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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Got to go to bravo bar this weekend. Love that place, our neighborhood needed a good bar so bad, and it really fits the bill. The price is right and the food is decent. Its quickly becoming my regular haunt.
    Rant: monday. It came way too fast this week.

    • Side note: When is the unofficial Popville HH?

      • I think there is one this wednesday at acre 121 or whatever it is called. Is there going to be one at bravo bar?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Starts at 6.

          • Have we decided a time frame? I am going to plan on coming after Caps select-a-seat, and probably dinner after with the Rents. Excited to put some names to faces. If I don’t make it until closer to 9:00, people still going to be there?

          • justinbc

            We’ll probably stay until about 9, at which point I can’t really put off going to get food somewhere else any longer.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I usually stay until everyone leaves, and I plan to eat before at another HH.

          • I’m planning to come, but it will depend on whether there’s a Flyers/Rangers Game 7 on Wednesday. But I always post anonymously, so it might be strange that I know who all of you are, but you don’t know who I am. Oh well, I have a couple of PoP shirt posts I can point to… 🙂

  • As a resident of the west end of H Street, incredibly excited to see the neighborhood start to fill in. First the announcement of a new restaurant replacing TruOrleans, now a new Lebanese grill will be hitting the block. Hummus, kabobs and grape leaves…get in my belly!

  • Rant: There is a rat in my house.
    Rant: I can smell it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Dead or alive? If it’s alive, you might as well burn the house down.

      • Oh, it’s alive alright. Any other suggestions? Adcocks is coming this afternoon…

        • I had a nest of rats in my house earlier this year. Chances are, if you’ve seen one, there are several more. You have to find the entry point, seal it off and then kill all remaining rats. I used traps baited with peanut butter. You must keep them baited at all times and place them along the walls where they traverse. You could also use rat poison. It’s extremely effective but you will probably smell the dead rats in your walls and floorboards once they die.

          • Dead rats in walls is totally unacceptable. Even one mouse, which weighs a fraction of what a rat weighs, stinks up the house for a day or two. I would think that a dead rat, much less multiple dead rats, would make the place uninhabitable for a week or two.

        • Emmaleigh504

          A rat terrier. I’d move. I can’t deal with rats.

        • Ratzapper – clean effective electric-shock death chamber. Google it.

  • Rave: I went to the PG County educators job fair and walked out with a letter of interest that I can turn into a contract if I decide I want to work for them. I had been freaking out about next year, as I had been struggling with interviews and cannot substitute for another year.

    Rant: My landlord had decided to gut and renovate the house I’m currently living in. I’m really sad because we have amazingly low rent in a neighborhood I love.

    Rave: Now that I know I’ll be teaching somewhere next year, I can afford the increased rent that will go along with the house post-renovation and stay here!

    ?: I had a cookout at my house and bought way way too much meat at Costco. I’ll be eating burgers and hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few months.

    • your going to stay there through a gutting? that doesn’t seem ideal.

      • I wish I could. I’m going to find a sublet or short term lease for a few months then come back. Starting through a gutting certainly wouldn’t be ideal, but it would be better than moving twice. I think?

        • i think i’d rathe rmove to a furnished place maybe? just take a suitcase. 🙂 you prob don’t get that option, but that’d be the ideal for me!

        • What does “gut” mean to you, with regard to a house renovation? To me, it means that EVERYTHING is gone but the walls. No bathrooms, no kitchen, water & electric turned off, floors torn up, etc etc. There is no possibility of staying in a place that is being “gutted”.

          • Walls are often gone, too!

          • Walls are gone. If you are taking everything else, easiest just to take walls too 🙂 Plumbing, electrical etc is much easier to do if you take the walls.

            Plumbers are expensive, dry wall guys, not so much.

    • I (sort of) did the same thing with ribs. I bought a pack of St. Louis style ribs from Costco Saturday. There were three racks in the pack. I barbecued them all and only ate a few ribs. I’ll be eating leftover ribs all week long.

    • How much more will your landlord ask for after the renovation? What percentage increase?
      Also, you should find out the reasons for the renovation. If it’s because the building is not up to code, you can re-rent for the same price. If the landlord just wants to renovate, he can raise the rent (however, if he’s covered by Rent Control he can only raise the rent by a certain amount). It’s worth figuring this out, as you have a good deal and you won’t be able to find anything similarly priced in the neighborhood.
      “Unsafe Renovations: Your landlord must give you at least 120 days notice if your landlord wants to make renovations to your apartment or building that cannot be done safely while you are living there. The landlord must notify the tenants of the renovations that will occur, and the plans for the renovations and an explanation of why renovations cannot occur while the unit is occupied must be on file with RACD and the Chief Tenant Advocate. A tenant also has 21 days following the notice to send comments to the Rent Administrator and the Chief Tenant Advocate on the impact of the eviction. The landlord plans and tenant comments must be reviewed will be reviewed by RACD, and the plans must be approved in writing by the RACD before any evictions occur. If approved, the renovations must begin no more than 120 days after you have vacated your unit, or the Rent Administrator may rescind the approval. Once the renovations are complete, you have the absolute right to return to your old apartment and must receive a notice from the landlord that your unit is available for you to reoccupy no more than 5 days following the end of the renovations. If the renovations were done to comply with housing regulations, you have the right to re-rent at the same price and under the same obligations that were in effect when you were evicted.”
      “Substantial Rehabilitation: Your landlord must give you at least 120 days notice if the landlord wants to substantially rehabilitate your apartment. Before eviction the rehabilitation must be approved in writing by the RACD. When the renovations are complete, you have the absolute right to immediately return to your old apartment; however, the landlord may increase the rent. (See section on Rent Control.)”

  • rant: depression has really been effing up my life. now it’s taking a HUGE toll on my career and leadership is starting to step in because they are worried about me. i’m seeing a therapist and on meds but can’t get my act together. having a really rough time of it and increasingly concerned about my job, which just sends me into another spiral.
    rave: leadership that cares enough to step in and help.

    • You have self awareness, gratitude and a fighting spirit. Very admirable. Good luck.

    • Hey, I just wanted to say I’ve been there. You’re doing all the right things with therapy and meds. And it’s great that you have the support of your leadership. I can’t say the same about my last job. If you need someone to rant to or vent to let me know.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m glad you are getting help! Remember that sometimes it takes some time and different medicine cocktails to get better. I’m rooting for you!

    • another person rooting for you!

    • Add me! Totally been there. You can get through this. You’re already well on your way.

    • Hang in there. Taking meds and going to a therapist are the right things to do at this point. It may take a little while for it to work. At least your job seems to be sympathetic which is good. Sending well wishes to you.

      • OP here– they might be sympathetic but i’m fairly certain i am going to face some disciplinary action unless they feel sorry for me.
        thanks for all the well wishes though, it’s amazing to hear people who have been through this and are sending me good vibes.

    • I’m in a similar situation, however, I was able to seek treatment before it started to seriously impact my work. I think I caught it in the nick of time, but it really does suck. I had taken one sick day because I couldn’t get out of bed, and was coming late/leaving early. So I started meds (again, been off since 2010) last week and hope to feel better in the next few weeks. Not to mention the toll on my social life, and waist line (I’m an emotional eater and have been feeding my depression).

      • I’ve been having a really hard time finding a therapist that’s a good fit. For the people who’ve been in therapy, how’d you find your therapist?

        • GP has therapists in the practice, so they set me up with one. It really made it easy since I was in no place mentally to be finding a therapist and they can talk to one another about meds etc (I gave them permission). I lucked out and really like the first one I saw. I know it can be tough to find a good therapist b/c I’ve had some really crappy ones in the past.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Too many to list (it is Monday after all).
    Rave: Cinco de Rhino is coming up and I’m making rhino shaped cookies for the office. Then I’m forcing Rhino Facts on them 🙂 I may make little pamphlets or a sign or something to go with the cookies, I haven’t decided.
    Rave: I have gingerbread mix so the Sumatran rhino cookie can have the correct color! (thanks super fabulous girl cousin!) I will not be putting grey icing on the other variety of rhino cookies b/c that would be gross, I’ll just write their names in icing.
    Rave: I’ve never been so excited to bake in my life!

    • What the heck…? There are offices having rhino themed parties and we only get assorted desserts at Christmas?

      • Emmaleigh504

        You can have your own Cinco de Rhino celebration! It’s a world wide event to help raise awareness of rhino poaching. According to experts if poaching keeps going at the pace it’s at rhinos will be extinct by 2020.

        • dcgator

          I’m somewhat new, so I’m not up to speed. Is there a story behind the rhino obsession?

          • Emmaleigh504

            They are pretty pretty animals!
            The obsession started high school. I’ll share the not very exciting but maybe cute story at the HH 🙂

  • Rant: Kingman Island Bluegrass fest has always been my favorite. This year it was a complete shit show. Do not say “10$ suggested donation” and then make people wait in line….to pay 10$. I was going to pay anyway, but let’s be serious- sell tickets or don’t sell tickets. Last year I gave a lovely woman 10 bucks, walked in (no line), no problem.
    Rave: It was awesome. No rain! Lots of bluegrass. Absolutely lovely.

    • What was up with that line? It was cash only and there’s no math or complicated changemaking. Why on earth did it take 40 minutes to get in? And why didn’t anyone think to stop selling beer tickets there when there were a bunch of tables inside that could do that? I also thought they didn’t do a very good job controlling or directing traffic flow (“hey! let’s install the port-a-potties at the narrowest part of this path!”).
      But otherwise it was a great festival. I had no idea there was so much bluegrass and old timey music being played in the bars around town. I need to get out more!

    • +1 I can’t believe how crowded it was. I almost had to swim across the river with my dog to make my way out.

    • I am pretty sure that if they only sold tickets online before the event only that it would have avoided the lines, no beer, no cups etc. It just makes sense to me logsitically that you want to know how many people are coming and plan for that number of people. These folks bout 36 cases of warm bud light when they ran out of beer.

      Having said that, great weather, great music, great place!

      • I think having tickets available at the door is appropriate, but maybe they should have pushed online early tickets better to have fewer people waiting to pay. But given the lack of organization at the entrance, I don’t think that would actually have sped things up.
        Anyone know what the attendance was? The mc at one point said they’d expected 10k and the crowd was much bigger, but am wondering how much bigger it was.

      • I arrived around 2 PM and the lines to get in were huge. I walked to the front and asked a volunteer what the line was for and which one I needed to wait in, and was told it was for people who had prepaid to get the beer tickets that came with ticket. if you hadn’t prepaid and wanted to make a donation (like me), then I was told that I could just head in. So, I handed a volunteer a $20 donation and in we went.

        Great day. I did hear that people who arrived after 3 PM or so were not allowed in given how crowded it was.

        • I got there around the same time, and did the same thing. You found the only volunteer who knew what was going on then, because the 4 or 5 I talked to (including uniformed security IN the tent) said we had to wait in that line just to get in.

        • I didn’t mind waiting in the line too much, but hearing this really pisses me off. On the website, they strongly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance to avoid the lines! Still had a great time and even made some new friends in line, but still, I really hope they get it together next year.

          • We went late in the day and were totally confused about the “donation” policy. And the fact that by 4pm they were not letting anyone else in due to the crowds unless they were pre-registered (which I think means bought a ticket). Agree with PPs either sell tickets or don’t but you can’t force people to stand in line for tickets. Or oversell it etc.. Maybe they need to make it a longer day with mornng session (those of with young kids would love that option!) or make it a two day festival.

        • After waiting for 45 minutes in line and was literally at the table where they were taking cash, they cut me off from going in and said the park was already at capacity.

    • +1, the line was a total mess. I arrived around that same time, went to a line on the side and got in, but some friends who arrived before me were stuck in the line forever. By the time they got to the front they were only allowing pre-registered in, so they ended up sneaking in one person (he didn’t want to drink so no need for beer tickets).
      The demand is obviously there, they should just charge admission and limit the ticket sales to control crowds and beer. I ended up having a nice time at the event, but the line and crowds were overwhelming. Totally harshed my mellow at first.

      • If this is the size of crowd they expect to get in the future, I think Kingman Island is not the right venue. It would be a great place for a smaller festival (<7-8K), but for this many people it is not good space. And it doesn't look like they'd have anywhere to expand here. I hope the festival continues, it was good time once we got in, but I hope they're looking for other (metro accessible) locations.

  • justinbc

    Random: Pretty sure a coworker of mine is “buying” a bride from Vietnam. I heard him half-jokingly talk about it a few weeks ago, then last week ask me about travel tips for there, and this morning wiring money there. Not really a rave or rant either way, but definitely entertaining to watch it go down.
    Rave: The Nest was as easy to setup as folks here mentioned. Haven’t had a chance to play around with the scheduling features yet, but so far I’m a fan.
    Rant: Friend and fellow longtime Yelp as well as other associated DC area food blog contributor Kelly Green passed away last week. Still not sure why, as the obit was pretty brief. Hoping it wasn’t suicide, she was very young (45 I think).

    • My brother-in-law buys brides from Eastern Europe. They never work out. It’s kind of entertaining but also kind of sad.

    • They’re in love! Not everyone has a kickball team to farm potential mates.

    • Wiring money overseas? Sounds like a scam to be – he might as well count the money as gone.

      • Lol, well that’s assuming Justin’s right about him “buying” a bride in Vietnam. The only person who knows the exact circumstances is him.

      • Seriously. This guy sounds like a sad sucker. Even if he does get a “bride” out of this, she will be gone as soon as she has a green card and clears out his bank account. Why would anyone willingly marry someone who doesn’t love them?!? Does not compute.

        • Not that this is the case with OP’s coworker but some people are so desparate to be with someone, they don’t care if they love them or not. They just want to be coupled up and not alone.

          • justinbc

            Yeah, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of it. It takes a few years to get a green card, right? So that’s a couple decent years (hopefully) of something.

          • Spouse can get a green card very quickly. It is provisional for 3 years though, so if they split before then, bye bye green card. So I guess the guy can look forward to 3 years at least.

        • Some people are lonely and don’t think that they can get anyone they love. They’ll just settle for anyone to avoid being alone.

        • Or they think they can buy someone’s love. They may forget that these women are people with their own motivations, not robots programmed to “love” them and do whatever they say.

          • Could be a win-win. Lonely coworker gets companion and likely “traditional” woman he is seeking ( ie she will wait on him hand and foot) and she gets a chance to a “better” life as opposed to working in a factory or brothel etc…During most of history people got married for these reasons alone. Not saying its right or wrong but they actually could end up happy since they know what they are both really after.

          • Yes, that’s the fantasy that the bride-sellers are promoting– a sweet submissive woman getting a better life and being happy waiting on her husband. I don’t think said traditional women are actually the ones signing up for being sold to wealthy americans.

    • My sister’s father-in-law bought a Russian bride about 15 years ago, after his kids were grown and his wife had left him. Within days of the wedding, her toddler and parents arrived (never been clear on how they got papers that fast), and this mousy little accountant man has lived in the midst of a drinky shouty Russian family ever since. I’ve never met the woman (or any of her family). She didn’t come to the wedding; claimed she had to take care of her sick mother, which is apparently what she says any time her husband asks her to do ANYTHING. The mother plays along, and falls ill on command.

    • Smilla

      Check out the Kindle single Odessa Dreams by Shaun Walker — a fascinating look at the mail-order bride industry in the Ukraine. Walker is the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, and he spent a week interviewing men (mostly Americans) who visit Odessa to find a bride and the prospective brides. Almost all of the men are older conservatives, who want to find a woman with “traditional” values and who complain that American women are too materialistic. It’s hilarious to see how they get scammed time and time again by these 20-something Ukrainians who are just in it for the money.

      If you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow the book for free. It’s only about 65 pages long. Highly entertaining in a schadenfreude kind of way.

  • Random question:

    Anyone else notice the new police sirens, that sound more European than the standard American police siren? Are these new sounds just for new police cars, special police cars?

    • i noticed these when I moved here 3 years ago, or I thought I did. Maybe they aren’t new or maybe I was overwhelmed by the big city and imagining it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I noticed when I moved here 7 ish years ago the cops in my hood have several different sirens to choose from and seem to like to play with them. So annoying.

    • I know what you mean, taycar. I heard it a few days ago too. All the other sirens have been the standard ones, but just once, I heard the european beee-booo-beee-booo one. It was an ambulance using it.

      • Yeah, when I hear that sound it’s always an ambulance. I think they use it at night because it’s less loud/annoying than the typical American ambulance noise?

  • Rant: Concerned about the expected rain over the next few days. Just finished our garden using galvanized steel stock tanks as planters this wknd, and am concerned about the poor seedlings drowning. Any tips for a novice gardener?

    • justinbc

      Build a plastic tent (like a dome / shell) over your seeds with run-off spouts. It’s pretty cheap and very easy to do.

    • Do the containers have good drainage? Is it possible to place a pice of wood (or something similar) over the top to keep the rain out?

    • There’s decent drainage (the tanks are 2 feet deep), but I’m worried about the water draining too slowly. I think I’ll drape a tarp over the tanks tonight. Thanks!

  • Rant: So i did not end up seeing the girl from kickball at my brothers birthday party this weekend, probably for the better and after speaking to him and some of his friends (who know her very well from college, i got the vibe that there is some sort of red flag). Therefore I have decided that this girl is not my next gf but if we get drunk at kickball again, sure id go for it.
    Rave: On a better note a girl from coffee meets bagle has been messaging me and asked to exchange numbers, seems like she is a busy law student but i can tell she would be fun to go out by some of the verbage she uses, i think we would get along
    Rave: Wizards

    • Nice, new character enters the scene while kickball girl remains in play. The kids these days, they don’t appreciate a good serial like this anymore.

    • This really is amateur league. May god have mercy on you (and any of these poor women).

      • Kinda harsh. I think this is building to something. He’s gonna have a date with coffee bagel woman and then kickball woman is going to come into the bar and say hi and everything is going to go haywire and make for a great rant, rave, and revel the following morning.

        • Will make for a great morning as we read the recap!

        • To be fair, look at these ridiculous comments and his hamhanded approach to dating:
          “probably for the better and after speaking to him and some of his friends (who know her very well from college, i got the vibe that there is some sort of red flag)”
          This indicates a unwillingness to put in any work to get to know her as an individual. He’s making judgments based on some superficial comments and even admits that he doesn’t know the whole story about this woman’s “red flags.” Really? REALLY?

          “Therefore I have decided that this girl is not my next gf ”
          Um, this is insanely presumptuous. It’s like he’s entitled to make this decision about her life. Where’s her agency?
          “i can tell she would be fun to go out by some of the verbage she uses”
          Wut? LOL. Sound like he’s setting himself up for disappoint if that’s what he’s basing his expectations on, rather than their common interests or views on life. Access to a thesaurus =/= an interesting person.

          • I think he’ll get what he deserves.

          • Seriously. And maybe he should reconsider his “I don’t want to date her but I will drunkenly make out with her” stance (at least I *hope* that’s what “go for it” means) depending on what her “red flags” are.

      • omg right? i’m praying this guy is a 14 year old troll.

        • “omg right?” Oh, the irony is killing me- just killing me.


          • I think you all are over analyzing and probably mis-interpreting text into something its not. I am interested in the girl, but i am not going to make the first move…sorry – why doesnt she? I am no worse then her.

          • @anon 12:04 pm. You are being a little harsh. I kissed this girl at kickball and I am a hopeless romantic (thats what i call it) not every kiss leads to more, but in my head for a week after i was interested and actually thought there might be a chance for some long term potential. However, when she did not come the following week to kickball (my plan to wait to ask for her number back fired) that is the universe telling me not to pursue! Obviously i am not holding a grudge i had a great time with her and am open to whatever happens but i think we can all close the chapter on this one and move along.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But wasn’t she a no show b/c of a sprained ankle? Seems harsh to decide to close the chapter because of that. Things happen, it doesn’t mean the Universe is trying to say something. I say keep the chapter open until you talk to her again.

          • @emilie no i am not sure why she wasnt there, was not due to a sprained ankle to the best of my knowledge. I think we are getting caught up semantics – what i mean is that i was very interested the first week (in hind sight maybe should have just asked her out via email), that week goes by then i dont see her again on thursday, not this weekend. Its been two weeks since the first kiss and nothing. At that point that kiss isnt not as memorable as it was before and for better or worse nothing has come of it. I am still reading the book but that chapter seems to be on its last page

          • Emmaleigh504

            As long as the book is still open 🙂 Or, you know, do what’s right for you.

  • Rant: Some friends are already leaving DC a lot sooner than I expected.
    Rave: The friends I have here are the best.

  • Rave: Wonderful, amazing, beautiful weekend at home with my family
    Rant: Leaving this morning was horrible. Saying goodbye seems to be getting so much more difficult as we get older.
    Rave: No other rave or rant could even begin to make the same list as the ones above

  • Rant: Having friend problems and unfortunately race is playing into it. Our respective races have never been an issue in our friendship but lately she’s made sweeping generalizations about mine. I know it’s not directed at me (I hope) but still, it’s grating. Trying to have some thicker skin about everything. Blah.

    Rave: Walked six miles yesterday, got to see Bao Bao who is totally adorable. Then spent a relaxing evening cooking and watching the finale of Parks and Rec.

  • Rant: I’m feeling nostalgic and homesick today. I’m starting to wonder if I really do want to be in this area *forever* — will we end up in the suburbs? Where will my kids go to school some day? I love living in the city but I don’t think I want to do it forever. I don’t know why today I suddenly feel weighed down with all these thoughts, it not like anything is forcing me to think about it now and I have tons of time. I just feel weird today.

    Rave: Beautiful weather this weekend, hit up a lot of spots.

    Rant: I feel like I saw a lot of sloppy drunk people everywhere all weekend. Am I just getting old? Maybe I don’t go out on weekends as much as I think I do, I felt like every bar I went into was a frat party. Saw several people being literally carried around by their friends, completely passed out drunk. Think it added to my feelings above (realizing I don’t actually want to be here forever and not knowing where to go next).

    Rave: I have such an awesome husband. I love knowing that no matter how confused I am about the future, I’m going to be happy wherever I end up because he’ll be with me. I feel really grateful for him.

    • GiantSquid

      Mr. Squid and I were having the same conversation “how long do we want to stay here?” We have to decide if we want to move forward with buying which means trying to stay in DC for 3-5 years at least, or move and rent for another year while we save/figure out what we’re doing and where we’re going.

      • It is SO hard to know. We bought a little over a year ago so we’ll definitely be here another few years. But, even already owning a house we find ourselves constantly talking about our plans – is it worth renovating the bathroom? Do we need an extra bedroom? Will we need a playroom for a kid, or will we move before any future kids are old enough? And then I start looking at the schools in our area and my anxiety quadruples.

        I feel like in a few years I’ll be okay moving out of the city, and that’s fine with me. I guess it’s just hard to imagine myself in the DC suburbs though. I feel like if I’m going to live in a suburb anyway, I might as well move closer to home if possible. That’s what I struggle with — I am happy in DC, but I don’t know if I’d be happy in Leesburg, for example.

        • Oh good lord, don’t move to Leesburg (or anywhere near that far!). Do you have friends in the burbs? We just moved to Alexandria, and while we feel a little removed from bustling city life, it’s nice to have green space and a whole house (3 finished levels) that costs a fraction of the price it would in DC. And the schools are pretty good too! There are so many options that are minutes from the city and not way out in the boondocks. Maybe spend a couple of Saturday’s going to open houses in NOVA to see if it’s somewhere you’d consider living.

          • Gosh, I feel like I look at house listings for the closer in suburbs and the prices seem DC-comparable!! Feels like you have to get outside the beltway before you actually see prices go down. I’m glad to hear you like Alexandria though!

            I have no issues with suburbs, honestly, I can very easily see my husband and I moving to one when we have kids and they’re in school. I just kind of feel like… if I’m going to be in a suburb anyway, then, maybe I might as well just move back to my home state. It’s easy to justify being in DC because I love the city itself so much, but the suburbs are just as nice in other places, where I will have family nearby. I don’t know. It’s confusing and hard.

        • justinbc

          If I were going to leave DC it would have to be for a completely different Metro area altogether. Having lived out in the suburbs (both McLean and Old Town Alexandria) I can’t imagine moving back there after having lived within the District. For me, there is just no substitute for walking to your necessary amenities. All the nice things about suburbs don’t equal that one factor for me, but I also do not have children in my future, so I can understand the desire for those who do. That seems to be the biggest motivating factor for people.

          • GiantSquid

            Right there with you. We’ve done Columbia, MD, and I’ve lived in Fairfax, and we detested both. So it’s either city living, or a major change of scenery. Which is fine, we just need a starting puzzle piece (eg. job).

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Yuk. One of the things I hated about visiting my LDR in Atlanta was that you had to drive everywhere to get anything – a newspaper, contact lens solution, Motrin… and the traffic was often awful. Very happy at 14th and W where I can hop to CVS or YES! when I need something.

  • Rant: Monday. I’m traveling for work when I really just want to be at home on my couch.
    Rant: Suits. I hate them; I feel like a child playing dress up in them; I’m refusing to wear one. A sheath dress with a blazer works, right?
    Rave: I had an awesome, chill weekend. I went to hear live music with my girlfriends on Friday night, babysat my favorite nine month old on Saturday night, and spent Sunday relaxing on my couch with my partner. Bliss.
    Rave: Said partner actually picked up the baby and interacted with him a bit. He’s slowly getting over his fear of kids. This bodes well for our future plans to have a spawn. 🙂
    Rave: Really good, big life changes going on for the people I love. It is great to see my loved ones finally get the things they have been working so hard to obtain.

    • Where’d you listen to music on Friday? I’m always looking for options!!

    • Dress + blazer definitely works. I think suits look ridiculous on me and I feel so uncomfortable, so I made a point of buying a few suit-material dresses in solid colors and wear a nice blazer on top whenever I need to dress up. Looks just as polished and is 10x more comfortable!

      • I don’t wear suits; no matter what. They make me look like an 80s ‘Career-girl Barbie!’

      • justinbc

        Agreed. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing then be assured it comes across as looking even worse to an outside viewer who can read your demeanor.

  • Rave: Nice group ride with a bike club this weekend. 35 miles (longest I’ve gone this year) and I didn’t feel worn out at the end. A little sore today, but I always appreciate the soreness I get from a good workout. Also, I got to see a vulture eating a dead possum, and that was pretty cool.

    Rant: Rain predicted for this week.

    Rave: Taking Friday off to go to Ocean City.

  • Rave- Had a great weekend with lots of time spent outside. Saturday went to the Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival, Saturday night went to 1,001 dances of love performed by Sahara Dance members that was just beautiful. Afterwards tried out Arcuri with a good friend and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Sunday spent the morning in Great Falls Park with my brother, sister in law, and 15 month old nephew, then went to the baseball game in the afternoon, and had Thai Xing for dinner for the first time and it was delicious.

    Rant- It’s rent week and I have no money. Okay looking at my paragraph above it sounds like I spent a lot on ‘going out’ but that’s very rare and that amount of activity/money spending is not the norm for me whatsoever. I don’t know where all my money goes. I need to find a job that pays more asap..

  • RANT: I love “& U” Pizza at 13th and U Street, but if they are sooooooo slow. There always seems to be a clusterf**k at the end of the cycle. There is just one person taking the pizzas out the oven, cutting the slices, adding final toppings and working cash register.
    RAVE: The pizza is always good.

    • Just wondering…any idea when the one at Penn Quarter is opening? Not looking forward to slow service (they won’t make it in that area if they can’t be quick about it), but sure could use some terrific pizza here! Thanks

  • Rave: Thinking about buying a house in Brookland. Anyone have thoughts on how great it is for fun and families?

    • We’ve been living in Brookland for two years now and LOVE it. It’s a great part of the city that feels more like a small town, yet is just a 10-15 minute drive from most major parts of the city. There are a ton of families in the area and the new playground at Turkey Thicket is amazing! There are a few good restaurants already in the area and lots more coming in. I highly recommend the area!

    • We were just at the Turkey Thicket playground and it is quite amazing. That said, if you are planning to raise a family in Brookland, make sure you’re ok with your inbound school or commuting else where for school) because although there are several great charter schools in Brookland (YuYing, Stokes, etc.), your chances of getting in will depend on the lottery. Otherwise, Brookland is pretty awesome. We’d buy in that neighborhood if we could afford it.

      • justinbc

        +1 on the schools. If I were going to raise a family in DC, and therefore needed a bigger house, I would definitely be buying in Brookland. That’s from a pure real estate view though, knowing nothing about the school zoning. There is a lot of development going on there that seems well suited for families, and seems like they’re aggressively working to appeal to that demographic. Maybe as more people move in and demand better education it will come as well.

        • “Maybe as more people move in and demand better education it will come as well.”

          Care to elaborate on this?

          • justinbc

            It follows the trend of young people living in the city, then pairing up and deciding they want to leave for the suburbs because that’s where the better schools are, statistically. If those same couples instead stayed in DC and demanded (en masse) that the quality be raised (and of course did all the necessary things like voting for change in leadership and being proactive in those schools), then eventually DC itself would be on par with Fairfax and other higher rated areas. It’s all very optimistic, but not out of the realm of possibility given the rapid rate of transformation in other areas.

  • Rave: Spent all weekend on the bike now that it’s back in action.
    Rant: My thighs are on fire today.
    Rave: Bluegrass festival, got a prime spot away from crowds but could still hear the main stage.
    Rave: Spend Sunday afternoon at the Franciscan Monastery.
    Rant: Came into work today with racoon eyes after wearing sunglasses being outdoors all weekend.
    Rave: Missing the girl. Two more days until she’s back in town.

  • Did anyone else witness the clusterfuck at Mt Vernon Square metro following the Science Expo yesterday? The mezzanine was shoulder to shoulder, such that I couldn’t even see if the platform was similarly crammed. Small kids in large frustrated crowds is a very bad idea, so we walked to 14th and caught the bus. Did anyone stick it out and find out what was going on? Just un-planned-for volume, following the coolest event ever to grace the Convention Center?

    • There was a Wizards playoff game 1 stop away and a Nats game a few stops down. The Wizards game started at 1 so I could see the green line being a mess from, say, noon to 1 and then again from 4 to 6 or something.

      • Ah, the Wizards game letting out at the same time the Science Expo ended would explain it.

        Very glad I didn’t attempt to get down to the platform and find every arriving train already packed. Reveling in my public transportation options!

  • Rant – Leading conference calls. I am just so bad at it. There are so many awkward silences and I don’t know how to handle them. I have a nervous habit of doing this stupid fake laugh during awkward pauses. It’s so embarrassing and makes me sound like an airhead. I wish I could sound more confident.
    Rave – Conference call is over.
    Rant – Spent yet another weekend visiting various family members who are never willing to visit me in DC. It’s great to see family but also kinda sucks they never make the trip down to DC, despite numerous invitations. It also sucks spending all of my weekend in the car driving up there and back (NY/NJ area). I’m tired and I just want a quiet weekend at home to cook and clean and do laundry and not go anywhere.
    Rave – Great walk to work this morning in the sunshine.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Had a great brunch with old friends at El Centro this weekend.
    Rant: I’ve been to strip clubs with free drink vouchers that served less watered down drinks than El Centro did yesterday. I fully understand you’ve got to dilute them a little for the bottomless brunch, but people shouldn’t drink 7 mimosas or bloody marys and walk out feeling as sober as a pastor on sunday.

    Sad news: Our neighbor, who bought his house in the neighborhood 45 years ago, died last night after a brief illness. His kids had already moved him out a few months ago for medical care, and the house is already sold to a flipper, but its still a sad end of a chapter for our block.

  • Rave: had a very mutually flirtatious encounter with a waitress, it was great.
    Rant: was with friends, did not get a number, and not sure the protocol on going back and trying for that. Don’t want to bother someone at work or make her uncomfortable, but also don’t want to not follow through at all.
    What to do, what to do?

    • Waitresses flirt for tips. That’s how it works. Don’t go back and bother her at work. This is all part of the game of getting you to part with your money.
      Next time, leave your number on the receipt or leave a business card. You only get one opportunity to make that pass. It’s on her to reach out, if she’s interested. Don’t be a creeper.

    • Check with your friends to see if they perceived her as being flirtatious, or just professionally friendly. Unless you get unequivocal and trustworthy confirmation from a 3rd (and 4th) party that she was truly into you, don’t go back. If you do go back, maybe sit at the bar so you can leave after one drink if she shoots you down. I’ve waited on guys who returned alone, requested my section etc, as follow up to what they thought was flirting, and it’s always awkward all around.

      • Definitely seemed mutual, as my friend agreed. I am so super conscious about making women uncomfortable that I usually never make a move, anywhere, under any circumstances, and my friends fault me for it. So I’m trying not to be so restrained, but the workplace dynamic is a delicate one and I’m guessing I won’t go back for fear of bothering the person.

        • I think the phone number on the receipt is the move here. Live and learn, and thanks for posting, so I can learn without living this one 🙂

          • These just keep getting better and better. Kickball guy needs to get a meal with his coffee bagel date at the restaurant where Clauded has a crush on the waitress WHILE Clauded is there trying to decide if he should make a move. In walks kickball girl, who happens to be Clauded’s ex-girlfriend from years back AND happens to be the housemate of this waitress. Oh yeah. Keep em coming, kids.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Logan Square I hope 1/2 of what you said happens! That would be a wonderful read 🙂 [I love to hear people’s dating/hook-up/missed-chance stories.]

  • Rave: receiving my PoPville tshirt in the mail on Saturday! The new tees look great, and I can’t wait to show it off in Dublin in June.
    Rave: finishing the Nike Women’s Half on Sunday (my first half!). I have never laughed that hard during a run, but some of the signs were so great. If you ever have a chance to go cheer at a race, I highly encourage it – it made all the difference to me as a runner.
    Rave: going out after the half to bowl at Lucky Strike. We know one of the waiters there fairly well, and bonded over how much we love olives – this turned into him bringing us cups full of green olives (which they typically only give for Bloody Mary garnish). It was hilarious and very thoughtful.
    Rant: haven’t been sleeping due to allergies, so hopefully that clears up with the rain we’re supposed to get this week.

  • Rave: taco truck at L’Enfant for lunch – the fish tacos with mango salsa are fantastic.
    Rave: beautiful weekend.
    Rave: The Wizards managed to win yesterday without Nene, in what turned out to be a statement game.
    Rave: bosses are out today which means office streaking. Actually, no.

  • Rave: I have a crush on my Dr. After confessing to a few friends I found out this is kinda common.

    Rant: 28 days before i see him again.

    • Nice! ABC may have cancelled my soaps, but I’ll always have my PoPville romantic serial posts.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My surgeon last summer was HOTTT and according to my mom was very nice and had a great bedside manner post op (I was too out of it to remember but he was nice during office visits). Sadly, he plays for the other team, and has seen way too much of my lady bits for them to be exciting if he played on my team.

    • I had a crush on my podiatrist/sports medicine Dr a few years ago. It sucked that my foot stayed injured for so long, but he definitely made the injury a little more bearable. I referred to him as Dr. Hottie. Not to his face.

  • Rant: either an intern or a very young 20-something has moved into our apartment building and has an unbelievably annoying, high-pitched Valley-girl accent. With everyone’s windows open this time of year, it is painful to hear. It’s so beyond the pale, that it is almost like she is doing a caricature of a ditzy teenager- but it’s real!
    Rave: I have been very good about NOT leaving a note on her door. If I did, I would basically tell her to please- in the name of all that is holy- not speak out loud near an open window. Hers is the kind of voice that will drive a man to drink or, worse, kill himself.
    Rave: Reading a great book: Rick Atkinson’s Army at Dawn, the first of a trilogy on WWII. This one is purely about the North African campaign in 1942-1943. Very well-written.

    • You should leave a nice note informing her that everyone can hear the details of her conversation. And suggest that she closes her window when she’s using the phone. My guess is that she doesn’t realize how loud she is and would rather not have everyone in the building hear the intimate details about her life.
      Also, the appropriate term is “vocal fry.” It’s endemic among Millennial women and doesn’t appear to disappear as they get older.

      • “Doesn’t appear to disappear as they get older”? If that is accurate, this kid is going to have problems in the professional world. Yikes. Like your idea of a note about private conversations being shared- better than being mean about a voice that ‘only a mother could love.’ haha!

        • Agreed. As a middle-aged person, listening to the youngsters speak in vocal fry is like fingernails on the chalkboard. I think it would definitely affect ones marketability in the workplace.

        • I’m sure she will “marry well” and not have to deal with such plebe concerns.
          Otherwise, all the ladies I know with vocal fry tend to work in fashion, PR, or journalism (new media and television). It doesn’t seem to harm their career prospects, so long as you’re not the only one with it.

        • “Young women with vocal fry are considered by their peers to be better educated, urban-orientated, and upwardly mobile.”
          Unfortunately, your (and my) views will be replaced by those younger than us.

      • I thought vocal fry wasn’t for ridiculous high pitched valley types, but for women with seemingly unnaturally deep voices. But, I’m not a laryngologist.

        • Beau, I’m the OP for this thread, and I think you’re right about that (after doing some more research on it). There’s the annoying, high-pitched “uptalk” that is classic Valley girl, and then there is that low, guttural vocal fry. Regardless, people have some very annoying ways of communicating.

  • epric002

    rave: great weekend! got the house clean, had drinks at our place with lovely neighbors, did lots of yard work, i love where i live.
    ranty- baby shower on sunday in the burbs. took effing FOREVER to get back and forth, and it was a baby shower.
    unsure- had our property tax assessment appeal this morning. was very educational, but not optimistic we’ll actually get reduced. our assessor was very nice but the OTR needs to provide better info up front; correct their letter; and actually answer their phones when people call in. was only hold for 40 mins last week before i gave up.

  • houseintherear

    Wondering if anyone in Popville has done AirBnB before, either to rent or to rent out… I have rented out a room in my house for a few years now, but I’m ready to go solo when my current renter moves out (which sounds like it won’t be long because she’s looking to buy a place soon). I was thinking it might be nice to get a little bit of extra income by renting out the furnished room every once in a while on AirBnB. Anyone have any advice or tidbits to share?

    • justinbc

      I’ve used it to stay places, but never to rent them out. Biggest advice I would give would be to check all the legalities and tax implications of renting it, as those are both hotly contested areas lately.

    • I rented from a guy in Australia recently who rented out his second bedroom occasionally when he was home, and the whole place when he was travelling. You want to be quick and responsive when someone messages you about the place. He also had a lockbox outside his building and used Air Bnb’s messaging service to let people know the code when their trip was coming up; this worked well, and he could change the code after each visitor. Leaving business cards for local favorite eateries is a nice touch. I rented the whole apartment, but I’ve heard if you are just renting a room, you want to be fairly clear in your profile what level of friendliness you are looking for. Are you a tour guide, just a room, or something in between. I think the middle ground is probably the most preferred, ie you recommend places and are happy to chat but aren’t necessarily going out on the town with them every night.

    • Have you looked at Airbnb for DC? There are over 1800 listings! It is a total mess – with most people never responding etc. But there are some good listings and if you have a good place in a good location and price it well people may find you. Actually, I have a guest who just arrived about an hour ago – a physician from Geneva here for some conferences. I don’t usually use Airbnb (I rent through VRBO/Homeaway) but had a last minute cancellation and it worked out.

      You need to spend a few hours really looking over the site and understanding the search features (can be frustratingly buggy) and policies. Pretend you know nothing about DC and are looking – then you’ll start to see the good listings and model your own on them.

  • Brandy

    Hey just wanted to share this event from New Columbia Distillers. They want a last minute bottling party today. I have done it and it’s fun. Thought I would share the knowledge since it’s in the neighborhood. https://www.facebook.com/events/460981930714895/

  • Becks

    Rave: I have been going through a cat adoption for three weeks and Carlotta came home yesterday!!!!She jetted out of the crate and hid, but after about 4 hours came out and inspected me. We even had a 5 minute chin scratch session!
    Rave: I bought kitty toys, food, and litter yesterday.
    Rave: The seeds I put in soil have started sprouting!!! Baby basil, wildflowers, lavender, and Bluebonnet sprouts!
    Rant:Forgot that house has a lot , A LOT, of static electricity. Poor new kitty. I have to find a way to lessen the static. I turned on the humidifier but am not sure what else to do.
    Rant: On Friday, my boss told me that I was working from home this week. Today, I’m at the office.And missing time that could be spent with new kitty.

  • Rant: The trash guys. Last week they didn’t take one of the big trash bags at the bottom of the can, so it got a bit more stinky than usual after sitting for longer (and I had to put out 2 cans today). They fling the cans all over, and I’m pretty sure that a noticeable scratch on the side of my [new] car is from them. I usually try to park away from trash cans on trash day, but it’s not always possible. I know they need to work fast, but that doesn’t require them to be reckless and inconsiderate.
    Rant/Question: After they came and picked up our trash this morning, the pickup truck came and took the two empty cans from the curb. I had already put the “Take Me” sticker on a broken can that we had (which I hadn’t called 311 about yet), but now we’ll need to keep using that one. Why would they have the sticker/calling 311 system in place if they are just driving around and taking whatever cans they see?

  • Rant: Walk Left Stand Right is already a mantra but what about getting on and off the train? My dream is to one day train every WMATA customer to treat this like a breach and clear drill. Perfectly choreographed.


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