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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Auto playing video ads. I don’t want to hear about Noah every time I open a page. Would it be unreasonable to ask congress to make these monstrosities illegal?

    • GiantSquid

      Ad blocker is totally worth the $30+ donation.

    • If you’re using chrome, there’s a setting that requires you to click on the ad/video in order to launch the plug-in. I just discovered it yesterday and it’s amazing. Chrome > Preferences > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings (under Privacy) > change Plug-ins to “Click to Play.”

  • Rant: 2 of my colleagues have been sparring for the last 6 months. while i otherwise wouldn’t normally care, 1 of them insists on continually subjecting the rest of us to this never-ending saga. she verbally attacks the other colleague in meetings and sends emails that are directed to the other colleague but sends it to “all staff”. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • GiantSquid

      Once a spat like that spills out and the rest of the staff is involved, management and HR need to step in. You’re there to do a job, not deal with the crap.

  • Rave: My first caption contest win! T-shirt will go to Alaska this year.
    Rave 2: Last day of this position, staying in the agency so minimal disruption but I’m looking forward to learning a whole new area. Will miss my colleagues though.
    Rave 3: No complaints today.

  • Rave: Opening Day!
    Rant: Rain

  • Rant: Still sad about it. The dates I’m going on to “get back out there” are just making me feel worse not better.
    Rant: I hate my job. I only have four months left before I can quit but I don’t really know what I’m doing after so even that’s not a rave.
    Rant: Blerg. Everything is just kind of horrible today.

    • are you going on online dates? Honestly after having to scrap my fingernails across chalkboards to get dates going (rarely am i propositioned) i am giving up on online dating. And surprisingly the past 3 weeks have been great, i feel like I am flirting more with the girls that are actually around me, and they are responding. Nothing has ‘happened’ yet but things are finally going back in the right direction. Online dating in DC for males is just a waste of time and money. Cheers

      • Yeah I’ve been going on online dates. I’m female – I go out a lot and meet guys often but they never lead to anything more than that one-night (regardless of how far we go) so I thought online-dating might be more beneficial. But honestly I’m never really interested in the guys that I meet up with, online profiles don’t do anything in terms of natural chemistry for me. The guy I was seeing we were talking online but met up for the first time after realizing via text that we were at the same strip of bars on a Saturday night and the chemistry was immediate. Dunno if that was because the circumstances felt more natural or because of him in particular.

    • If “it” is a breakup then I’m sorry, those suck. As you may be finding out, “getting back out there” is not a good response to feeling sad about the last one. I would say generally you shouldn’t be dating if you’re not over your last one. By all means go out, have fun, be sad, try to keep your mind engaged, have a fling if that’s what you want; but dating is not going to make you feel better. If you don’t feel OK on your own, then you’re not going to feel OK with someone new either.

    • Related Rave: 2nd date with girl was interesting. She was very cool, and we chatted at the bar for about 3 hours.
      Rant: She doesn’t like D.C., consistently complained about parking, and then talked about how excited she was to be in a relationship. Also, is confident I live in the ghetto (Petworth is a ghetto now?) This isn’t going to work haha.

      Rave2: Getting back out there, meeting new people, having a couple of tasty beers and enjoyed myself. Also, very good practice!

      Rave3: Rants/Raves has been much more focused on dating rants/raves. Is this a new development?

      • She thinks two dates is a relationship?

        • It was difficult for me to understand as well. Cool woman, enjoyed talking to her, but yes, her mentioning a relationship, and talking about how she wanted kids and such on the 2nd date was a bit… off.

  • Rave: Date tonight! First one in quite a while. It was postponed from Wednesday; I’m really eager to meet this guy.
    Rave: Friday!

    • justinbc

      Good luck! Where you headed?

      • Thanks! Were going to Tryst. I’ve never been there (it’s inconvenient to get to from where I live), but it seems like a suitable first-date venue. Usually dates don’t bother me, but for some reason I’m a little nervous about this one. Eek!

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Person who parks their car outfront a church on 16th street during rush hour traffic holding up a bus full of 50 people for 4 consecutive green lights (because traffic was going around us making it impossible for the bus to get around the car).
    Rave: Bus driver held the horn for about 2 minutes straight, whoever was driving that car should be shot on sight. Its friday, work happy hour and drinking on H street tonight to forget about all my rants this week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gotryit

      I find it fascinating how the normally omnipresent parking enforcement magically doesn’t do anything about certain things.

      • Anonynon

        makes me very concerned about the idea for dedicated lanes though. I can just see how something like that could completely back up the entire bus pack. I think 3 busses passed my S2 bus (and they were not an S9 bus!) this morning we were going – that – F’ing – slow. But i made it, and am thankful for that. Happy friday all

    • Even the folks on streets were calling this driver out.

    • Why didn’t someone get out of the bus and knock on the drivers window? WTF?
      Were they just ignoring the honks, pretending like they didn’t notice?

    • I saw the same thing happen yesterday at Dupont Circle on the by-pass part of CT ave. A lady was double parked with her hazards on for like 10 minutes…cars being held up whaling on their horns. She just sat there. I think waiting for someone in the show store….obnoxious!

    • “Bus driver held the horn for about 2 minutes straight”

      That doesn’t sound like a rave to me. it’s annoying, and it’s illegal.

      • It was freaking awesome.

        • ^ +1 , any time the bus driver takes there anger out on people +2, i love when the driver just blows by people (and they fling their arms up in the air), obviously it sucks when that is you – (so just dont react) but its freaking hallarious and makes my bus ride a lot more enjoyable

          • Rant: Someone reveling in schadenfreude.
            Were you the same compassion-lacking person who found that dude’s break-up text to be “funny”?

        • for the people living next door, sure.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Enjoying my latest haircut
    Rant: The front, on either sides of my face, are not even. Not rocking a deliberate asymmetrical cut either.
    Revel: Bright fuchsia pants.

  • Rant: Hmm. I guess just the cloudy day. I’m actually in a pretty good mood.

    Rave: It’s FRIDAY! The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend, and I have NO plans!! (This makes me happy, usually my weekends are so busy it feels like I have no time to myself). Going to go on a bike ride, garden, cook a little… I can’t wait.

    Rave2: All the beautiful flowers poking their heads out on my walk to work this morning. I was so enamored the entire walk just flew by.

    • Anonynon

      enjoy the “plan free weekend” i need to “plan” one of those for myself sometime soon! +1 to gardening this weekend

    • I usually have “free” weekends, but this time I’m PLANNED to the max, since my girlfriend is in town and two of her best friends are staying with us.
      -Tonight: Dinner and clubbing/drinking at U Hall (great DJ tonight – Mano le Tough, highly recommended)
      -Tomorrow: Early brunch, SpaWorld, and then late afternoon/evening surprise birthday BBQ at friend’s house in Nova
      -Sunday: Brunch, then concert at the 930 Club

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my plan to have a quiet and easy Friday at work just went out the window.
    Rave: pink, cashmere socks (thank you to the person who told me about SockDreams.com!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Extra Rave: horoscopes by author Stephen Blackmoore
      Virgo: While in the emergency room and caked in blood today you will learn that both scrota and scrotums are correct plural forms.

  • Rant: Pretty sad post mortem for the DC primary. Worst turnout in its 40 year history. Bowser actually got way fewer Democratic votes as the winner than Fenty got when he lost. Looks like the results were more about Gray’s base abandoning him and staying home than any strong love for Bowser. I didn’t vote for either of them but it’s still a sad state of affairs when only 22.5% of the electorate bothers to participate.

    • Query: Can anyone tell me why the primary was so early? For a variety of reasons that doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve tried google …. Unsuccessfully.

    • epric002

      is that 22.5% of the DEMOCRATIC electorate? a lot of us didn’t vote b/c we’re not democrats.

      • Yes, I believe the figure quote above is the percentage of voters who were eligible to vote last Tuesday, so yes, Democrats. That being said, Democrats make up 75% of registered voters in DC, so it’s still a pretty pathetic turnout. Also, the article I found said that 17% are non-affiliated and 6% were Republicans. In the 40 years of DC homerule, the Democratic nominee has gone on to win the general every single time. While I think that this one will be unusually competitive, I think a Catania victory is highly unlikely. I’m not a Bowser fan, so never say never, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • 22.5% of ALL registered voters turned out to vote on primary day. The primary was not just for the Democratic Party, it was for all ALL parties. If you are registered for a party, you could have voted – assuming your party ran someone for the position (if not, you could have done a write in). If you are an “independent,” I think you were SOL.


    • Please quote percent of eligible voters, not percent of the electorate. As epric002 points out, many of us were not allowed to vote in Tuesday’s election.

      • doesn’t the term “electorate” automatically assume that this population is eligible?

        • Hmmm, maybe it does. Fair enough. I still think it’s a vague way of stating that stat though. Plus I’m annoyed that I didn’t get to vote (my fault, I know.)

    • Catania should hire the best GOTV person he can find and spend 90% of his campaign funds on getting his supporters to vote. He can beat Bowser by getting people to the polls because she probably won’t inspire a lot of enthusiasm for the average DC resident to vote in a non-presidential election year.

    • Have never understood why so many people think the percentage of people who vote is related to the health/strength of a democracy. Italy always gets very high turnout and it’s usually a mess, while Switzerland gets low turnout and is synonymous with good government. The way I see it, a lot of people probably stayed home because they didn’t follow the race/issues that closely and didn’t see the point in voting. To the extent this is true and fewer ignorant voters went to the polls, I see this as a good thing.

      • “Healthy democracy” and “good government” are not the same thing.

      • That’s a very good point and I think you’re right that in this case, it reflects a more general disgust with the city’s elected officials. Still, it always sad to me when people don’t vote because I was raised believing it was such an important and hard fought right.

        • It IS sad, and I agree with you. But I was also raised to believe that elected officials should be the best, the brightest, the most capable, and the most ethical among us. Sadly, I think that this election slate did not inspire most voters with the opportunity to use our hard won right to vote in a way that is consistent with our ideals.

          • Agreed. To look on the bright side, at least we ousted Jim Graham this time, and we got rid Michael Brown the last time. It sounds like Charles Allen will continue with Tommy Wells’ good work in Ward 6, and Alissa Silverman, who lost to Bonds in the last at-large race might run for Catania’s vacated seat.. The mayoral race was a big disappointment, but I’m still pleased to see some new faces on the council. Who knows, maybe we’ll be looking forward to voting soon.

      • Perhaps because in the US we have history that includes systematic voter suppression? I’m assuming — but don’t know — that this would not be the case in the two European countries that you mentioned .

        • In Italy voting is a right *and* an obligation, hence the high (albeit decreasing) turnout despite having sometimes less than exciting choices. If you turn 18, you are a automatically registered to vote.
          Up until relatively recently a voter’s police record would list if s/he had not voted in the most recent election.

          I do not know about Switzerland.

  • Rave: Temporary reprieve from political mailers!

  • Rant: 12 lbs to get to the weight I was last August. (But I’m getting there!)
    Rave: Happy it is Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m going to see Captain America 2 today and I’m exicted about all the eye candy in the movie. hehe

    Chris Evans is hot!

    • gotryit

      I’m going to see that tonight with my wife. I’m still not entirely clear whether she meant date night with me or with Captain America.

  • Rave: Blossoming trees outside Marie Reed school are just awesome. So pretty.
    Rave/Rant: Have a job offer that I would take…if I didn’t just get called for an interview on another job that I like more. Bird in the hand or bird in the bush? I’m genuinely conflicted. How do you tell an employer that they’re your second choice, but may be your first choice if they wait a little while as you try to get something better?
    Rave: At least I have options.
    Rave: Gardening this weekend!

    • bird in the hand

    • When do they (the job offer you have currently) need an answer? Any chance you could ask for a bit of time or do they need you to respond/start right away? Maybe the job you like more can speed up the interview process if they know that you’re such a hot commodity with an existing offer (I was able to do this somewhat successfully).

  • Rave: Friday, payday, and it’s not winter anymore.
    Rant: Somehow I’ve been ending up with lots of free time during my weekends. I’m not good at free time.

    Question: I’m donating platelets for the first time tomorrow. Has anyone done it before? Do you feel trippy afterwards, like you do when you donate blood?

    • I found platelets much less likely to leave me feeling lightheaded afterward (I kept passing out 2-3 hours after donating blood, so I stopped). I enjoyed donating platelets – you have enough time to watch a movie or read a book or something. I did feel a bit of a sting from the solution they add to the whole blood they pump back into your arm, but only for the first few seconds. I need to get my iron up so I can do platelets again – they have a much higher standard than for donating regular blood.

  • Rave: Spring time in DC! My camellia should be in full bloom by next week, other blooming things to follow. Fall seeded greens are starting to come up. I love this time of year : )

  • epric002

    rant: my sister just fwded me an email from a colleague of hers looking for a home for his 2 corgi-mixes. he can’t keep them b/c he’s moving to a place that doesn’t allow dogs. newsflash: if you already have 2 dogs, you don’t move to a place that doesn’t allow dogs, asshole! ugh. that makes me so mad.
    rave: friday!
    rave: weekend plans!
    rave: new placemats and napkins from worldmarket that i got on hella sale.

    • Seriously, I don’t understand this. I could never imagine giving mine up. I would move to whatever crappy neighborhood I had to in order to keep my dog (if that was what was necessary).

      • epric002

        +100. and it doesn’t even sound like he’s concerned about it. nothing about not being able to find/afford housing that allows dogs, or how upset he is to lose them. just that he’s moving oh and BTW he travels a lot in the fall so he won’t be able to care for them anyway. then perhaps you should not have fucking gotten them in the first place. so incredibly irresponsible.

        • Yeah, that’s what I was about to ask. There are no extenuating circumstances?

        • Peoples lives do change. I’m not saying that this is the case in this instance, but if you got offered your dream job, and the job included extensive travel, would you : A. Turn down the job because of your pets, B. Take the job and try to find a good home for your pets, C. Take the job and frequently board out your pets or get a pet sitter, or D. Do something else. I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I’m not a pet owner, so I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the priorities and possible solutions that pet owners might consider. My thought is that trying to find a good home for pets that you can’t care for properly for whatever reason is a responsible thing to do. Commenters here seem to view the situation quite differently.

          • epric002

            there can be extenuating circumstances, but if he has them, he hasn’t mentioned them. trying to find a good home in the event of truly extenuating circumstances is indeed the responsible thing to do. getting an animal b/c you think it’ll be fun/nice/whatever without understanding the lifetime commitment that having a pet requires is the height of irresponsibility, and a very common reason for why animals end up in shelters, rescues, abandoned, and abused.

    • Yeah, I don’t understand this either. It’d be one thing if the guy got laid off and the new job had a salary lower than the old job and he thus couldn’t afford to live in a place that allowed pets, or if he was transferred to a new job that required way more travel than the old job. But otherwise? Ugh.
      Epric002, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Craigslist pets section, but if you haven’t, don’t. It would make your blood boil — although there are some listings for people trying to re-home their pets for what seem like legit reasons (e.g., child has developed allergies), many cite the flimsiest excuses.

      • epric002

        i don’t, and probably won’t for that and other reasons. there’s currently an effort underway to convince craigslist to disallow “free to a good home” ads for pets. there is such an opportunity for exploitation for pets that are rehomed that way (see the horror of puppy doe’s experience). this temporary/disposable outlook that so many people have when the acquire animals is maddening.

  • RANT/RAVE: Girlfriend is accepting an offer to do her PhD in Southern California. Such an awesome opportunity in a world renowned program. She will also be able to work with her mentor who is head of conservation research at the top museum in the country for modern art.
    RANT: Figuring out where I fit in this equation. I could transfer my job to San Francisco, but not LA. Saving money in order to move.
    RAVE: My entire family lives in California and I miss the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Revel: Telecommute. Walked downstairs and logged on instead of boarding the delay-ridden Red Line. Knew where my pants were because they were there on the floor where I threw them last night. And an hour not spent looking for pants or making a commute, to crawl back into bed.

  • greenroofgoddess

    RANT: Neighbors who took my birthday flowers. Seriously. My brother sent flowers as a surprise, and they were delivered to ##29 instead of ##59. So they took them. Didn’t walk aver, didn’t call (my number was on the delivery tag). And when I found out and we walked over to ask for them, they wouldn’t open the door, said that their mom had taken them to work (but we heard an adult male in the background), and come back tomorrow at the same time. So we did. Again refused to open door, said they weren’t there, etc. We asked that they email us a picture so I could at least tell my brother that they looked nice. Haven’t heard a word. So I hope they read this blog: Really people, we have been neighbors for 6 years. You suck. I hope karma bites you in the *ss.

    • In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner… How Rude!

    • binpetworth

      Wow–who does that?! My response would be to fill a box of Godiva chocolates with nicely decorated poo (I can lend you some from my cat’s litterbox), have a friend dress up as a “delivery” person who gives box to their address, sit back and enjoy the revenge.

    • That is really low. But it wouldn’t hurt to call the florist. The miss-delivery was their mistake, and your brother probably paid a lot. A good company would be happy to bring you a new bouquet – especially if you then mentioned them on Pop!

    • epric002

      yeah, i if i were your brother i’d call the company and ask for a refund/redelivery since they were stolen. so tacky.

    • Ugh. It’s bad enough that the neighbors didn’t take the flowers up to your door in the first place, but to refuse to cough them up when you came to their door? Not just once but twice??
      Agreed with others’ advice on calling the florist.

    • That’s Way low. I agree with others though about calling the florist — which made an error — to make this right.

  • Rant: Spent all week at a meeting, which means sitting in a windowless, overly air conditioned hotel conference room for 9 hours a day. I can’t even think straight by the end of the day.
    Rave: I’m in Phoenix! Nothing like coming out of the freezing hotel and into the bright sunshine and dry heat. It feels amazing.
    Rave: Coming home today and looking forward to seeing all the springtime blossoms. I left DC last weekend in the snow, and I’m coming back a week later to spring.

  • Rave: It is Friday!
    Rave: I have an awesome weekend planned: brunch with friends on Saturday, some time prepping the garden plot that afternoon, hiking on Sunday with some friends.
    Rant: Very little time to just sit on the couch and veg.
    Rave: My bestie and I have committed to an exercise/diet program to get in shape for the summer. Even though she lives in another time zone, having the support and accountability is helpful and motivating!

  • Rant: Windows XP on my home computer chrashed.
    Rave: Get to buy a new computer.
    Rant: Having to take it somewhere to get some files off of it and another old computer I’ve had since grad school.
    Rave: It’s Friday so the office is quiet.

  • I am seriously starting to rethink uber. When I signed in it said the wait was 3 minutes, when the request when’re through it was 10. Seriously? That was the tipping point for my taking metro. I have had several bad experiences with them in a row.

    • Waited 9 minutes. Cab didn’t come and wasn’t closer to me based on the uber app map. Just so frustrating. I hailed a cab (luckily one passed by work-highly unusual) and am off. Uber, you’re a great idea,but suck at execution

      • “Uber, youโ€™re a great idea,but suck at execution”

        LOL. Ok, whatever you say boss.

      • i had to pay 2.5X the rate because it was raining. Cost me $21 to go from 14th and florida to woodley park metro. insane/never again

    • I have started just texting my address as soon as it looks like the car isn’t heading in the right direction. Apparently on the driver end sometimes it doesn’t display correctly where you actually are. It’s annoying, but it has cut down on wait time and frustration.

  • It is called rant or revel.

    They ranted. Don’t tell them not to.

  • RANT: well, we thought we found a nice apt, submitted an application, landlord was drawing up a lease for us to sign tonight. then he calls last night and wants us move in the next 2 weeks after we had already communicated that we needed to give our current landlords at least 30 days, so mid-may was our target. potential landlord said he had other folks who were will willing to move in sooner than us. he wouldn’t even consider a May 1st start. he was a dick about it.
    RANT: the guy already cashed our application fee.
    RAVE: I guess we dodged a bullet on what could have likely been a crappy landlord situation?
    RAVE: we do love our current landlords.
    RAVE: it’s not the end of the world. just a minor disappointment in the grand scheme of things.

    • Tough one. I would have done the same, but I would have been much more upfront and told you if you were looking for 5/1 that you wouldn’t be getting my place.

      Mortgages are expensive in this town, and to leave a place un-rented for an entire month means you likely don’t make a dime on the rental unit over the course of the whole year.

    • I’m guessing that the issue was not your move-in date but your lease-start date. You have to give your landlord 30 days and expected the new landlord to take a financial hit to accommodate your needs. That, alone, doesn’t’ suggest that he’s a crappy landlord. You had the option of signing the lease and paying for the month – regardless of your actual planned move in date. You chose not to exercise – and pay for- that option. So it makes sense to me that the application fee was cashed, since the landlord did his due diligence, drew up a lease, and was prepared to accept you as a tenant. Refusal to take a financial hit on your behalf is hardly ‘being a dick’ about it. Maybe the landlord dodged some seriously entitled tenants.

      • No, but what suggests that he might be a crappy landlord is that (at least, according to what the OP posted) is that the landlord KNEW in advance about the desired mid-May lease start date, told the tenants they were accepted for the apartment, and cashed the application fee, only to then ditch the tenants when a better option came along. That’s within his legal right I suppose, but it is still a bit of a jerk move. If he wanted to hold out for tenants leasing from 5/1, he should have just been up front about that with the OP.

        • yes, anonymous at 4:18pm, yes. he was totally within his rights, but to us it seemed disingenuous since we told him our timeline from the start. it was a business decision for him, i get that. it just stinks for us, that’s all. I’m a landlord myself (own in another state) and I would not play it like that.

      • We’re missing key information here. Was the apt. offered with a specific start date? As this is just April 4, mid-May is a long time for a landlord to wait. Did you ask for your application fee back? It isn’t really all that hard for everyone to be considerate, realistic and fair in a landlord/tenant transaction.

  • Rave: Got a ton of planning done this week. I was frustrated for most of March that my sister announced her destination wedding with only three months notice but as it turns out, I can actually make it all work (flights/accommodations/dogsitter/bachelorette/shower all finally scheduled/planned/booked). Still getting some flack from having to bail on an international work trip (that was scheduled last October) but it’ll be okay.
    Rave: Friday. Looking forward to dog snuggles tonight and zero plans. Sleep is on the agenda, actually.
    Rave: The weather for the Cherry Blossom Ten on Sunday looks to be shaping up quite nicely. I love this run and course – beautiful.

  • Rant: I spilt my noon gruel on my sweater.

    Rant #2: I was running late and couldnโ€™t find the key to my back security gate door.

    Rave: I duct taped the security gate to the back door. Unless you look closely it *looks* locked.

  • Rant: Washington Sports Club. I went for a noon class and after 10 minutes the instructor saunters in, says “what’s up” then saunters back out. A few minutes later he strolls back in w/key to stereo. Starting 15 mins late = not ok. He was in the gym earlier just didn’t manage to make it to the class until 12:10 and even then he wasn’t ready to start.
    Rave: If this is my rant for the day then I’m in good shape.
    Rave: Enjoyed a good walk around the neighborhood

    • You should have complained. I will be the first to acknowledge that WSC is messed up, but I still highly doubt that they would be ok with an instructor starting 15 minutes late.

      • I did complain, the woman at the front desk was very understanding and said she’d talk to the manager. I probably should have talked to the manager myself.
        The instructors aren’t great to begin with, I just have a hard time exercising on my own.

  • Rant: Had to come into the office on my telecommuting day.

    Rave: Found an awesome, affordable little retirement house in my favorite neighborhood in one of my favorite little cities.

    Rant: I’m still about 25 (!!!) years from retirement.

  • Question: Any word on what’ll be happening with the empty spot at Meridian & 14th in Columbia Heights, where the Getaway used to be? Empty = sad.

    • Rumor had it that it was going to be a pizza place. But that seems to have fallen through. I talked to one of the guys from Getaway and I’m nervous that the landlord has ridiculous expectations for what he can charge for rent. I’m afraid it will be empty for a while. Or that they will try to pull in a chain. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave: working from home.
    Rave: I killed at bocce last night and we won, even with just 2 of us showing up. Sometimes it’s more fun that way because you get more throws. The team we played had 12 people. I would get so bored if I played on a team with that many people. But they seemed to enjoy it and they all worked at the same place.
    Rant: I’m incredibly jealous of people who work in an environment that allows them to make friends. Working in the burbs with older people who live even farther out in the burbs is tough for socializing.
    Rave: I went out for a mid afternoon walk and coffee and a guy came out of a barbershop as I walked past and asked me to weigh in on a debate. I was so worried about what this could possibly be, but I guess they were debating whether Polo Ralph Lauren is urban wear or designer. It was funny and I was happy to weigh in (no, it’s urban wear, purple label is designer) and I was also happy to be approached by friendly neighbors, odd as it was.

  • Rave: Friday! More specifically, Friday night at Wonderland! If its the same guy that was DJ-ing on Fridays two months ago I am going to have so much fun tonight!
    Rave: Surrounded by people who love and cherish me! Lucky enough to have lots of people to talk through my growing pains with, only recently realized that some people don’t have that in their lives.
    Rave: Just booked a very brief visit home in three weeks to see my family! Could not be happier! Plus I’ll finally be able to get my license re-done and stop carrying my passport when I go to bars.

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