Portions of Rock Creek Park May be Closed due to Flooding

Photo by PoPville flickr user J Sonder

From DDOT:

“Rock Creek Park employees and U.S. Park Police may be closing areas of the park to public access due to flooding of Rock Creek and its tributaries. The closures may be required to protect public health and safety, and may affect roads, trails and facilities throughout the park. Potential closures may remain in effect through Thursday, May 1, 2014.”

Anyone else seeing flooding in other parts of town?

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  • This is somewhat unrelated – but I’m wondering about rush hour traffic on Rock Creek. In the morning, Piney Branch is completely backed up from Arkansas to Beach. I assume no traffic lights are allowed in the Park, but if they already use law enforcement to flip the lanes in one direction everyday, can’t they spare a guy to direct traffic at the stop signs so that its not alternating one car at a time entering onto beach?

    Another HUGE qualm – on the way back in the afternoon, the reason myself and 200 other people wait patiently for 15 minutes in the right lane to continue onto beach, is because an UNBELIEVABLE amount of people think that their time is more precious than the rest of us and go all the way up to the split and cut in. I really wish Park services would add in those lane dividers earlier on to stop this behavior.

    • The Park Service should post a sign around P Street, that through traffic should be in the right lane (now) – even though there will always be those “lane cutters” whose time is more precious. The first time I commuted up RCP, I was not aware how soon I should have been in that right lane. Now, I am waiting there with you watching the lane cutters fly by.

    • “so that its not alternating one car at a time entering onto beach?” Er, what about the rest of us who are heading south on Beach to this intersection? What are we supposed to do? We’re already backed up to Park Rd most mornings so we’re waiting in line just like you guys. Did you really think you were the only ones stuck in traffic?

      • No I meant for everyone. Someone letting 20-30 cars from each direction go at a time – not alternating one at a time.

      • Hey Folks – Please leave your road rage where it belongs: out on the streets.

    • The Park Service usually does put officers right at the split to pull people over for cutting in line, but only those who cut in after the solid white lane divider.

      • This does not usually occur. This route is my daily commute for over 5 years and I’ve seen it twice. I’ve also seen dozens of accidents due to the line cutters (mainly fender benders either from cutting in to the right law too quickly or slamming in brakes in order to cut into the right land and getting rear ended)

    • This cutting in never fails to enrage me. I don’t think the vast majority of the cutters are first-timers; I see a lot of the same cars over an over again (I go home on a pretty regular schedule).

      When I’m particularly frustrated I’m tempted to find a creative way to get the IRS to audit the line cutters. Something tells me that the Venn diagram of repeated line cutters because you think you’re above having to wait with everyone else overlaps to a large degree with tax cheats.

      • We should just start a revolution of driving down inbetween the lanes to stop this. I’ve even thought of making a poster to hang out my window shaming them. I don’t know why, but it never ceases to make my blood boil at the end of my work day.

        • Or maybe just holding my hand out the window flipping the bird?

        • As satisfying as that is, be careful. That’s a moving violation by itself and *you* could wind up with a ticket for your trouble.
          A few years ago I was stuck in heavy traffic on an interstate. A few entitled jackholes were speeding along in the breakdown lane so after a while an 18-wheeler a few cars ahead of me started straddling the lane. As great as I thought it was, the truck driver got pulled over himself, along with the people trying to get by him.

        • Just do what I do – I don’t let them in. Never. None of them.

          • Agreed. I wait in line but make a point to not let folks cut in front of me. What makes me mad however is the folks that take their sweet time moving as the traffic moves up allowing for several cars to cut in. I think this only encourages repeat offenders. I’ve only seen NPS/MPD out there once pulling folks over. Why don’t they put cones up after the split so that cars going north on the south bound lines can’t cut over?

          • i’m sorry about that, i get super nervous tailgating someone so closely when the odds of me getting rear ended are so high. half a car length and these assholes think they can cut in, when i’m just trying not to get squished between two cars. :\

      • That audit is an amazing idea. This really grinds my gears too. I’ve been taking this route for 17 years and am guessing maybe 1% are first timers. The rest? Mostly MARYLANDERS. Don’t you know that their time is more important than ours and thus they should not have to wait in line like the rest of us? If it were not for these line jumpers, the wait time to clear the entrance to Beach would likely be considerably less.

    • PDleftMtP

      Y’all missed the jackholery of the people on this cite a couple of months ago explaining how really, they were just making it more efficient for everyone. Um, no, not when traffic is backed up on Beach too. When the cars are bumper to bumper through the tunnel, you are not making it more efficient by jumping 80% of the line.

      In any event, the creek was crazy on the drive home. The water was up to within ten feet of the southbound roadway and the Park Police had closed that side.

  • Question: Why do you all wait in an inefficient line, going stop and go, bumper to bumper to block people from getting in, when that determination to ride bumpers and “slinky” the line is half the reason why the traffic doesn’t flow in the first place?

    The more space you provide between cars instead of speeding up, the less you yourself would have to even step on the brakes. Even if I cut into that gap, you don’t have to push your brakes if you just coast slowly and leave plenty of space. The physics of traffic is quite simple.

    I think the anger comes from the feeling of being helpless, but really, in a best case scenario, both of those lanes slowly filing in together, with the right lane letting the lefthand cars in gradually, one car at a time. Instead the anger of the commute just makes it worse–a vicious cycle.

    If anything, it’s the MD drivers who wait in that line. If you’re from DC you should know the landscape well enough to get where you need to go efficiently and take advantage of those gaps.

    • On I-80 coming into NJ from PA, there is a stretch of highway with large dots on the pavement and instructions to space cars out no closer than one dot apart. People do it and traffic flows beautifully for a few miles. Then the dots go away, cars bunch up, and everyone goes slower, tapping their brakes not to hit the person in front of them. There are no on-ramps in this stretch, so it’s exactly the same traffic density and the same drivers. Honestly, if that direct, empirical experience doesn’t work to teach people not to bunch up when driving, I don’t know what will.

    • That logic makes no sense at all. The only time it does it where people should be zippering – like merging onto the highway. In this case, the right lane goes right and the left lane goes left. If we left space, there would be no “coasting slowly” – it would be a dead standstill with all the other assholes cutting in. I am from DC and so are most of the other people waiting in line. I agree that it’s mostly Maryland plates I see wizzing by. Also, it’s clear that 99% “didn’t know any better” because they don’t slow down and try to get in early, the wizz to the end and cut in. At least you cleared up the backwards logic that the other inconsiderate people must be using.

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