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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • gotryit

    Rave: painting the fireplace woodwork with oil based paint – that stuff looks great!
    Rant: oil based paint is evil! Evil fumes, evil messiness, evil cleaner to clean the evil messes…
    Rave: date with my wife tonight – seeing Lewis Black

  • Rave: Pretty sure I made it onto Cops last night as they were filming MPD in Dupont area last night

    Rave: Weatherrrrr again…

    Rant: No Rain tomorrow!

  • Rant: Can’t sleep. Got to work ultra-early. Super sleepy already
    Rave: Werth knocking the snot out of the ball.

  • Rant: Had a baby nine months ago and I look like I’m still pregnant. Anytime I try to lose the weight, my milk supply significantly decreases. I could disguise the belly in the winter, but not so much with warmer weather coming.
    Rave: Almost the weekend.

    • Welcome to the club! I’m pregnant with my second, and I never stopped looking pregnant from my first. In fact, Baby #2 has just re-occupied the vacant real estate. Baby weight’s the worst. But maybe when you stop BF-ing you’ll drop a bit? I know lots of women whose bodies hung onto a little extra while nursing. Either way, you’re hardly alone 🙂 i plan on working it off once both babies are toddlers!

    • I feel the same way. I feel like I am on constant carb load just to keep up. Anytime I loose the carbs my supply crashes. I got sick this past weekend and my supply dropped significantly, so carbing it up even more to try and get it back. Oatmeal (in goopy and cookie form), brewers yeast, nursing time tea, and muffins do the trick for me!

  • justinbc

    Rant: Neighborhood car alarm that was going on/off on a cycle from about 11:30PM to 1AM last night. I’m guessing the owners weren’t home, because it also went off the night before and was silenced shortly thereafter. Eventually I saw flashing lights, so I’m not sure if the cops got involved or a tow truck took it away.

    • Ugh. That would drive me positively insane. No amount of white noise is going to get rid of the annoying sound of a car alarm.

      • Now that the weather is getting warm, my neighbor let their dog stay outside all night. The dog barked all night and kept me awake.

    • msmaryedith

      My car got broken into last night, and I think I’m pretty much around the corner from you. No alarm on mine, though! Good thing I keep nothing in it and they got away with about $2 in quarters.

      • justinbc

        Damn, that stinks. This car was definitely not being broken into, I made sure to check when I heard it going off (it’s funny how many people just completely ignore them really). I’ve honestly almost never seen a smash and grab in this area, unlike when I lived in Logan Circle and saw them pretty much daily.

      • Dang, first all of the job-related stress and now a car break-in?? You seem to be handling it pretty well — I suspect I would be a blubbering mess in your place!

  • Rave: Nats win! Manlove me some Werthbeard.
    Rave: $1 dogs
    Rant: Ate a bunch of $1 dogs
    Rave: Fans at Nats game were really fun last night.

    • I ate six last night. What the hell was I thinking. Great game and grand slam tho!

    • RAVE: $1 hot dogs.
      RANT: Left at the end of the 5th inning and missed the win. We were cold, tired, and wanted to make sweet lovin’ before falling asleep at 11pm. The first half of the game took 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. Way too slow.

  • Rant: Demoralizing work environment. Lots of “see how we’re making things better!” overtures that only add more work, while lots of decisions being made (often in secret!) that reinforce or even increase the problems.
    Rave: Finally motivated to get out of here. And a slow period coming up that gives me time to look for alternatives.
    Super rave: Spring in DC. I’ve lived mostly in places where spring is just a muddy transition from snow to grass, I love having so many trees in bloom!!

  • Rave: Venus rising like a slow motion bottle-rocket over the U.S.S. Commodore Barry and Nationals Stadium, its radiance reflected in the silk-smooth river meandering Bay-ward below.
    Rave: Random-est job opportunity ever. I was fooling around on LinkedIn for no real reason sometime last month and decided to check out the “jobs” section, typed in my trade as a key word and — because the alternative was doing real work and because the other job process was meandering [word of the day] dead end-ward at the time — filled out an application for a job that was actually pretty cool, for a large corporation, and immediately assumed nothing would ever come of it. Found myself again randomly on LinkedIn this Tuesday and a several-days-old note from the senior recruiter for the aforementioned multinational was lurking like a fish just about to go bad in the back of a refrigerator. A hasty e-mail earned a return e-mail within an hour, a call that afternoon and a first interview on Friday. I think they’re interested. And the girlfriend is ecstatic.

    Reality: Two leads now means that, if neither comes through, there won;t be another good lead for a year. In the mean time., though, it’s nice to be loved. Or, at least liked.
    Gratitude: If I’m getting an interview, it’s clearly because Pablo did my LinkedIn profile shot. Pablo: if I get the job, it’s hookers and blow all around!

    • Last sentence…yes please!

    • Mmmmmmmmm, hookers and blow and donuts. *drooooooooooooool*

    • I was in a very similar situation. One day a couple weeks ago, I was bored/disinterested/frustrated with work and decided to peruse LinkedIn. Had never paid much attention to the “Jobs” section before, but all of the sudden I see this cool job and apply just to test the waters….Fast forward a couple months, today’s the last day at the current gig and I’ll start the new one in a couple of weeks. Guess LinkedIn is actually somewhat useful, eh?

      • Who knew? I had heard so many horrible things about so many other job sites that I just lumped LinkedIn in with the rest of them.

  • Rant: I just checked the websites for both my banks and both my credit cards and not one has any information about their status with Heartbleed. Not one has sent me an email or any communications about it at all. Has anyone else received any notifications from their banks? Most of the advice I’ve read says not to change your passwords until you know a site has been secured. What are others doing?

    Rave: I have enough pets to handle all my new passwords.

    • I checked with Morgan Stanley. Don’t think they are affected. Notice should come out to investors soon; the news I got was from a message to employees.

    • This site will tell you if something is secure: http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/

    • I am not logging in to my bank or credit cards until it’s fixed. I also can’t get good info. I’m going to give it a week on the assumption that any responsible bank will have it fixed by then. This site will also tell you if a particular address is secure. https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/. Unfortunately, it couldn’t say for sure whether my banks are secure. Pandora, on the other hand, definitely not secure.

    • One of my deceased dogs lives on through a password – I’ve also used names of sibling pets and a horse I had when I was a teenager 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: It’s a beautiful spring day! I’m planning on combating the crowds and seeing the Cherry Blossoms.

    Rant: Sore body! I have pain in both my hip and my shoulder that won’t go away. I got two massages this week which helped a bit, but still in a bit of discomfort.

    Rant: Maryland MVA. They changed their rules on updating/receiving new IDs this year so instead of handing it to you at the office they mail it to you instead. It took a week for my new ID to come in and apparently the employees are not fully train on protical because the teller who did mine originally kept the old one! He expected me to go a week without any sort of photo identification and just show a slip of paper with my License number on it. I had to get back in line to talk to a supervisor to get my old ID back. Was getting worried about the new one coming in, I’m flying to see my sister next week, but thankfully it arrived yesterday.

    Rave: I actually like my photo on my ID! I didn’t get to see it after the it was taken and was worried I looked a mess. I actually didn’t have to wait for my number to be called and was enroute to the bathroom to fix myself up when they called me! MVA lady was moving so fast to process me that I barley had time to get my coat off and fix my hair.

  • Rave: haircut day!
    Rant: I always talk a big game 48 hours leading up to a haircut about how i’m going to do a big chop and make a fun change – i get so excited about how fun it would feel to have a fresh look. and then i sit in the chair and totally wuss out and just get a trim. any advice on not chickening out? people always say “oh it will grow back!” but come on, it grows slowly, and in the mean time i might be stuck with something i don’t like. starting to think i need wigs instead of haircuts. i’m a hair commitment phobe. (or maye i’m not, b/c i’m overly committed to this long, drab hair of mine.)

    • Bring photos of people’s hair you like with you. And have a long talk with the hairdresser about that. Maybe they can suggest something in between chop it all off and a trim. (says a person who would just die if i got short hair. die.)

      • Although – I did go from a normal straight all same length hair to more of a messy, rock’n’roll style while keeping the length. I highly recommend that if what you like about short styles is how cool and fun they can look.

      • see?! that’s what i’m scared of! that i’ll just totally regret it and hate it. and then be stuck with it! my long hair is lame and drab, but it’s a known quantity, so to speak.

        also, celeb hair pics are so decieving. of course their hair looks great since they had it coiffed for hours before it was photographed. but that doesn’t tell me anything about what it’ll look like on me on a random weekday morning. Grrr.

        • I’d echo what maria said – talk to your hair stylist. If they are any good at their job they should be able to suggest a short style that will make you look fabulous. I chopped my hair off almost two years ago, right after my wedding (from shoulder-length to a very cropped look) and have not looked back.

    • Do the chop!

      I did two weeks ago. I left the chair looking like a younger, redheaded Theresa Caputo (not-so-good). I semi-liked the cut but was unsure if it suited me (nor was it exactly what I wanted and I’m probably one of the easiest people to work on considering I truly believe in the “it-grows-back” mantra). I went home and fixed it properly, but was still unsure. It really took me until the first shower when I realized I can wash, condition, dry and straighten in less than half the time it took before. That, coupled with a new-found freedom from hair getting stuck in my purse on my shoulder, I’m sold. Just don’t get overwhelmed with remorse when you leave-it took me a few days, but eventually you’ll get used to it!

    • Hahaha I do this without fail every time! I’m very protective of my hair and its length so even though I loooove the idea of a fresh look I rarely indulge. The few times I’ve been able to follow through were from either A) having a friend there to deal with my flip-out (I took my most no-nonsense friend with me and all I needed was a few pointed looks when I started to backpedal on my description to my hairstylist) and/or B) I trusted my hairstylist enough (and she well-understood my feelings about my hair) to ask her what she would do with my hair if I gave her free-reign. I have long curly thick black hair and she was ecstatic to voice all of her long-standing opinions on what to do with my hair and after some discussion we found a good in between that didn’t give me heart palpitations but was different enough from my regular style!
      Side rant of my own: Haven’t been able to find a stylist in DC that has enough experience with my type of hair to make me feel comfortable giving them free reign. Suggestions would be awesome though I beg for a stylist who charges a reasonable price!

      • GiantSquid

        A. What’s a “reasonable price”?
        B. Do you need any special cut/styling (eg. a Deva Cut)

        • Like under $60? I struggle with spending a lot on haircuts because my hair looks virtually the same cut by a $40 hairstylist and an $100 hairstylist (but I fully believe I’m probably just not going to the right people for my hair)
          I’ve never needed a special cut/styling before so probably not?

          • GiantSquid

            The only place I’ve gone to regularly and received a good $42 haircut was the Verizon Center Bang, but that was when I was rocking the shorter crops/bob/pixie.

          • Ahhh okay! Yeah I tried it there and didn’t love it so I’m trying the U Street Bang at the end of this month! Thanks for the tip 🙂

          • I would say to vet carefully who you see at Bang on U Street. I stopped going there after many times after they dyed my hair the wrong color. But as a fellow “curly girl” I have had mixed experiences. I stayed because of the price because I don’t want to pay $100 for a mediocre haircut if I can pay $42. I have a straight-haired friend who gets the best haircuts at the Verizon location. Its all about the stylist fit for your hair in the end and I think the receptionist just gave me someone who needed business and not the right person for my hair type (despite asking).

      • Dina at aveda in Bethesda is wonderful with curly hair. I’m not sure if the cut will be under $60. I am sure that you will get your money’s worth.

    • Just do it! Bring pictures of what you want and ask your stylist for opinions on what works for you and what doesn’t. You could also go for a not so drastic change. Like instead of going for a big chop, just get a medium chop and see what it’s like.
      I wanted to get a pixie cut for the longest time and always chickened out. I went to a new stylist one day and asked for his opinions on a pixie cut for my long wavy hair. He explained to me why it would look good, why it would work for my hair, and how he would style it. I was still undecided. Then he said something like “”OK you’re clearly not ready for it so I”m not going to do it,” then I was like “no I’m ready let’s do it!” It was like reverse psychology. But since he took the time to explain to me the pros and cons of short hair, I felt confident that he could do a good job, which really helped me make the decision. I did have a brief “oh god what have I done” moment when he made that first cut, but I got over it once I saw how kick-ass my new hair looked!

    • GiantSquid

      Chopping hair off can be very liberating, for multiple reasons. Go on to Google or Pinterest, browse around, and find photos of what you like. Take them to your hairdresser and if they’re a good one, they’ll look at your hair type and know what styles would work best. Also, be up front with them if you don’t mind doing a ton of styling or prefer wash and wear because that will influence the cut. I’ve had hair as long as my waist and as short as a pixie crop. Yes, growing out can be a pain if you’re impatient, but there are ways to do it gracefully and you might find an intermediary style that suits you well. I would have never tried an asymmetrical bob but it’s one of the styles I’ve received the most compliments on.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! Nice to know i’m not the only one who chickens out when the scissors get close.

      I totally trust my stylist, it’s ME I don’t trust! I don’t trust myself to still like it after the first shower! or after the first week. I’ll do my best to summon some courage and will report back to you tomorrow. (eeek! scared just THINKING about it!)

      • houseintherear

        I’m notorious for doing a gradual short cut. I’ll start out with longish hair, cut to a long bob, cut to a short bob a few months later, then cut to a pixie a few months later. For me, this works and doesn’t scare me to death. I think it also helps if you do something kicky with color when cutting your hair shorter- it makes the whole thing “drastic” and then the cut doesn’t feel as drastic, if that makes any sense. I’m growing out a pixie right now and enjoying all the various stages… actually, I’m in the Hanna from Girls stage right now, which I kinda hate on her but like on myself. Just do it!!!!! It’s fun. Life is short.

  • Rant?: Just had a post deleted for a a comment that seems far less “racy” than many that have been posted here in the past, and was nice, not mean. PoP, am I a sinner?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I didn’t delete any of your comments. I think commenting has been a little glitchy lately. Trying to figure out what’s wrong.

      • gotryit

        “I delete any of your comments.” Typo? Or is that what your really think of some of us?

      • It’s back. FWIW, I think you moderate with an admirably light hand and would only complain a little bit if it was deleted.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          No I moderate with a heavy hand – just so happens not in this instance 🙂 Please let me know if it happens again. Thanks.

          • I think the only time I got moderated was when I got real salty about a situation about lifelong pets getting put down solo, without their family there for them.
            Not trying to open up that can of worms again, because just thinking about it brings out some pretty harsh feelings here!
            POP set me straight that day though 🙂

      • saf

        It’s all a little glitchy lately.

  • Question, if you found out someone you knew and respected liked the fourth Indiana Jones movie would it change your opinion of them?

    • Definitely. I would seriously question their tastes and credibility.

    • GiantSquid

      SHUN THEM.

      • LOL, but in all seriousness either they have been through a Phineas Gage situation or they have been replaced by pod people. Something is not right….

    • Definitely. Was dating a guy who was talking about how much he loved Halle Berry but cited her performance as CatWoman as the basis for his opinion. -___-

      • Maybe what he likes about her goes beyond his admiration of her acting skills? Sometimes it can be hard to come up with a “good” response when you’re put on the spot…..

    • Emmaleigh504

      Why do they like it. Do they think it’s a great movie? SHUN THEM! Does it have sentimental value or do they like how terrible it is? Give them some slack…maybe.

  • Rave?: This book seems to be what I’ve been trying to tell people for years: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2014/may/08/thomas-piketty-new-gilded-age/
    I can’t wait to read it.

  • Rave: Happy hour today for a internship program i completed while at University of Maryland.
    Rant: Can I actually network at this event?
    Rave: Maybe there will be cute girls there
    Rant: It also could be super awkward.
    Rave: My kickball team has happy hour right when the first one is finishing, so i can always bail and head to that.
    Random: My ex-girl friend (dated 3 years while in college) but have been broken up for at least 2 years now (with a few hiccups in between), asked me to help her move some furniture in to her new place in Silver Spring. We also hung out all day last sunday and just vegged out on the couch. I dont know if she is interested in getting back together or if she just needs a friend now. I guess ill take it slow and let her lead the way. I kind of miss how things use to be and how comfortable i felt around her.

    • Kickball tonight in Admo? I am quite excited about it. Such nice weather too.

      Sounds like she is trying to get back together TBH. Sounds like you are semi-interested. Without knowing more, I would say pass, as you had 3 years to figure out if it is going to work. However, if you feel you both have grown and changed significantly, than there is nothing saying it couldn’t work? Except for the fact she lives in Silver Spring!

      • I second the kickball season opener tonight with awesome weather! Just wish it was easier to park near my game…maybe they can build a parking garage to go with all the development?

        I’d also say don’t go back to it, you’re letting her make decisions and helping her move 2 years later. Why is she asking you, because you’ll say yes? It sounds like the relationship is just to far out of balance to work. She sounds like she’s lonely and knows she can fall back on you for support, you vegged-out, you didn’t get invited to go with her to the Nats opener

    • Re: Random: Has anything changed that would mitigate the reasons you broke up in the first place? Otherwise my advice would be to try to keep your distance. It doesn’t sound like you’re really over her after two years of being broken up with some “hiccups” on an off. It may be better to try to move on.

      • Nothing has really changes but for me, the true test of a relationship is going through dark periods and coming out (and still feeling comfortable with that person), which has happened several times with this particular one. and kickball is on the national mall not admo (i wish because i live right in admo)

    • Try asking her to help move your couch. That’s a good test.

      • If you are going to use this test, have a really, REALLY heavy couch. Preferably a hide-away. If you all can get that moved without killing each other, there just may be a chance.

  • Rave: Had a great interview last night via Skype for a job that I would love. And it would get me back to California, which is huge.
    Rant: I might be faced with a decision between a not-guaranteed second round interview in California and a job offer I already have here. The job offer I have offers more money, but my heart isn’t quite in it as much because it involves staying put for another couple of years at least. Heart vs brain. Can money buy happiness?
    Rant: All of this decision-making has cost me dearly in the sleep department. Another 2:30 AM wakeup last night.
    Rave: Going to see “Camp David” tonight. Perfect timing – it’ll get my mind off things. And it’s super nerdy.
    Rave: Warm weather = garden is starting to respond.

    • TBH, cost of living in any major area of California (Bay Area, LA, OC and San Diego) is just as high (or more) than in DC. You’ll also need to factor in increased cost of reliance on a car, since most of CA’s public transportation is useless. So either way, you’ll need more money than you’re making now if you want to maintain the same standard of living in CA. Just food for thought…

      • San Diego is cheaper than DC. Especially in the rent and food department. Traffic is a lot better too.

        Bay Area, depends where in the Bay. SF, SJ, Marin, and the Peninsula? Yes. East Bay? Not so much.

        • There are also no jobs in SD. SF has tons of jobs, but is at a point where it is significantly more expensive than DC.

          • 1. I wasn’t commenting on the jobs market, just replying to the cost of living remark.

            2. One does not have to live in San Francisco to work there. These days Oakland and Berkeley have lots going on too (including admittedly crime).

          • Fair enough 🙂

            1. I do think in a cross country moves, jobs do have to be some piece of it. Moving is expensive, exhausting, and time-consuming. A move like this is an important decision.

            2. Even Oakland (rapidly gentrifying) and Berkeley (already pretty expensive) aren’t cheap either.

            But your point still stands. There are cheaper areas to live there. There are also cheaper areas to live here (EOTR) and my assumption is OP doesn’t live in one of these places.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, San Diego is significantly cheaper than DC in my experience. I seriously regret not buying the place I was considering on the beach there during the height of the housing crisis.

    • BB — See you at Camp David and we can commiserate about the happy-yet-stressful dilemma of job in the hand/job in the bush with a California kicker. I’ll be the tall guy with Harry Potter glasses trying to knock back two glasses of wine before intermission ends.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Saw “Camp David” on Sunday and loved it! The actors get their characters down pat without caricature. Richard Thomas is superb as Jimmy – who should have gotten a second term. Rosalyn comes across as surprisingly strong. Enjoy it!

  • it has been glitchy whenever i scrroll through the comments section the website literally shifts from left to right. has this happened to anyone lese

  • Anyone know where a good wall for lax wall ball is in AdMo/Dupont area?

  • Rave: I spent a bit of time prepping and cleaning our garden plot last night. It was so nice to be outside and puttering around in the sunshine.
    Rant: Would love to be retired. I can think of so many other ways I’d like to use my time this week (spring cleaning, dusting, purging my closets, taking a long walk, hiking, swimming) than being in the office. I have spring-itis. I’m glad I’m taking a long weekend away during Easter.
    Rave: I’m also getting my hair cut today, but resisting the urge to chop it all off (which I usually do). I’m trying to let it grow out for the first time in ten years.

    • tell me about it. my husband and I have been job searching from Majorca for the past month. and we are like why are we doing this? (while laying in the hammock basking in Mediterranean sun). i am totally content just planning 3 meals a day and going for a bike ride here and there.

  • RAVE: Audition for Jeopardy scheduled for May. Very very excited but trying not to make myself too nervous.

    • I took the online test a few months ago. Did they give you your score? If so, how did you do? What’s the cut off for getting an audition? They notified you via email?

      • I took the online test as well.
        The invite was via email; didn’t include my score or the cut-off; I remember being pretty sure I’d only missed one or two on that one, though they say that that still doesn’t guarantee an audition.
        (Nor does an audition mean getting on-air…. must not let hopes get too far up….)

  • Rave/Rant: Was feeling less “pregnant” until I passed out for over an hour this morning after breakfast. I thought I was over the “I need to sleep for a while right NOW” phase of pregnancy…I guess not!
    Revel: Off to Boston tomorrow for the weekend.

  • Rant: Not my year…has anyone had experience with Moh’s surgery? My dermatologist found a Squamous cell carcinoma on my hand and I go in for a consultation next week with the Dr who will do the surgery.

    Rave: DC in the spring!

    • That sucks. I have no personal experience, but I know more than several that have had skin cancers successfully removed. Good luck.

    • Are you getting Mohs or just having the whole thing removed? My mom has had multiple Mohs surgeries, but I’ve only had excisions. If you’re getting Mohs it may take a while because they review each layer of skin under a microscope until they get a layer that’s free of the cancer cells. So wear comfortable clothes, bring snacks and a book to read or something to keep you occupied. Good luck! I didn’t think my mole removal survey was that bad, the worst part is not being able to exercise or anything while you have your stitches in.

      • I’ve had it – yes easy – but time consuming. But much better than a few years later when I found a basal cell carcinoma on my ear during a time when I was waiting to get into a new health insurance plan. I couldn’t have it treated by a doctor because it would then be a pre-existing condition, so a friend helped me burn it off with liquid nitrogen. Now looks like a squirrel took a bite off the tip of my ear! Yay for Obamacare!!!!!

    • Yup, I’ve had a lot of Mohs surgery. It is not a big deal at all. All mine were on my face, so I was a little more concerned and looked up the reviews of the docs to ensure they wouldn’t leave me disfigured. They didn’t, and all was fine. Good luck!

    • My father had Mohs surgery several times, it always seemed to go well and heal fast. If you’re seeing Dr Hendi, he is great!

  • Rant: Single again. And instead of the guy just telling me he didn’t want to date anymore he got really ignorant with my best friend. Really ignorant.
    Rant: I am tired of dating. I think I’m taking a break.
    Rave: The weather is amazing and it’s hard to be outside without smiling.
    Rave: Handling this better than I would’ve thought (probably because the guy made it way easier by being a jerk).

    • “…he got really ignorant with my best friend. Really ignorant.”
      What does that mean? And I’m confused as to whether he dumped you or you dumped him.

      • We were all drinking (of course) and he says to her “you’re a terrible drunk.” This started an argument that led her to go home, at which time he continues to attack her via text. While I walked her out he sends me a text that says his friend is sick and he’s leaving, knowing that I could’ve just gotten in a cab and gone home with my friend. The his last text to me last night is “Do you want me to come fuck you; or should I grab another broad?” to which I did not respond. Then, this morning, instead of apologizing, he says “you mad bro? Brutal honest.” and continues to tell me how much my friend sucks. Mind you, she’s my friend. I know exactly who she is. She can be a pain in the ass, but I love her like a sister. This is the guy that just got back from Afghanistan.

      • Oh – and I don’t really know who dumped who. I think I started it by saying that I was done, and then he asked a couple times if I was dumping him for good and I never responded. We’re definitely finished, that much is clear.

    • Was this the guy who had recently come back from Afghanistan? Or a different one?

    • Andie sounds like we should meet for a drink again 🙂 – corey

  • Rave: The weather. I just want to bike for miles and miles tonight.
    Rant: Car started overheating today. I do not want to put any more money into this thing.

  • Lots of racy comments today. Is it the spring weather?

  • Rave: my first interaction with someone at the DC office of tax and revenue and it was a good one! They sent me a letter telling me I had to fill out a commercial income and expense report, but I don’t own commercial property. I called them up and it was straightened out.
    Rant-ish: let’s just hope it truly is straightened out and there’s no 10% on next year’s property tax bill. The stories I’ve heard on here aren’t giving me too much hope, but we’ll see.

    • gotryit

      What magic phone number did you call at OTR that someone picked up the phone?

      • The letter listed the number for the program coordinator, Anthony Daniels, 202-442-6794. I called him yesterday and left a message, nothing, tried him again today and this time I called the person he refers to in his voice mail.

      • Haha, I just imagined that the DC Tax office hired April Ludgate to be their secretary. (I’m late to the Parks and Rec bandwagon.)

  • Rave: Full bloom Magnolias & cherry trees in Oak Hill Cemetery (next to Montrose Park) and Forsythia hill in total bloom in Dumbarton oaks (visible from Montrose Park) Tons of wildflowers and daffodils in Montrose Park.

    Rant: Full-grown woman (Lululemon type) picking herself a huge bunch of daffodils from the park! And I could not get my dog to go bite her leg.

    • I love the forsythia hill at Dumbarton Oaks! I look forward to it every year. For me it rivals the cherry blossoms as the best thing about springtime in DC 🙂

    • justinbc

      Good to know, taking some New Yorkers over there tomorrow! (followed by the monstrous pastrami sandwich at Stachowski’s)

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