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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Rain. An ugly, gray, rainy day with the temperature dropping makes me wish I didn’t have to get out of bed. At least it might switch to snow for a little while tonight?

    • I’ve had it with cold weather! I’m ready to move to Arizona or New Mexico.

      • It won’t be too long before we’re all being crushed by the hot and humid summer. I’m going to enjoy all of the cool days I can get.

        • This weekend made me think “Hey, what happened to Spring and why is Summer here already?!?” Glad we’re cooling back down, but I could do without the snow!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Rant: Interesting that Popville is the only extant coverage of the scene in Woodley Park last night, and of the shots fired.

    • what interests you about that?

      • The fact that no media outlets like the Washington Post have mentioned it. Hundreds of kids swarming an area is pretty strange; shots fired would seem to make it news. I didn’t see the police tweeting about it despite an enormous police presence. It seems to be deliberately not covered and I find that intriguing.

        • Agreed – you’d think that between police shutting down a major throughway and shots being fired, the media would make at least a passing mention. Or at least a MPD would post a message on twitter asking folks to avoid the area as they do whenever they close a lane on a major street.

      • What interests me: that not one news agency covered a massive police response to groups of individuals fighting and what was done by the police in response to the situation.

        • Good point. If we lived in Albuquerque, one or more of these kids would be dead and the cops would be dissembling about how this “dangerous” situation merited deadly force. While I’m not a fan of teenage brawling and firearm play, I’m very glad this didn’t turn into something much more serious. The cops deserve recognition for their discipline and professionalism getting this situation settled down. And FWIW, I live about 3 blocks away from the troubles, and would much rather have anti-social misbehavior than dead teenagers.

          • yep, they do.

            I want to be able to say Props to the Cops for handling the crowds without aggravating the situation, moving large unruly crowds along as peacefully as possible and going after the people with the guns / violently fighting.

    • Well if there were no injuries and no arrests there may not be anything to report other than “something happened”, (which is more or less what was reported here on PoP). If the police are still trying to sort out what exactly happened and who was involved it would make sense that they aren’t saying anything yet either.

    • Related rant: I was really frustrated by the style of policing employed. The police basically “herded” large groups of kids down the road in their cruisers, not stepping out when the kids started punching one another or stepping in to traffic, or harassing passers-by. I realize the large number of kids made it a more difficult situation, but I would have vastly preferred at least a couple cops walking along with them to keep them in line. I feel this kind of policing leads to even more antagonism between the cops and the kids.

    • I think that WashPo’s local coverage is generally pretty poor. I guess that this is because WashPo wants to compete with NYTimes and focuses more energy on national and international stories and politics. Examiner’s local news coverage was pretty good when it was a daily handout, even if their editorial agenda was not my cup of tea.

  • QUESTION: Does anyone know if the second phase of the U Street re-construction (from 14th St to 18th St) has been cancelled? I thought this work was to start once the first phase (9th St – 14th St_ ended, which was over a year ago. #feeling left out

  • Rave: Kudos to PoP for covering the Woodley Park gun fire/mob violence incident from yesterday. I’m scanning local news, and not seeing anything from anyone else out there. That negligence is irresponsible (and likely, deliberate) that reinforces the idea that the “big” media sources are pretty much worthless.
    Rant: The media should be ashamed of itself for not covering important news like this that has a direct impact on the people of this city. Besides pedestrians, residents, and tourists being threatened and roughed up, those gun shots took place near a daycare center where the children were out playing. This is a public interest interest story that absolutely should be covered. I have my theories as to why they don’t cover it. The truth is ugly and inconvenient, but we won’t begin to address the problems if we keep our collective head in the sand.

      • (not same anon) but theories I have heard posited include that the city doesn’t want to scare tourists, and most notably, that this is a sensitive racial issue that could easily be mishandled by a media outlet, so perhaps best to just not cover it at all.

      • I’ve long speculated that the media avoids these kinds of stories because they probably think it gives fodder to racists, generates really nasty comments, and unfortunately, provides more evidence of a dysfunctional culture seen in some parts of the country. Even if it does, I don’t think journalists should be judging whether or not to release these kinds of stories based on emotion or personal inclination. People should know about mob violence on their street, or gun shots and hoodlums threatening their neighborhoods. I’m all about transparency when it comes to these kinds of matters, and I really resent the censorship we obviously are seeing. The news is abandoning its duties to inform the public. I know this story is related in part to race, which can be a very sensitive topic. But ignoring this story and others like it does nothing to address the root problems. Closing your eyes and sticking your fingers in your ears won’t make the truth change, and it certainly won’t begin to fix the problems we’re seeing.

        • I totally agree with you. I follow WJLA on Facebook and the comments posted about the man sexually assaulted in NW DC were absolutely revolting.

    • gotryit

      Here’s a simple theory: the Post doesn’t normally cover “shots fired” with no clear target / injuries / deaths. They seem to cover deaths in poorer neighborhoods with a short blurb and deaths in richer / transitional neighborhoods with an in-depth story.
      I’m just not seeing a big coverup here.

      • The shots fired is commonplace for Washington, and as such that’s not much of a story. But come on, hundreds of teens materializing on the first day of spring break and hassling people and backing up two whole neighborhoods? That doesn’t really happen in this country very often. It’s a story.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Spring Break at Woodley Park metro station, the zoo, and Conn Ave is always a mass of unruly, fighting teens. It’s cluster f**** every year and there is usually an larger than normal police presence to deal with it.

      • sad but true

  • Rave: First date tonight
    Rave: Looking forward to Easter weekend camping with family
    Rant: Rain and cold temperatures
    Rant: Frizzy hair for my first date
    Rave: Life is good. Work is relatively calm right now, I have some quick trips coming up that will take me out of the office, spring is coming, all is well.
    Rant: Still thinking about the ex just a little. I guess that’s normal.

    • Not that you asked but this has been so hair-life changing I had to add- last year I started using Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade and it has made a world of difference for my frizzy hair when there is humidity. The price tag turned me off at first, but you use so little that it’s totally worth it.
      Have fun on your date!

      • Thank you so much…I will definitely try it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always hesitant to just try products without some kind of an endorsement but with your glowing review I will seek this out! Thanks!!!

    • depends what you are thinking about (with your ex)!

      • I’m mostly thinking it’s unbelievable that he hasn’t called and apologized for being a jerk. I just sort of keep waiting for that and wondering how I will react. Maybe it’s not going to happen…it’s been almost a week. That would probably be for the better.

        • justinbc

          Based on your description of that scenario I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on an apology. I don’t know you personally, but that seems like more of a good riddance type thing.

        • Here’s a word of advice: if he does call/text, ignore him. Given what you mentioned before, I can’t imagine a single scenario where responding would make you feel better about yourself.

        • one time my ex drunk texted me, the next day i followed up and asked if she wanted to get lunch – casual. She said she was just drunk. – lesson learned never respond to drunk texts from ex’s. I wouldnt hold your breath.

    • Is this the ex that was horribly inappropriate with you and your friend? If so, I hope the only thoughts you have about him are negative!

    • Second product recommendation – Sephora sells this stuff called Perfect Hair Day, and I swear it will get you very close. Somewhat pricey, but a bit takes you far. I’m addicted.

  • justinbc

    Rave: After watching the Yoshinos have all the fun, my big Kwanzan is opening up for its first spring in our yard. Can’t wait to see those double blossoms every morning for a few weeks!
    Rave: Game of Thrones episode ending this past week. I won’t spoil it for anyone still behind, but it was very satisfying for those of us who haven’t read ahead.
    Rant: Realizing that the sole has worn thin in one of your favorite pairs of shoes on a day when there’s torrential rain on your way to work.

  • RAVE: I had a random hookup last night. ๐Ÿ™‚
    RANT: I feel bad about it today. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: I’m getting all sorts of errors this morning: Error! Code:503 A temporary error has occurred. If the problem persists, please visit help.wpengine.com or check our status blog for updates. Is the site broken?

  • Rant: This photo is not by ekelly80, this photo is by me, brunofish :^)
    Rave: Though I love ekelly80’s work….

  • Rant: My boyfriend’s birthday is Thursday and he wants a cookie cake (personalized with icing, like they make at Mrs. Fields), and I’m having a hard time find a place that makes them. Anyone have suggestions?

    • There is a Mrs Fields on M Street.

    • I’m pretty sure you can order them at Harris Teeter. We had one for a coworker’s birthday. Or you could try baking one at home! There’s tons of recipes online.

    • How random…my birthday is on Thursday and when I celebrated with my parents this past weekend we had cookie cake for dessert. They got that one from the local super market. My Mom also reminded me that she used to make them for our birthdays all the time when we were young. She just used a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and a pizza pan.

    • jim_ed

      there’s also a Mrs. Fields at White Flint Mall in Bethesda, which is directly off the red line if you need transit. They were open as of a month or two ago, but I’d call to confirm it.

    • The Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip package has a recipe for cookie bars on the back underneath the regular cookie recipe. You just put it in a jelly roll pan instead of portioning out cookies. Then pick some icing up and Giant and there you go! It actually could be really fun to decorate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • epric002

    rant: taking 2 dogs to the vet by myself. splitting my skirt lifting a dog onto the exam table. dogs with pinkeye. eye drops. elizabethan collars.
    rave: pet health insurance.
    rant: this weather and the imminent cold.
    rave: bro & his gf back tomorrow night!
    rant: their dog has been healthy for 7 months and right before they get back, he gets pinkeye.

  • Rant: Rain. And what’s with the drainage around U St? I had to cross the Mississippi River to get to the train this morning.

    Rant: It’s supposed to be freezing tonight?

    Rave: No Bradford pear tree smell.

  • Rant: Feeling so lost career-wise. I’ve spent years chasing this career in international development, but now that I”m here and at a mid/high level, I just don’t love it. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I want out!

    • What do you not like about it? The job tasks itself? Are you no longer idealistic about how int’l development is done? Perhap you can figure out a way to do something you do enjoy but still leverage your experience so you don’t have to do something completely new. Some ID orgs offer sabbaticals and maybe something like that can help rejuvenate you.

      • I’m in for-profit development (former govt employee) and the money aspect of things really gets to me. Also, the ruthless climbing of the ladder. I’m annoyed by so many aspects of it. I wish I felt like we were doing good work, but instead I feel like the real development is the pockets of the CEOs. I also work with a bunch of self important types who can’t see beyond their own nose. I really do need a career change!

        • That sucks. In full disclosure, I worked in ID for a couple of years and your reasons are why I left. I felt it was too competitive and in the end, I didn’t think I would get to where I wanted to be careerwise even if I worked my ass off. I felt I had very little control as to the direction of my career because of certain people. And absolutely, I felt out of touch with the good that our work was supposed to be doing and found the environment quite hypocritical. I went to law school at night and am now a government lawyer.

          Toss it all, go abroad and start your own organization. I had a friend who did that but she has strong ties to the country she went to. She’s had great success with funding when orgs know that she is in on the ground. In any event, if you stuck it out that long to get where you are, I’m absolutely sure you have a lot of qualifications and experience that you can use to get you doing what you want to do.

        • How about looking into working for a non-profit? They seem to be more mission driven and focused on development, not making a larger profit and winning the next big contract.

          • I work for a non-profit in international development. We are still very focused on the money, no matter what our mission says. Our whole development system is kind of screwy, and the policies of the big donors certainly don’t help.

          • Yes, it’s the international development and big donors system that is the issue. I too work at a nonprofit ID and concur with Bear425 that it’s the same issues and problems.

        • Do you work for Claire Underwood?

    • I’m in the same boat. I don’t know if I believe in what we do anymore. And I’m on the donor side. I feel like my skills don’t translate well if i try to leave.

  • PoP crowdsourcing question: Does anyone have recommendations on good home remedies for cancer drug side effects? Someone in my family is suffering with sore mouth, loss of appetite, painful swollen hands and feet. Someone recommended Tom’s of Maine non-minty toothpaste for sore mouth, but any other suggestions would be helpful.

    • Seriously…cannabis. Has worked wonders for people I know.

    • Sending positive thoughts. I know how tough it is to watch someone you love go through that!

    • Have you tried hydrogen peroxide for the mouth sores? Depending on the brand, it might need to be diluted with water. And baking soda paste in lieu of toothpaste – toothpaste has ingredients that can be irritating to a sensitive mouth.

      • epric002

        it’s the sodium laurel/laureth sulfate that is the foaming/drying ingredient in toothpastes. you can find some natural/sensitive/baking soda toothpastes w/o it. there used to be a rembrandt for canker sore sufferers, not sure if they still make it…

    • Are there actually sores in their mouth? Or does their mouth just hurt? My mom had thrush really bad when she was going through chemo. The doctor had a mouthwash specially compounded that seemed to help. If you google Thrush it seems there are a lot of treatments.

    • There is a place on U street, I think its called Smith Farm Healing and they offer classes etc on cooking to address illnesses like cancer. They may have some information on their web page etc.

    • Therabreath lozenges helped me with dry mouth.

  • Rant: Friend with cancer, who isn’t even 30, released into hospice care. So incredibly unfair.

    • So sorry. I imagine it’s even harder when it’s someone who’s at an age where they’re not SUPPOSED to be facing a serious illness. I hope you’re able to enjoy some time with your fried, despite this cloud hanging over the situation. My spouse lost a parent rather quickly last year and despite the fact that it was tough to work out, neither one of us regrets making the time for him to go visit and just hang out – watch tv, listen to music, etc. – in the couple months the parent was ill. Your friend must also be having a difficult time. If you can, make sure his/her final weeks/months are full of joy and love.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Kitty needs daily insulin. Anyone have experience giving insulin to a very skittish and uncooperative cat?
    Rave: Coworkers who bring in leftover Passover food!

    • wrap the cat tightly in a sheet and give the injection through that/to some part not covered by the sheet?

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Feed the cat wet food. While he is eating, gently pull his scruff and zap him. I did it twice a day for three years. Scratch thrived until he was almost 16. Good luck with it, it gets easier every time. I can also recommend Kathy Murray with Zoolatry if you need a sitter.

    • saf

      Our late Mr. Kitty needed insulin for the last 5 years or so. He was very food motivated, so the method anonymouse_dianne recommends below worked really well.

      Also, get the ultrashort needles. It made a HUGE difference to him.

  • Rave: I live next door to a large Bradford pear tree and have never noticed a bad smell.

    Rant: What good smells am I missing?

  • Rave: I live next door to a large Bradford pear tree and have never noticed a bad smell.

    Rant: What good smells am I missing?

  • Rant: I’m feeling a little on edge recently- does anyone know where to get Mace in the city? Is there something else I should buy to put my mind at ease walking around at night alone? (Maybe a boyfriend…)

    • DC Impact offers a great personal safety training – they have an intro session in May then a 3 day training in June. I took the intro class last year and it was excellent. It was practical, hands-on and I’d definitely recommend.

    • Im pretty sure most mace is illegal to buy in DC, so you should get it in MD/VA/online. You are supposed to register it if you manage to buy it in the city.

    • You can get mace in baltimore! Or online is the best option. Im not sure it is legal in DC but if you ever have to use it I figure asking for forgiveness is much better than ….oh death..

      If you find the boyfriend store can you let me know if there is a girlfriend store across the way?

    • I bought mace at the Hudson Trail Outfitters in Pentagon City. Not sure if they sell in DC though.

    • If you buy it online, you’ll need to ship it to a friend’s place in MD or VA. Amazon would not ship to my DC address.

    • I’d suggest doing some research before trying to buy mace.
      It doesn’t work on everyone. You can unintentionally mace yourself (if there is any wind) or the person you are trying to mace can grab it from you. You would need to have it in your hand (not in your bag or in your pocket) ALL THE TIME if you are walking in places where you feel unsafe
      It can give you a false sense of security which can put you in harm’s way.
      There are other things you can do to increase your sense of security that don’t carry the risks of relying on mace.

  • friend went to the hosipital yesterday for an injury. last time I was at the hospital was when I found out a family member was extremely sick, and it brought back horrible memories of dealing with that. now its all i can think about and i feel guilty that i couldnt stay with my friend overnight.

  • Rant: 25 male – Feeling pretty ‘disconnected’ recently. A lot of my friends have found themselves in relationships and dating, i feel a little bit left out. I had been seeing a girl at the begining of the year but ended things – sometimes i feel like i want myself to not be happy. I want to start going on dates again but online dating just has not worked in the past for me (so do i continue to beat a dead horse?) or just try to go with the flow and hope something comes a long out of luck. The way my summer schedule is looking (trip to bonarroo and then in july 2.5 weeks in europe) i just dont see how i am going to be in a relationship until september at the earliest! ahhh thats a lot of more alone time :/

    • Surely you can casually date until September? Being away from town so much is just icing on the cake for someone who’s looking for something light and fun. Have you tried any dating apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge etc? There are a lot more horses to beat than just OKC.

    • binpetworth

      The fact that you’re agonizing about not being in a relationship for a few months seems to indicate the need for you to really use that time to work on yourself–learning what makes you happy and becoming a better partner in the future. You won’t solve any of your self-defeating thoughts by rushing into a relationship just to be in a relationship.

  • Rant: I know I need to leave DC but I really can’t even imagine it – I love everything about this city

    • why do you need to leave?

      • I think it’s hard for me to grow as a person when I’m surrounded by the city that was/is essentially college for me. I feel like the same person I was a year ago, still scared of the same things, still just coasting without a real passion. I didn’t push myself at all in this last year and I want to. So I think I need to say goodbye to DC for a little bit ๐Ÿ™

        • Why not just focus on your personal growth instead of your location? I have been here for seven years but this year has brought some big changes with the help of a therapist. I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone in several new ways (volunteering, traveling, being more vulnerable in relationships) that have all helped me grow while still living in the home that I renovated with my now ex-husband. I don’t think it has to be about the place. Good luck!

        • Maybe instead of leaving the city you could try living in a new neighborhood and making some new friends? That’s one of the neat things about D.C.– places that are only a couple of miles from each other can feel like worlds apart.

  • Rant: this crazy rain!!!
    Rave: headed to Puerto Rico next week.
    QUESTION: Looking for a good book(s) to read on the beach–any suggestions?

    • If you like true crime, check out “Blood Will Out” by Walter Kirn. I’m reading it now and it’s fascinating.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I recently read Zero History by William Gibson and really enjoyed it.

      • Emmaleigh504

        oops forgot to add it’s the last in a vaguely connected series, not sure what the first book is but the second book is Spook Country. They can easily be read out of order or as stand alone books.

    • “Not Cool” by Greg Gutfeld.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Also a fan of anything by Scott Westerfeld, So Yesterday is good. I haven’t read anything by Stephen Blackmoore but plan to b/c he’s hilarious on Twitter. The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green are also good. (these are all YA books, short fun reads, but not overly immature)
      What do you normally like reading? I can give you more targeted suggestions that way.

      • Thanks all for the suggestions thus far! I read lots of stuff–but for the beach I’m looking for light reading OR a true page turner. Last year’s beach book was Gone Girl and I loved it. The only genres I avoid are futuristic/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic, as they never seem to keep my attention.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The William Gibson books I suggested are not sci-fi or futuristic even though he’s famous for that sort of thing. So don’t let his usual genre turn you off. Some of Scott Westerfeld’s stuff is sci-fi (the Uglies series) but he does all sorts.
          I love to read, so I’ll probably spend the day posting books I like as I think of them. It’s an addiction ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Goldfinch. Just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Some nonfiction books: Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy, The Great Silence by Juliet Nicolson, The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.
      Some favorites that I read over and over: Le Divorce & Lying Low by Diane Johnson, Quite a Year for Plums by Baily White, Cupid and Diana by Christina Bartolomeo (set in DC).
      1 more good YA: Pretty Little Dirty by Amanda Boyden

    • anonymouse_dianne

      anything by Pellecanos. He makes DC an integral character in his books. The one published a few years ago, I think In the Night Garden or something similar, even keyed in WARL and the 7-11 down the street.

    • Have you tried graphic novels? They are great for the beach, very engaging and they are always (the good ones at least) page turners. You can’t go worng with Sandman or Watchmen. Ghost World or Love & Rockets if you tend towards cool, ironic cinema verite type stories. Or Maus if you’re a history buff.

    • Thank you all for your suggestions!

      • Pretty much anything by Neil Gaimen – even though he is sometimes classified in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, he is just a purely good writer who writes compelling stories about interesting characters. Richard Russo might be good as well – I like his books for middle of the night sleepless reading – which is pretty much the same as beach reading – you want it interesting enough to keep your attention but not too demanding on your brain. “Beautiful Ruins” would also be in this category. Last year at the beach, “Bossypants” by Tina Fey was the #1 attraction, with all of us passing it around. And if you like a good thriller – set in DC – I’ll pitch one of my own – “The Mosquito War” by V.A. MacAlister – (f***ing 93 cents on Amazon now!)

        • YES to anything and everything Neil Gaiman. His most recent short(ish) story ‘The Ocean at the End of Lane’ is outstanding. He wrote the Sandman series I referenced above AND he worked on ‘Good Omens’ with Terry Pratchett who was referenced below by @justinbc.

    • justinbc

      Terry Pratchett’s new book “Raising Steam” was just released recently. He’s excellent if you enjoy satire.

  • RAVE: signed a lease. it’s a great deal. relieved not to have to worry about it any more.
    RANT: naturally, today is the day a bunch of places start popping up on padmapper in more desirable (for us) areas. not sure how I feel about navy yard as a neighborhood. it’s very…sterile…compared to our current location, but rather convenient. i don’t know – i guess we can always go through this process again in a year.
    RANT: getting the “Slow down” error message even though I haven’t posted today.
    RANT: waiting to hear back about a much desired internal position. hard to focus on much else.

    • I moved to Navy Yard from Adams Morgan and I love it! It’ll grow on you.

    • justinbc

      I had to remove my previous emailed listings after we bought our place to avoid any buyer’s remorse (at least related to something better popping up). There’s always going to be something better that comes along eventually, but there’s a reason you needed/wanted to move now, and it’s best to focus on that. Plus who knows if you would have even gotten the other place!

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! It may seem sterile but it’s slowly changing. Barrack’s Row is not far, it’s nice to have easy access to both rivers, and if you own bikes, the rest of the town is totally accessible.

  • Rant: Poor old dog was diagnosed with CCD (Doggie Alzheimer’s) over a year ago and though itโ€™s been challenging itโ€™s been manageable. Just this last month heโ€™s decided that sleeping at night is for losers. Going to the Vet this Thursday to see if they will finally let me put him on doggie Prozac. I am so sleep deprived that I see no other option.

    Rave: He is still so sweet – just a more confused and arthritic version of himself.

    • Sorry to hear this – my last dog also had CDD (he’d get stuck in corners, under a chair, would pace around the bed at night, etc) and arthritis (and later, kidney disease and a brain tumor).
      It’s really hard to have your pup go through this – sounds like you’re giving him lots of love and affection and that’s what counts.

      • Thank you for your kind words โ€“ itโ€™s nice knowing Iโ€™m not alone. Your poor puppy! I am thankful that Charlie is physically perfectly healthy (other than the arthritis) – his brain is just mush. It can be so frustrating and endearing all at the same time.

    • I have such a soft spot in my heart for old dogs. My sweet dog suffered from the same condition and sleep was very elusive. The vet provided a pain pill to manage her arthritis and loss of muscle that happened to have a sleepy affect as well. Keep giving lots of love to your old friend. Old dogs are the best – they just want a warm safe place to lay their heads.

  • Rave: Anyone hear of any Tax Day Freebies/Specials in the District?? Found a few here but they aren’t specific to DC: http://livingonthecheap.com/tax-day-freebies-deals-2014/. Anyone hear of anything good?

  • Rant/Rave/Not Sure: My boss suggested that I look into the same graduate degree program that he did a few years ago. I already have a masters, I’m not sure if I need another though the coursework would be super relevant to what I do now. My part time/distance masters was HARD, but it was a lot more credits than this one. I’m still paying that one off, so the cost of this one would be a big factor. But, something about the idea did get me excited, then I remembered practically living in the upstairs space of Qualia every Saturday binging on online lectures I had procrastinated watching during the week.
    Rant: the weather is gross.
    Rave: wearing a J Crew Perfect Shirt I picked up at the thrift store for $5! I got two of them that day, one light purple check, one pink check. I love these shirts.

  • Rant: Incredibly bored at work these last few months. We’re so slow in our area, and I’m going insane. I don’t know what to do to occupy my time anymore.

  • Rant: I am stuck on my ex boyfriend from several years ago!!! I know that sounds ridiculous (and it is) but we remained friends and still see each other from time to time so I constantly reconsider the situation. We hooked up for a while after we broke up and I finally ended that saying I wanted to be a relationship with him and not just do a friends with benefits type scenario. He wasn’t interested in a relationship but we did remain friends as we have some mutual friends and whenever we hang out we have tons of fun. I’ve dated a couple other people since him and have a really wonderful smart, funny boyfriend now but for some reason I just can’t get over it!! It is ridiculous and needs to end!!

    Rave: PoP, PoPville, and Random Reader Rant/Revel that lets me rant anonymously about something that is embarrassing and has been irking me for years!

    • I have a very similar situation (guy here), our name doesnt start with a G does it?

    • your situation sounds identical to what i went through with my first girl friend (we dated for 3 years, had a blow out break up, remained friends through mutual friends, eventually started hooking up again, she drifted away, i started dating her friends roomate (it just happened i didnt think it would be a big deal), she was furious, broke up with that girl, now we are friends again. – CRAZY

    • Stop seeing/talking/being friends with him and/or avoid social situations when he’s going to be there. It sucks when you have mutual friends, but at least for me the only way I’ve gotten over ex’s is to cut them out of the picture.

    • This was me 4 years ago. I decided to take my life in control. I told him I wanted to stop all contact so that I can move on. I told him I wasn’t mad at him but the “being friend thing” wasn’t working for me. I deleted him as friend in facebook. Hid all comments from mutuals friends about him and told them I didnt want to hear about him anymore. I kept remembering all the raison we broke up and this made it all clear there was no future for us. Anyway fast forward today, I am happily married to a lovely man. This would not have happened if I had stayed friend with him.

      • Not everyone has to be like this nor should they – i grew up watching seinfeld, and in certain circumstances staying friends with the ex is the thing to do. I also can break up with a girl and i dont need to delete their facebook. i just dont look at it now -but hey in 10 years when shes married to some bum and im living the life, it will be nice to say “i won”

        • Just sharing what worked for me, everyone is different. I dont believe in staying friend with someone you have feeling for if it is not reciprocated. You always have this hope that stop you from moving on. Also I wouldn’t take relationship lesson from a Tv show. I watched Seinfeld too. Do whatever works for you.

  • Rave: Taxes filed, and our first quarter payments are in the mail!

    Rant: A leftover rant from this weekend I’m still upset about. We have been friendly with our upstairs neighbors (Bro 1 and Bro 2 in their late 20s), even though they can sometimes be inconsiderate (loud music in the wee hours, etc). They brought home girls on Saturday. One of them (and his lady) had sex on their balcony (witnessed by another neighbor) and then someone vomited from their balcony onto our porch.

    The likely culprit was Bro 1’s lady, but it took THREE visits up to their apartment before Bro 2 came down and cleaned it up. Bro 1 was obnoxious, and a complete jerk the entire conversation(s).

    Bro 2 came over the next day, and apologized for the previous night, but we haven’t heard a single thing from Bro 1.

    I’m still mad.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Surprise: don’t feel like working today or any day. Is it time for a job change?
    Rant: arthritis is acting up b/c of this weather, it’s in my thumb so makes me want to work even less.
    Rave: New hobbies!

  • Rant: Drank too much wine at seder last night.
    Rant: I always seem to be one of the only people in the office during holidays when someone blows up and a “fire” has to be put out. Argh. Tired of playing fireman and dealing with last minute requests. The headache from the rant above doesn’t help.
    Rave: My Wellies! One of the best purchases I ever made.
    Rave: Heading west in two days for a long weekend in the sun, away from allergies, work, and rain.

  • Rant: commute from hell. Got caught in the stormiest part of the storm. Wind broke my umbrella in half. There was nowhere to take cover and I was completely drenched in 90 seconds flat. I had to trek back home and change. Arrived to work 2 hours late. The saddest part is that everyone on the street saw me struggling and not one person stopped to help.

    • “The saddest part is that everyone on the street saw me struggling and not one person stopped to help.”
      What the heck is the rest of the world supposed to do to help you? Everyone was getting drenched and seeking cover.

    • To the nay-sayers, it’s not so difficult to offer to share the space under your umbrella with someone. I’ve done it before and perhaps this is what OP was thinking.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: the weekend was great, I even went to the Tidal Basin to take some photos.
    Rave: some years ago, I would go to the Tidal Basin before sunrise to take photos and basically enjoy the place by myself. Last Saturday, I could hardly find a place to set my tripod, there were hundreds of photographers, it was incredible.
    Rant: The 2 women who where doing some jogging at the Tidal Basin and were upset because people were getting in their way!
    Rant: This morning I was sheltering from the rain at a gas station under the awning. A guy started ordering me to go inside and get him some matches to light his cigarrette. I said “no”. He did it again. I said “no” and looked away. Then he threatened to talk to the owner to kick me out of the property because I was “acting like a fag” ????
    Rave: I’m not scared by bullies.

    • justinbc

      Straight people love the rain, obviously.

    • Not the point of your rant, I know, and maybe I’m the product of a bygone era, but smoking at a gas station used to be strictly verboten. Has that changed?
      So apparently, this guy, in addition to being a d-bag homophobe, is also an idiot who may blow himself up in the near future. Silver linings!

      • epric002

        i once pulled in behind a woman who was pumping gas while her car was running, talking on her cell, and smoking a cigarette. i reversed out of there pretty fast.

  • Rant: Rizzoli bookstore, one of the most beautiful interiors in Manhattan, is in the process of being demolished. And I”m wondering where our priorities are, and why we can’t have and maintain Nice Things. I’m glad that the Peabody Library and the National Building Museum are safe. At least I hope they are.

  • Rant: Hearing about a critical mass of friends and acquaintances accepted to master’s and Ph.D programs to Harvard, Princeton and the like. My graduate school biological clock is now ticking.
    Rant: Rain.
    Rant: Online dating.

    • we have the same exact rants! Are you a girl or a guy? – btw OP from yesterday about friends going to grad school

      • I’m a girl. Oh I think I replied to your comment! I TOTALLY agree about how watching friends discuss grad school is like a make out session.

        • hahah yeah that was a pretty great analogy actually ๐Ÿ™‚ – they might as well have started making out right infront of me thats how involved i felt!

  • Rant: My in-laws are having some serious financial troubles. My wife wants to help, but I don’t really think we have the money to help. We just had a baby, have our own house, etc. I know it sounds bad, but I really feel like it’s not our battle to fight.
    Rant: Feel like a horrible person for not wanting to help out. I mean, I get along with them and everything, but I really don’t want to be paying off your debt because you weren’t careful with your money.
    Rant: Feel like I don’t have a choice because no matter what I want, we are going to help out.

    • I think the important distinction is not that you don’t *want* to help, it’s that it is not financially feasible for you to help. What good does it do to give them money when it puts you in a situation you can’t afford to be in. All that does is breed resentment. Are there other ways that you can relieve their burden? If they live nearby, maybe have them come over for dinner more often so they can save some money that way. Or if they have someone do their lawn, offer to do it for them. Those little things might be able to ease their financial burden a bit.

    • That’s a tough situation to be in, but you need to be careful. You and your wife might consider sitting down and working out your own budget to determine how much you could free up to help (if that is even possible). Don’t just give out of emotion because these are your parents (in-laws) who you love dearly. You should not short yourself when it comes to your own IRAs, rainy day funds, mortgage, child’s education and other funds, etc… If there is anything left, than that is up to you. But parents should not put their own children’s financial health in jeopardy because they were reckless with their finances. This is especially true if that recklessness involved nicer cars, boats, and the like…(Likewise, grown children should not be leeches on their parents, thus imperiling their retirement funds, etc…). I guess I’m pretty lucky that my parents have always been compulsive about savings and financial independence. It would be very hard for my bro (who sounds like your same situation) and myself if we were faced with that kind of problem with our own parents. Good luck.

      • +1
        Do the math. Don’t make this an emotion based decision. See what you can afford and roll with that, and (please) don’t stop paying into your 401K/IRAs or child’s college fund. If you get any pushback, just be confident in your decision that your child’s future is your priority.

    • I also recommend getting the in-laws to stick to a budget and/or declare bankruptcy.

      • OP here. I want them to declare bankruptcy! I should mention that we helped them out for about 2 years before the baby hoping that they would be able to get it together. We stopped helping them because we had to pay for daycare. They don’t drive fancy cars or anything like that, but right after we started helping them the first time they went out and bought two 46-inch flat screen TVs and TV stands! I mean, who does that? Again, these are my in-laws so I don’t feel like I can say much without making my wife mad at me, but I really don’t know what to do.

        • I think Anonymous at 12:22, myself, and Nettie gave you some pretty good food for thought. I’d be curious to know if your wife has the same approach to money as her parents (i.e., is a bit of a spendthrift). A good friend of mine is having to address the same problems you have right now. Her husband’s parents spent all their money and have absolutely NOTHING for retirement. The father-in-law now lives with them. Her husband, a musician and someone who has the same lack of financial sense as his parents, is not helping the situation. Even though they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from his PhD and proclivity for buying designer clothes and BMWs, she is left holding the bag. She basically is supporting the whole mess, while paying for their two children on top of it. Don’t be like that. She’s aging faster than any of my friends with the stress.

          • Who the hell takes out loans for a PhD?!?! If you’re not getting it for free, you don’t belong there. That’s the whole point of a PhD. Terrible financial decision making.

          • No, she’s actually the opposite. Growing up and never having money (because, surprise! her parents made bad financial decisions then) made her never want to be like that. We have a good amount of savings, live within our means, pay off credit cards every month, etc. But like your friend’s parents, my in-laws do not have any kind of savings–retirement or otherwise–so I’m not sure what their long term plan is (my wife?!?).

        • Very tough situation – so you need to be tough. Buying anything beyond essentials (and I mean bread and water type essentials) on borrowed money is wrong. Also, your wife could be secretly on your side, hoping to stop their general suckage but unable to confront them herself. You being the “bad guy” might be the best solution.

          • I agree with this bit of advice. We help out my family and I use my husband every time I have to say no or put my foot down. It definitely helps to make another person the “bad” guy. But in our case, I’m already firm about not paying for frivilous things, just the essentials. I would have made them return the two TVs. That is absolutely unacceptable. If you’re providing a lot of support, have them watch your kid so you don’t have to pay for daycare!

        • what?! pardon my french but hells no!
          Politely, firmly and respectfully let them know that they need to seek financial counseling before you can help them financially anymore. Not because you don’t trust them or whatever but because you want to make sure that the money that you give them (which requires you to sacrifice vacations, appliances for your kitchen, new toys for junior) does the most help possible. Putting it directly in their bank account doesn’t help. Ideally, your partner will like this idea because it will help your in-laws get out of their predicament faster.
          Since it sounds like youโ€™re resigned to helping them out, calculate what you can reasonably give to them, let them know that flat amount (e.g. โ€œweโ€™ve done the math, we can only afford $100/$250/$500 a monthโ€). And most importantly, that the only help you can provide is money to directly pay off their debt. As in, it leaves your bank account and goes directly to their creditors, not to their pockets.
          On an incredibly morbid note, if they were to pass away your wife may be responsible for their debt. You really need to hash it out with them, as it could directly affect you. Just remember, even in our puritanical American culture, it easier to talk about sex with our parents than it is to talk about money, and remember to give your partner a bit of breathing room if she needs it. You might need to be the bad cop in this.

  • Rant: Bad headache today, nothing is helping. I think it’s allergies.

    Rant: I tried to challenge my boss on something yesterday (respectfully) and got shut down pretty forcefully. Feeling a) worried that I damaged my rep and b) a little sad to learn that we don’t have the work environment where people can speak up if they think something is wrong.

    Rant: Realized recently that almost every friend I have in this city is trying to figure out a way to leave it. Is that just the way life in DC will always be? I like this city, but I do not want to constantly have to find new friends every two years.

    Rave: Eh. I guess my raves are that my biggest health concern is allergies; my biggest employment concern is a spat with my boss; and my biggest friend-concern is that all the great people I know and love won’t always be around. I’ll try to focus on the postive!

    • saf

      “Is that just the way life in DC will always be?”

      Not in my experience.

    • justinbc

      The majority of my friends here in DC have lived here almost as long or longer than I have (going on 7 years). How old are (you and) your friends? That might be a big factor.

      • My social circle ranges from 28 to 35. I moved here at 22 and definitely when I was younger, people left a lot also, but, it felt more “normal” because, hey, we were young. But now I’m settling down here… married, bought a house, husband and I both have steady careers… and it feels like all of our friends are planning to ‘settle’ somewhere else, and they’re trying to get to that place. I guess I just thought the transcience of the city would die down but instead it feels like it’s getting worse as time goes on.

    • Don’t despair. I’ve lived here since my 20’s around 1985 and have had many close groups of friends eventually dissolve and move away – but then new ones develop. And I stay in touch with the close friends – visit, go on vacations together etc. There have been some crappy years between old friends leaving and new friends settling in, but know that it can happen. I have a super group of friends now, and as we are now oldish enough to have roots here, I feel very lucky/blessed.

  • rant: near freezing temps tonight
    What is every doing to protect their garden/new seedlings? I’m thinking of using stemless wine glasses to cover the small ones.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Luckily, I can just bring my pots indoors. I’ve done the glasses to cover seedlings in the past and it worked great. I’m still made that 1 of my fancy violets died, I don’t want anything else dying.

    • You could try paper bags/ newspapers or sheets for large areas.

    • I’ll probably throw a sheet over them. I just don’t think it will be cold enough for long enough for it to be a problem.

    • What kind of seedlings? Spring greens like lettuce and spinach should be fine. Bulbs like tulips and daffodils will also survive freezing temps. If you want to give some protection, put a sheet or other light covering over them when the sun goes down.

    • Are you actually in the city? Temps here will probably not drop so much – we have a bit of urban heat-island effect. And Peas, lettuce, arugula, chard etc. are pretty hardy. I have spinach that actually over-wintered! If you’re talking about tomato plants, cukes, squash or other warmer crops – I have no advice, the packet said not to plant them yet.

    • It’s all kale, greens, peas and herbs. And I am in the city so hopefully it will stay in the high 30s.
      Thanks for the advice everyone!

  • If you were splitting a commute between Glover Park and Severna Park (basically, Annapolis), where would you live? The two main criteria are minimizing heinous commutes and not ending up in a soulless suburb.

    • Hmmm. That’s an tough one as there are not a lot of places in Maryland between those two places where I would want to live due to soullessness as you put it. I put time in Crofton and it sucked. I would suggest Cap Hil/Hill East. Easy access to 295.

    • Break up. You’re basically in a long distance relationship.

      • In all seriousness, you need to live somewhere close to both the Red Line and easy access to the 50. This would allow you to get out of the city quickly and you could grab a bus from Dupont up to Glover Park. That limits you NoMa, Rhode Island Ave, and Brookland metro stops. So look around NoMa, Eckington, Edgewood, and Brookland (preferably as close to the Metro station as possible).

    • I spent a summer doing the Annapolis to DC commute. It was utter hell.
      Have you thought about Mt Rainer? It’s not the next Logan Circle or anything but it has better walkability compared to other towns along the route 50 corridor (Upper Marlboro, etc). It has a little main street with a great co-op and a coffee shop. The area has lots of parks and an artsy feel. For equivalent dollars, you can rent a house with a yard and parking in Mt Rainer for the same price as one bedroom in Dupont Circle.

    • i would live in woodridge, or langdon.
      the commute out to annapolis wont be that crazy bad. and you’ll still be in the city.

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