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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • So has anyone else noticed that there are periods of time where several dc cabs will pass with the “taxi for hire” sign on and none stop for you? I’m feeling like there must be quick uber surges that mess with the supply of normal cabs that also operate as ubers. I get it, some of the cabs operate as ubers. But if they’re going to do that and are willing to pass people, they need to turn their signs off/ to on call. I’m wondering if others have observed this and am ready to write an ANC rep about this. I shouldn’t see 5 cabs in 5 minutes with their signs for hire with none of them stopping.

    • That happened for decades before Uber.

    • I think being a lady helps with this. One time, two guys were flagging a cab 20 feet away from me and he drove by and got me instead…I felt bad, but it was raining and well he had already passed them.

  • Don’t curse this April chill, don’t wish away this spring.

  • Rant: the recent school debate and Bowser’s nomination have me thinking that D.C. is poised to take a step backward.

    Double Rant: Apparently we all have to get new driver’s licenses by October if we want to continue to be able to use them for air travel or entry into federal buildings.

    Triple Rant: A friend’s husband is dying and they have two small kids. I can’t imagine what they are all going through.

    Rave: I have a lot to be thankful for.

    • Re Double Rant: for federal buildings, yes. For air travel, no.

    • Re new IDs – the good news (perhaps) is that the Georgetown DMV is scheduled to re-open at the end of the month. It looks like you need the new ID for entry into federal buildings by the fall and for air travel by 2016.

      • Can’t we just apply for a replacement license through the mail? That’s what I did when I changed my address. No need to go to the DMV, I think.

        • These are new IDs compliant with federal regulations. You need to go in person and bring proof of identity documents along with documents attesting to your DC residence.

        • No, to get the real ID you have to go in person and show the necessary documentation. The ID will be sent to you in the mail, though.

        • Not this time. The new process requires an in-person renewal so they can look at and verify original documents. After that you should be able to renew online or by mail.

        • I wish. The documents they want to verify are the same documents I used to get my DC license…….

    • where’d you hear October? the discussion on the board made it sound as if we had until 1/1/2016. Maybe I mis-read…

    • I work for a member of congress from a state with drivers licenses that are not REAL ID compliant. DHS sends everyone into a panic every couple of years as they say non compliant ID holders won’t be able to board planes after X date. And every time, as that date approaches, they extend the deadline a couple of years because more than a dozen states are not compliant. The law doesn’t work, but DHS won’t admit it because they want the threat to keep states moving towards compliance. If you’re really worried about the DC license, get a compliant one or use a passport or trusted traveler card, both of which are REAL ID compliant. But your current DC license will still work until 2016 for air travel (or the date they extend the deadline to again after 2016 isn’t going to work).

      • Good info. My license is good until 2020 which is why I am resisting. I don’t like to carry my passport around and I occasionally have to go to Federal buildings for work.

  • soo bored and unmotivated at work this week…need a new job

    • agreed. also found out promotions are going to be WAY limited at my job, but I’m so afraid to make a change. I have kind of low self esteem, and don’t think I would be much of a competitor in today’s market, so I stick with my safe fed job that I hate.

    • +2
      I have zero motivation lately and I am sort of depressed due to the job. It’s just not an interesting environment and the projects I’m leading are a snooze-fest.

  • Rantish/Rave: I have surgery on my lip/mouth tomorrow. Going under anesthesia makes me a little nervous; plus I have this strange compulsion to clean my house beforehand as though in the pre-op interview they are going to ask me if I made my bed.

    Rave: I should be back to solid food on Saturday! Khachapouri?

    • I hope the surgery goes well! I also feel compelled to clean before I leave my house for a few days.
      In case something happens and someone needs to come into my house – I don’t want them seeing dirty dishes and an un-made bed.

      • Yep, I have to clean before traveling also!

        • Of course you do, you’re a part of the “early compliance program!” When checking your new REAL ID, TSA agents will also inquire as to the cleanliness of your home.

          πŸ˜‰ Just kidding, I also compulsively clean before going on a trip. Nothing like returning from travel to a nice clean house and fresh sheets.

    • Lol! Your “strange compulsion” reminds me of descriptions I’ve heard re: pregnancy “nesting”. At least it means that you’ll be coming home to a clean house! Hope your surgery goes well!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hope the surgery goes well! And I hope recovery is speedy and painless!

  • Rave: New best guy-friend
    Rant(lite): We are like obsessed with each other, spending way too much time together, and I know that it is because we are both getting over serious relationships. It feels like we are emotional f*buddies, and I’m wondering how we will move forward. Also I think he’s kind of into me, which I really don’t want, and told him so, but may have inadvertently encouraged.
    Rave: Cuddle buddy for movies
    Rave: Love new friends, so hard to meet nice normal ppl around here!

    • this sounds like a really “F’ed up relationship” to be honest – you are going to crush this guys soul.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of, and why I posted anonymously to get it off my chest. But to be fair to myself, I communicated very clearly from the beginning that I do not want a relationship, gave him an out, and made sure we were on the same page before I proceeded with the friendship. Contrary to what the poster below suggests about my youthful inability to communicate my feelings, I prefer to believe I exist in a world where men and women can be friends, but know these relationships are challenging. In the brief time we have known each other we have improved the quality of each other’s lives, and I’m just musing on how we can continue to do so.

        • So you do know that communication isn’t just verbal…right? So if you communicated “clearly”, then your ACTIONS need to be consistent with what you said. And if at any point your thoughts/feelings have changed, then you need to articulate that both through conversation and your physical interaction with him.

          • Original commentor above – Also this is coming from someone who has attempted to have girls who i am friends with (that im comfortable cuddling on the couch with) but not hooking up with, some days maybe i would want to cross the line but most days i am just happy with what i have. I also know these girls are not girl friend material so i dont have that linging in my head either. Do this guy a favor and stop cuddling with him. Unless you want him to make a move (which there is nothing wrong with).

        • So are you scared of the idea of beginning in a relationship or you do you not think you could date him? He may like you in that way because sometimes those feelings are not easy to push away but maybe he already knows he has to get over it. You should just ask him how he feels. For me a good connection is hard to find so if I have a feeling I act on it. My best friend is a girl whom I had a relationship with early into the friendship and it has been 4 years since that ended and were still best friends , it was kinda weird for a month.

      • Agreed. Cuddle buddies? No guy is cuddle buddies with girl’s they want as friends. Some woman don’t seem to understand cuddling is sometimes more intimate than other more overtly sexual items on the menu. He is into you and you are leading him on. This will end badly.

        • Co-sign. If you’re a straight female and I’m down to cuddle you, I’m down for sexy times, as well.
          The only exception to this are cuddle sessions with a few of my married lesbian friends. But we are practically siblings and not attracted to each other, so there’s no issues there.

        • gotryit

          I can’t imagine cuddling with a woman that I’m attracted to and it not being *ahem* obvious that there was more going on…

    • How old are you? I mean, you don’t have to answer of course, but this sounds like something that I’d expect from high-schoolers/college students who don’t know how to accurately express and communicate their feelings. If you don’t like him “like that” then you are doing everything wrong and run a high risk of ruining what might have been a great friendship.

    • I married my emotional f*kbuddy. Sometimes things work out!

    • “Inadvertently encouraged?” Um, you’re cuddling with someone you’re not interested in but who you know is into you. That goes beyond inadvertent encouragement and crosses well into using someone to fill your own needs and leading them on. Not cool.

      • Do you think he could also be “not cool” for the same thing? Meaning cuddling with someone you know is not interested in a relationship? I’m actually curious I don’t know the answer to this; Since I got dumped last year, two of my other friends have started flirting with me and not letting it go, despite clearly asking them to stop (and NO inadvertent cuddling). It feels like the friendships, which I valued for the years I was in a relationship, are now empty because they just want something from me…

        • Being told something and *knowing* it are two different things. Loyalcitizenofzamunda pointed it out above, but it bears repeating: you’re communicating verbally one thing, but the statement your making with your actions says another. Besides, if he’s truly into you, he’s hoping that things will change. He might be intentionally ignoring your words by continuing this friendship in this way, but “buyer beware” isn’t an excuse in these types of relationships.
          As for those other guys, I hate to break it to you, but they’ve been waiting your relationship out.

          • thanks for the advice.

          • if i was the guy and you would cuddle with me and say you dont like me -i would probably continue to cuddle – then rip the rug out from under you – watch you fall and pick up a new girl in the process – then we could see how ‘not interested you were’ – i guess if you answer i would be upset, then you probably care about him more than a friend

  • Rant: The new supercan recycling and gabrage bins won’t fit in the space where the the old bins currently reside.
    Rave: The current space is right outside my door; moving the bins away from the door will be a huge improvement.

    • Did you get bigger cans? I have a bigger recycling container which I don’t need – I’m going to keep the old one because it takes up less space.

      • yes! The new bigger cans are just way too big, imho. especially for our tiny front yard/areas.

        • I put the recycle sticker on the new can and can’t wait for it to go away

          • FYI, you also have to call 311 to request pickup of the can(s) you don’t want. Just putting the sticker on it won’t get it taken away.

      • “Did you get bigger cans?”
        *insert giggle*
        If this blog was called Prince of Newport Beach, this statement would take on a whole new meaning.

  • Rant: people who bring their animals to work. i don’t work at the zoo, leave your furry friend at home.
    Rant: reading that Loose Lips article on the Emancipation Day aka Vincent Orange Day. why can’t they just celebrate Juneteenth Day like the rest of the country? it’s just doesn’t seem like a very cost effective event
    Rant: excise tax on a new car…wtf. I may have to find a private parking space to rent instead.

    • Who brings their animals to work, save seeing eye dogs?! This would actually be a rave for me, I’d love to see a dog or two at my office πŸ™‚

      • jim_ed

        I work in an office where dogs are allowed assuming they’re well behaved. It really seems to work as a great recruiting tool.

      • This person certainly is not blind or needing assistance otherwise. This dog has been running around the entire office AND barking. Which, for me, is a huge distraction.

      • A lot of firms in the digital marketing/advertising/tech space.

    • I bring my dog to work and it’s not a zoo (besides, dogs aren’t in zoos, so I don’t get your point). Coworkers like having him there, and dozens of studies have shown it’s beneficial to the work environment. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean no one else does.

      • I would love if my office allowed dogs! However, the OP stated this particular dog was running around barking. I think that would be pretty distracting to most people. As long the dogs are well-behaved and don’t make a lot of excessive noise I think it would be great. Otherwise, maybe the person should rethink brining their dog in.

        • Well, yes, a dog shouldn’t be a distraction in an office. My dog typically lays in one spot all day and has never barked. Like anything else in the workplace, a little common sense and courtesy goes a long way. Lots of dogs are fine in an office, lots aren’t. But her original rant that I responded to was about “people who bring their animals to work,” instead of “people who bring their poorly behaved animals to work.” Big difference.

          • First off…I wouldn’t say that a dog that runs around and barks is ill-behaved. It’s simply a dog being a dog. Regardless, I don’t think the workplace is a place for dogs. I’m entitled to that opinion, and I’m entitled to not want to have animals roaming around my place of work too. This is not something that is explicitly addressed in my office’s policy, but perhaps it should be. My original comment said “animals”, I wasn’t explicit with what kind of animal, but lots of animals live in zoos. Next time, would you prefer me to refer to each animal’s natural habitat? The wild? A swamp? The deep blue sea?

  • Rave: Weekend travel on the brain. I have already printed boarding passes. Please let this work day go by quickly.
    Rant: A conversation with one of my parents left me feeling anxious and self-doubting yesterday. I think I just need to draw better boundaries re: how much I share. Ugh.
    Rave: In 24 hours, I will be in sunny AZ with my best friend for a weekend of hiking, yoga, long talks, and margaritas. I’m feeling so burnt out right now. This couldn’t come at a better time.
    Rave: Slowly healing the relationship with my little sister. Baby steps, but we are communicating so much more than we were even six months ago.

  • Rave: Almost Friday?
    Rant: Car needs a new clutch and maybe a new timing belt. Stupidly, I took it to the service center at the dealership and they are quoting me $3k. So now I need to go back out there and pick it up and find a cheaper place to take it. Any recommendations for decent, inexpensive car shops in NW or NE DC? It’s a 2004 subaru – 80,000 miles. I’m willing to put in another grand or maybe two to keep it going for another year or two. If it’s not even 100,000 miles yet I think I can still get more good time out of it. Feedback welcome!

  • Rave/Rant/Revel: Saying goodbye to online dating. Between LSAT prep, getting in shape for the season and keeping up with friends I honestly just don’t have time/money to hang out with strangers that I don’t already know I’ll have chemistry with, especially considering my success rate so far.
    Rave: Considering trying out solidcore in Shaw so I can gain some serious strength within a month or two. Any users out there have thoughts that might sway me? Need to see results fast since I’ve been putting off getting in shape. My other option is boxing classes at OffRoad…

    • Curious about solidcore. Hope others might have insight.

      I didn’t know there are boxing classes at OffRoad. That’s pretty cool!

      • I did SolidCore in Shaw once. Your mileage may vary, and the posts on their FB page seem to contradict my view. But, despite them saying “it’s for everyone! It’ll kick your butt, but it’s such an encouraging and supportive environment that literally anyone can do this” and despite me doing zumba and aerobics regularly, using small handweights regularly, and being in okay (but not great) shape, I literally could not do half of the exercises, and they did not offer alternatives. I like a challenge, but I don’t see how it helps me to go to a class where I can’t do the exercises and there are no alternates to get me to the point where I can do the exercise. I found the lack of alternates entirely discouraging, despite their claim that it’s such a supportive environment. That said, it’s worth going once to see if you enjoy it, and supposedly you do get really good results if you go regularly. I think I just need to train with weights in order to be able to do a second class and get anything out of it.

    • I have been doing SolidCore reguarly since December (about 3-4 times per week), I definitely think that you can modify the moves to fit your level of fitness. If doing a plank, try going to your knees in a modified plank rather than your toes. If doing the standing or kneeling inner thighs, try using one of the red handles to help pull the carriage in. It is definitely an intense class but just get the instructors attention and let them know what you are struggling with and they can help, or talk with them after class.

      • I do think it is possible to modify the exercises, but unlike other fitness classes I have attended, the instructor was not helpful in pointing these modifications out. By the time you get their attention and ask, half of the time is up already. In my experience with other classes, it works best when instructors point out the modifications as they are telling everyone what to do, so everyone in the room knows what to do at the same time, whether they need to do a modification or not.

  • Rave: Watching a friend’s dog this week – he’s goofy and playful and I’m enjoying having him around. And, two dog nights : )
    Not such a rave: Walking two dogs is a challenge – trying to not trip over a leash when one changes direction, encouraging them both to walk in the SAME direction, they get freaked out about different things.
    Re-rave: He is a sweet pup, it’s just different having two.

  • Rave: Heading to my first Nats game of the season tonight with my office. Looking forward to bonding with new colleagues since I started this job just a couple of weeks ago.
    Rant: I have always had a close family but have steadily lost respect for one parent over the last year due to some pretty mean-spirited behavior. The rest of the family feels the same way I do and it is just sad.
    Rave: Really enjoying the new job in addition to my volunteering gig!
    Rant: I am pretty proud of how diligent I have been studying for the LSAT but it is hard to ignore everyone telling me how going to law school is a poort decision.
    Rave: We are moving in May to a beautiful new apartment with a dishwasher. I have never been more excited about a household appliance!

    • That’s how I felt about my washer and dryer when I moved into my condo. The realtor thought I was nuts. Enjoy the new dishwasher!!

  • Rant: Got home yesterday to package ripped open outside door and contents stolen. Hope the thief has dry hair so they can benefit from the fancy conditioner.
    Rant: Absence of warm weather is turning me into Oscar the Grouch. I’ll just go hide in one of those unneeded supercans referenced above.
    Rave: Leftover matzah ball soup.

  • Rant: Boss is one of the worst people I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing. I dream of quitting my job with no notice. I won’t, obviously. I’m tempted to give two weeks notice even without a new position lined up.

    • I left without notice and no position lined up. It worked out.

      • You’ve just given me so much hope. Do you mind if I ask if your old boss has ever retaliated? Mine is so petty that I expect it.

        • Not to my knowledge. I know that I will never have a good word from the boss or any higher-up at the organization, though, so that I regret. Years wasted. Still, it’s so worth the relative mental stability and happiness I’ve gained by leaving!

  • Rave: the weather is gorgeous and I get to spend spring break at various parks throughout the area.

    Rant: 3 days into passover and I just want a proper sandwich! I’m 100% over all this matzoh crap.

  • Rant: The empty retail space in the apartment building above the Georgia Ave metro stop. I cannot believe that with all of the development that is happening in the area, most of the spaces in that building sit empty. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I recall a thread in which it was indicated that there was some squabble amongst the owners about the kinds of tenants they would accept. But that was over a year ago. I find it hard to believe that no one has approached them about renting any of those spaces.

  • Another crowdsourcing question for PoPville (you all were so helpful earlier this week with cancer-side-effect-related help): My sister has a German Shepard dog around a year old, living across the country with her soon-to-be-ex-husband. She’s been awarded custody of the dog, and plans on bringing it back to the east coast, but doesn’t have a guaranteed person to take or foster the dog. (She also thinks she’s going to move into her own apartment in a few months, which will of course allow her to have this dog in the apartment.. no bueno).

    So my question is: does anyone know of a good fostering group and/or German Shepard rescue group that might be able to help foster or adopt the dog to a safe home?

    • anonymouse_dianne

      There are GSD rescues, but you might call WARL — Shepards usually get adopted pretty quickly. You also might contact Cathy Lanier, as I know she is always looking for GSD in general and black Labs for bomb dogs.

    • As a dog owner – I gotta ask – why is she taking the dog if she isn’t keeping it? Why not leave it with the ex so it stays part of the family?

      • ? Yeah, I wondered this too – and decided that I must be reading it/understanding it wrong. If the dog can stay with the ex, why go through the disruption of relocating and re-homing the dog?

      • This was my first thought too. I’m assuming the ex doesn’t want it because otherwise there’s a really easy solution to this.

        • I read “was awarded” as meaning that there was a dispute over the dog. If so, and if the ex is an otherwise suitable dog owner, it makes no sense to subject the dog to a cross country trip only to be given away.

      • Agree. Why not leave the pup where it is if she doesn’t want it?

        • Sounds like she’s doing it out of spite. I feel bad for the poor doggy, who is just a pawn in this mess πŸ™

      • The “why” behind her actions is beyond me, and I don’t think she’s thought this through all that well. The dog shouldn’t be with the ex (he’s mean/abusive to the dog), but it shouldn’t me shipped across the country IMO. Thank you to the two people who posted helpful suggestions – it is much appreciated.

        • She might also look into Foster a DC Pet: http://www.fosteradcpet.com/. It’s “specifically for people who need temporary housing for their pet during a transition phase in their life,” so it might work for her!

        • For what it’s worth, there are probably german shepherd rescue groups in CA. Seems it would be easier on the dog to not have to travel across country and then be re-homed. Do you think your sister might consider this as an option?

    • Yes! There’s a wonderful guy who is often at Shaw dog park on Saturday and Sunday morning who fosters German Shepherds through a local GS rescue group. I’m not sure of the group, but I think it’s vgsr.org. You might be able to find someone to help out through them.

  • Rave: Really enjoying my life lately. Finally feel like I’m settling into adulthood and things are going much differently than planned, but in a way I’d like them to.
    Rant: My neighbor’s dog barks so loud it scares my (indoor) cat. She’s getting used to him, but is constantly under the bed.

  • Rave: Will be trying to do the whole Triduum this Easter: Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Mass, AND the 2 Hour-plus Easter Vigil on Saturday.
    Rant: Attempts to lose weight are going poorly. I only need to lose about 10 pounds, but my body refuses to go along with the program. Those last 10 are the toughest. Plus, I really like eating good food- haha!

  • Rave: Playoff hockey.
    Rant: Won’t get past the first series. Oh well.

  • Rave: I got kudos at work today and that feels good.
    Rant: the Atlantic article about women and confidence, it’s so true, but it’s so ingrained.
    Rave: tea tree oil! How did I not know about this wondrous product? I bought shower wipes for the gym that have aloe and tea tree oil and my skin is so much firmer and more moisturized. It has even gotten rid of the unsightly irritation I get after shaving. I feel like a new person, a new person who isn’t insecure about the back of her thighs.
    Rave/rant: my annual dance event is coming up fast. It’s going to be awesome, but wow do I have a lot to do in the next 1.5 weeks. (I am posting the events on PoPville for those interested, some are free outdoor dances in DC).

    • Tea tree oil products from the Body Shop did wonders for my acne as a teenager. What brand wipes are you using?

    • Ooooo outdoor dances! I hope one is contra or swing!

      • They’re both swing dances! They will both have free 30 minute beginner lessons sprinkled throughout!
        Dupont Circle, Saturday, April 26th from 1-5 with DJs and the Bitter Dose Combo
        U St African American Civil War Memorial Plaza, Sunday, April 27th from 1-5 with DJs and the Bumper Jacksons

    • What brand did you get? I’ve heard wonderful things about tea tree oil, and bought a bottle, but it smells so strong and so awful, that in the end, I’ve never used it. Maybe 100% tea tree oil isn’t the way to go?

      • No, I did a little reading and I’m pretty sure 100% tea tree oil will actually irritate your skin. One thing I read said that a 5% solution is best. I’m having flashbacks to gen chem and serial dilutions, ack!
        I got Action Wipes by Harbinger. They are large and individually packaged, which is perfect for after the gym. I got them on Amazon, they ship free with Prime.

      • I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil soap pretty much religiously ever since my girlfriend turned me onto it. Highly recommended. (You can find it in Whole Foods, etc.)

      • Yes, undiluted is too strong. Mix it about 5% with witchhazel (and a squirt of aloe gel if you like) and use that to spot treat or put on a cleansing pad to wash your face and skin, works wonders.

    • The Diane Rehm show had the authors of “The Confidence Code” on the show this morning. Really interesting, well worth a listen.

    • The Diane Rehm show had the authors of “The Confidence Code” on this morning. Really interesting, well worth a listen.

    • I guess I haven’t been using the right tea tree oil products. There’s a bottle of Trader Joe’s tea tree oil conditioner in our shower, left behind by a visitor, and I’ve used it on a couple of occasions when I was out of my usual conditioner. My scalp has never been as dry and flaky as it has after using that stuff!

  • Rant: Random “how’s it going?” text from ex who broke things off out of the blue after about a year (a serious year… was starting to feel like this one was “the one”, to boot) and started seeing someone else tackily soon afterward. Just… no.
    Rant: Trying to decide whether it’s worth relocating for a job with lots of upward potential(but not a great base salary), worried that I’m just trying to flee the scene due to recent events.
    Rave: Two Nats games this weekend and Easter with the family :).

    • Emmaleigh504

      I feel you on the text. I had an ex whose father died while we were together. For years after he dumped me (after cheating on me, which I found out when he dumped me) he would call or text me on the anniversary of his father’s death. Maybe I’m cold and heartless, but wtf was he calling me and not his sister/mother/girlfriend?

    • Yeah – tacky. I’ve been getting calls/texts from a guy I dated briefly before he disappeared on me (this is now 6 years ago). He’s now married with twin toddlers and wants to know if we can “get together.” Umm…no.

    • Very tacky (re: text from ex). I was with a guy for two years and he broke it off seemingly out of the blue and moved out. Turns out he was seeing someone else and they got married last year. Every couple of months now he texts me and it’s usually something relatively benign, like “how’s it going” but last month, it was a whole slew of angry texts asking why I don’t ever respond to his texts, why I don’t want to be “friends” and demanding to know “why we don’t talk anymore” proceeded by 11 missed calls. It’s been a couple of weeks since those angry texts, but it still bothers me – no, I do not want to be your friend and I’ve made it crystal clear.

  • Rant?: I think the PoP singles HH maybe needs to happen soon?

  • Rant: “To be honest, I don’t think I’m up for hanging out again.” — the end result of trying to find an apartment in this city with a close friend of 7 years who says she’s “made peace with that and moved on.” Like hell she has.

  • Rant: Feeling a serious lack of feedback, guidance, etc. at my job. I have this weird feeling I’m not doing well but no idea how to fix it.
    Rave: Was nice enough to walk to work today.
    Rave: Along my walk I pass my gym, my grocery store, and a lot of my favorite restaurants, so it just made me feel kind of happy that I’ve created a nice little life for myself.
    Rave: Husband and I are starting to feel out the idea of having a kid soon.
    Rant: Crunching the childcare numbers is a total downer πŸ™

  • Rant: Jammed my finger last sunday playing flag footbal and now sprained my ankle last night. Can’t seem to catch a break. Looks like I won’t be hitting the new gym, which I just joined last week, for a week or two
    Rave: Going to New York this weekend to visit friends
    Rant: Not sure how much walking I’m going to be able to do.
    Rave: Spring and having great friends in the city to enjoy it with!

  • skj84

    Rave: Trying to make the most out of unemployment. I’m really enjoying all the free time I have. Visiting family and generally trying to relax. I’m not nearly as tired as I used to be and I get to do fun things during the day.

    Rant: No additional funds. Really tightening the purse strings. None of the places I’ve applied at have called me and I may have to get a survival job soon. I need to let my sense of pride go and find something, I don’t know if I’m going to get unemployment.

    Rave: Great friends who have offered so many resources for job searching and leads. It’s good to have a strong support system.

    Rant: One friend mentioned a good job with a company I don’t care for. It would be right in my ally and good pay, but I really don’t like this organization. I don’t know if I have the luxury of turning opportunities down, but is it ok to sacrifice morals for money?

    • “… but is it ok to sacrifice morals for money?”
      This sums up DC nicely in less than 10 words.

      • Not most of us who live here. Maybe those elected officials that other people send here but certainly not all of us that work for nonprofits, causes and public interest stuff. Nice stereotype tho.

      • Versus the rest of the country where nobody worries about income?

    • Hang in there, skj! I meant to reply to your initial post about this, but never got around to it. Have you considered temping? It’s not always fun, but it’s gotten me through some rough transition periods. Good luck with everything.

      • Thanks! I sent my info in to a few temp agencies. I haven’t heard back yet. I’m out of town this week, but I’m going to stop in when I get back. I’ve always had a job, even through high school and college so this whole process is so foreign to me. I also applied for unemployment, fingers crossed that kicks in. The whole enormity of the situation really hit me this week.

      • Temping after an internship got me my job. I’ve been here for 7 years, so you never know what might happen if you can get a reasonable good match.

        • Seriously, temping is awesome. I did it all through college (entry level admin work) and then later in my career (work in my field) when I got laid off. Many fields have specialized temp agencies, but even if you’re doing something else, it’s money, and it’s temporary, so who cares if it sucks or is boring. Clock in, clock out, go to the bank.

  • Rant: Anxiety and nerves about making the transition from nicely paid consultant to graduate student in a city even more expensive than DC. It seems like everything and everyone these days is advising against graduate school. I’ve put a lot of thought into it though and think the degree (public health) is a worthwhile investment that will lead me to a more interesting and satisfying career. Anyone have any thoughts or advice on preparing for this transition?
    Rave: Supportive friends and family. Health.

    • I’ve made the transition back and forth from full time working to grad school, then back to full time working. If you are comfortable with the decision to go to grad school and that it will help you later on, then this is just anxiety about a new situation that you are anticipating. In other words, you’re thinking about what it will be like to be a grad student from the perspective of a nicely paid consultant. Believe me, your perspective will change once you start! One piece of financial advice – figure out about what your new daily budget will be as a grad student, and then start experimenting now with trying to live on that for maybe one day a week now, and ease into the transition.

    • Can you work and do school part-time in the evenings? It’s a slog and takes longer to get your degree, but you actually come out way further ahead financially. If you’re paying for your own degree, this is definitely the way to go. Does your employer offer partial tuition reimbursement? Every bit helps.
      For instance, the tax breaks are great (Lifelong Learning Credit, Hope Credit, etc) if you’re in school while working. If you go to school full time, you won’t have much income to be able to take advantage of those credits (it’s such a Catch 22). There’s also student loan interest deductions (if you make less than $75K).
      If I had to do it over again, I would go to school part time. I’m going to be paying off my grad school loans FOREVER. πŸ™

    • I have a graduate degree in public health. I worked full time in the field for 3 years before I quit my job and moved to a new city to attend grad school full time. Going to grad school was worth the investment for me. My job prospects are better, my salary is better, I’m able to take on higher level work and have more responsibilities at work. But it was expensive. Even though I had a partial scholarship, I’m going to be paying off my student loans for along time. But I don’t regret it.
      Transitioning back to the student life was hard at first, my first semester was rough. But after that adjustment period, I had a great time. I had to cut back on expenses significantly – lived in a group house instead of getting my own place, less eating out and more cooking, etc. You just have to be good at being frugal. I also got a part time job which helped cover my day to day expenses. Good luck (and have fun)!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Monthly work at home day means I get lunch from So’s Your Mom.
    Double Rave: Eye candy behind the counter πŸ™‚

  • saf

    Rant: bought a new kind of dishwasher detergent. It smells! Who puts scent in dishwasher detergent? The dishwasher is running and it is giving me a headache. I think I need to get rid of it and re-wash all the dishes.

  • Rave: I was able to walk to work this morning.
    Rant: I can’t figure out whether I’ll be able to get out of town tonight or tomorrow. It’s going to depend on work and that annoys me. (I’m supposed to have off but it’s going to depend on a few other people getting to things.)
    Rave: Camping over the weekend with friends and family
    Rave: End of lent means hello to some dessert…yesssss!
    Rant/Rave: If I take the initiative to set up an informal popville happy hour (more so we can commisserate over drinks than anything) will anyone attend? And can we get Dan to attend? πŸ™‚ I’m thinking either 4/23 or 4/30. Thoughts?

    • Sounds fun – I’d recommend doing this on a night other than Friday – what about a Wednesday night?

    • skj84

      I’d be interested in attending a happt hour! Either day.

    • I would be happy to go on 4/30!

    • Sounds fun – the 30th is better than 23rd

    • justinbc

      Sure. My only suggestion would be to make it Metro accessible to maximize number of attendees (and I wouldn’t complain if it had an outdoor component).

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ll wear my PoP shirt πŸ™‚

    • Okay – 4/30 at Acre 121 it is. I’ll call them and give them a heads up. Starting at 6pm sound okay? I’ll try to put a reminder up each day or two (but I won’t be online tomorrow if someone else wants to do it). Emilie504 I hope you’re serious!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ll wear it, but I’m giving a fake name πŸ™‚

        • Emmaleigh504

          Though I guess the fake name is useless if the people who know me or know what I look like show up …but I will wear the shirt!

      • justinbc

        That’s where we had the last PoP HH, so if you contact them they may be able to give you a similar extended HH deal. Personally I don’t care for the place, but that didn’t stop me from attending before! πŸ™‚

        • I reached out them via email and asked if they could do the same as last time. I’m hoping! I recall that you don’t love the place…but I couldn’t think of anything else off the top of my head and decided to take the recommendation. I’m looking forward to putting more faces to “names”!

      • I went to the last informal one at Acre and it was fun. I could go on the 30th. My only recommendation, tell the host where you are. I almost left the last time because I wasn’t sure which group of people was the right one!

        • Glad you didn’t leave – we told one of the staff at the front where we were but that person probably wasn’t at the front when you came in.

          • Me too! Speaking of which, where are textdoc and victoria? I don’t think I’ve seen much from either of them lately.

          • Anon 5:12, they’ve both been on here recently, I guess you just haven’t seen them.

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