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  • I hope they organize group runs like at their other locations! Nice!

  • Bring the next location to the Hill!

    • Yes! This would be such a good place for a running store. We already have two bike shops doors from each other.

      • maxwell smart

        Seriously? There’s a City Sports just blocks away and very little residential community nearby to support the store outside of M-F office foot traffic.

        • They were talking about Capitol Hill (i.e. Barracks Row). I think a running store would do well nearby.

          • maxwell smart

            Sorry – missed that. Yes, Capital Hill would be a great location with exactly the type of residential community that would support a local running shop.

        • Do people necessarily buy running gear near their residences? I would think a lot of people would buy running gear next to work if they go running during the work day, or right before/after work. And I think you’d be surprised how many people live near the F Street location. It’s a block from CityCenter, all the Penn Quarter condos and Gallery Place. And not everyone loves City Sports. I do not really live very close to a store like this, so I’m happy to have one near work.

          • I don’t think this is a bad location and actually appreciate having one a bit closer to home (right now I trek to Pacers in Clarendon or Pentagon City), but it would be great to have a running store on the Hill. Since we already have two bike stores on Barracks Row and another on H Street, I’d think it’s a pretty similar demographic, so we’d be able to support a running store. Having one close to home is no different than having one near work, except people would also stop by while strolling on the weekends. I’d definitely drop in to pick up some socks or gels or other last minute necessities that are inconvenient to venture very far for.

          • I always thought running gear was something you buy once and be done with it, like how you might buy workout clothes or a yoga mat and use it until it wears out, so you wouldn’t really need a store right next to your house. Then again I know nothing about running. I would still welcome such a store in Capitol Hill because it would be nice to have more retail here.

          • Anonymous 10:25

            People training for marathons are going through a pair of shoes every 3 months, so no, you don’t really buy something once. 😉

            Also, sports bras get pretty gross and the elastic wears out in about a year.

  • Boo. I have nothing against running, but goddamnit, i love cheese.

  • I used to live above Cowgirl when Central Liquors was located next door. Whomever lives in that apartment now gets shoes and souvenirs for neighbors. Me 1, current tenant 0.

  • maxwell smart

    This isn’t so much a new location but a relocation – when this store opens the store in Cleveland Park is closing. It’s rather unfortunate for NW DC as there is not another running store in the area.

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