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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Tyhe graffiti jam off of rd island sunday
    tons of new art to go check out

    • why do you
      type with such
      weird spacing and an utter
      lack of
      punctauition it makes it
      difficult to read

      • austindc

        I like the mystery around it. For example, is Tyhe a typo for “the” or some sort of cool graffiti word? Is rd island a weird abbreviation for Rhode Island, or is off of some traffic island near a busy intersection? Even more exciting is that there’s tons of art to go check out, but no directions on how to get there. I think the bizarre incomprehensibility of the message is like graffiti for a comments page. Ergo (Latin), it’s art.

      • Buffalo Bill’s


        who used to

        ride a watersmooth-silver


        and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat


        he was a handsome man

        and what i want to know is

        how do you like your blueeyed boy

        Mister Death

        — ee cummings

        • Dang…the weird spacing didn’t translate fully.

          who used to
          ride a watersmooth-silver
          (there we
          go) (?)

        • Thank you for the poetry break. Perfect complement to this dreary gray morning.

          • I love ee cummings – and will add this perfect poem for a dreary gray day!

            O sweet spontaneous
            earth how often have

            fingers of
            prurient philosophers pinched

            , has the naughty thumb
            of science prodded

            beauty, how
            often have religions taken
            thee upon their scraggy knees
            squeezing and

            buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

            to the incomparable
            couch of death thy

            thou answerest

            them only with


      • mainly because i have to type with one hand currently, which is the result of my broken elbow & wrist that were takeaways from a motorcycle accident

        also this is a pretty informal forum imo

        but as far as directions it is on the entire stretch of wall behind the forman mills and runs up to the mbt trail(the wall right by the trail was already done)

  • Rant: Critter in the crawl space.
    Rave? Adcock’s is coming today.

  • Rave/Rant: Amazing weekend with lots of new friends! Apparently missed out on a good time Saturday night because I was sleeping off my day-drunk which is only upsetting because I didn’t end up being very productive Sunday anyway. I wish champagne didn’t make me crash so hard.
    Rant: Rainy Monday
    Rant: Still not seeing/feeling any results from my exercise & diet changes but I don’t really have the time in my schedule to amp it up.
    Rave/Rant: The search continues for date-able men in DC
    Revel: Aaron Carter will be at the Cherry Blossom Parade on Saturday.

    • Also:
      Rave: GAME OF THRONES. So excited for this season.

    • Agree with your rave/rant! I am enjoying getting back in the saddle, I got a couple of numbers on Saturday. Coffee Meets Bagel is working well and chatting with a few girls there.

      I have been enjoying the process, and enjoying meeting new people, so I am going to say 85% rave, 15% rant.

      100% rant to Game of Thrones though. So good!

  • epric002

    rant: going on 8 weeks, and the incompetent chard snyder can’t figure out how to give me back the transit money that they took out of my paycheck. what a racket.
    rant: umbrella broke this morning on my commute in.
    rant: metro card stopped working.
    rave: not as cranky as i would expect, given the above.

  • Rant: sick as a dog. my nose is like a snot faucet. I look like that kid Roscoe from Martin.
    Rave: brunch with a hometown sorority sister who is new to the city. i think she’s really going to like D.C.!

  • Rant: Snapped tailbone.
    Rave: Friends!

    • Hope you have a quick recovery!

      • Thanks. Unfortunately it’s anything but quick – it’s been 8 weeks and it still hurts! Was told it could take 3 months to heal. But if that’s the case, I’m almost there!

    • Oy! How’d you manage a snapped tailbone? Sounds painful!

      • I fell learning how to snowboard. I was doing pretty well, but I just couldn’t get the hang of getting off the lift.

        • Ah, sorry to hear! I certainly have my share of bruised tailbones from sudden ass-to-grounds on a snowboard. If you haven’t completely given up yet, they sell all sorts of pads you can wear under your winter pants. 🙂

  • Rant/Rave: Sick all weekend. Actually took a rare sick day today so I could catch up on all the work I wasn’t able to complete this weekend.
    Rave: girlfriend who took great care of me this weekend
    Rave: Speculoos Cookie Butter. Holy cow. I’ve been spreading it on toast and dipping pretzels. Any other recommendations for this magical nectar, Popville?

  • Rave: Good to get back to Game of Thrones last night.
    Rant: Little Miss Whiskey’s was beyond packed for the viewing, and I’m sure Mothership was too. I wish more bars were showing it. C’mon, Brixton! Or Black Cat!
    Rave: Job situation looking good. Interview Wednesday for a job I really want (in California!), and if that doesn’t work out I have a back-up job in hand. An ideal situation.
    Rave: Got my garden up and running this weekend. Very excited to eat the fruits (literally!) of my labor.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s not legal for any of these places to be airing Game of Thrones. They would need to have a re-broadcast license/agreement from HBO. I’m honestly surprised any of these bars advertise it. The fines are pretty steep.

      • I heard that HBO did a free trial this weekend to entice more subscribers. Probably weren’t worried about the fines this time.

      • I don’t think that’s true, unless they were charging for the right to watch. Much like bars don’t need recast rights for football or basketball games if they are not making money off the broadcast itself.

          • This reminds me of the recent NPR article about people who comment on stories before reading them. A quote from the cited article specifically states
            “While there’s no actual law against showing HBO’s signal publicly, Cusson said people who get HBO through their cable or satellite provider agree to follow those rules. HBO would be in violation of its own agreements with movie companies if the network knew its signal was being seen in public and wasn’t doing anything about it, he said.
            Cusson says establishments that persist showing HBO programs despite the cease-and-desist letter could be liable for civil penalties. So far the cable channel hasn’t taken that step against anyone.”

            So it seems to me that, while not illegal, these bars could be inviting civil complaints from HBO.

    • I think DC Reynolds plays it on the big screen on the back patio too.

    • I just wish HBO made it easier for me to buy and consume their product. I’m not about to amend my cord-cutting ways and get a cable subscription AND then pay extra just to get HBO. Visiting local bars is cheaper and easier. If HBO cared about making more profit from Game of Thrones, they would make it more accessible.

      • +1 I would totally pay just to stream HBO, but I haven’t had cable in several years and wouldn’t go back just for HBO.

      • GiantSquid

        Agreed. We subscribe to many TV shows through iTunes and get to watch them the day after airing. We had to wait TWO YEARS to watch Season 3 of GoT. That’s effin ridiculous in this day and age. They’d make more money and discourage piracy if they did immediate release.

        • How do you know they’d make more money? I hear the argument a lot but I don’t know how many people really have the expertise or access to necessary data to draw that conclusion.

          • Yeah, HBO has publicly said they’ve done their research and the current model is still the best for them right now. They get a big chunk of change from both cable companies and subscribers.

          • The cable/satellite companies who work with HBO (which is owned by Time Warner, which offers cable) would never allow it to be an “over-the-top” service; HBO would lose tons of money if they couldn’t be on cable.

          • GiantSquid

            Pirating episodes = no money
            Buying episodes = money

          • Apart from other failings, those statements don’t support the assertion that HBO would make “more money” by doing so. I’m not being argumentative I’d like to know if there’s really an economic point here.

      • Just borrow someone’s hbo go password. Chances are you know more than one person that has it. The CEO of HBO has literally publicly encouraged people to do this.

  • Rave: Some ridiculously romantic moments this weekend
    Rant: Peppered with some arguing
    Rave: I can’t wait for the Cherry Blossoms to be out in full effect.
    Rave: Fun day at the game yesterday and then cooking last night.

  • Rant: The grapes I got from Trader Joe’s yesterday are all moldy. Debating whether I want to be bothered to return them or not….
    Rant: Rainy Monday

  • Rant: I have a bad case of the “F its” today. Just want to go back to bed.

    Rave: Fun weekend with friends I haven’t seen in way too long!

    Rant: Best friend’s marriage is on the rocks in a serious way. I am trying to be supportive but I am kind of at a loss how to best help her. I’ve recommended they try counseling (her husband refuses) and try my best to be a safe space/sounding board…I just want to fix it so she can be happy. Makes me sad to see her so unhappy.

  • RAVE: Checked out Dacha for the first time this season. The staff immediately recognized me – by name – because of my epic birthday party that I had there last September. We must have been a lot more debauched than I remember.
    RANT: The rumors I heard are true – boat show bros have begun their invasion of Dacha. I was only there for 45 minutes early on in the day but a few of them had already begun congregating the time we left. Hopefully they don’t bring the sloppiness! (a la Standard/Garden District loud puke fest)

  • Rave: UConn win!
    Rave: another UConn win!
    Rant: I made a game time decision to wear tights today, but I forgot to put a slip on and now I feel clingy and not polished.
    Rant: how is it that shoes fit in the store, but not at home?

  • Rant: Rain 🙁 I need a new umbrella, so it was a soggy walk to work.

    Rave: Productive weekend.

  • Rant: front step, wine drinking weather yesterday with the husband and dog
    Rant: Italy in 3 weeks
    Rave: nothing, alive and healthy

  • Rave: Had a lovely day hike at Prince William National Forest with some girl friends on Sunday.
    Rant: My body aches. I worked out this winter, but apparently I was more sedentary than I thought. So out of shape!
    Rave: I get to see my bestie in two weeks. I’m looking forward to a spring break girls weekend in the desert.
    Rant: This gray and the cold.

  • Rant: After dealing with DC’s Health Link and Blue Cross Blue Shield for the last 5-6 months, I’ve officially lost my new ACA policy because DC’s Health Link website was a giant, broken mess that couldn’t effectively issue me a policy much less communicate with BCBS correctly. I’ve spent hours on the phone with BCBS and received lots of broken promises, which finally came to an end today when they told me my only option is to apply during the next window, which opens Nov. 15th.
    Rave: at least my existing policy still works which means I have health insurance
    Rant: my old policy blows compared to the new ACA versions

  • Rave: DCA>LAX>DCA being booked….I don’t care if I get the job, I just want a multinational corporation to fly me out to the coast for a couple of days and pretend they like me (this is the same approach I’ve always taken towards women and dating: keep expectations low and hope for a pleasant surprise).

  • Rave: Won my office bracket pool!
    Rave: Despite the winds on Saturday, got so much biking in over the weekend. Perhaps a tad too much.
    Rave: Because of bracket win, I think a trip to Rose’s Luxury is in order.
    Rant: Nothing. Life is pretty darn tootin’ good.

    • Date night at Rose’s Saturday night (second trip). I would be hard-pressed to think of a time when such a trip is not in order!

      • Yup, went one time with friends and thought “this is an awesome date restaurant.”

        Now that I am dating someone, we are going to go this week!

      • How long of a wait did you endure for a Saturday night seating? My friend recently went on a Wednesday and said it was a 2 hour wait. No thanks!

        • It was just under two hours. The place opens at 5:00, we got there at 5:20 and it was full and there was an hour-and-a-half wait. We putzed around for about 20 minutes and by the time we got on the list it was close to 2. You definitely have to go with the idea that you have something interesting to do for a couple of hours — I’m generally with you that few things are worth that sort of wait, but I was in a mellow mood and the girlfriend (also not known for her patience in these matters) wanted to try it.

          • Thanks for the info. I’m insanely impatient with this type of stuff, so I need to either be there at 5pm or not go at all.
            Do they at least call you 15 minutes before your table is ready? That’s what they do at Little Serow and I think it works really well. I usually go for drinks and Fox & Hounds before my meal and then they will call/text 10 minutes before your table is ready. I HATE standing around crowded restaurants waiting for my name to be called. Let me go for a walk or grab a drink elsewhere…

          • msmaryedith

            Oh, and yes, they text you and say they’ll hold your table 15 minutes. and to text to let them know you’re on your way.

        • msmaryedith

          I went last Friday with friends. Put my name on the list for a party of 4 at 6:30. Wait was 3 1/2 hours.

  • Rave: Friday’s date went well, and I’m going to see the guy again on Wednesday.
    Rant: I have the serious yips about this situation; I can’t shake the feeling that every potential relationship is doomed before it begins for any number of reasons, all of which are my fault.

    • Perhaps stop looking so far ahead, and instead look forward to a pleasant evening shared with another person. But wishing you all the best!

    • maybe you should take a breather from the dating world – thats what i am doing and its working out really well. I feel a lot less angsty now that there is not the anticipation or confusion before or after asking a girl out. And i am finding myself being a lot more interested in girls I already know who are potential girl friend material

  • Rave: Shocked at how well I did in the ten miler yesterday. Feelin’ it today with quite the creaky walk to work!
    Rave: Replaced my broken umbrella with a very shiny bright blue one. It makes me happy on dreary days.
    Rant: Our dogwalking company copied our house key without our permission. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

    • Congrats on the 10-miler! I’m constantly in awe of people who take pleasure in running long races!

    • GiantSquid

      Re: copied housekey. I don’t know what you want to do, but that would creep me out. I’d make it very clear to them that was not cool and either get the copy or take back your key from them. Giving someone the key to your house is a huge amount of trust and I would want to know exactly how many copies are out there and vet who has them.

    • epric002

      does the company not make mention of that on their website? i thought it was pretty standard practice so that management has a key in case the usual walker is unavailable.

      • It makes sense for a walker and/or company to have their own key for sure, but why not just make sure all parties know that beforehand? I can’t find any info in our agreements or their site. It’s not our house (renting currently) so luckily our landlords had no issues with it.

    • Shared rave: Congrats on the good run! Such a beautiful morning for it, and the tease of what the blooms will look like on Hains Pt in a few days was nice! I also did a personal best, and used the elevator to get to my office today.
      Rant from the race: Saw a guy collapsed at about 9.75 miles. I sure hope he’s OK.

  • Rave: got a response from a company that I applied to. Even though it was “thanks for your application, we will look at it”, it’s still nice to get an actual email from an actual human being instead of wondering if it got lost in the internet black hole.

    Rant: Have been job searching since January, and had no idea it would be that hard to get a job in Europe with an American passport. Any interest firms had has died down the second they find out that they need to do a work visa for me. Boo.

    Rave: At least I am job searching from a vacation home in Mallorca. Could be worse.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Biked Friday and Sunday. 31 mi total.
    Rant: Pretty darn cold at Nats game Saturday night. Ended up leaving around 4th inning & getting dinner at Molly’s
    Rant: While it’s great the ballpark was crowded, the ballpark was crowded. And I can do without all the bros doing their bro thing loudly and obnoxiously.
    Revel: Submitted loan application for first-time home buying. Looks like someplace around $425K will be possible. All the more reason to pay off evil loan of doom and save up a downpayment.

  • Rant: New apartment marks my first go vs. mice
    Rant: All the steel wool and crack filling doesn’t seem to be making a difference
    Rant: Studio apartment so no where to cordon myself off at night, can’t sleep
    Rant: Building exterminator was a no show

  • GiantSquid

    We have a mouse in our kitchen that lives behind the stove. I went to Fragers and bought a humane trap and four packets of this spearmint/peppermint deterrent. Put two packets to the back of the warming drawer and the trap with cheese on the counter. Two days and no sign of the critter.

    • GiantSquid

      That was meant in reply to elly2 above.

    • I’ve had this problem too. I know I have a mouse (and everyone says that means there are 10 more), and I have had three traps out with peanut butter for a month, and I haven’t caught a single one.

    • houseintherear

      I think I have a mouse, too… first one in this house since I moved in 5+ years ago. 🙁 Westie has been camped out in the corner for days doing the mouse kicky dance. (Cat is oblivious, natch… too lazy for that crap.)

      • GiantSquid

        We have a Westie, too! He and the Cairn would be all over chasing it if it would come down to their level but they can’t see it on the countertops.

        • houseintherear

          With those two, it hopefully won’t live long! But you’ll find a bloody mess of bones and fur when you come one day… aren’t terriers fun?!! 🙂

  • Question: Thinking about leaving my first job out of college before a year is up because I’m literally miserable and this job takes very little skill. How horrible is that going to look to future employers? Should I just wait out the last four months even though I struggle through every single day? Leaving will also probably mean no reference though they’ll be upset with me for leaving at the end of one year as well…any advice?

    • Just do it. No sense staying somewhere you are miserable.

      Employers understand that job history (especially VERY early in your career) can be short, as you find what you want to do. One 8-month job stint on your resume basically just means you are no longer entry entry level, and that you likely know how to at least show up on time and find the kitchen.

      • Based on your advice, I’d bet you’re pretty young. Under 30, maybe 25 or 26? Because those of us over 40 can think of lots of reasons to stay somewhere you are miserable. And I’d never tell someone to just quit their job in this economy, because the next one may not come along for many, many months. Or longer.

        • Well played on the age. You hit the nail on the head.

          With that said, OP is presumably not super tied down, and very likely has very limited financial obligations. I do think he should start looking, and not just quit his job, that would be silly.

      • I agree, and feel I made a mistake in saying just do it. You should not quit your job in this economy. Do wait until you have another gig lined up, but certainly start looking.

        That is what I meant for my initial post to say, but I didn’t quite get there 🙂

    • Start looking. It may take time to find a new job but why wait another few months? I don’t think it matters so much that you stay a full year when you’re just out of school.

    • Don’t quit until you get something else. You know what’s more miserable than a job you hate? Broke. Throw in the personal sting that the inevitable impersonal rejections you’ll receive while looking for the next gig and the many hours you’ll have to second-guess yourself when your workdays are unfilled, and it becomes a cold spring and a dreary summer real fast.

      • and as the job search drags on, you realize you’ll have to take whatever comes along, so you end up taking a job you’re not crazy about and you’re right back in the same boat. Except now you have to explain to potential employers why you only lasted 8 months at the first job, then had a gap in employment, and are now looking again already.
        And I’d consider why you are “miserable” at this job. Since it’s your first job, there may be things that you think make you miserable but in reality they are part of any entry level job and you’ll run into the same things anywhere else. Or it could be you have an abusive boss and a job change would make a difference – but you don’t give us enough info.

    • Tough situation. I am in my mid-twenties and quit my last job because it wasn’t right for me. Fast forward a number of months and am still looking. I felt very empowered when I did it, convincing myself that the salary wasn’t worth being somewhere I didn’t see myself long term and where I wasn’t happy. I’m glad that I got out of it, but do wish that I had stayed until I found something else. As they say, it is easier to find a job when you have one.
      If you have a strong enough network to bypass some of the general job search woes, it may not be terrible lining something else up. Otherwise, just start spreading the word to friends that you are looking for something, and make a real effort to work your ass off at your current job. When something new comes up, you can tell your current boss that it is not the right place for you and that you think it would be better for both of you if you leave before the full year. Staying in the wrong job for you isn’t good for anyone.

    • Definitely start looking but do NOT quit until you have the next job lined up. Best advice my mama ever gave me. 8 months at your first job doesn’t look bad to employers; but being unemployed DOES look bad.
      And yes, it’s always easier to find another job when you already have one. Employers love to poach people with jobs and many have HR policies that won’t even consider unemployed people.

    • “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” — Steve Jobs

    • I started looking for a new job at about 4 months into my first job out of college. Fortunately, because it wasn’t at all in my field of interest (an IT company, when I know nothing about IT and went to college for international relations), I just told prospective employers that I was looking for something more closely related to my field of interest. I ended up getting a new job about 5 months after I started looking. However, keep your current job until you find something new – don’t just quit; it can be quite difficult to find something new then.

  • Rant-like Observation: I saw 4 cars BOOTED on one block in Bloomingdale.

    Rave: The CHER Concert Friday night at Verizon Center was AMAZING, she is 67 years old and blew it away, the stage show was visually insane………….. money well spent. Funny though the Eagles concert just a month earlier was very disappointing, I guess they ain’t got it like she does.

    • “Where the hell have you been?!?!”
      “We went and saw Cher.”
      “How was she?”

    • Rave: You saw 4 cars BOOTED on one block in Bloomingdale. I live in Eckington and am really tired of all the illegal parking in the area. It takes a lot to get booted – they deserved what they got, since parking tickets apparently weren’t enough to alter their behavior.

    • houseintherear

      What block in Bloomingdale, just out of curiousity? I saw them ticketing a construction workers’ giant escalade that they had parked illegally between the parking sign and the corner a few days ago. It seems that the workers who come in to do the water construction do not have construction vehicles or special parking passes, so maybe they are finally getting ticketed? I was secretly excited seeing this, probably since all the construction was closing off so many parking spots for all these months.

    • Does anyone know who you can called to get cars booted? Does the city do the booting or is it a private company? If people could call private companies, I’m sure we would see A LOT better enforcement and good behavior by drivers.

  • Rant: Kentucky Basketball. Wisconsin was playing well, but then that Harrison guy had to make a 3-pointer from way off the paint with only seconds left in the game. I despise Kentucky Basketball.
    Rave: Love my Badgers- it was great to make it to the Final Four for the first time since 2000. Go Badgers!

    • Overall, I’m pretty proud of the Badgers. I’d say “my” Badgers, but I’m not an alum (a lot of my family are though). Are you from Wisco?

      • Yep- from Madison and went to Madison. That said, I think anyone who is a big fan of the Badgers can say they are “their” Badgers. They are not the sole property of the students and alumni, and Wisconsin definitely has a lot of pride when it comes to the Badgers and the Packers. 🙂

  • Rant/Rave Combo. I came out about a year ago to a childhood friend who still lives back in my old hometown (here forth called friend 1). Through a year of conversations back and forth and soul searching sessions she became very supportive of me, and was very positive and I thought her religious beliefs had evolved. I recently decided to come out to another child hood friend who also lives in the same small town, but is a bit less…….. progressive (here forth called friend 2). I spoke with friend 1 about it and got her advice etc. Friend 2 was coming to visit this weekend and I planned to have the talk with her when she arrived (it ended up being a moot point, funny how fate works, last week she sent me a picture that another person she knows that is out and gay had posted on his facebook page of him in a gay bar with the name of the bar printed on the picture and me standing in the background, she had just happened to notice me in the background. I had no idea it was there). Well we had the conversation anyway and it ended up being splendid. She was great about it and more accepting that I had imagined.

    Snap back to friend 1, I emailed her to tell her that I did it, told friend 2 about it and how amazing it went, thanks to friend 1 for all the support in helping me get to this point. Friend 1 replied back saying she was glad it went well but had been soul searching over the past year and has re-decided that I am a sinner going to hell and need to repent lol! Just out of the blue, makes me laugh at the absurdity of the world lol.

    A note to straight girls, be kind to your single male friends over 30 and stop trying to make them your back up plan please. Friend 2 admitted that the reason she has not made it “easy” for me to come out to her over the years is that she did not want me to be gay as I was her last hold out to get married to somebody once she reached a certain age (did not seem to matter in her mind that I had no say so in that plan). : ) yallz be crazy and stuff. : )

    • I hoe you don’t think that all straight girls are like that. That’s just crazy.

    • A note back at you: Stop stereotyping hetero women. I know it’s nice to feel wanted, even by people who aren’t “options” for you, but quit assuming we all want you. I’ve heard this from half a dozen gay men… that the straight women are all over them. The faux annoyance is really disingenuous.
      Perfect illustration: in this story, YOU’RE the one all over your straight friends for acceptance. Check the mirror, pal.

    • She did some soul searching and came out hateful…Awesome.

      On a side note, I know there are plenty of Christians who don’t believe you are going to hell, but are there entire denominations that teach that, or are the Christians that are accepting of the LGBT community doing so against the beliefs of their Church?

      • I think what you will find is that a huge number of us millennial/generation x progressive Christians have made a huge exodus from the traditional church because of this (and other things). i can only speak for myself in that i’m not trying to wake up at the crack of dawn to go hear someone spew hatred, even if it’s not directed at me. i think it’s just a real turnoff, altogether for a lot of people. the upside is that there ARE churches who are tolerant and accepting of ALL people (as Christ originally wanted us to be). so there is hope for progressive Christians and progressive Christianity.

        • I certainly feel the same way as well. I grew up Lutheran, but after hearing some of the hate that is spewed by “leaders” of that faith, I just have no clue how the could expect me to participate. Very small tent thinking unfortunately.

      • epric002

        i believe the unitarian universalists are very progressive and welcoming.

      • saf

        Many denominations are open and affirming. United Church of Christ made big news for their “All are Welcome” ad campaign a few years back. There are Baptists (look for churches that belong to “The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.”)
        There are some Presbytarians, some Lutherans, some Methodists, some Episopalians…
        Really, there are a lot of us.

  • Rave: I finally got sworn into the Illinois bar today (after passing in October and just procrastinating until now to say the oath), so I’m officially a licensed attorney! Yay!
    Rave: I’m the save-the-world brand of attorney. After seeing many others who do private practice/corporate law get sworn in this morning, I remembered that it’s great not to to be tied to the mighty billable hour and 100+hour weeks. =)
    Rave: Visiting Chicago this weekend for a friend’s wedding and other shenanigans.
    Rant: 4 more days until Friday…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Crown from root canal from Hell fell out yesterday after less than a year. yay hill billy teeth : /
    Rave: While waiting to be seen by dentist I got new passport photos taken so I can get my passport before over seas trip.
    Rave: Also got some cadbury creme eggs 🙂

  • RAVE: Found an apartment, signed a lease! (I ranted last week about how hard it is to find an affordable place in DC.) Well we found exactly what we are looking for, saw the place and lease signed in a couple of days. Cannot wait to start this new chapter with my incredible SO.
    RANT: Moving. Packing. Purging. Confronting my hoarder tendancies.

  • Rave: Cher on Friday – awesome!!!
    Rave: Camping with friends up in Maryland Saturday night
    Rave: Dinner last night
    Rave: Promotion/Raise paperwork filed – best birthday present ever!
    Rave: No rants!!!!

  • Maybe a Rant: What ever happened about those star-crossed, hideously designed and executed townhomes called “Kendall Row”?

    Have any of them ever sold?

  • RANT:
    Just found out that we are in a zone (southern/eastern petworth) that is at risk of losing Powell ES as our inbound school. You might be too! Check here:

    The Deputy Mayor for Education is considering rezoning us to Barnard. While both schools continue to have room for improvement, the fact is that because our neighborhood has been zoned Powell for years, this is where families have focused their energy and time. There are *many* families who consider Powell a legitimate DCPS in bounds option and who will be sending their children to school here. For DCPS to mess with the zoning of a so called “up and coming” school that is *actually* successfully engaging the young families in the neighborhood is RIDICULOUS.
    Parents and others who care, please get involved NOW.
    Sign up for a working group here:

    AND PLEASE attend the meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 8th @ 6:30pm at Coolidge High School)
    and of course you can always email Bowser and Catania and get your lovely “thank you for…” response.

    • gotryit

      Don’t forget to pay attention to some of the other wacky proposals they have on the table, like high school being done completely by lottery across the city. Right!

    • We are stuck in Truesdell, and it loses western houses, and picks up more eastern. Not certain if this is a good or bad thing. However, I certainly wish we were in Barnard 🙂

  • Revel: I know people are always complaining about WMATA and WMATA employees (I’ve done it myself on numerous occasions), but I had a great experience on the 42 last Thursday around noon that I thought I would share, as it goes to show that there are some wonderful WMATA employees mixed in with the not-so-good ones who deserve to be recognized. The bus passed me as I was running toward the bus stop with my suitcase (obviously I was a total mess, tripping and almost falling over multiple times in the process). I was sure I wasn’t going to make it, but instead of driving away from the stop after letting passengers off, the bus driver actually got OUT of the bus, walked at least half a block back to where I was, picked up my suitcase for me, and proceeded to wheel it to the bus himself. When it was time for me to get off the bus, he unloaded my suitcase for me, and told me to have a great trip. Totally unexpected–but it definitely made my day.

    • If I were on the bus, this would be my rant…

      • Same here. I don’t think this is a revel for anyone but OP. I also don’t think it’s an example of a “wonderful WMATA employee”, as I strongly suspect that drivers are not supposed to wait for people who are chasing the bus, let alone leave their vehicles to assist people who are a half a block away with their luggage. Sure it’s a nice gesture on a human level, but this is not what defines a good WMATA employee in my book.

        • So, what, in your book,constitutes being a good WMATA employee? I find it interesting, and a bit frightening, that you feel that being “nice…human” being should not be valued as at least one aspect of a public service job.
          I think it’s awesome that the bus driver saw someone in evident need of assistance and helped. If the thirty seconds that it took for the bus driver to help the OP seriously inconvenienced anyone, they’re cutting their commute time way too close for a healthy level of comfort.
          I hope those of you who view this as a “rant” remember this when you encounter your next truly unhelpful civil servant.

      • For all you know, the OP might be older and/or have physical ailments and the driver recognized that they needed help. When you’re old, you’ll come to appreciate a stranger taking the time to help you. Have a little patience and compassion, OK?

  • Rave: Completed the Cherry Blossom 10 miler yesterday in under 2 hours–7 minutes faster than I had estimated. This was my longest distance to date.
    Rave: The race organizers and volunteers get a huge round of applause from me for organizing 20,000 people in such an efficient way. From the expo to race day, my experience was nothing but positive. Bravo!

  • Interesting observation during my commute in on the Red Line from Van Ness. The majority of the sitting commuters were minorities. Most of the white commuters were crammed standing in the aisle or at either end of the metro car. This was in stark contrast to what you may have seen during the 1950-60s. One might say progress. I say not. It still show the socio economic disparity between NW DC and the suburbs.

    • The minorities are more likely to be getting on at the end of the line so that makes sense.

    • What about all the wealthy Asian minorities who simply prefer gigantic suburban houses even though they could afford to live in the city?

    • Economic disparity?

      What makes you so sure of that? You know, not all minorities are poor. Also, ever heard of the “Gold Coast” here in DC? It’s where a lot of “old money” Blacks live…guess where it is? NW DC!! Same with Shepherd Park. I think you should do a little more homework before you make such an assumption.

      • Maybe the OP was making on observation on the demographics along the red line from Shady Grove – Downtown. Don’t disagree with the Gold Coast issue but are those folks hopping on the red line to commute in from east of Rock Creek Park/16th St NW area? They most likely would be commuting on the opposite end of the red line or green line into the city

        • the point is that you can’t really comment on the socio economic status of someone by their appearance.

    • i think you should take more care in learning all the facts before drawing conclusions.

    • Anyone commuting via metrorail is fairly well off. The very poor minorities are taking the bus or carpooling.

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