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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: perhaps i was expecting too much but my current job is miserable – mindless with limited opportunities for advancement or personal development. i think my brain is atrophying.
    RANT: personal circumstances are such that i really can’t do anything about it until october at the earliest.
    RAVE: getting everything prepared for moving has been relatively easy.
    RAVE: SO is being so good about getting rid of things we don’t need anymore.

  • Rant: people acting like the zoo shooting means DC is under siege. Violent crime is pretty low here, and has been on a steady decline for years. More than 40 people were shot over the past weekend in Chicago. Personally, I feel pretty safe here.

    • +1

    • jim_ed

      DC certainly isn’t under siege, but the rest of your points aren’t true. violent crime in DC is not low, unless you’re only comparing it to America’s most violent cities like St. Louis, Baltimore, or Detroit. the most recent CQ rankings (granted, an imperfect ranking) has DC ranked as the 8th most violent big city in the country. Thats not low. Violent crime is not declining any more, either. Robberies have plateaued at best over the last several years, and murders are up 75% to date as opposed to last year – http://mpdc.dc.gov/node/197622 . Even after discounting for the Navy yard shootings, murders were slightly up in the city last year. And comparing volume of violence in Chicago to DC is silly, considering Chicago is roughly 5x the size of DC, and considering Chicago has been synonymous with endemic violence for the last 10 years, that’s not a lot of comfort to say “Oh, at least we’re not them!”

      I personally feel incredibly safe in the city, and its extremely rare that I feel otherwise, even in neighborhoods known for high rates of crime. But to imply that DC doesn’t have serious crime issues that need to be addressed or that people’s concerns over them are unfounded is disingenuous.

      • I like how you put quotes around things like “Oh, at least we’re not them!” Because that’s not what I said. And you completely missed my point, so I’m not going to bother trying to explain it.

        • jim_ed

          It’s a shame you can’t be bothered to explain, because I’m very curious to understand why you would reference the violence in Chicago for any other reason than to make DC look less violent by comparison. No snark here – if I’m missing the point, I’d like to have it explained to

        • I think jim_ed had a fair rebuttal to your post. It ~is~ a shame that you won’t engage in a respectful discussion because he disagreed with you.

        • Then I missed your point too – had I posted response it would have been similar to what jim_ed posted. Would be great if you could explain what you really meant.

        • uh, what was your point if you weren’t comparing Chicago to DC?

    • Given the history of violence surrounding this event, it’d be nice if Zoo police and MPD worked together to provide a safer atmosphere. At the same event, there was the 2011 stabbing, the multiple shootings at the 2000 event, and another brawl, the year of which I can’t remember – 2010?

  • Rave: Great dinner at Rose’s Luxury last night!
    Rave: Looks like we’re confirmed for a rogue Popville Happy Hour on Wednesday 4/30 on the patio at Acre 121.
    Rant/Rave: Considering taking off (most of) May from drinking…at least until Memorial Day. We’ll see!
    Rave: Made it through lent without cheating – I gave up dessert, ice cream, soda (even diet!), and candy.
    Rant: Making up for lost time? Yikes!
    Rave: The lilacs are in bloom. They are my absolute favorite!

  • Rant: Yesterday’s “Crew at the Zoo” event

  • justinbc

    Rave: Work bowling outing today, fun times.
    Random: We’ve decided to go with a completely different color palette on the house paint job. Instead of blue/brown/orange it’s going to be black/gray/white/red. I’m sure some neighbors will hate it, some will love it, but either way almost everyone will notice it, especially being on the corner. If the brick wasn’t already painted there’s no way I would consider it, but now we figure what the hell might as well go all out and see how it turns out.
    Rant: Black house = lots of pressure to keep the yard looking good!

  • Rant: Plans for my apartment building to turn one of our common areas into retail space to try and “raise revenue.” Because the construction noise won’t alienate any of your current tenants…or the loss of space.

    Rave: Beautiful walk in this morning. Smells like spring (but in the good way. Not in the bradford pear kind of way).

    • justinbc

      The weather this morning was perfect for a walk, such a beautiful day!

    • Sounds like your management company really screwed things up in their forecast of revenues. It would make me question their management abilities.
      So they are taking away an amenity but not lowering your rent, right? That sucks.

      • Yeah, I can’t say I’m very happy with the management company right now. It’s a beautiful common area that I utilize often (we also pay common area fees up front). It doesn’t sound like they’ll be lowering our rent, even though there are 3-4 new buildings within 4 blocks with similar amenities/lower rents. It’s a great building with great staff, but their mishandling is making me rethink resigning my lease.

        They basically sent us a letter saying “just an FYI…” so that was an especially nice touch.

  • Rant: Recovering from jet lag. Long weekends out west come with a price.
    Rave(?): I delivered a curt lecture to a guy who was sexually harassing me this morning as I exited a cab. Not sure where the anger came from: I usually just ignore that stupidity. The best part? He apologized.
    Rant: That women have to deal with that crap on a regular basis.
    Rave: Beautiful sunny day. I ADORE spring.

    • I had to do the same to a boy on a school tour a couple of years ago. They were in my federal building for lunch and he made an overt sexual comment to me as I walked by, when something in me snapped, and I put my finger in his face and said “No sir, you do not talk to women like that, especially in a place of business” and called his teacher over. I felt two ways about it – 1) proud of myself for not letting a kid say things like that to me in my place of work, and 2) like an old lady scolding a ‘young whipper snapper’. Good for you for saying something. More of us should!

    • Glad you said something. And there’s nothing wrong with a community member teaching a young person a lesson in how to get along in the world. Consider it a public service. He might not make that mistake again! (Hope springs eternal.)

    • I was sexually harassed on the metro this morning. Apparently something’s in the air. Sorry you had to go through that!

    • what do you guys consider sexual harassment? I get catcalled quite a bit, but I want to get a gauge of what other people have to deal with? I have only ever called anyone out while it was at work, because I find that sooo inappropriate, but I think I probably put up with more than I should.

      • houseintherear

        Unwanted advances that are at all crude in nature are harassment. Do not put up with it in any context, please. Google DC Street Harassment and get some good tips for how to respond to catcalls, etc.

      • It crosses the line for me from annoyance to harassment when it is targeted. So the drunk guy on the corner making kissy noises at every woman who walks past? Eyeroll. But the person who physically moves TOWARD me, speaks directly TO me in anything but a nonsexually courteous manner, he’s getting an earful. (And “‘Scuse me, miss? I just want to tell you, you fine. Damn, baby…!” That’s not “nonsexually courteous”.)

      • Basically anyone making unwanted gestures/comments. Even staring/making some sort of clicking noise/grunting falls under that category. In short, people need to learn how to control themselves in public. I happen to be gay. If I see a good looking woman, I would glance at her, but out of respect would never stare/leer or make any comments. Why can’t men learn to keep that sh*t to themselves too? It’s really not that hard…

      • In the case I mentioned above, it was a boy who made a comment about me to his friend. It was loud and in my place of work, so my tolerance was much lower. But basically I don’t think you should accept any comments or actions make you feel uncomfortable!

  • Anybody know of a good bar to watch the Wizards playoff game tonight?

    • I watched game 1 at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill – not the best turnout, though. Maybe Redline near the Verizon Center?

  • skj84

    Rant: Trip to see my sister ends today. I wish I could stay longer.

    Rave: I got spend an entire week in a new city with my sister. As we’ve reached adulthood my siblings and I have scattered and it’s harder to spend time with each other.

    Rant: Back to the daily grind tomorrow. Gotta amp up job search and really get serious about reworking resume/networking.

    Rave: I have a potential temp job lined up. It’s only a week but it’s something.

  • Rant- People who bring small children in to dog parks. I’m sure this is one of those hot-popville topics but it’s really annoying and even dangerous. The dog park where I go even has a playground on site.

    • GiantSquid

      All the dog parks I’ve been to have an age limit of 12 and older to be in the dog pen.

      • I think 12 and over is completely reasonable. Unfortunately it seems a lot of parents/care takers don’t think those rules apply to them, yesterday it was four 4-7 year olds :-/

    • Do the people have a dog? If so, it may be that they are just trying to give the dog some time to run around and can’t leave the kid alone. I don’t think you can leave the dog in the dog park alone, right (I have a kid but not a dog, so I’m not sure on those rules)?

      If no dog, that’s lame. My son and I watch dogs at dog parks, but from the outside of the fence.

      • I think 12 and over is completely reasonable. Unfortunately it seems a lot of parents/care takers don’t think those rules apply to them, yesterday it was four 4-7 year olds :-/

        I’ve seen it where people without dogs will come in to watch them play but this particular person did have a dog with them at least. I totally get wanting to kill two birds with one stone and have the kids and dogs play at the same time, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. My dogs in particular really have a problem with kids so when I see them in there we just don’t go, and instead go for a hike in the woods. To me it’s not really a matter of inconveniencing me in particular because I have alternatives, but anything can happen. Things can escalate very quickly and sometimes it’s hard enough just to keep track of your own dog let alone your dog and four kids.

    • +1. One of my dogs is not kid-friendly. Please don’t assume your children will be ok in a dog park – it is not intended for them, it’s intended for dogs. Even dogs that are not kid-friendly deserve to romp freely in a dog park. and even when all the dogs around are kid-friendly dogs, these animals are excited and running and darting back and forth – grown ups can get hurt, not just kids!

      • I have to agree with you. I got bitten quite badly at just a regular park when I was a little kid. My mom was holding my hand, but I saw the dog and immediately reached for it. It happened so fast, that there’s no way she could have stopped me. I’m sure she’d told me not to do that before, but I was little and so excited that I just reacted (and unfortunately for me, so did the dog). I was a little gun shy for awhile there, but I still LOVE dogs. They really are the best!

  • Rant: Woke up early then i have in a long time (7am) to try to get a early headstart and beat the rush hour. Got to the bus stop just missed two busses the next did not come for 7 minutes (eternity) and was a jam packed articulated S1 bus that took forever to get downtown. Why was there so much traffic this morning?
    Rant: I feel like i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and wish i could just go home and take the day off.
    Rant: I had a phone interview scheduled for 9am this morning but had to delay it as a result of me not feeling well

    • I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today too. Went to bed upset last night and it carried over in today. It’s not really one thing in particular, just a bunch of little things adding up.

    • rant: i’m worried about the maintenance workers letting my cat out. I locked her in the bedroom but they are careless about closing the doors to the house, and they may need to go in the room…I hope they don’t.
      rant: traffic today was the pits

    • dcgator

      S1 IS THE WORST!

  • Rant: Why does the bus station above the Metro at Friendship Heights always smell like raw sewage lately? It’s only going to get worse with warming weather.

    • My guess is raw sewage.

    • From what I’ve seen, it’s the large amount of human fecal matter in the bushes. Lots of homeless people and few public restrooms?

      • Thanks for the insight. I had no idea that was happening there. I assumed it was an issue with the office building above the station. There are lots of publicly accessible restrooms and I don’t see many homeless people around but of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

        • Weird, I used to live near Friendship Heights and would use the bus stop entrance to Metro and there were always at least 5 homeless folks around on those benches. The smell has been significantly worse the last few months I’ve been up there. While I know ginko trees are prevalent and stinky, I don’t think they create that stench for such an extended period of time. I’d recommend calling the MoCo Council rep for that area as well as the state delegate.

        • But the publicly accessible restrooms aren’t available 24/7.

  • Rant: Sadly, can’t really read PoPville comments on many posts. Comments have fallen to a new low recently and I feel like there is a lot of nascent racism that is just short of really blowing up. Its very disheartening to read posts about the shootings at the zoo where people are unable or unwilling to place the violence into a larger context. Many posts exhibit what I consider characteristics of an extreme atomization of upper middle class culture, where we just automatically demand that people behave properly and do it on their own. I’ve never experienced discrimination, I’ve never watched family members struggle with unemployment, I’ve never watched my friends quit thinking about the future, and I never had to read statistics or hear news that people who look like me make less money, will most likely attain less, are more likely to be incarcerated, have a shorter life expectancy, and in the end no one actually cares about them. People say its not the system, its the parents. Well, these kids parents grew up with very similar experiences as their children, and these kids are going to have kids one day and the cycle continues.

    • +1 just to show that there are some of us who post here that don’t think that way!

    • Anonymous, I can’t help but notice how condescending your post is. By remarking on all the things you have “never” done, you are pointing the finger at what (traditionally) African-Americans have had to endure (i.e., lower employment, higher incarceration rates, etc). What is condescending about this post is that you’re trying to divide reactions to the zoo event into two camps: how African Americans would view it and how others (these upper middle class, privileged) whites would view it. Could it be that there are a fair number of African Americans out there whose hearts don’t quite bleed as true as yours and find the zoo event reprehensible and something they would never take their own children to?

      • OP here; My intention was not to be condescending or paint this as the traditional African American experience. However, I do think that the narrative that I outlined is an issue in urban African american communities. If you note my post, I did not use a color line but a social class line. More to the point, my post was more commenting on the fact that people who have endured little are the first to have a one size fits all fix. These are people who (in my opinion) appear to be unable or unwilling to contextualize the problem of urban violence and the marked cultural/economic segregation that exists in this city and many cities across the country. I’m not claiming to have an answer or to be framing the problem particularly well, but I will not accept that we don’t have a responsibility to people in our community and I will not accept that lack of parenting ect. is to blame.

        • “If you note my post, I did not use a color line but a social class line.”
          Really? This sentence is about a social class line?
          “I feel like there is a lot of nascent racism that is just short of really blowing up.”

    • I agree. It’s especially painful to read as a Black woman. It makes me wonder if they think all of us are like that.

      • No I do not. But before you lump me in with “they,” know that I’m not white. However, I have been subjected to just about every Asian racial slur you can think of by passing bands of young black teenagers, both male and female. They have been completely unsolicited, it’s been on both the street and metro platforms. What is sad is that I’ve now just to come to expect it all the time.

        • skj84

          Wow. SO some Black teenagers have called you raciest slurs. That is horrible nobody is disputing that. You should never be subjected to any sorts of racial discrimination. But that does not make it OK for you to assume that every Black person is a racist , or a bad person. You are no better than the people who sling slurs at you if that is your mindset. It is not OK to base your opinion on an entire race because you had a bad experience with some members of that race. I have experienced racism from White people, Asians, Latinos and even other black people. And you know what? I still would not judge another person based off of their race. Be the better person.

          • Ease up on the spurs there cowboy. Did I say I was racist? No I did not and nor did I infer that I have racist tendencies. There is a difference between me going “Welp, here we go again” and getting racist names tossed at me (which is my mentality) versus someone going “Here come these bleep bleeps” which is NOT how I think.

            And before you qualify that as “some,” it’s more than that. Try 90% of band of teenagers I pass, I get racial slurs directed at me. I kept track this past weekend when I was out and about a lot. That’s right, 90% so I’m not just making that up.

            It’s a difference between me having a victim mentality (which is sad in its own right) and a racist mentality.

          • Where in his post did he say he thinks all black people are bad?
            Honestly if you experience something again and again (just like the OP was pointing out about black people in DC) you come to expect certain behavior and perhaps that might affect how you think or behave in the future. That doesn’t necessarily mean you think every single person of that race is bad…

        • I get the same treatment as well, from young and old. Noticed it more when I took the 50’s buses. It got to the point that I now try to avoid all 50’s buses going up/down 14th St (except for maybe during rush hour) and I take the circulator.

        • You said you’ve come to expect that sort of behavior. So I assume you expect it from all black teenagers. Which is judging someone their skin color and not on their merit. Which is racist.

    • skj84

      +1000. I started to read the thread and then my blood started to boil. It was an isolated event. An unfortunate isolated event. I can’t even with people on this board sometimes.

      • I think when the same thing happens on the same day of the year at the same event for three years in a row, it’s no longer called “isolated”. I think that’s called a “pattern”.

        • But there hasn’t been a shooting at the zoo on Easter Monday for three years in a row. There was a stabbing 3 years ago (?) and a shooting 13 years ago I believe. I wouldn’t say this year’s shooting is an isolated incident but it’s not a pattern either. I would say that it’s the type of event where kids looking for trouble are fairly likely to show up because they know they’ll be able to find it.

          • Here is a different way to analyze the data: In the past 20 years, how many zoo shootings/stabbings have taken place on a day other than Easter Monday?

            I’ve been here close to two decades and have learned to avoid the zoo on the day after Easter. That’s not a racist practice. It’s based on observed patterns of crime.

          • skj84

            Agreed. Yes there were incidents in the past. But violence isn’t reoccurring. And to be honest I’ve gone with my family and always had a good time. It was a very positive experience for me. And usually is for most people.

          • Here’s another way to think about it: A shooting or stabbing is a pinnacle event that gets the attention. Is there a history of confrontation (violent or near violent) that’s the context that happens every year? Just because there isn’t a shooting doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

    • I suspect this Rant (more like a Lament) is based on the OP’s comment in the thread yesterday:
      “Just an annual reminder of how our current system is failing a large fraction of our population. These kids weren’t born any more evil than the PoP commentariat was. We (yes, ‘we’) raised them this way.”
      and my response:

      “Oh please. “We” raised them? Crap. Their parents and family raised them, and did a shit job of it, apparently.”
      I’m not suggesting that we don’t have a responsibility TO all those in the city. I am unequivocally refusing to take responsibility FOR the people who can’t comply with a bare minimum of social norms, or worse yet, engage in violence. As for demanding people “behave properly” – let’s not pretend we’re setting an incredibly high bar here. Are you really suggesting that decrying two shootings within a week, or the behavior that was captured on video last Monday, it setting an unmeetable for proper behavior? That’s ridiculous. So yes, I “demand” proper behavior and frankly, I’m appalled you don’t do the same. If you think that’s “nascent racism,” well, I’m not sure what to tell you, except that you have a shaky grasp on the concept of racism.
      While we’re on the subject, what do you think evinces a lower opinion of a group of people – expecting them, despite a tough set of circumstances, to comply with basic societal norms, or blithely assuming that because of difficult upbringings, they are incapable of complying with those basic societal norms – in effect, just writing them off as lost causes? “Oh, poor kids, what else can you expect, given the way they were raised?” I completely reject that way of thinking.

      • What is “demanding proper behavior” supposed to do? It’s not a real policy action, it’s simply a dismissal of exactly what the OP is talking about; recognition of the social structures that lead to decay and violence.

        • It’s not a dismissal of anything – where do you get that? It is possible to recognize that the “social structures that lead to decay and violence” exist, while still expecting people to, as another PP put it, “not A. Shoot people B. Rob people or C. Assault people” I’ll add to that that I also expect people to not run around shouting obscenities, or otherwise intimidating passersby. And when there is criminal behavior, I expect consequences.
          Part of the problem is that there are no consequences for antisocial behavior that doesn’t raise to the level of criminal behavior. I don’t think law enforcement should be in that business (obviously), but many of the young people in question have no other governor on their behavior – parents, family, teachers, or other authority figures. I suppose the OP, with her “we’re all responsible” attitude, thinks we all should scold that roving group of teenagers acting like a**holes – but that’s neither practical or effective (nor, in many instances, safe).

          • It’s a dismissal because, as your second paragraph makes clear, which says nothing except “no one’s responsible”, all it is is shorthand for “these people are bad”. What exactly does expecting “people to not run around shouting obscenities, or otherwise intimidating passersby” entail? It happens, so expecting it not to is delusional. You state flat out that you’re not up for direct real life finger wagging, so what is this? Spiritual finger wagging? What these comments are are requests to stop thinking about this as complex issue involving human beings, deserving of dignity who could possibly behave differently in different, less dire circumstances and just recognize them as inherently bad and fully deserving of their lot.

          • @power of flight: just the opposite. I do believe that this behavior can be changed. It’s the OP who thinks that because of their difficult circumstances, the teens in question have won’t change. S/he said, “Well, these kids parents grew up with very similar experiences as their children, and these kids are going to have kids one day and the cycle continues.” That’s just sad. I think we can, and should, expect more, if not from them than from future generations If you think that’s a fool’s errand, fine, but just accepting “it happens” ensures that it will continue to happen.

      • houseintherear

        I hate reading things like this. We can all help young people to learn how to grow up and be a good member of society. Perhaps some parents don’t have the tools they need, or the patience, or whatever, but there are many other adults in the world who surround them every day. Teachers, neighbors, people passing them on the street. (And “them” means every young person.) When a slur or insult is thrown your way, stay calm and firm and say, “Please don’t say that to me, it’s not respectful.” They will laugh and be rude back, because that’s what young people do to keep their bravado in tact, but they will hear you and some day it will sink in. Yell at them or shoot them dirty looks, or comment about their race or family’s income bracket on a public blog, and over time that will sink in as well. It IS your job. You can live in the woods somewhere and not have to talk to anyone, if you want. If you live in a society, you can and should do your part.

        • The suggestion that I am the actor in this scenario who is not living up to his obligations to society is really preposterous. The people engaging in the antisocial, even criminal behavior get a pass, but I am shirking my duties if I don’t confront them? Nice framework you’ve constructed for yourself.

    • If by “demand that people behave properly” you mean that I expect anyone regardless of race, age or socio-economic status to not A. Shoot people B. Rob people or C. Assault people, then yes, I do demand that people “behave properly,” and I’m sure as hell not going to make any apologies for that.

  • There’s a black house in Ledroit Park on I think V or U between 2 and 3 and I have always thought it looked neat

  • Rant: My annoying coworker is back. She was away for a month and it was glorious. Now she’s back and all I hear all day long is her annoying voice asking questions. Question after question after question. I’m not sure who is on the other end of that phone line, but for f’s sake, their ears must be bleeding!
    Rave: New jobs on the horizon!

    • I feel your pain. There are multiple people in my office whose voices are so grating. There’s also a new woman who speaks with non-stop vocal fry.

  • Any hop growers out there? I’m looking for recommendations on what varieties grow well in this area.

    • I think most varieties of hops should grow in DC, they pretty much grow like weeds once they take root. We’re growing Willamette and Cascade in our garden and both are doing great.

      • Thanks! Cascade was on my short list, along with Chinook, Willamette and a few others. I plan to start with three varieties and see how they do.

      • Any recommendation on where to buy rhizomes?

        • saf

          We mail ordered from a place in Oregon.
          Check the net for directions on planting. I think you have to plant/dig the roots before they sprout, but if that is not true, we would be happy to share a chunk of hop root with you.

          • That would be wonderful! I’ve seen some hops being sold in pots already sprouted so I expect sprouted root would work.
            If you have any interest in sunflowers, I have way too many volunteer sunflower seedlings. Last year they grew into 8’+ multi branched plants that bloomed until frost.

          • saf

            Dan has my email and can share it with you. Let’s coordinate.

          • Just sent Dan an email 🙂

    • saf

      We have cascades in the front yard.

      I think it’s too late to plant them this year, maybe?

  • Rant: Feeling gloomy and pessimistic this morning for no particular reason.
    Rave: My dogs are incredibly gifted snugglers. They have PhDs in snuggling. True experts. They could be snuggling pundits on TV. I love them so much and they make every morning better.

    • justinbc

      I miss dogs 🙁 They really are the best.

      • Yup. The absolute best. I don’t know how people do it without dogs. Like they’re not in on the secret of how every day of their lives could be better. They are the muggles.

        • I loved my dog. Truly, deeply. When he was gone, I missed his funny face (he had the most expressive eyebrows) and his unconditional love and his simple joy in everything. But after I stopped crying, I realized I didn’t miss the dog smell, the fur, the walks (and resulting cleanup duties) in sleet and snow and every other nasty weather. I’ve been on both sides and well, I haven’t gotten another dog.
          (I’m thrilled your dogs give you more than they take. But the dogless aren’t *all* clueless.)

          • Me too. I had a great dog. Killed me when I had to put him to sleep. But in the end, after I got used to him not being there, I realized that I really like not owning a dog. I mean, I loved my dog, but I prefer being dog free.

          • justinbc

            Yeah. I’m allergic to them, but I always had them anyway. After not having one and not having to take allergy meds I realized that a) I really miss them being around b) I don’t miss the lack of freedom or sneezing or constant vacuuming (huskies) and c) I still need allergy meds anyway for this freaking spring bloom.

        • Easy – they own cats.

        • They walk by the sad souls outside at 6:00 a.m. when it’s 34 degrees and raining, waiting interminably for Fido to pick the absolutely perfect tree to pee on. That does the trick.

    • Do they ever freelance?

      • HA! Free lance snugglers! Thanks for the smile. They do not branch out on their own, however they happily show off their skillz and expertise to any newcomer to our house. My husband and I have considered setting up a lemonade stand of sorts, but it would be a snuggle-stand, or a dog-kiss stand. We would have low fees – maybe a nickel ;). step right up and get your snuggles!

    • I love snuggly dogs! My dog is also a champion in this area. This weekend I was taking care of a friend’s dog and visited with family who also had a dog. Somehow they all ended up in my bed – I had a three dog night : )

  • Rant: Angry bus driver this morning. Gave me unnecessary hassle, skipped stops when we had room for more, lots of honking and swerving.

    Rave: Solidcore!! Last week a couple people here asked me to report back on my experience with [solidcore]. I love it! I am an out of shape weakling with no aptitude for exercise. Yes, everything is sore now, and I could probably only participate 1/3-1/2 of the time during my first class, but *damn* it was a good workout! I’m headed to my third class this evening. It’s expensive and it’s hard, but you can tell right off the bat that this is something that will improve your strength tenfold if you stick with it. I definitely recommend! An additional plus (for me, at least) is that because it focuses on slow, steady movements, you’re never out of breath. Quivering, sweating, cursing everything, but never panting. Thumbs up.

    • If this happens again, make note of the bus number and submit a complaint to Metro

    • Thanks so much for reporting back! Glad you’re happy with it, I’m super excited to try it now! Especially because you shared that you are a fellow weakling 😉

    • Ooh! that’s a good update on solidcore. I wonder if there are deals for newcomers?

      • Checked in on this last week. They do a $20 first class at either location. If you live near the Shaw one though the monthly rate is a bit lower (if you want to commit to that)!

    • Glad you enjoyed solidcore. I probably didn’t like it because I also couldn’t participate for probably 1/3 of the class and I tend to want to be constantly in excessive motion during classes or else I feel like I’m wasting my time. I also tend to prefer cardio to strength training but perhaps I will give it another try. I have been doing more strength training with my arms the past month so maybe I would actually be able to do some of the exercises that I couldn’t before.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My sister was such a f***ing c**t in my dream last night. And it was one of those dreams where the feelings stick around. Stupid dream.
    Rave: I’m actually in a good mood, but man I’m annoyed with my sister (in a hilarious way).
    Rave: I think some violets are fixin to bloom in my window pots!

  • Rave: LASIK on Thursday went very well! Recovery at the parents river house was great, and vision is coming back quickly. I am now legally able to drive in the state of Maryland, which I think speaks volumes about drivers in Maryland!

    Rave2: Date 2.5 tonight at DC Reynolds. Tequila Taco Tuesdays! Had a great last one at BlueJacket. We were there for almost 4 hours.

    Rant: Back to work tomorrow. Dangit.

  • Rave: Second set of job interviews seemed to go well and the process has been unusually quick. Less than two weeks since first contact, the next round will be the last one — it’s like going straight to the semis without having to endure the preliminary rounds.
    Question: Chicago for 3 days. What to do that might not be obvious, neighborhoods to meander through (even though it’s going to be chilly) funky shops, oddities and curiosities….Already have fine dining reservations for one night, (Alinea) but could use St. Ex-ish/Eat the Rich type recommendations. I’ll be staying in what Google Maps tells me is the “Near North Side,” on N. Michigan just before it runs into the lake.

  • I think that reading Popville is making me more racist. I don’t want to be, but, you can only read so many crime reports before you start to just expect that any crime in this city is going to be perpetrated by black men. Honestly, how do you read that over and over again and then not feel differently when you’re walking by a black man alone at night? I know this is probably going to devolve into a really bad conversation, and I’ll regret starting it, but I feel compelled to say that I don’t WANT to feel this way. I also am fully aware that there are volumes of history and social economic factors at play that are leading to the crime, I don’t in any way think it’s something unique to black men biologically or something like that. I just… I don’t know. I am starting to be afraid of certain people and I don’t know how to not feel that way.

    • Okay, so let me just first ask you this. Are you making this comment because you want some REAL dialogue to happen here or are you just trolling?

      • *shrug* I am not sure. I’m not sure if any sort of dialogue would make me not feel this way. I live right by a public housing project and I’m not sure that anything that some commenter on Popville says is going to change the fact that I take a different route home if it’s after dark.

        I mean, I’m definitely not trolling. I didn’t even see the comment up above and I didn’t read the zoo thread, so I didn’t realize how much of this was already being discussed. I actually came here and posted it after reading about the slashing in West End.

        • Yes, the majority of violent crimes in DC are committed by black men, BUT think of that fact as a symptom, not the cause of larger problems. If you’re going to get upset about something, get upset about failing schools and generations of poverty with very few options for the future.

          • When I’m getting assault, robbed, or raped, I don’t think of it as a “symptom.” Why do I have a feeling you’ve never been a victim of crime? You sound like a goose (or at least someone is far removed from the actual problems of which you speak and know little about).

          • “When I’m getting assault, robbed, or raped, I don’t think of it as a ‘symptom.’ Why do I have a feeling you’ve never been a victim of crime?”

            This guy was a victim of a violent crime in DC (shot with a gun), and doesn’t have any problem keeping everything in perspective (http://www.salon.com/2013/08/19/what_i_learned_from_getting_shot/). His rationale seems perfectly common-sense to me.

          • Because you had a bad teacher or your parents are poor is no reason to get stabby or shooty. There is simply no excuse for violence — none. I don’t give a damn what circumstances you grew up in. Did the country turn into a bunch of violent criminals during the Great Depression? My grandmother’s family made clothes out of sacks of grain they were so poor, but no one turned into a criminal.

          • Spare me. The “cause” is people that can’t/won’t participate as productive members of society for a variety of reasons. If you don’t want to contribute to society, then society doesn’t have to contribute to you either. Reputations are earned.

          • Living in a community where you’re likely to be a target of violence unless you can prove that you won’t be an easy one is exactly an “excuse” for violence. I don’t know what the point is of dismissive proclamations like yours. No one thinks violence good, so who are these grand proclamations that we should ignore thinking about causes in favor of wagging our fingers at the bad guys even for?

          • I think that people can keep both issues in mind. I can be concerned for my safety while also hoping that the system will improve in such a way that we eventually won’t have this problem. That root cause is very important to keep in mind, but it doesn’t change current situations.

          • I used to sympathize with complaints against gentrification.

            Then I got mugged.

          • I’ll have to agree with those calling bull on this comment. Yes, those are all issues that need to be addressed and there is still a lot of inequality in this society, but do I have sympathy for someone who decides to rob/stab/shoot someone? Absolutely not. I don’t think poverty or bad schools are an excuse to physically harm or kill someone. You don’t need to have an ivy league education or loads of family money to know that it’s wrong to do those things…

          • I’m pretty sure literally everyone talking about the causes of crime are doing so with the intent of finding out how to reduce it and not simply to have a bleeding heart for bleeding heart’s sake. I guess it’s confusing to the “those subhuman animals” crowd, but trying to figure out why an actual human being decides to rob/stab/shoot someone is trying to figure out how to get fewer actual human beings to do so.

          • To Anonymous at 1:19 pm:
            “You don’t need to have an ivy league education or loads of family money to know that it’s wrong to do those things”
            No you don’t. But you do need to be TOLD and SHOWN that. If everyone around you is telling you that it’s cool and showing you that it’s acceptable to kill/beat/rape/etc. people, then you won’t know it’s wrong.

        • You need to first ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Have you been attacked by a Black man before? What have your encounters with Black men been like? Why just “Black men”…why isn’t it Black men dressed a certain way? Do you work with Black men? Have Black friends? You moved next to housing projects…did you know this prior to moving in? I ask all these questions b/c I think it’s important for you to find the root of this problem/feeling and address it from there.

          • I think the commenter spelled out where the feeling comes from: seeing reports of crime and a black male invariably being the suspect. Plus living near a housing project and seeing all of its attendant nonsense.

    • Oh, hmm. I didn’t even see the conversation earlier up in the thread about this. Well, here you go, I’m a living breathing example of what you’re all so upset about, so let me have it.

    • houseintherear

      There’s a fine line and a balancing act that you have to work at every single day. No two people are alike, and people should absolutely not be grouped together and assumed to all be a certain way. Say that to yourself whenever you are starting to feel that way. Everyone is a human being, with their own desires and personality traits and life history. And, at the same time as saying this to yourself every day, be careful with yourself and be smart. Don’t walk alone carrying a bag at night, etc. Not because black men are scary, but because it is safe for you. And it’s ok to make yourself your own #1 priority. Say hello to people and smile at people you pass, and look at them, because it’s the kind way to live and it makes you more aware. I grew up rich and white in a wealthy town, and I have to force myself every single day to not allow those feelings to grow in me. Just DON’T ALLOW IT. There’s a part of human nature that wants to hate, and you have to consciously fight that all the time. Everyone does. Fight your brain and your fears and remember to see everyone as human. And avoid people and conversations that give you an opportunity to give in to those feelings.

    • So maybe stop reading Popville (at least certain posts) and focus more on your personal experiences. Due to the latter, I know I’ve become comfortable nearly anywhere and everywhere I go in DC now. I wasn’t that way when I moved here a few years ago. Thanks to reading Popville, I no longer walk home shitfaced and am more careful with handling my phone.

      Obviously one can’t be 100% safe no matter what precautions you take (as illustrated by that slashing), but on the other hand you shouldn’t get paranoid about a huge chunk of this city’s populace either.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have no idea what your social circle or background is like, but I find that knowing people from different backgrounds helps me remember that different larger groups are made up of individuals and they are all different. Our brains want to categorize people into boxes so we can understand them, but individuals are more complex than that. Meeting/socializing with people from different backgrounds (rich/poor, different races, different cultures, etc) helps me remember not to lump everyone together based on looks (clothes, skin color, hair style, tattoos, etc).

      • I agree. I also try to remember that even if the majority of crimes are committed by a particular demographic group, the percentage of that demographic group committing the crimes is small. So, in DC, the majority of crimes may be committed by black men, but the majority of black men are not committing these crimes.

      • I agree with this to a certain extent. I don’t think that having diverse friends helps necessarily, because you understand and trust them as individuals. You begin associating them with your circle, and not necessarily their background.
        I do know, however, that my own perceptions have been challenged (and changed) since moving to a predominately African American neighborhood recently. I was catching myself watching closely when strangers (who looked somewhat threatening based on clothes or demeanor) passed by. Then, when I saw them carrying grocery bags, walking dogs, commenting on work I was doing in the yard, etc., I realized that the vast majority of every single group (including groups based on style) are just normal people.
        My social circle is almost entirely non-white, but that didn’t do anything for those initial perceptions. What did make a difference was just interacting with random people.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I didn’t mean to say that different people had to be in your social circle, though that can help too. But talking to random everyday people (who may end up in your social circle or may not) is a good way for me to see past stereotypes. I’m also an extrovert, so this may not work for everyone.

  • Revel: Dog did so well this weekend around all of our loud/outgoing families. Though he was so tired after everyone left, he laid down on the sidewalk during his evening walk and refused to go the rest of the ten yards home. We had a good laugh about it after we lured/cajoled him inside.
    Rant: My allergies are off the charts this year. Mr. S is completely immune it seems.
    Rave: 24 hr allergy meds – what a lifesaver.
    Revel: Weather looks to be shaping up nicely for the bluegrass festival this weekend.

  • today marks 17 years since my older sister committed suicide. i’m at work….trying to stay busy. it’s hard- i think of her and grieve her loss every day. i try to end every phone conversation with family, sweet sweet boyfriend, and close friends with “i love you”. you never know when you might not get another chance….

    • Thinking of you. My husbands brother committed suicide many years ago and its still hard for their family every single day. Remember all the positive memories with your sister.

    • I’m very sorry. I’m not sure what to say other than I wish you peace and that I think it would do us all good to remember that you never know when a conversation with someone you love will be the last so be kind to each other.

    • I’m very sorry for your loss. I applaud you for trying to people how you feel all of the time. A lot of people throw around that concept, but it’s another thing to do it and keep doing it for 17 years. I am sure your family and boyfriend really appreciate it.

      • Thanks all. It’s nice to be able to talk about it anonymously. It’s tough to bring it up in real life…..like I’m being a downer or looking for attention. I know our family is not alone; and I am sincerely grateful for your kind replies.

  • Rant: people deciding that you are a horrible person if you don’t like dogs. I hate feeling obligated to coo over every dog that passes by when friends point them out. Every time I mention it to someone, they look at me like I just confessed to murder. And when you finally do tell someone you don’t like dogs, they will inevitably show you pictures of “the cutest puppies ever” and try and convince you. I’m not blind, I still just don’t like dogs.

    • I don’t like chocolate, and people react in the same way – like I’m some sort of sociopath. I totally relate to what you’re saying!

    • Ha ha, yup. I’m not a pet person and I get the same type of thing, especially from dog owners. I don’t dislike animals, or care if other people have pets, I just don’t want one myself and I don’t find them interesting to look at or talk about in most cases.

    • I have this same rant about children.

    • Same reactions if you confess to not liking kids. C’est la vie.
      I like dogs and think they’re cute, but I also believe that they’re dumb as rocks. Seriously, most dogs are idiots. I find cats to display a wider array of emotions, independence, and possess a better knack for self-preservation. A dog would run straight into a car moving at 50 mph because it’s shiny. They’re like that loveable Nice Guy jock in high school: sweet, cuddly, athletic, nice to look at, but ultimately dumb and not very sophisticated.

    • Don’t worry, I feel the same way about cats.

    • I felt the same way about kids…until I had one. Now I’m all offended when people don’t fall all over themselves to tell me how stunningly beautiful he is. I’m only half way kidding. But at least I recognize that this is a problem, right?!

      • saf

        Not enough. The fact is, we all have things that we think are the VERY BEST THING EVER. And they are, for us. But not for everyone.
        Far too many of my friends do not understand that the fact that despite it is your kid/dog/ new hobby, and not someone else’s doesn’t mean I will have the same infatuation with it that you do. You knew I didn’t find it interesting before. You liked me. Yet now because it is YOURS I have to appreciate it with the same fervor you do. Not gonna happen. And I’m sorry that you don’t like me any more. I miss you. But I am who I have always been. It is you who changed, not me.
        (All uses of “you” in the above text generic.)

    • Haha. I don’t like cats, dogs… really just all pets. That admission has ended quite a few dates prematurely.

  • Rant: Wow, the site really seems to be broken today! Lots of 503 errors, and comments seem to be disappearing and then reappearing, then disappearing again!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yeah very sorry about this. We are working (and have been for a couple weeks now) on fixing this. It’s turning out to be a complicated fix but we’ll eventually figure it out. In the meantime accept my apologies and know that it’s driving me nuts too 🙂

  • Rant: ex girlfriend wanted to talk, possibly about getting back together. I had a rough week and asked if we could talk the following week – I really wanted to talk but also needed to gather my thoughts. She took it as a personal insult and refuses to talk to me. Seems immature to me, so I guess it’s good we broke up? Not sure.
    Rant: boss, who is a low level bureaucrat, wishes to be “staffed”, which in my work parlance means basically having everyone act like he’s hot shit. He wants us to get his door when we’re on the road, know (through telepathy) to write his speeches, and to get the car for him so he doesn’t have to walk a block. I’m not sure where these delusions of grandeur came from, but they are becoming increasingly unbearable as he vents to everyone but the employee he is upset with.
    Rave: got a lead on a new job.
    Rave: spring!!!!

    • If getting back together was a good idea this week, it’ll still be a good idea next week. If she can’t see that, then you probably don’t want to get back together anyway

      • True. Looks like I’ve been labelled persona non grata in her book now, though. Oh well. Plenty of fish, I suppose.

    • Anyone who handles anything by giving you the silent treatment is not someone you want to be emotionally tangled up with. Next.

    • My boss just tried to pull this one on me- wants me to take notes for her during internal meetings.

    • Yup. She wants to talk: Great. She wants to talk NOW – regardless of your needs and sulks because she doesn’t want to wait a week for a time that’s good for BOTH of you: RUN. Unless you really like that kind of self-centered, high-maintenance drama.

  • Rant: Extremely randy for the last few days.
    Rant: The person I would most like to relieve this urge with is away on business.
    Rant: No obvious (fulfilling) substitutes.
    Rant: I want to call someone that it would NOT be okay to call…just for this need.

    • oof, I know precisely this feeling.

    • i went to a third tier school and have a pretty aimless outlook.

    • why dont you post a place and time tonite for where you’ll be, a bunch of suitors from PoP will show up, and you can take your pick?

      • That would certainly make my night more interesting than it’s shaping up to be. Isn’t that sort of what the HH is for? Oh wait, was I the only one thinking that? Also, I like how Beau’s wine is cheap but his cheese is fine. Hmmm….

        • This entire thread is getting a bit of an orgy vibe…

          • OP here. You’re making this worse 🙂

          • by worse, do you mean better? Because I think you mean better.

            We should just all go to Ella’s tomorrow for happy hour as it’s centrally located with cheap sangria and decent cheeses (but no John Cusack movies). Also, it has enough of a semi-sleazy corporate vibe that our orgy vibe’s semi-sleaziness may be masked.

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