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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Co-workers being condescending and speaking to me like a child warning me of the dangers of getting stuff off Craigslist. Yes, I’m younger than you, but I’ve been living on my own for 7 years, so I think I can handle myself. I already have a mother, and she knows better than to tell me what to do.

    Rave: got a great deal on Craigslist
    Rave: my bff from HS is in town

    • That’s awesome! Are we all going to Lauriol?

    • skj84

      Ugh. I hate condescending people. I have two friends who like to give unsolicited advise despite being the last people I want advice from. Unless I ask for an opinion keep it to yourself! Congrats on your deal!

      • I often wonder if people take me as being condescending when that is the last thing I mean when holding a conversation. Take this weekend……… downstairs neighbor’s boyfriend parked in her parking spot, but right up against the trash cans for the building (about 12 inches from the row of trash cans), leaving 4 feet of open space space on the other side of the car (i.e. parking correctly would leave plenty of room on both sides of the car). I thought to email her and say he should consider parking further away from the trash cans to avoid any accidental damage to his car. To me that is being friendly and neighborly. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he is not just stupid and looking to get his car scratched, and assumed he just was not thinking that 18 people use those trash cans and chances are he is gonna get a scratch or ding by parking that way. I wonder if the more mature response is in how you TAKE something, as much as in how it is presented. I am not saying the guy does not have the right to make stupid decisions, but wouldn’t you rather have somebody mention that and avoid damage to your car which you would have to pay for rather than assume you are just an idiot and end up with damage? I duno, human nature I guess. I decided just to mind my own business : )

        • skj84

          I do think your situation is different, it regarded an event that could’ve caused an accident. However I friends who give advice about my personal life(love life or lack of it, how I spend my free time) and I really don’t care about their opinion. I think my biggest issue is the unsolicited aspect of it. If I really wanted your opinion i’d ask. Plus the one friend who tries to give me advice on relationships is the last person I want pointers from. She’s a mess relationship wise!

  • Rave: 16th St at the lion bridge is finally better!
    Rant: I don’t think anyone gets as many jury duty summons as me. I’ve lived here 9.5 years and I’ve gotten 3 (maybe 4, now I can’t remember) Superior Court summons, once I served 5 weeks on a rape and murder trial, and now I’ve gotten a 5-6 week trial US District Court summons. While the trial I sat on was difficult, I actually found it to be a community affirming experience in terms of the relationships with the other jurors and the good and measured work that we did. I’m usually to most bizarrely positive person about jury duty, but now I’m just sick of it. I know so many people who have lived in DC as long as me or longer, who have never been called. What gives?
    Rave: four day week.

    • I get a summons nearly exactly every three years which is the the minimum amount that they give you between each time. It’s just DC, this never happened this often in any other state I’ve lived in.

    • My experience is that it takes a while to get people in the system – I had a driver’s license here for about 4 years before I was called for the first time – but that once you are, it’s every two years like clockwork. Keep in mind a lot of people you know may not be registered to vote here, or just may not have worked their way onto the jury rolls yet.

    • justinbc

      I’ve still never actually gotten a summons, anywhere. *cross fingers*
      Although, since I only open mail about once every month or so even if I did get one I would probably miss it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve been here about 7 years and have never gotten one. I got one from New Orleans last year. Haven’t lived there since 2005.

    • I feel like I managed to get dropped from the rolls or something. The last time I was a DC resident, I got my first summons a year to the day of establishing my residency. This time, I’ve been here two years yesterday and I got bupkis.

    • I’ve had jury duty three times, in three different states. I always get a summons when I move a new state, and it’s always just enough time after the grace period is over. I think some people, such as myself, are just unlucky. Some of my friends have never been summoned.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Drove to Upstate NY to visit Mr. Squid after a week apart. Mr. Squid proceeds to get very sick with flu-like symptoms from exhaustion. He also has to stay up there for part of this week so I had to drive home yesterday by myself.
    Revel: 4mi bike ride with 9yo niece
    Rant: Too cold and windy to do any extensive bike riding.
    Rant: Scary potholes on I-81 S
    Rant: off birth control so face has decided to revert to painful, unsightly acne of my high school & college years
    Rant: Tired, cranky, sad, and would appreciate surprise and/or romantic gesture. Grump, grump, grump.

  • Rave: bought piles of clearance plants at Lowes this weekend.
    Rant: now I have to plant them.
    Rave: went for a horse ride this weekend for the first time in ages. went out alone and nothing bad happened. very proud of myself and my horse.
    rant: started my week by face-planting into a glass door on my way out of an office building. Giant bruise.
    I’m also dressed in black and blue, so at least my bruise coordinates.

    • Oh no! You have my sympathy on a glassdoor face plant. I may have done something similar while rushing to meet an arriving friend at BWI the other day. Nothing graceful about it!

  • Rave: I had an amazing long weekend out west with my best friend. We did yoga, hiked, drank a lot of margaritas, and ate half our body weight in Mexican food.
    Rant: Why does Mexican food in DC suck so much? I also overdose when I’m out west. So delicious.
    Rave: I’m feeling so much more relaxed and less anxious. I really needed a vacation.
    Rant: Late night flights. I’m running on six hours of sleep and am very tired.
    Rave: I came home to an Easter basket and a completely redesigned foyer. My partner was busy shopping and putting together furniture while I was away playing for the weekend. I am glad that he has a better design sense than me. It looks awesome, and the space is so much more practical/useful in terms of storage now.

    • regarding the Mexican food in DC, the most obvious reason is geography and the lack of a large Mexican community in this area compared to out west. You can get good quality Salvadorean and Peruvian food in the area – Mexican not so much.

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      Having grown up in San Diego, I’m always looking for good Mexican food in the district. I’m not sure why it’s so bad here.

    • Go to Hyattsville, Riverdale or Bladensburg if you want real Mexican food.

      • Artemis, you’ll have to come hang in my new neighborhood. We’ll find plenty of good Mexican food out there!

  • Rave: Instead of general anesthesia for my surgery Friday I had MAC (monitored anesthesia care that combines intravenous sedation with local anesthetic) and I think I put on a bit of a show. I got really chatty and at one point shared that I was dreaming that everyone was eating hummus and wine and the surgeon said “It’s not a good idea to get the surgeon hungry.”

    Rant: I wonder what else I said that I don’t remember!

    • That’s hilarious. Something similar happened to me – I guess I was talking too much, or my dr didn’t have a sense of humor, because he told the nurse to give me more anesthesia.

    • I was having one of those heart things where they they run a catheter up your veins and into your aorta to see what they can see (they found nothing, this is why health care in America is so expensive) and very now and then I’d come out of the anesthesia and start quizzing the cardiologist on what he may or may not have found. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure he’d then glare at the anesthesiologist, who’d knock me back out so the examination could proceed in peace while I enjoyed the lovely lovely dreams.

    • I think the post-anesthesia glow is the best part about surgery! I get super chatty and invite everyone out for dinner, on me. I’ve also been known to give people life advice and provided my “professional” opinion on hospital decor! I bet post-op nurses have great stories 🙂

      • I *may* have also commented on the decor. I recall looking at a rust stain on the ceiling and asking if that was blood from a head that exploded.

        Geez, I can never go back to WHC 😉

        • Oh, I’m sure the stain was from a head exploding — that of the last nurse who had to converse with a patient under anesthesia. 😀

        • Oh I’m sure the stain was from a head exploding — that of the last nurse who had to converse with a patient under anesthesia. 😀 Joking aside, y’all have much better post-op experiences than I’ve ever had. Coming down just makes me barf everywhereeeeee (or dry heave, since they don’t let you have food.)

      • Ugh, the post-anesthesia heaves are the worst part of surgery! You’re very lucky if coming out of anesthesia is a nice experience for you. I’m always freezing, teeth chattering, and barfing.

  • Rant: light signals are very badly out of synch on U/Florida. Also on 16th between Harvard and Malcolm X park. It’s ridiculous. I blame Vince Gray. What the hell does MC Dean get for that contract??
    Rave: no more Vince gray.

    • the lights are horrible – i ride the S-line bus and could walk faster from Euclid to U street (with about 4 buss stops between the two) its insane

      • There are 2 bus stops on 16th street between Euclid and U (if you don’t count Euclid and U)
        1 at Crescent, the other at V. That’s one bus stop every 2 blocks, which is standard. Besides, at least 2 buses will roll past Crescent Pl stop as they fill up at Euclid. Better since they put in the short route buses, but still can have a heckuva time getting on an S bus at Crescent.

    • Related rant: cars running the light at 18th/Florida/U. Every morning there are at least one or two cars that runs the red light going west on Florida as pedestrians have the signal and I’m trying to cross. It’s a wonder there aren’t more accidents.

  • justinbc

    Rant: First day of heavy yardwork yesterday, had me sneezing all night long. I’m glad to have stuff growing again, but I really hate the grassy area we’ve got. Would love to have it all ripped up and replaced with virtually anything else.
    Sub-rant: 2 of the 5 butterfly bushes we got from Merrifield’s “dying” section at the end of the year actually died. But at least the other 3 survived and given the discount on them all we still came out ahead by a good bit.
    Rave: Adding 3 new exterior doors and new fencing to the house painting project. The old fence is in serious disrepair, so I’m really excited about getting that done. (related rant: this doubled the cost of the project as a whole)

    • Fencing is absurdly, stupidly, insanely expensive. My buddy needed to get 150 feet of 6 foot fencing replaced at his vacation home and contractors wanted to charge the equivalent of a Honda Civic. Good lord.

      • justinbc

        Our quote wasn’t cheap, but I didn’t feel like it was TOO egregious either, given how much everything else in DC costs. To remove and install 36 linear feet of fencing (luckily 2 walls don’t need any), with 2 swinging gates, and in a horizontal pattern they quoted us $2600.

        • who do you guys use for fencing? we have a really small back fence with a door that needs to be replaced

        • epric002

          company name please? we’ve put off re-doing fencing b/c of the astronomical quotes we received. new windows were cheaper than fencing our postage stamp sized yard. yeesh.

          • justinbc

            I’m hesitant to advocate for work before it’s complete, but if we run into each other at one of the PoP HH’s I’ll definitely share the contractor name in person. Or once the work is done I’m sure I’ll submit a before / after for critique and include there 🙂

          • FWIW I used Ace Deck and Fence and I do not recommend them!

          • My landscaper recommends Expert Fencing.

  • Rave: Wonderful solitary weekend spent with no stress and a good book, exactly what I needed
    Rant: Now that its Monday, I’m officially freaking out about my life
    Rave/Rant: Headed home this weekend!! So excited to see my family but this trip isn’t coming at the best time and I anticipate a lot of unavoidable family arguments
    Rant: So tired of being jealous of other people’s passion. How can I be such a passionate person and not have something that fires me up? I care deeply about so many things but I don’t think I’ve felt the kind of passion I’m capable of

  • Rave: Incredible weekend with my girl in the sunshine
    Rave/Rant: My team, the Cardinals, lost yesterday, but it was such an exciting game that I can’t even be upset. I just like seeing my old favorite and my adopted team face off!
    Rant: Sunburn from aforementioned game
    Rant: Was walking through a neighborhood in College Park and got attacked by a dog. Luckily it was one of those obnoxious small fluffy numbers and I was able to beat it off with my bag of beer, but if it had been larger I would have been seriously injured.

  • Rave: Saturday run – all dialed in and ready for May marathon.
    Rave: Best buddy met me at mile 15 with gatorade, water, gu and smiles
    Rave: Saturday funday – absolute blast!

  • Rave: Really enjoyed watching my son run around and play in our backyard. First time we’ve been able to do that since we moved in last summer. Felt so domestic getting dinner ready and watching him play with the neighbor kids from the kitchen window.

    Rant: Nothing, nada.

  • Rave: Feeling good on a monday morning, i like this. Enjoyed the drum circle at the park yesterday and not going ‘out’ but just got drinks with friends around town.
    Rant: So I had a ‘moment’ with a girl from my kickball team last thursday, but i never got her number. We have mutual friends but i figured at this point just wait til next week and ask her in person? Any female advice would be much appriciated – because i think i am actually interested in this girl (but then again i am a hopeless romantic)

    • Speaking as a girl, I think I would prefer if you did some work to hunt me down a little – even if it’s just asking for a number or an e-mail address. All you have to do is say “hey, I had a great time seeing you this weekend, are you going to be around next week?” But making that extra effort is going to let her know you’re interested – and how she responds will give you a good idea of where she is.

      • i have her email address (from the kickball thread), and i have mutual friends who have her number (they are also aware of the moment we had) and are encouraging it. I just feel like i should ask her straight up for her number, pending how kickball goes this week 🙂

    • I’d say ask her out when you see her next; you haven’t missed your opportunity.

  • Rave: Yesterday’s frittat turned out great. Was the first time I made one. Surprised how easy it was.
    Rant: A few weeks ago I got an invite to 20 year high school reunion as an obvious afterthought. All of the due dates for money and RSVPs had passed when I recieved the info.
    Rave: Decided not to go to aformentioned reunion as a result.
    Rave: Decided to take a road trip on Memorial Day weekend (My birthday is the day after teh holiday as well.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I just looked at the clock. I thought the day progressed way more than it actually has. What an inauspicious start to the week.
    Rant: Left my allergy meds at home and I can’t breathe.
    Rave: Learning Swedish dirty words 🙂

  • RANT: Just a heads up, I had my car broken in to and vandalized on 8th and Rock Creek Church NW on Saturday night. It was probably kids (or idiots) as they tried to use a lawn sprinkler on a stake to pry my radio from the dashboard. It didnt work and the sprinkler stake snapped in half and stuck in the dashboard. Car is seriously messed up.

    RAVE: I’m likely getting a new car as GEICO it prob gonna total my old one (Damages >value)

    • Sorry to hear this…I live on Rock Creek Church Rd…not too far from where you mentioned. I like to think of my neighborhood as pretty safe… On the bright side, perhaps you may get a new car out of this! Sucks to be hassled in this way, though.

  • Rant: People that don’t know how to merge. This idiot completely stopped in the merging lane the other day despite plenty of opportunities to merge. This meme goes out to those that don’t know how to merge


    Rant: I didn’t catch any trophy rockfish yesterday.


    Rave: I saw some nice keepers get landed.

    Double Rave: The weather is great and it is trophy rock season.

  • Rant: sanctimonious mommy talk. Got plans ditched by a friend at the last minute when her parents decided to come into town this weekend to visit. I realize that her parents kind of put her in an awkward position, but the way she put it to me really grated – that I’d understand how important family was when I had children of my own (her first is just a few months old). This comes after a long line of statements from her and other recent moms I know about how they finally have meaning in their lives now they have babies, and how I can’t possibly be tired because they’re SO TIRED.
    I get it, your kid is the most important thing in your life. I understand and appreciate that. But I don’t like the implication that I can’t understand what it is to be tired because I don’t have a kid, that my life doesn’t have meaning because I don’t have a kid, that I don’t understand the importance of family because I don’t have a kid (and frankly, I don’t think popping out a kid is going to magically repair my relationship with my alcoholic mother).

    • You need new friends. I hate that kind of b.s

    • Sorry about the sanctimonious mommy talk. I’m saying sorry, because I think everything that woman told you, even though I probably don’t say it to any of my child-free friends.
      You’re not really helping me understand your point of view, though.
      What do you do that makes you tired, as tired as a working parent of one or two tiny kids?
      What gives meaning to your life?
      I’m sure it would give great perspective to your friend, and it would help her be less offensive or hurtful when she talks to you, if you were able to express that to your friend.
      I have two small children, and we rent out rooms to professionals in their 20ies. My husband and I always are in awe at how much time roommate after roommate spends watching shows on their laptop and not leaving the house on glorious days, and doing so little besides their 9 to 5 (or 11 to 5), and we’re often amazed by the contrast of them announcing they’re soooo tired, and our completely frazzled marathon to keep everyone dressed, fed, happy, and the house clean.

      • I understand what you’re saying, however I do think it comes with a little bit of judgment. I’m a professional in my 30s in a public service job. I often work long hours at short notice, traveling cross-country to towns that aren’t exactly vacation destinations. The last few months have been complicated by an illness in the family that has required myself and my spouse to step in and take the financial and administrative reins. I have hobbies. We have pets. But really, all of that doesn’t matter. I’m not saying I’m always as tired, or more tired, than someone with small children. But it shouldn’t be a competition. I can be tired, even if I’m not always as tired as you. My life can have meaning, even if I don’t find it in my (nonexistent) children as you do. Your implication – that I can’t – is what I find so bothersome and, sadly, so common.

      • justinbc

        Tired is a subjective feeling, like “happiness” or “full”. What she’s doing to attain it is completely irrelevant to the fact that she can comprehend it without having children.

      • Are you saying you were never tired before you had kids (not comparatively, actually)? Lucky you. Are you saying you didn’t love your parents? All I’m getting is you have no empathy, once you have kids. Stop trying to invalidate other people’s feelings.

      • what made you tired before you had kids? what gave meaning to your life? Jesus I am so tired of parents who think they are the only reason the sun rises. Not everyone without kids only works a 9-5. Some of us work full time, are working on graduate degrees (or even a bachelors) at the same time, still have a house to maintain etc. You CHOSE to have children, why do you think you are the only one entitled to say you are tired. Maybe your roommate has trouble sleeping due to a medical condition. Just shut up once in a while.

      • “What do you do that makes you tired, as tired as a working parent of one or two tiny kids?”
        Who cares? By asking that, you’re just setting up the next argument of “well X can’t make you as tired as a working parent of one or two tiny kids?”
        Everything is relative, and you’re not really the standard bearer for exhaustion. If you’re an American with enough time to be on this blog, chances are you are better off than 95% of the world’s population. So if you’re exhausted from taking care of your two kids, imagine how that mother in a developing country feels with her five kids and not knowing where dinner is going to come from. Get over yourself.

      • Not the OP, but for me, what’s annoying about sanctimonious mommy talk is that we all make choices. You chose to have children, which makes you have a frazzled marathon. You’re right, non-parents can’t fully understand your frazzled marathon existence, but we can imagine, and we have chosen not to have that existence, so to judge for not understanding your frazzle just misses the point. More often than not, I’m basking in my unfrazzled existence, range of life choices, and opportunities to do whatever whenever. If we were close friends, I, of course, wouldn’t point that out to you any more than you should point out to me how much you think I am missing out on by not having kids, and how little meaning my life seems to have to you. How each person finds meaning in their life is completely personal and individual, not a blanket statement for parents and non-parents.
        It’s possible that the OP is younger than I am, though, and still figuring out what they want out of life. If so, it doesn’t help for your supposed friends to point out time and again how they think their life is more meaningful, or to have a tit for tat over who is more exhausted or who works harder. Why the competition?

      • Wow. I’ve never actually seen someone be this judgmental before. I’ll give you props: at least you aren’t trying to hide your disdain.

        I believe when the OP says “I don’t like the implication that I can’t understand what it is to be tired because I don’t have a kid, that my life doesn’t have meaning because I don’t have a kid, that I don’t understand the importance of family because I don’t have a kid”… they have told you all you need to know to learn how to not be a jerk.

      • Oh, wow, you sound awful. Nobody has to defend the meaning of their life to you, o holy mother. Why don’t you go clean the baby shlt out of your hair and pull yourself together.

      • Your comment is jaw-dropping. What is there to understand about her POV? Your tiredness and the allegedly superior nature of your life’s “meaning” don’t make you better than people without children. Some people without kids are as tired as you are for myriad reasons. Some aren’t, and that’s OK. They’re not obligated to “oooh” and “ahhh” at you for being a martyr or run themselves ragged to compete with you. I get the sense that if I were to tell you what gives my life meaning, you’d roll your eyes because it’s not children. Not everyone knows their life’s purpose, either. I’d rather spend time with people that that than with self-congratulatory, sanctimonious snobs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I so feel you. And I hate when the baby conversation casually moves around to when the child free people will join in the fun and I get to hear all the, “once you get older your clock will start ticking” and “you just haven’t met the right guy.” so much ugh.

      • I’m so glad people can’t tell me its not about meeting the right guy anymore. If I had to have children, I’d have his, but I don’t want them. I have said this since I was probably 14 and everyone said I’d change my mind. Its been a decade and a half, my mind has not changed. LET IT GO.

      • justinbc

        I think the last decade has proven that the “right guy” is no longer a requirement, or even a guy at all. (in a relationship context at least)

    • Ouch! I’m a new mom and can feel myself having some of those moments where I feel like my single/childless friends just don’t understand my level of tired. I say that, because I think back to my single/childless self and want to punch that girl in the face for thinking that she was too tired to go for a bike ride, a run, happy hour, a slow walk through the park, or anything else that I would kill to do right now! Honestly, I give all of that up just to sleep more than 3 hours in a row. I hope that your friend didn’t mean to denigrate your life just because you don’t have kids (yet?), because that’s not cool. Or maybe she was just really tired and didn’t realize what she was saying.

      • Or you could just not make those kinds of comments.

        • I don’t. I want to keep my friends. But I would expect my friends to check me when I’m being an a-hole…about my child or otherwise.

      • So basically you just replaced the things you liked to do with kids, right?
        My point is that single childless people get tired from other activities. Once you have kids, they are your new primary “activity.” You can still be single and childless and just as tired as a parent. You just become tired from different activities – like a stressful job, travel, physical fitness, social outings for work/friends, family issues, etc.
        In my opinion, when parents are “tired” due to their kids and giving the passive aggressive attitude about how “you can never understand,” they are suffering from a case of sour grapes. As much as they love their kids, they’d rather be “tired” due to a 50 mile bike ride, a satisfying work project, or an international trip across 12 time zones. But we all make choices – have kids or don’t have kids?
        The happiest parents I know are those who don’t make their kids the primary focus in their lives. They know that they need to be personally satisfied in some way outside their child in order to be the best parent they can be. People who neurotically focus all their energy on their kids always end being the most “tired” and unhappy.

        • Sour grapes, no. Wishing I had time for me, hell yes! I’m sure at some point there will be some breathing room, but for the mom of an infant who relies on her as his only food source, it’s all about him right now. It has to be. So I hope that when I need to vent to a friend about what I’m going through in my life I’ll be met with some genuine concern, just as I listen to stories about their bad dates and boyfriend woes.

    • houseintherear

      Ugh. I hear ya. When did life become a competition in who is the most tired?! I am mid-30s and decidedly childless, and have now started responding to the tired mommy complaints with something like, “That’s tough, I’m sorry you’re struggling.” End of sentence. And I do not shy away from talking about my life and my own struggles, even if it’s a bitchfest about the long line in the Whole Foods or whatever, and if they try to compete against me I just ignore it and talk about something else.

    • Being a new parent and having to wake up every 2-3 hours is exhausting. So are lots of other activities, but damn is it impossible to function past a certain level if your sleep is interrupted that often. I found that much different than the times when I was just getting less sleep, but generally uninterrupted sleep.

      But your friend sounds really annoying. I get pretty dumb and irrational when I’m tired- maybe your friend does too and that’s how it comes out?

      • A partner that snores, taking care of elderly parents with dementia, pets, loud neighbors, etc. can all attribute to what you’ve noted as uninterrupted sleep – not just being a new parent. And yes, it is hard to function.

    • And yet you think this all makes it ok for you to mock and minimize the most important thing in her life (and most humans’ lives), with the phrase “popping out a kid”?
      With those four words, you lost any sympathy you might have gotten from me, and I’m normally first in the eye-rolling line for that sainted mother BS. The only thing WORSE than a sanctimommy is a non-parent who’s acts like she’s somehow above all that unoriginal genetic propagation stuff.

      • As someone who doesn’t like kids and will never have any, I agree completely. The condescending use of “procreate” makes me cringe too.

      • That phrase was used by the OP in reference to the OP herself… so…. the OP was not mocking the person at all, as the phrase was not used in reference to what OP’s “friend” has or has not done, it is in reference to OP’s possible future choices.

        And OP has every right to use that phrase in reference to herself.

  • Rave: Finally actual spring weather (not too cold, not too hot)
    Rant: Whatever is going on in Columbia Heights that kicked off a crime wave

  • Rant: One of the guests booked for my vacation apt. (here in DC) slipped a disc and had to cancel.

    Revel: Someone here might have friends or family who want to visit April 28-May 3 and could enjoy a great discount. You can see it on VRBO – #141712.

  • Rave: I’m ridiculously excited to take my 2 year old to the White House Easter Egg roll this afternoon!

    • skj84

      Have fun! My family went 3 times when I was a kid. I was technically too old for the roll, but my brothers were the right age at the time. I still had a blast and visiting the roll is one of my favorite childhood memories. I wish my friends had children so the could lend me their kid for the day so I can go back. Or I guess I need to start a family ;-).

  • jim_ed

    Rave: WIZARDS.
    Rant: eh, I’m tired from Easter weekend, but who cares? THE WIZARDS WON A PLAYOFF GAME.

  • Rant: Horrible boss is at it again. Urge to suddenly quit rising. Does he not realize I’m going to report him if he keeps it up?

    • You should tell him you’re going to report him if he keeps it up. I had a problem that went away immediately as soon as I made the offender aware of it. If he doesn’t know he can’t fix it. If he doesn’t fix it once he knows then he needs to be reported.

  • Rant: I need a hobby of my own. So tired of spending all my time with my boyfriend and just watching tv.
    Rant: Tired of my job too.
    Rave: New house means changes. Hoping I’ll get out more in my new neighborhood.

  • skj84

    Rant: DC Unemployment phone line is the worst. I needed to speak to a person about my account and the phone line is way too complicated. I had to listen to an unnecessary message that didn’t even pertain to me before being given options to access my account. Then when trying to do that it asked for my password. Which has an uppercase letter and symbol in it and the phone line wouldn’t process. I got locked out! When it finally gave me the option to speak to a customer service agent there was a 45 minute hold. I opted for a call back, but I don’t have much faith I will actually receive that call. Why does this have to be so complicated?

    Rave: Wonderful Easter with my sister. She lives in Minneapolis and I really like it out here. She’s trying to get me to move out her with her and I’m tempted. Maybe getting out of DC for a bit is what I need.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      When I went on unemployment in DC in 2008 I was able to do everything online. An agent then called me to complete information, eg severance pay. Very simple and easy to do every week to stay on board until I got a job seven months later.

      • skj84

        I filled everything out online, but apparently there is some sort of issue with my account. The website wasn’t elaborating so I called to find out what’s going on. I think the website is ok, but the phone line is a mess.

        • I had this problem. I was told to call but never got to an actual person. It took about two weeks but they did call me back (with the direct number for the person who was assigned to my file). This was last summer. Good luck.

          • skj84

            I eventually spoke to a person. The whole process to even receive my unemployment is so beyond ridiculous. I have to verify my story and so does my former employer. My former employer is hard enough to get a hold of and I have to wait for the case worker to call me. Which could take 3-4 weeks. Then they have a process my story and then decide. It could take up to a month. SMDH.

    • I would 100% move back to the midwest if I had the opportunity and no job to stay here for. I think you should do it!

    • There may be some good opportunities in Minneapolis- Best Buy and Target’s headquarters are there. Plus, it is a good town- “most fit” city in the country (according to one list I saw- based on smoking rates, access to bike lanes/fitness trails, and overall fitness hours by residents), and it is a haven for intellectuals. The U of M and the state capitol being in the Cities makes it even more attractive in my book. You just have to be willing to deal with the cold!

      • skj84

        Yeah the unemployment rate is pretty low out here, plus Minneapolis is very bike friendly. Surprisingly bike friendly.Much more than DC Lots of bike lanes and parking and shops. Plus they have a bikeshare system out here. Its run by the same company that runs Capitol Bikeshare. I was so dissapointed that my bikeshare fob didn’t work on their system! Not too expensive, what my sister pays in rent for a two bedroom apartment wouldn’t even get me a studio in DC and I really like the culture. The only thing I’m not too thrilled about is the public transportation and yes the cold. There is public transportation but DC’s is more extensive. And while my sister has acclimated nicely to the cold I don’t know if I could handle it. But who knows. I am going to start looking at jobs out here. You never know what could happen!

        • MN is a great place… but you have to be able to deal with the snow and the cold.. because you will have 5 months of it, and you will wonder how on earth people choose to live in a place where temperatures in the negative teens are considered normal.

          For your consideration: http://www.minnesota-visitor.com/diary-snow-shoveler.html

          There used to be a much better version (more temperature and snowing into april).. but I can’t find it online.

          • skj84

            hehe. It actually snowed on Thursday! I was less than thrilled, especially since I didn’t bring my snow gear. Thankfully sis lended me stuff. I looked like a tourist, everyone else was walking around with light coats and regular shoes, and I needed my snowboots to keep from slipping. It’s funny on how ones standards to cold change depending on what part of the country you’re in.

  • Rave: Actually had a great time in NY last weekend. Nice long walk through Central Park watching the harpsichord players and opera singers and ogling the cherry blossoms. Low key delicious tapas in the Upper West Side.
    Rave: Going to the White House today for an armchair convo with Miss America, among others.

  • epric002

    rave: had a wonderful time at my brother’s wedding.
    rant: it was SO effing cold.
    rant: my dress did not fit.
    rave: spanx.
    rave: seeing extended family.
    rant: not enough time visiting with extended family.
    rant: brother and SIL are moving across the country in 2 weeks. that hadn’t sunk in until yesterday. totally started crying when saying goodbye to them 🙁
    rant: what should have been no more than a 4 hr drive home was 6+ hours. i effing hate driving.
    rant: only got 4 hrs of sleep post-wedding. even after a full night last night, am exhausted today.
    rave: spring?

  • Rant: Moving long distances. Packing, sorting, tossing, clinging to organization with both hands. Rant. Rant. Rant.
    Rave: Maybe new adventures on the horizon?
    Random: Can anyone recommend a liquor store with a really good wine and spririts selection and good prices that also deliver?

  • Rant: when the heaviest, thus most costly, part of your salad (the chicken) is kinda yucky…
    Rave: sometimes having only a small rant is a rave.

  • Don’t confuse drama-free with boring. 😉 Love, a fellow Boringtownian.

  • Don’t confuse drama-free with boring. Love, a fellow Boringtownian. 😉

  • I wouldn’t take it too personally. Without further inter-personal context, written words are oftentimes all that we have for context, so it can be easy for someone to misinterpret your thought if you aren’t careful with your wording. We’re largely communicating with short anonymous quips that are easy to misconstrue.

  • Rant: ate at 5 guys against my better judgement.
    Rave: now beached in the sun on a bench in McPherson square w the sax playing the background.
    Rave: like a snake, will not have to feed again for a long time.

  • Rant: Office job is sucking the life out of me.
    Rave: I do real estate on the side and really enjoy it.
    Rant: I want to quit my job and do real estate full time (and think I could be successful with the foundation I already have in place) but I am scared to take the leap – mostly because of the uncertainty and the healthcare.
    Rant: If I was married this would be a different decision.
    Rave: There’s no time pressure on the decision. If I can get two things under contract with existing clients I may give a months notice and just do it.
    Rave: Even if it didn’t work I wouldn’t want to come back to my current office…so I would have time to pursue something else. Is that really a rave?

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