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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: That photo. Eating cupcakes = pure bliss
    Rave: I slept about 11 hours last night, and I am feeling human again.
    Rave: Hiking on Sunday with some great girl friends and frisky puppies.
    Rant: I cannot seem to find my motivation at work this week.

    • Do you have any good trails to recommend that allow dogs? I’m hoping to take my pup on some hikes this summer.

      • We take the dog to great falls all the time, but on a leash. Most trails I’ve been on within a day’s drive are dog friendly, they just differ on leash laws.

      • We take the dog to great falls, VA, all the time, but on a leash. Most trails I’ve been on within a day’s drive are dog friendly, they just differ on leash laws.

  • Rant: Just saw my neighbor go out to pick up her empty trash bags, see a dog poop bag that was not picked up (I don’t think she has a dog, not sure though), walk it over to the sidewalk near our trash cans (which were already emptied), and drop it. If we had a dog, I might understand her doing it. We don’t though, so she was just making us deal with it rather than her!
    Rave: Feeling particularly passive aggressive, and returned it to her.

    • Empty trash cans*, not bags.

    • Well, if you don’t know your neighbor well enough to be sure whether or not she has a dog, then likely she doesn’t know you well enough to be sure whether or not you have a dog either. So she may have assumed that you were making her deal with it instead of you. Um, before this escalates, maybe y’all should have a block party or something and get to know your neighbors?

      • She does have a dog, apparently.
        You’re a better person than I. I see antisocial behavior like that (yes, I know that my response wasn’t all that friendly either) and dismiss it as someone I don’t care to associate with. Entitlement etc.

  • justinbc

    Random: Follow-up from the forum question last week … We got our quote back from Optima to paint the exterior (power wash, primer, 2 coats of paint) of our house at just under $6K. I really had no idea what to expect, since we’re on a pretty large corner lot (so 3 exposed sides) with a lot of trim work and we’re doing 2 different accent colors. Most of the comments I had read in other places were from folks who had only the front and maybe the back painted, some were more some were less, so overall I think it’s pretty competitive.

    • I always think that I want an end unit but then I realize that the amount of paint and the length of retaining wall (if one exists) are a much bigger expense for those properties than the interior houses!

    • Sounds reasonable to me… but maybe get a quote from another company for the same job, just to make sure?

      • justinbc

        I’ve tried. Contacted 3 other top rated paint companies from Checkbook and 2 never returned the request for service call/email and the 3rd wasn’t doing any exterior work at the time. I’m still going to fish for a couple more in the hopes of getting a comparison, luckily we’re not in a time crunch to do the work (although I would like to have it done sooner rather than later to take advantage of the spring planting season, since I can’t do anything til they finish with the scaffolding).

        • Ahh. I guess exterior housepainting must be like kitchen remodeling, where half the companies I called/e-mailed couldn’t be bothered to get back to me. ๐Ÿ™

          • justinbc

            Tell me about it. Of the 15 or so roofers I contacted about that project I got calls back from about 8, and only 4 of those actually delivered a proposal. They must all be doing well to constantly snub so much easy money.

          • That happened to me too . I literally contacted 20 different companies for a kitchen remodel and of those maybe about 12 responded and of those maybe about 8 actually showed up to do an estimate.
            Eventually I changed tactics and picked a few companies on Angie’s List with a lot less, but still good reviews. They are the ones that ended up getting back to me promptly and ultimately I went with one of them. The companies with tons of reviews obviously have a lot of business already!

        • Did you try David Mahoney? Our neighbors used them last Fall and they were very pleased with the work. However, I do not know if they were pleased with the price.

        • Did you try David Mahoney? They did our neighbors house on the Hill and it looks lovely and they were pleased with the outcome. Not sure on pricing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      What colors are you painting it, if you don’t mind sharing? (I love hearing about home improvements.)

    • assuming the mortar is lime based, i wouldnt power wash it

    • Thanks for posting the price; it’s good info to know.

  • Rave: Bikeshared to work this morning!
    Rant: Feeling overwhelmed at work.

  • Rant: another day, another act of work calendar incompetence to deal with.
    Rant: Nine weeks ago I started T25 Focus with the goal of losing 5 pounds. I have gained 6 and my clothes all fit the same, some of my jeans are tighter. Time to reassess my eating habits, even though they haven’t changed much in the past 9 weeks.
    Rave-ish: it’s time to work hard on meeting some goals, today I go to my first Toastmasters meeting.

    • I have an unpopular opinion that losing weight is 90% diet change. You can exercise like a fiend but you must cut back your calories (even if it means starving and trying to find energy while you work out) if you want to lose weight.

      This is why I’m starting to become a big proponent of “healthy for me” rather than an ideal clothing size. My body wants to be bigger, I want to be smaller, we have to find a compromise.

      • I agree, it is a huge part of it. It’s just disappointing to work this hard and definitely be gaining muscle, but not seeing ANY fat go anywhere. I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been by a number of pounds.

        • Not to mention everyone talks about how much weight they’ve lost with this in the Amazon reviews and questions. It’s frustrating, though I do get that someone who is 50 pounds over weight is going to have an easier time losing weight in the beginning than someone who is 5 pounds overweight.

          • justinbc

            Do you consume much alcohol? That’s probably the biggest cause of fluctuation in my weight, especially beer. If I go a long period without drinking much I’ll easily drop 5 pounds (granted guys and girls bodies are drastically different), regardless of any change in workout habits.

          • Out of curiosity, how did you determine you’re 5 pounds overweight? Is that just your average weight over many years, or some other measure of where you “should” be? I only curious because I’ve always felt that with body weight, if you’re within 5-10 pounds of where you “should” be, you’re where you “should” be; mainly because I don’t think there’s really any way to measure where you “should” be that precisely.

          • I do drink alcohol, though after years of being a craft beer fanatic and even brewing, I rarely drink it anymore. I generally drink wine and cocktails these days. I’d say 25-50% of nights I eat at home I have a glass of wine or a cocktail with dinner, which is of course not that awesome calorie-wise. If I go out I will have a few cocktails generally, but I don’t go out that much.

          • Including this recent weight/muscle gain I’m up 10 pounds in about 4-5 years, that’s too much for me in my early 30s IMO.

            The five pounds overweight comment was really a generalization. I’d like to lose 5 pounds from where I started, or at this point at least get back to where I started. I wouldn’t care so much about the number on the scale if I could see the changes, but I’m just getting bigger, so I’m fairly unhappy even though I am stronger. Reading comments like “you’ll definitely get a six pack with this workout” or “I lost 8 pounds in the first month!” is not helping. I get that I’m a woman, so I won’t get the same results as men, but it’s still frustrating.

          • jeslett, thanks for your last comment. In reading it, what stands out to me is “IMO” and “I’d like”; i.e., these are arbitrary targets based on your preference. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as Meg referred to a couple times, you may be “fighting your body” and only moreso as time goes on. If you really want to lose that 5 pounds and keep it, you’re probably talking about a permanent change in eating and/or exercise habits, not a one-off “do this and you’ll lose 8 pounds.” Again there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you really want or need, but it’s a long-term commitment when you think about it. But it’s also possible that you might end up agonizing for a long time over an arbitrary 5 pounds that was never realistically achievable in the long run given your lifestyle (e.g. you don’t want to spend more time with your gym than with your SO). I’m not trying to be discouraging, this is just something that i think about a lot.

          • I’m not a trainer or a nutritionist but since you’re within 5 pounds of your goal weight would it be better to focus on BMI and/or body fat percentage? The seem like better metrics for determining your general fitness if your weight is already in a healthy range.

          • Thanks for the comment Anon 11:03. It’s true, it would be a total lifestyle shift to permanently get down to the weight I initially wanted (which was 5 pounds away and is now like 11-12 pounds away). The cost benefit analysis is tough, because being hungry and enjoying good food is so much more immediate than seeing results from exercising. Sometimes I think I want the crazy awesome abs, favorite foods be damned, but then I swing back the other way and think moderation is better, and that will result in moderate body changes.

            And Nettie, I agree, a focus on fitness and body fat (not BMI, that would only go up with more muscle) might be the best plan. But it’s hard to accept my old body not being my body anymore.

        • My trainer once told me that initially you will gain weight as you develop muscle, but then you’ll start shedding weight rapidly as the fat burn kicks in. That’s what I was told. I didn’t see it happen, but then again I wasn’t as strict with calorie intake as I probably should have been.

          It sucks because eating is awesome.

      • My doctor advised that, especially for women, you really have to do both.

      • I completely agree with your first sentence about diet being the biggest part of being healthy. I can’t agree with starving yourself to make it through a workout. I will admit I’m not a professional, but that mentally takes a toll on you and stresses your body. When your body is stressed, you won’t lose any weight. I believe you have to focus on eating the right types of food. Cutting out processed food and sugar and focusing on eating real food has helped me tremendously.

        • I’m not saying it’s recommended, but in my personal experience, it is the only way I’ve lost weight.

          The way I see it, our bodies have a set shape that it wants to be in, and that it will fight to be in. You have do drastic things to change that. It’s probably also why people tend to gain back the weight that they lose.

      • So true. I had been going to the gym religiously for weeks, and while I definitely gained a bit of muscle, I wasn’t losing any weight. If anything, I was gaining. Now, I eat a normal breakfast, a normal lunch, and have a homemade veggie juice for dinner, and I’m really starting to see the pounds come off.

        • For dinner you only have juice? And you’re no longer working out? I would probably keel over if I only had juice for a meal. I eat pretty well and I still want to gnaw my arm off by 6:30. A juice, especially because juicing removes the fiber, would not do it for me.

          • I suggest eating paleo-ish or a week or two. Cut out ALL sugar (even fruit most days) and focus on meat, healthy fats (avocado, grassfed butter, coconut oil/butter, nuts), and vegetables.

          • I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that trying paleo or whole30 or something like that would be beneficial but I have such major issues with the whole paleo movement that I’ve been resisting. Though, I do fully agree with a number of its tenets- that healthy fats are good for you, you should eat more vegs and fruit, eggs are not evil, eat good meat. I’m not on board with the no milk and no beans thing. Or the self righteousness a lot of paloe-ers are known for. Oh, and the totally incorrect history.
            But for a short time it’s probably worth a try. Good suggestion. I do find myself eating more fruits than veggies, so even straightening that out would be helpful. But my Nespresso machine isn’t going to froth grass fed butter, so I won’t be giving up milk.

          • I should clarify, I don’t do it on the weekends. Only Mon-Fri. On weekends I eat whatever I want. And yes, I still go to the gym, though only about twice a week. It’s really not that hard. Yes, I go to bed kinda hungry, but then I wake up and have a normal breakfast and a generous lunch. It really doesn’t feel like I’m making much of a sacrifice.

    • A couple years ago I decided I really needed to lose a few pounds. I’m a big believer in all things in moderation and I hate anal retentive type routines, but I decided to try something new. For over a month, I wrote down literally everything I ate. I thought I was a healthy eater, but it really brought awareness to how much junk I was eating (I’m looking at you, cookies by the coffeemaker at work) that I didn’t really even realize. Knowing that I would have to write it down totally helped me to summon the willpower not to eat the chocolates on my coworker’s desk, not serve myself a second helping of dinner when I was full, etc. I just kept a draft in my gmail where I kept the running list, but you could keep a notebook or whatever is least annoying for you.

      • This is exactly why Weight Watchers worked so well for me (lost 25lbs before pregnancy on it). It really taught me to think about how much I was eating. Having to track every bite really helped me. Measuring things (like taking out a cup, putting my dry pasta into it and eating only that) also really helped me learn what a serving of pasta looks like on a plate for me. I don’t need to measure anymore. And then exercising and earning points to eat more made me feel like I was gaming the system so that was good too.

        • +1 for Weight Watchers–the number one benefit is tracking what I’m eating. And the points system–while I’m sure it has its imperfections–puts it all in black & white for me. Most fruits & veggies have zero points, which encourages you to fill up on them when you’re hungry between meals.

      • I started using myfitnesspal (recommended by some folks here on PoPville) which helps track what I’m eating and how many calories (and a few other things like fat, sodium) I’ve consumed. Then I got a fitbit one – syncs with myfitnesspal – which has made a big difference in how much I exercise each day.
        Still waiting to see results!

        • Fitbit’s website also has a food tracking section, which I started using three days ago. It really does make me think twice before reaching into the fridge. It’s very instructive to see just how small a portion is and just how many calories something like an avocado has. Hilariously, the site congratulations when you reach your calorie goal for the day — a goal I achieved around 3:00 yesterday afternoon!

        • I bought a small food scale to get a better sense of what 1 oz of cheese, for example, looks like. Another tool in the weight loss toolbox

      • I started using myfitnesspal (recommended by some folks here on PoPville) which helps track what you’re eating and how many calories (and a few other things like fat, sodium) you’ve consumed.
        Then I got a fitbit one – syncs with myfitnesspal – which has made a big difference in how much I exercise each day.
        It was much easier to lose weight when I was younger!

      • I’ve been told this, and I tried this for a month with myfitnesspal, and it mostly didn’t help me. It made me realize that three strips of dried mango is 600 calories and a handful of nuts are 1000, whereas a s’mores is only 200, so now I eat more s’mores and less dried mango and nuts, and that can’t be right.
        I think keeping a food diary made me realize that I eat too much fruit and nuts which are way too high in sugars, fats, and calories. But I had already replaced baked goods with fruits and nuts, thinking that would be healthier. But the only thing I can think of to replace fruit and nuts are vegetables. So I bought myself some baby carrots, but the thought of eating them makes me sick, so now I’m back to baked goods.

        • The key with eating fruit is to eat fresh/frozen/canned fruit. Dried fruit usually has sugar added, plus you’re not getting the benefit/filling-ness of all of the water in the fruit.

        • Plus baby carrots have little nutritional value – they are only the cores of regular carrots. With nuts at 160-180 per ounce, you need a pretty huge handful to get to 1000! What about celery & hummus – or roasted chickpeas or edamame? Roasted seaweed has satisfying munch/crunch but no calories. Popcorn, crispy kale – anything but baked goods.

    • The 2 step guide to losing weight:
      1. Calculate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), there’s calculators online, this will give you an approximate number of calories your body uses for maintenance.
      2. Track what you eat and make sure you eat your TDEE-200 calories every day.
      I wish you could, but it’s virtually impossible to outrun your fork.

  • Rant: I am not serious about this actually being a rant – but one of my good girl friends (just friends now) told me ‘she wishes she had more girl friends to introduce me too’, that statement kind of baffeled me, do you wish you had more friends or do you want to set me up? I guess my issue is why even say that? I feel like she feels pity on me for being single as she has recently dove head first into a relationship.
    Rave: Great plans for the weekend including work happy hour friday, house warming pre-game and h street, anacostia watershed clean up saturday and sunday im going to watch my roomie run at 10 miler and possibly the nats game if i have energy.

    • maybe you just should have asked her what she meant. if she’s a friend, it would have been fine.

      • Well, i guess i did respond saying thanks but no thanks. What else do you say to something like that?

        • I think you say “do you wish you had more friends or do you want to set me up? I guess my issue is why even say that?” Since that’s what you wanted to know.

    • How about this?:

      If you are a straight male or a lesbian, your good friend who is also an ex saying “I wish I had more girl friends to introduce you too” most likely means “I wish I had someone to set you up with.” It is highly unlikely that a woman would assume that her male ex is looking for more platonic friendships with women. There is a slightly increased possibility that a woman would wants her female ex to have more platonic female friends, but it is still more likely that she wishes she could set you up.

      If you are a gay man, or a straight woman she hooked up with at one point, she wants you to have more platonic female friends.

    • My guess is that she’s feeling blissfully happy in her new relationship, and, in her bliss, she wishes that you, and possibly everyone around her could also feel blissfully happy in their relationships, and she wishes that she had the power to wave a magic wand or introduce you to someone perfect for you so that you too could be blissfully happy. She just dove into a relationship, it’s Spring.

      • I think you are actually spot on. Thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚

        And btw – i had hooked up with this girl a few times (but we are still really good friends/nothing awkward about it). Not sure how i find myselves in these types of situations frequently! but i am happy for her and her bf is actually a stand up guy, compared to some of her past ones

        • I am a girl that ends up in those situations a lot too. For me it’s that I’m waiting for the other party (a guy) to make the move. If he doesn’t make it then, because what I’m looking for is a relationship, I usually move on. (Don’t get me wrong, if I like someone I’m not coy about it.) Were you interested in her and didn’t make a move, or there just wasn’t anything there?

    • She wishes she knew someone to set you up with. Not sure what you were talking about at the time, or why you would take offense; sounds like a compliment to me, along the lines of ‘You’re cool; I wish I knew someone equally cool that you might dig.’

  • epric002

    rave: DPW finally picked up our old trashcan!
    rant: husband is cranky due to work/school stress, which is in turn making me cranky.
    rave: at a happy weight so now just need to maintain it, and tone up a bit w/o losing it.
    rave: SIL coming to visit this weekend.

  • Rave: Condo is under contract, new house is under contract, and we’ll be in the new place by the end of the month if all goes as planned! So excited to be taking this step.
    Rant: Work is a serious buzzkill right now. We have one particularly useless staff member who also happens to be one of the most expensive people on the payroll. He does not have enough billable time – especially due to his high salary – and now my division head is trying to get him assigned to other proposals and projects. One of them is the proposal I’m preparing to write. This dude has a 7% win rate over the last five years – one win out of 14 proposals. ONE. If he manages this proposal I might just have to tell them to find another writer, because I do not want to be set up for failure by having to report to a shitty proposal leader.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that you live in my building…Congrats on having it go under contract so quickly and for such a great price!

      • Uh oh, my cover is blown…
        Regarding my condo – it pays to have a good realtor who knows things about staging, marketing, and not being shady with potential buyers. I’ll leave it at that. And I am sad to be letting go of it, just couldn’t make it work to keep it.

  • Rant: 12 hours before the Red Line I walked out of my house with a change of clothes for the office, my rowing gear and various odds and ends that would let me get from the Girlfriend’s to practice to work seamlessly in the morning, and discovered that, though I had driven to work yesterday, I had taken the Metro home and my car was several miles from my house (no doubt being ticketed relentlessly). Girlfriend, who had been in high-level meeting without her phone, finally appears as I’m slogging over, gives me a lift, offers me her car for practice which is nice but also means hopes of an early in-and-out workday are dashed. Hopes are further dashed when I discover that the suit pants I couldn’t find at my house are not at her house and I have to dash frenetically back to my house for another suit, at which point her car keys mysteriously disappear just as the trash truck needs to squeeze by her car which is parked in the alley because someone else had parked in the alley in such a way that could not get into my driveway. That crisis resolved I resume searching for the keys in my house, which is in full reno and looks like it was bombed by Syrian forces for harboring separatist rebels and I was only in the goddam house long enough to grab a suit, take a leak and feed the cat so where the hell are the keys? Twenty minutes of creative invective and a little kicking of things later I find the keys which apparently fell from my clutches while hunting cat food on the floor of what used to be the home office and were located in the bottom of a 24-can case of Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken Feast in Gravy. Then back to Girlfriend’s to shower and change and blunder into a terse discussion about these things happen because I ALWAYS have to stay at her place which I back away from quickly because I’m not only not early, I’m late and she’s under a lot of stress (hence those after-hours meetings) and a talk like this could go way south way fast. Finally out the door, I leg it over to Woodley Park, brooding about the fight-let, skip down the escalator in case a train is coming, make the train, which was coming, settle in and hear for the first time things are not well on the Red Line.

    Rave: Workday 12.5% over by the time I get to my desk. Possible drinking at lunch.

    • Oh goodness. That’s a pretty unfortunate morning. I think a two (or three) beer lunch is well-deserved.

    • justinbc

      Wow, good on you for avoiding / postponing that conversation. I’ve been on the other side of that one, it wasn’t enjoyable.

    • colheights67

      Wow. Yeah, like 11:10 Anonymous said, have two or three beers at lunch.

    • “and discovered that, though I had driven to work yesterday, I had taken the Metro home and my car was several miles from my house (no doubt being ticketed relentlessly).”
      Did you drink after work and black out? Or just forget?

      • No blackouts! No drinks at all until later. I just usually take the Metro and, after along day, fell back on habit.

    • What a day! I hope things improve. May I suggest a nice dinner and some wine with the Girlfriend tonight? Sounds like you could both use it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What a frustrating morning! Hope your day has taken a turn for the better.

    • Apropos of the previous conversation about you, I drove down Rock Creek parkway on my way to work yesterday and saw rowers out on the potomac. My only thought was I wonder if Irving Streete is one of them.

      • I’m on the Anacostia, unfortunately. Not as nice a place to row, for a few different reasons. But as a true PoPvillian, I do enjoy getting down to a part of the city I wouldn;t normally see.

  • Rave: The weather. And the trees are starting to bud! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rant: Caribou/Peet’s Coffee– Does anyone know when the one on 14th & Rhode Island will open? It’s been closed since December.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I just learned the first Peet’s to open will be at 17th and Penn. I’ll try to find out about Logan at an event I’m going to late next week.

      • justinbc

        The 2 girls on the bus behind me work for Peet’s, and were discussing the training here in DC ad nauseum. I got the impression that they’ve pretty much “certified” everyone to run their stores now, so it should be relatively short for any of the locations.

      • How about 15th & M too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • GiantSquid

        Very excited about Peet’s! I had them in my coffee mug this morning. Plus, another delicious place for Coffeeneuring.

  • Rant/Rave: Decided to try online dating after reading so many PoPville comments a couple weeks ago! Wish me luck?

    • Good luck! It’s not always sunshine and roses, so stick with it. I met my current boyfriend (of a year and a half) online, as well as several of my previous serious love interests. I also went on a date with a guy who could best be described as George Costanza. Like I said, not always sunshine and roses, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot!

      • houseintherear

        I would love to date a George Castanza. We would be two peas in a disgruntled pod.

      • Important question: did he look like George Costanza as well as act like him, or just act like him? If he just acted like him, I’d think that would be highly entertaining.

    • epric002

      good luck! know your *real* must-haves and stick to them, but otherwise be willing to try new people and new things ๐Ÿ™‚

    • justinbc

      Good luck. If you’re a guy, please make an actual effort to be interested in the people you contact. I hate the wide net approach. If you’re a woman, here’s your warning that your inbox will likely fill up quickly with the types of messages that illicit some serious eyerolling. Just stick with it, there are some good ones out there.

    • Good luck. Sometimes its fun and sometimes its terrible, but it ALWAYS makes for some great stories. Have fun with it, you’ll meet lots of interesting people.

    • Thanks all! I’m on the younger side so I’ve got that youthful optimism going for me– Hopeful I find one of those good guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Weaponized pollen is making it difficult to sleep no matter how much allergy medicine I take. Just as my insomnia was going away. Will I ever get a decent night’s sleep again?
    Rave: When people get my 90210 references ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: There is a 90210 episode I can reference for every situation.

    • justinbc

      I’m realizing now how beneficial the allergy medicine I always took for the dogs or cats really was overall. Now for the first time not having one around (and therefore not taking any medicine) this seasonal pollen stuff is actually bothering me. Argh!

      • Time to get a new cat (who’ll enjoy all the sunlight in your house)? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • houseintherear

            Allow me to take this opportunity to plug Moe again, thank you Emilie504! He is available through Homeward Trails rescue and is totes adorbs and hilariously weird. Par example, yesterday he was making love to the Furminator/getting brushed, and purr-vibrated himself right off the edge of the couch, proving that cats do not always land on their feet. (But he is having a meet and greet with a potential family on Saturday, so he *may* not be available for long… check out the many other fantastic cats at Homeward Trails rescue on their website!)

        • justinbc

          Yeah, we were waiting to see if her deployment was going to go through or not, because she obviously didn’t want to miss out on the kitten phase. I think once that’s settled for sure we’ll be revisiting the Savannah cat discussion.

  • Revel: The images discussion from yesterday’s Rant/Revel. I’m glad I’m not the only one that had the same picture of Irving Streete in my head. Irving, I hope your apparently numerous POP fangirls brightens your day!

    • Good lord. I hadn’t seen that discussion until just now. My (apparently delusional) “fangirls” are indeed brightening my day, although now I’m distracted by thoughts of my role is somebody’s dreams. Flattered that I am to have been thought a suave middle-aged black man (not to stereotype, but the brothers do tend to outperform us on the suave front, IMHO), I must report that I looked like Clark Kent until I grew the beard, and now I look like the bizarre love child of Clark Kent and Justin, though with a little salt and pepper around the chin.

      • PS: I want to hear more about the dream. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • justinbc

        Hah, wow, I totally missed that whole thread (and anything else the rest of the week, as I’ve been a bit focused on something else). The subconscious is a mysterious thing! Now I’m a bit jealous that I did not go sans photo, I would love to know what my imaginary altar ego looks like.

        • Well, at least in MY imagination, you look a LOT like your photo. But with an Irish setter, a roaring fireplace, and a glass of single malt nearby.

        • I always picture you like a landlord in a Dickens novel, complete with waistcoat and breeches, shaking down widows for farthings so you can commission large pieces of Fine Art.
          Isn’t it juvenile the way I take out my own frustrations on others? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Had we not been introduced at the Acre 121 HH event (me: dark hair / red top / teacher) I would have imagined a man-mash-up of Jon Hamm, Jay Rayner, Bob Villa, Hunter S. Thompson, and a bit of “Barney” from HIMYM.

          • justinbc

            I’ve never seen that show, but you’re the 3rd person to mention that character. I’m beginning to think there’s some pejorative meaning behind that!

          • LOL I was afraid it might come out wrong, sorry! Definitely not a bad thing!

      • ummm i like the description of the real you! salt n pepper Clark Kent? yes, please! You guys saw the last Superman film right? hummina hummina. LOL

    • Rave: I’ve been enjoying the images discussion as well. And some of my guesses have even been sort of kind of accurate!
      Rave: I had a great time yesterday. It was nice enough to hang out outside. Maybe Spring has finally Sprung!
      Rant: Achoo!
      Rant: When I used to get “you’re posting too quickly”, my posts were still there so I could re-post them. Now they’re either posting without my name, or disappearing altogether. Bummer.
      Rave: But the above Rant will likely teach me to start making much shorter posts!

  • Rave: Got my sofa yesterday. Looks great in my apartment!
    Rave/Rant: Just left a crime prevention training at work. Grateful for all of the tips but bummed hearing about how vulnerable I am to street crime.
    Rave: Went to see a psychiatrist on Monday for my depression meds and about recurring thoughts about stuff I thought I had let go/forgotten and he made me feel at ease.
    Rant: Psychiatrist suggested I go back to see a psychologist about my depression. Had a bad experience the last time I saw a psychologist. Scared of a repeat.

    • Since you had a good experience with the psychiatrist, you might want to ask him for a referral to a psychologist, I don’t want to make assumptions about what could go so wrong in a therapy session that you would be “scared of a repeat”, but it might help, as you shop for a therapist , to think about what might increase your comfort level. I.e. do you want someone with a psychodynamic perspective, a cognitive behavior approach, etc. Good luck in your search!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I had a terrible therapist once who didn’t understand why I didn’t want to burden my parents who live in New Orleans with my troubles 2 weeks after Katrina hit. They didn’t know if they still had a house, of course I didn’t want to lay my problems on them just yet. The therapist called me a martyr in a very sarcastic way. And this was when I lived in Florida! That was the last time I saw that asshat. Sometimes it takes some shopping around to find a good therapist.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Keep shopping around for therapists/psychologists, there are good ones out there, but it can take some time to find one that works for you. Good luck!

    • You might also ask for a referral to a social worker

  • Rant: Tired and hungover and trying to stay awake at work. And I have to drive to Baltimore tonight.

    Rave: Broad City. Started watching it this weekend and watched all of the available episodes. Hilarious show!

  • Rave: Awesome slow and stretch run last night around the mall/tidal basin. Felt glorious basking in the sunset. Will modify my route soon thought as tourists are out/about but I sure do love spring in the city.
    Rave: Mr. S and I are going out on a date tonight. This is rare and I am excited.

  • Rant/Rave: excited to move in with the fiance at the end of the month. We both need to leave our current places. We need to find a new place by the end of the month (looking for a 2 bedroom house, ideally) … and I find house hunting to be daunting. So much excitement, but so much stress too.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Ants at work
    Rant: Cramps
    Rant: the commute to work this morning
    Rant: Vet messed up one dog’s test results, want me to bring him in again. Incredibly inconvenient.
    Rant: this year allergies are manifesting themselves as splitting headaches.
    Revel: Tomorrow’s Friday
    Revel: Baseball game Saturday night & sweet seats

  • Rant: I have a great group of friends in DC, but I feel like im the ONLY ONE ever reaching out to make plans/coordinate. On a monday ill be the one that texts/emails proposing dinner or drinks for the upcoming week, or to check in to see what their weekend looks like. I get that some people just arent planners, but friendships go both ways and at a certain point im going to stop making the effort everytime, and then I suppose I just wont see people? ugh
    Rave: Cutest, best boyfriend to hang out with when my friends arent making plans with me.
    Rant: Apartment hunting. Why, oh why, cant one place have everything i want/need, at a reasonable price point? Incredibly frustrating!
    Rave: Moving in with aforementioned cutest, best boyfriend. Did the online dating thing in DC, def recommend it, but glad to (hopefully) never have to go down that path again!

    • I have an apartment available. It is a 1 bedroom loft with 1.5 baths, utilities are included (except cable), rent is $2250. Move-in fee and security deposit waived. Let me know if you’re interested! It is available May 1st or earlier.

    • Wait, how did you tap into my mind like that?!?! Friends who never reciprocate plans, great boyfriend, house hunting….
      I’m not even a planner by nature (like I would never reach out on Monday to make weekend plans unless it involved buying a ticket or something) and I don’t like making decisions for groups, I find it actually stressful to be the Organizer. On the other hand, we almost never go to a place i don’t like!!

    • I feel your apt. hunting rant and your moving-in rave! In the same boat; what a difficult process to find housing at a reasonable price here!

    • I have a 3:1 rule, because I know that I’m a planner and other people aren’t. I’ll initiate plans 3 times in a row, but after that it’s radio silence until the friend initiates the next outing. And, I tell my friends this directly too, so it’s not passive aggressive.

      • I’m also the planner for different groups of friends – it’s generally a role I’m happy to take on. However with one group it started to feel one-sided so I stopped trying to organize get togethers. And we haven’t gotten together since.

      • Not that I”m assuming that this applies to you — but I’ve noticed my Planner friends really seem to like their own plans. When someone — like me — suggests doing something different, their response is lukewarm. It’s only when I “plan” the exact same type of activities that they would usually plan that they perk up. So it’s great that you openly tell your friends about your 3:1 rule, but you might also want to look at how you respond when other people do the planning. At least in my circles, the planners actually prefer to plan — they just want to also get a reasonable amount of appreciation from the rest of us.

        • OP here: I totally get what youre saying! I think i am a little hard-headed in regards to plans, what i want to do. But my rant was more about initiating ANY kind of hang out. Just like ‘lets get drinks after work, somewhere convenient.’ What i feel like has happened is that everyone is just used to me reaching out, and its worked for years, im just getting exhausted. But thanks for your thoughts, I think your point is not without merit!

    • Anonynon

      Here is some solid advice from someone who has thought like you before. Honestly, as a guy (I take it youโ€™re a female) I donโ€™t even want to think about weekend plans until Wednesday. Having said that I am usually a planner, and who cares if people say do to one of your proposed ideas? The best part about being a planner is you have control who comes and goes and where to go (thanks for the help popville). So when i make plans, and they do work out – i am in control (which results in better outcomes for me). But i wouldnโ€™t get “angsty” just because your friends are busy too. And from what it sounds like you are pretty involved with your boyfriend, so maybe they assume you already have made plans with him? I am single – and I know for a fact I see my friends less when they have a bf/gf. Doesnโ€™t bother me but thatโ€™s just how the world works. And also another thing – As a single guy, Iโ€™d rather not hang out with all my friends who are in couples, I want to meet other single girls! So there might be some of that going on, or maybe they just arent that into you.

      • OP here (female!): i think you are totally on point. My friends probably assume Im hanging with my man, and all of a sudden most of my friends are in relationships, which obviously is a great thing, but definitely changes the dynamics of our friend group. Thanks Corey.

    • justinbc

      I’ve got a 1BR / 1BA available for $1,000, renovated just 2 years ago. Email PoP if you want my info.

  • The long-ago-mentioned garment sewing brunch meetup is still on for this Saturday, 11 am at the Chinatown Vapiano – we usually meet in the front lounge area (look for piles of fabric). This is a casual group, all interested folks are welcome. Bring any fabric or supplies you would like to swap, projects to show off or get help with, or just bring yourself.

    Rant/Rave: Cadbury caramel eggs and their fiendish addictiveness.

  • I had this odd dream last night that I was talking to a Rhino.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: That picture! Oh my goodness that’s a cute baby!

  • Rant: For the third time in about 6 months my internet isn’t working. Sometimes it works if I am right next to the router or plugged into the modem, but if I move away it almost never works and if it does my speed is SLOW. I’ve tried switching out the modem and router, swicthcing channels and SSID on the router – nothing helps. Called Comcast about 4 times and finally had to threaten to cancel service to get them to schedule an appointment. Even then, it took them over 40 minutes being on the phone to do it. I just HATE comcast. But RCN isn’t available in my neighborhood. I am seriously thinking that if they can’t fix the problem, I am going to cancel my internet service and just not have internet service. I don’t really see how it would be any different than what I have now.

    I know there is some way to find out the latest date by which FIOS has to roll out to your neighborhood – anyone know how to do that? I think the DC Commission had an agreement with Veriszon for a rolling roll out of FIOS, but can’t figure out which year my neighborhood (Columbia Heights) falls into.

    • justinbc

      Have you tried updating the drivers for your network card? Intel put out some new ones in February, that may (hopefully) fix your issue.

      • I updated the drivers on my router (s – all of them that I’ve been trying), but not sure how to update the drivers on my modem. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!

        • justinbc

          Not your modem or router, your actual network card. Do you know how to get to the device manager function in windows explorer (I’m assuming this is a windows computer)? You can find out there who manufacturers your card and then go to their website for the most current drivers.

    • Just to temper your dreams of FiOS, I had an extremely similar experience to yours recently, with FiOS. After repeated outages and all kinds of BS “troubleshooting” of 2 months, they finally admitted that the problem was outside my house, not inside, and seem to have fixed it (at least until next time…). At that point I told them that I was going to switch providers (and I actually meant it, since I could save money by doing so) unless they cut my monthly rate by quite a bit. (They did.) I will say that their phone support folks are very pleasant even if they can’t provide useful support.

  • rave: I saw 4-5 cherry trees in bloom on my ride in this morning! And one of them was the fragrant type, so lovely!
    rant: my bike won’t go lower than third gear and I rode up Tilden this morning. so. slowly.
    rave: I have thighs like an olympic rower and made it up Tilden in third gear!
    rant: olympic rower thighs and miniskirts don’t play well together.

  • Rant: Federal hiring practices and KSAs that are insanely unrelated to the position at hand. I was filling out questions for GS-13 analyst positions that want to know if I’m an expert in “creating programs” that alleviate major public policy problems. Seriously? You expect me as a lowly 12 or 13 to be able to say I’ve created (whatever that means) a federal program? When I talked to an economist who was looking at KSAs for her own field, she said that she and her coworkers (who had years of experience at the lower grade) felt like they would never qualify based on the KSAs written for the next higher grade. She said they had nothing to do with the actual work the economists do on a daily basis for her agency.
    Rant: I feel like the KSAs force people to lie or at least stretch the truth in order to clear the HR hurdles. If you don’t rate as “expert,” your awesome resume doesn’t even get a glance. Ugh. For those of us who are intent on being honest in our everyday lives, the federal hiring process makes things uncomfortable.
    Rave: I’m already in the gov. That gives me a little advantage.

    • justinbc

      Many positions are posted with particular employees at the agency already in mind, so when you read it it’s so specific that of course nobody but that individual would be able to honestly answer yes. You also have to remember that these jobs are posted nationally, and grade doesn’t always scale the way it does here. I know one particular agency where the folks in Hawaii are all GS12 or 13, yet everyone here doing the same thing are 15s.

    • epric002

      i thought they were phasing out KSAs? i agree that they’re total bullshit, and often incredibly unrelated to the position you’re applying for. even if you rate yourself as an expert in everything and are rated at 99 or 100/100, there’s still no guarantee you’ll even make the cert, which is why i stopped applying for fed jobs. sorry, rant over. good luck!

      • They are phasing out KSAs, but I still fill them out anyway if they’re posted (in addition to submitting a more traditional cover letter) because during the phase-out period, they’re “optional.” And anything “optional” in federal hiring means “if you don’t do it, someone else will, and they’ll have an advantage.”

      • They phased out the essays which accompanied the KSAs, but the questions are still there. They have to have some standard by which to rate applicants.

        • Right, they’re supposed to be able to tell if you meet the KSAs by reading your resume. I find it hard to believe that ever happens, unless you completely re-write your resume to include whatever awkward wording they stuck in the KSA, which some job announcements actively discourage.

          • I’ve applied for a few fed jobs recently where I had to re-write my resume to include the language they use in experience requirements. It is absolutely necessary in order to make it past the initial screening.

          • Last time I was job-hunting, I customized my USAJOBS resume for each job I was applying for.

          • justinbc

            What textdoc said. If you really want the job, and more importantly really need the job, you shouldn’t mind putting in the little bit of effort it takes to revise your resume to meet the criteria (assuming you really do, and you’re not just BS’ing). We’re talking about an hour’s worth of work here to help put you in a position you may be at for years.

    • If that is a specialized experience statement for a GS-13 position then the HR Specialist/Manager who wrote it had no idea what they were doing.

      Specialized experience statements should be written at the next lower grade (e.g. for a GS-13 it should be written at a GS-12 level).

  • Rave: popped in the 14th Street Trader Joe’s last night and couldn’t believe how empty it was. I’m used to the overcrowded ones in Northern Virginia and assumed this location would be worse, but it’s sooo much better. And the customers and employees are so much nicer too. A great experience all around! I’d kind of sworn off TJ’s because shopping there is usually so unpleasant, but this might change my mind.

    • epric002

      good to know! had been holding off going b/c i figured it was still slammed.

      • Now we’re all going to slam the place tonight because of your post. Oh well, I really need to replenish my stockpile of Nourish conditioner.

    • I went at 715pm two nights ago and there was a line snaking through the store. BUT – I was only in line for maybe 10 minutes. It was incredibly quick.

  • Rant: my husband’s company is at risk of losing all their contracts because of some corruption on the government side. They have a strong case and intend to take it as high up as they need to, but in the meantime everyone will have to find new jobs and the company will essentially disappear. Not a good situation.

    • Ugh this happened to me. Couple guys pulled some shady shit in collusion with some govt contracting officers, USG came after whole company (which is small) hard core. Lost my job, sucked for a couple years after that.

      • Yikes. It’s disturbing to know that kind of stuff is happening here and the Feds participating in it are getting away with it.

  • Rave: Met a friend for drinks in Dupont Circle last night…and then we walked around the neighborhood for about an hour. Why? Because the weather is wonderful! Welcome back, Spring!
    Rave: Running my first Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this weekend. Looking forward to the race and the mild temperatures!

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