PoPville T-Shirts Continue to Travel – Wounded Warrior Shoot at the Crucible near Fredericksburg


“Wounded Warrior Shoot at the Crucible near Fredericksburg this weekend. Bundeswehr (German Army) folks were also there and I’m shooting their standard issue rifle in this pic, a Heckler and Koch G36.”

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  • Southpaw shooter!

  • pablo .raw

    Brings back memories, long story but the G3 was my gun for a while, I also had a Garand at another point, a Russian WWII thing that we used to call “Donkey Killer” and an AK-M which is a very elegant and beautiful gun.

  • They had a couple of MG3s out as well as a FN P90, FN-SCAR, FN-SCAR-H, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Gotta love a weapon that lets you shoot left without getting hit by hot brass, and that you can see several rounds discharging in this pic.

  • Sweet! Did you get a schutzenschnur????

    • No. There was a regular competition at the end of the day, but it was only for the Wounded Warriors, not the volunteers, and it wasn’t run like a qualifying course. That would be a pretty awesome thing to be able to get though!

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