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  • I love seeing this picture! I was just in Istanbul (and it was my first visit there) for 3 days. The Hagia Sofia was amazing as was the Blue Mosque. I loved Istanbul and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to travel abroad.

  • pablo .raw

    Painful memory of Hagia Sofia: After leaving the building, realized that I had my camera set to jpg with the lower resolution. Still hate myself for that. :((
    When I was in architecture school, architecture history class, my teacher explained to everybody how great I did in a test in which I explained so well the way the structure works in Hagia Sofia.

  • We were just there a little over a week ago! I wanted to get a Popville shirt before we went, but was unable to make it to the last PoP HH. Was going to take a picture from the Balloon ride in Cappadocia. Such an amazing country – definitely worth visiting!

  • laduvet

    My photo 🙂

    I recommend The Vault, Karakoy Hotel. Recently renovated boutique building, modern furnishings, wonderful full breakfast bar with made to order eggs and coffee, located around the corner from the main bridge in Istanbul, and views of the city!

    I miss Turkish orange juice.

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