office; the work was much less stimulating. I actually considered applying for my old job when they advertised it a few months later.

    • justinbc

      Maybe the work at the 13 level would be more stimulating than what you were previously doing there?

    • If they want you back (sounds like they do), maybe you could negotiate terms that would eliminate some of the stressers of the last position? That would be a lot easier coming back than if you were just shifting desks and roles without ever leaving.

  • Rant: Rain, rain, go away… (I also need to get an umbrella.)

    Rave: Planning my upcoming vacation in June. Woo!

  • justinbc

    Rant: UPS’ estimated delivery times. Why are these even provided when they’re so grossly inaccurate? On Friday I was supposed to receive a package between 9AM and 12:45PM. It was my day off, so no big deal being home to sign for it (new laptop, rainy day, so no option to just leave it outside). It finally arrived at 9:45PM, after an online chat that was unable to provide me any detail, and a phone call around 8PM that I was told would be there “in half an hour”. UPS’ response is that estimated times are what they try to deliver in, but they can’t guarantee it because of changes in workload. OK, I get that, but once you leave on the truck in the morning and find out your actual workload why don’t you update that time so that people can plan accordingly? I was stuck at home for 12+ hours waiting on a freaking package.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My new laptop rant: Apple texted me at 6:30 this morning (I begrudgingly get up at 7) to tell me my new laptop is being delivered today. Why does Apple hate non-morning people?

      • justinbc

        Anything that auto-texts me to update me on something, that I haven’t explicitly requested = grrrr, no thanks!

      • houseintherear

        Tell Donna congrats on her new personal heater arriving today.

        • Emmaleigh504

          She actually thinks it’s her personal toy. She doesn’t sit on it for the warmth, but to play with the keys. And the cursor oh the cursor, she adores it!
          She has a heating pad for warmth that she never uses. I guess she’s too young to have aching joints. Elderly Ashlee adored the heated mat when she was still living.

          • houseintherear

            hehe she sounds so delightful. I like to wrap my Mugs up in a heating pad burrito and watch him pass out unwillingly from the comfort.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Donna rocks b/c if she tries to get on my computer or where ever, I can just smoosh her down next to me and she cuddles up. I can pick her up with her taking my skin off (Ashlee!) and if I want to cuddle I just smoosh her where I want her and she cuddles. When she gets mad she may nip (not bite) but then she licks me to make sure I don’t get angry with her. She’s an awesomely sweet cat. And so little for a grown cat! She’s teenager sized 🙂
            BTW my sister has a cat whose nickname is Mugs. I also have a late cousin who was called Mugs 🙂

    • epric002

      i second your rant. and if i’m paying for the premium service, why can’t i select a delivery timeframe after 5:00 or on a weekend? annoying.

      • justinbc

        It probably wouldn’t bother me so much if they hadn’t provided an estimated time at all…or that they claim to be the masters of “logistics”. Yet they can’t figure out how to provide customers a way to see where they are in the queue of deliveries?

        • epric002

          yup. and i’m annoyed b/c i am trying to do a wine club sort of thing which of course requires a 21+ signature. and UPS regularly delivers my packages after 5:00, or on the weekends, so why in the hell can’t i specifically request that for the wine deliveries!?

          • justinbc

            Oh god, getting booze shipped is the worst. I gave up and just started having wineries ship the stuff to my local wine shop and I would pick it up from there. I buy enough regularly from them that they don’t have a problem with it.

          • epric002

            it really is. how come getting prescription drugs mailed to me is as easy as pie, but wine is such a PITA?! there has got to be an easier way to do this.

          • So entitled it is astonishing.

          • I have no clue how this is entitled, to say that if UPS routinely delivers after 5pm and outside of the window, that you can’t specifically request a post 5pm delivery.

          • Ditto what Kyle-W said.
            Seems like accusations of people acting “entitled” get bandied about in excess on here.

          • saf

            Last time i had wine shipped, FedEx left it on the porch – didn’t even ring the bell. And yes, it had that BIG BRIGHT sticker on it saying it needed an adult signature.

          • epric002

            ok anon @ 1:37. i’ll take your bait. tell me how it’s astonishingly entitled of me to want to be able to request a delivery window after 5:00 pm, or on a weekend, when UPS regularly delivers during those time periods, AND i’m paying for their premium “my choice” delivery service specifically so that i can choose my delivery dates/times?

  • skj84

    Rant: I left my phone at home. At least I hope it’s at home. I swear I put it in my pocket before I left this morning.

    Rave: Really enjoying the relationship stories on this thread! Seriously it’s the best entertainment i’ve read this week.

  • Rant: Went from being completely sedentary and eating junk 90% of the time, to working out regularly (bootcamp 5x a week, extra walking) and eating healthfully 90% of the time and have seen no change in weight, inches or body fat in 3 months. Getting super discouraged. I had been in really good shape and fell off the wagon for about a year and I can’t seem to get back. Any tips?

    Rave: Vacation next week in Dallas. I’ve never been. Anyone have any suggestions for things to see/do while I’m in town?

    • Tips? Yea – keep at it!!!

    • justinbc

      That’s a pretty drastic shift to continue for 3 months with no changes … do you at least feel better physically, even if it’s not coming through in metrics? Is your speed / endurance / etc increasing?

    • Yes, keep at it and also keep track of your food and calories burned. There are a ton of apps and online programs you can use which are also free. When tracking your food, overestimate calories and when tracking exercise, underestimate calories burned.

    • I’d start keeping track of the calories. Even if they are “healthy” calories, they can add up. When you work out hard, there is sometimes a tendency to justify eating larger meals or snacks. That’s why my philosophy has changed from “run more, eat less” to “eat less” when it comes to weight loss/working out. Good luck- I’m in the same struggle! I’ve got 5-10 pounds that refuse to leave. My body seems programmed to stay at about 10 pounds over what I want it to.

      • I second this. Unfortunately, one thing I have learned from losing weight and maintaining it for years is that healthy eating has nothing to do with weight loss. I see my friends and family members trying to lose weight by eating big healthy salads with avocado and egg on them, or a turkey burger instead of a regular burger, and I know that if their only goal is losing weight they’d be better off just eating way smaller portions of the crap food rather than big, ‘normal’ portions of healthy food. Not that I’d ever recommend this! But healthy eating is TOTALLY different than eating to lose weight, which is all about eating less calories. Finding a balance is rough, I definitely land more on the ‘eat small amounts of junk food’ camp but that is out of sheer laziness and a weakness for salt. Working out also makes it harder to lose weight because it is very hard to settle for a few ounces of chicken and some broccoli for dinner after sweating for an hour. But working out and eating healthy are good for you no matter what your size- good luck!

      • I always crush up dried habaneros in my post-workout meals to give me a metabolism spike which might compensate for eating more than usual. I also try to eat things like hearty salads (turkey breast, tuna, avocado, etc.) rather than carb loaded meals that tempt you to eat until you’re super full. I also drink a glass of water with [fresh] lemon juice in it before eating to help digestion of a larger meal, and the vitamin supposedly helps to metabolize fat.

    • The important this is how do you feel? More energy? Better sleep? No change?

    • I do feel better. I am definitely more capable physically so I know I must be doing something positive. I had a similar routine before I fell off the wagon and gained about 12 lbs that I cannot get back off. Prior to that I had no problem maintaining and had a good body fat percentage, so I thought reinstituting all the good habits would get me back there but my body just seems really resistant this go round. I’ve tried using a diet previously given to me by a nutritionist (well rounded 1250-1350 cals), low carb, even nutrisystem for the last 2 weeks and nothing. I don’t expect overnight results given how bad I had been, but I thought I would lose maybe a pound a week or at least see a change in body fat percentage at this point. I feel like my body is in rebellion.

      • justinbc

        If you don’t mind answering, how old are you? It can become significantly harder to see changes in actual weight past 50, but you should definitely still notice a difference in physical performance and feeling (which it sounds like you are).

      • Is it possible that you are already at an objectively good weight for your height and body structure? I’m not trying to be discouraging — but eating under 1500 calories is pretty low for most people, and it sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of things that have made you feel and function better. I’m wondering if your body fat and weight aren’t changing because they’re already quite good.

        • epric002

          +1 if you’re doing everything “right” and still can’t lose (or gain) the weight, it’s often that your body has decided that it is at the appropriate weight, vanity be damned.

          • I’m 27. It’s not entirely vanity.The body fat percentage is in a borderline range and I really just want to get that back in the more healthy range, closer to what it was. Losing what I put on would also put me securely in the health range for BMI too. I am admittedly carrying more than I should for my frame right now and I can feel it in my workouts. I had maintained my prior weight for several years so I thought it wouldn’t be so hard to take the more recent weight off since it was due to bad habits I’ve since stopped. I know I am making gains in endurance and strength, but I feel so far from where I was a little over a year ago and it makes me uncomfortable.

          • Sometimes when you cut back too harshly on calories your metabolism shifts and losing weight becomes very difficult. 1300 sounds low for maintaining a 5x/week bootcamp activity level, for example.

      • Hang in there! Even if fat loss is your primary goal, maybe set some secondary performance/non-weight-based goals to help you stay motivated with your exercise. Performing a full-blown push up (or 10/20/30 depending on your current fitness level), running a 9-minute (or 8/7/you get the idea) mile, holding a plank for a solid minute… any of these could help you keep your eyes on the prize before the scale starts moving.

        As for the nutrition side, it’s about getting the right number of calories to support my activity level– not too many, obviously, but also not too few! This is my favorite calorie calculator: http://www.health-calc.com/diet/energy-expenditure-advanced

        Balance of nutrients is also important, of course– I try to focus on getting enough protein, vegetables and healthy fats instead of on cutting carbs… it helps to accentuate the positive!

    • Dallas native here! Check out the Perot Museum of Science–opened a few years ago and is one of the top attractions in the city. Go for a walk around White Rock Lake or down the Katy Trail. Eat your weight in Tex-Mex (my favorite is Blue Goose on Lower Greenville) and BBQ (Pecan Lodge at the Farmers Market is great, as is Lockhart Smokehouse). Any restaurant in Bishop Arts won’t steer you wrong (Boulevardier is fantastic for a nice dinner). You’ll be there in height of lovely spring weather, so try to be outside/eat on patios as much as possible. Enjoy my hometown!

  • Rant: I typically work as a substitute teacher, but I landed a contract for some office work. I’m really struggling to sit at a desk, staring at a screen and numbers all day (even though the project itself isn’t too difficult).

    Rave: I’m getting paid well to do this!

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I just got all three seasons of Happy Endings on dvd.
    Rant: Teaching 3rd graders to sew this week, and realizing that 90% of them don’t know how to tie a knot. SERIOUSLY?!!!! Get it together, parents.
    Rave: I get to teach kids to sew all week. Love my job (usually).
    Rant: Rainy weather truly does make me extremely tired. It’s a weird physical reaction- no matter how much energy I have or how much I want to meet the day head-on, I feel like I could drop into a deep sleep at all times when it’s raining. Also, commuting via car in the rain, because people are terrible.

    • Happy Endings! Is the Season 3 DVD really a DVD-R like the Amazon reviews state? The reviews for the disc quality are so terrible that I was considering buying a digital version.

  • skj84

    Second your Happy Endings Rave! I loved that show. It resonated with me and I was so bummed that it got cancelled. Same with Don’t Trust the B.

  • Anyone know the status of Dacha’s new venue? Their current location is absolutely rammed pack on the weekends and the Uber’s are dropping off car loads of bros and biddies.
    I just want a nice place to have a quiet conversation and enjoy a beer outside. So many people SHOUTING this last weekend :-/

    • Why would anyone expect a beer garden to be quiet? I mean it’s a place with communal picnic tables. The whole idea is go with a crowd and socliaze. I have gone by myself, but I would never expect a place like that to be quiet. Especially on a nice day.

      • There is a difference between quiet and needing to shout to have a conversation. Socializing is in fact, about having conversations!

        • Sure – there are many places to socialize without having to shout. This isn’t one of them.

        • Exactly. I’m fine with it being lively, but it is now obnoxiously loud and crazy crowded on the weekends. Everyone is shouting over each other, there’s a scrum for seats/tables, etc.
          I started going to Dacha the first week it opened and even had my birthday there last September. It was a great time – busy but also subdued enough to bring kids and dogs, enjoy a relaxing beer and conversation, etc.
          Hopefully their new location opens soon and we get a few months of peace before the crowds arrive.

    • justinbc

      “I just want a nice place to have a quiet conversation and enjoy a beer outside.”
      There are dozens of places where you can do this, they’re just not named Dacha. Go check out the patio at Cafe St. Ex, it’s usually pretty quiet, with a decent beer selection.

    • I know! Happy that they’re doing well, but I really miss the vibe that was there last fall when they opened…

      • I feel the same way – glad a small business really took off and that’s they’re making (tons of) money, but also miss the neighborhood feel of the place that existed when they first opened. Hopefully their new location will have that calm, neighborhood vibe when they open.

  • Rant: Moving companies and moving in general. Does anyone have affordable and reliable moving company recommendations? We are moving 0.2 miles from a 1BR to a 1BR– I’m hoping it will not take more than 2 hours as we are selling a lot of furniture before the move. At this point we may suck it up and rent a truck.
    Rave: Free exercise classes at Yards Park in Navy Yard! I’m really excited to try them once the rain stops this week.

    • epric002

      brown’s movers: brownmove at comcast dot net i’ve used them 3 times for local moves. very nice guys, and reasonable prices.

    • justinbc

      I used My Truck Buddy for 3 or 4 separate moves in DC and have had excellent experiences with them each time.

    • I used Bookstore Movers in Dec. 2012 and was very pleased with them.

      • One more vote for Bookstore Movers! I used them last November, and they were wonderful! They were prompt, courteous, efficient, helpful —- and made a stressful experience as easy as it could possibly be.

      • agreed on bookstore! they showed up early (last time my mover’s didn’t show at all). there may be a 3 hour minimum.

    • I used Gulliver’s movers about three years ago. They came in well under time (and therefore under budget) and did a great job. They also packed me for not very much. Even though I reserved parking in front of my new place, someone parked at the end of the reserved spot and I thought they wouldn’t be able to get in. I was really impressed that they were able to park in the spot with only about an inch left in the front and maybe two inches in the back. I highly recommend them

    • Thank you so much for all of the suggestions! I have submitted requests to all of your recommendations. It really helps to hear about your experiences since Yelp is all over the map.

    • Just don’t use Peach Moving. I have never felt so ripped off and scammed.

    • I did a small (1 br), short distance move a while back. The quotes I got seemed more geared toward full house moves. I ended up just renting a U Haul and hiring 2 movers through U Haul (I forget the name of the service, but if you go through the U Haul site it will give you the option to rent labor). It saves a good amount of money if you are willing to do the driving and have your own packing materials.

  • Try unpakt.com it is like the kayak.com of moving companies…we used them for a recent move from adams morgan to columbia heights and it was about $375 for a 1 bedroom apartment (but with a lot of stuff), we ended up going with bookstore movers and they were done in under 4 hours. Loading the truck up took the most time.

  • Rant: Most things in my life are going well except for job/money, which has become overwhelming. And it’s kicked my depression into overdrive. I’ve had to stop seeing a therapist due to lack of money and quite frankly, have thought about ending it just to not be a burden. I know this is very irrational but I can’t help feeling this way.

    • Your friends and neighbors would find life without you to be more of a burden. Is it a current job or are you looking for work?

      There are a lot of great resources out there to help you cope with the ridiculous (and sometimes absurdly funny pressures) of industrialized society.

    • I posted a longer reply, but it apparently didn’t take. I hope you feel better. There are a lot of resources available for folks suffering through depression. Talk to your friends and family about this. Depression sucks and it’s embarrassing, but your friends and family care about you and can help you through this.

    • I obviously don’t know your situation — but the combination of depression and stress suggests that you could use some support. Would your therapist be willing to see you on an emergency basis — and possibly negotiate a lower fee or discuss referral options? Do you have access to an Employee Assistance Plan that can provide short term mental health support which is usually free, and not connected with health insurance benefits? Can you explore medication options, and other treatment options with your primary care provider? Can you talk about your concerns with a friend or family member who might be able to help in specific ways? (i.e. talking with your health insurance provider re options). I apologize for inundating you with questions, and more things to do. I hope that things get better for you!

    • If you’re a member of a church or some form of religious group, check to see if counseling is offered. They should be extremely willing to work with you regarding payment options. The churches I know who offer it state that they don’t want the cost to prevent you from seeking assistance.

  • Revel or rant or question: while sitting in my work cafeteria, eating I noticed that most of my fellow cafeteria denizens were white men in their 40s and 50s eating alone, with a forlorn, resigned expressions fixed on their doughy faces. I figured that the Germans must have a word for this sort of resignation.
    Revel: while wondering whether the Germans have a word for that mid-life malaise, Kiss by Prince came on.
    Rant: a dance party did not erupt.
    Revel: Looking forward to crashing someone’s date at Sakuramen tonight.

    • I read somewhere recently (GovExec?) that it was the Germans who essentially came up with the cubicle and open office format in the 1950s in order to create a more efficient workplace. Ironically, that design is also responsible for higher levels of cortisol among cubicle inhabitants as compared with those with individual offices, distractions at work, and a general dissatisfaction with the workplace. Now, I’m reading today on GovExec that humans’ brains function much better with access to natural light, plants, etc… I think plugging away year after year in Cubicleville takes its toll on folks, and maybe that is what you’re seeing in that cafeteria. In the article I read today, one person was quoted as saying it is ironic that we are concerned about keeping gorillas in concrete zoos without ready access to greenery, but that is exactly what we do to ourselves in our offices! Solution: shorter and more flexible work days. The Germans, by the way, are a people prone to walking outdoors (volksmarch). Even if they came up with the cubicle, they were on to something with long walks. Contact with nature improves thinking.

    • Beau, I love the idea of a whole bunch of forlorn middle-aged office workers suddenly getting up when Prince’s “Kiss” comes on and engaging in a choreographed dance routine. 🙂

  • Rave: 11 week scan today. Heard heartbeat for the first time and baby waved at us!!!
    Rant: Rain makes me so tired. I wish I was at home!

    • Awesome rave, LM- congratulations!

    • Hearing the heartbeat is the coolest thing!!! For me it’s what made it real, it also made my husband cry. Congrats to you and the little beating heart in your belly 🙂

  • Rant: PoP appears all weird at my new job. No photos, strange formatting. It’s fine when I go into the comments, but the main pages are all messed up.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      it’s the same for me at work. Also DCist. It’s the “nanny” software that filters what you can and cannot see. I used to be able to see some pix but now mostly not. If I go in thru a perma link it looks fine.

  • RAVE: Sterling is banned from the Clippers organization!!!

    • justinbc

      I saw that. Going to be interesting to see how they actually enforce it.

    • Ahh, this whole thing is such a mess. I don’t want Sterling forced to sell the team, because then he gets to pocket what will likely be around $700 million (or more). This article is fantastic on NBA team ownership: http://grantland.com/features/the-worlds-most-exclusive-club/

      To me, the best solution would be for his wife to own/operate the team with every purchase offer vetoed by other league owners until Donald Sterling dies. It won’t be too long, right? The man is 81. Sure, this is mean of me, but I don’t want him profiting from the sale of this team.

      • I too want to impact as much hurt as possible on Sterling (yea, I don’t care). He already has more money than he knows what to do with; Sterling seems to relish the glitz and glamor of being an NBA owner. Taking away whatever feigned celebrity status that he commands would do more to hurt his ego than withholding potential profits from selling the team. (Thanks for the article – I think it backs the “celebrity ego” point.)

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