&Pizza opens in Brookland; Pizza Parts & Service opens on H Street

664-666 Monroe Street, NE

From an email:

“About the new shop:

1st store to offer patio seating.
– Signature black and white design elements are familiar to all the &pizza locations, but the new style of imagery brings out the diversity and amity the neighborhood prides itself in.
– The new large scale images evoke emotion and help to activate the large walls and high ceiling the space had to offer.
– Bathrooms with mirrored tile and characters from emerging local artist Kelly Towles.
– A large ampersand is found on the exterior of the store, made out of cut steel, exposing the foundational brick seen throughout the newly developed building.

10a – 11p Sun – Thurs
10a – 12a Fri – Sat”

1320 H Street, NE

Ed. Note: About those cheesesteaks – I’m told “will be coming to ALL Taylor Gourmet locations in a few months. Shooting for August!”

Pizza Parts & Service is located in the former Taylor Charles Steak & Ice space and:

“The neighborhood pizza garage opens today –

11a – 10p Sunday – Thursday
11a – 330a Friday & Saturday

(delivery will launch in about 2 weeks)”

Check out the menu:


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  • I can tell just by reading the name that Pizza Parts & Service will fail. That’s possibly the dumbest pizza joint name I’ve ever heard. It literally sounds like a garage you would take a broken down pizza to for repairs.

    • justinbc

      I agree about the stupid name, it seems nearly impossible to put a pizza place out of business in this town though. Hell people still go to Manny and Olgas.

    • lol id like to think the pizza itself will be the largest contribution to wether or not the business succeeds….. not the name
      and like someone mentioned, the fact that they deliver in that area could be a huge plus. that and the fact that they will serve by the slice

    • The name is so silly I find myself liking it. “Pizza parts” is fun to say also.

    • brookland_rez

      LOL. I’ll try them. If the pizza is good, I don’t care about the name.

  • Meh, I’ll give them a shot since they’ll deliver. Gotta be better than Papa Johns or NY Pizza.

  • Love the &pizza location. Constant traffic from Monroe Market tenants/CUA students but will still be a true Brookland pizza spot with a neighborhood feel (Menomale is too small and isn’t family friendly IMO). Far enough away from Bergami’s where comp. isn’t an issue.

    Pizza Parts and Service failed just by not having a video up of a good pizza. Doesn’t make me want to rush to H st after work at all. Hopefully Taylor Gourmet has fries to go w/ the “new” cheesesteaks. Adding wings/knots/by the slice option will help separate a bit though.

    • “Pizza Parts and Service failed just by not having a video up of a good pizza.”
      Well, that and the fact that I just heard “fuck” and “shit” about fifty times while watching the video. Hey, maybe I’m just too old, but I don’t think that belongs in the promotional materials for your business.

    • It looked good until they pulled it out of the oven. Is that the same pizza they put in? It looks like the finished one has 3x as much cheese.

    • I agree Menomale is too small, but we’ve always had a great time there as a family with our toddler son.

  • Call me crazy, but the image outside &pizza isn’t very inviting . It reminds me of the image Brookland is trying to get away from!

  • hmm, originally i though the idea of having another pizza place on H was a bad idea. But at those prices, combined with the fact that they deliver, it could work out. as a NoMa resident it would be nice to get pizza without having to walk all the way to H or ordering from Dominos.

  • Not the best choice in music on that pizza video… Be post-warned, it has lots of cursing in it… NSFW!

    • I like it. What would be a better choice?

      • Something not loaded with “fuck” and “shit”.

        • I don’t even notice things like that. Do you not listen to modern music?

          • you should pay attention to the words sometime.

          • I don’t think it’s too clever to promote your business with f-bombs. Those words are still considered vulgar except for informal settings by most people. I’d say if you wouldn’t want to hear it from the employees then you shouldn’t want to hear it in their promotional videos.

          • I assume the people who walk down the street having loud profanity-laden conversations are the same people who “don’t even notice” the profanity in lyrics. But as a courtesy, would you kindly start noticing? I know it’s no big deal to you, but it makes me cringe on behalf of our youngest and oldest neighbors.

          • Ha ha. Yeah, well maybe you should try noticing things more often. Modern music does not actually *have* to be laced with profanity you know.

          • Actually I don’t use profanity at all. Not my style. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate music made by people who aren’t like me.

          • I assume the people who are offended by profanity in music are the same people who think the picture outside &pizza is “an image Brookland is trying to get away from”.

          • “But as a courtesy, would you kindly start noticing?”
            Er, and do what exactly? Start lobbying the music industry to change its practices? If it means that much to you why don’t you do that?

          • For those of you who have missed the point, or are missing it intentionally, the problem is not profanity in music. The problem is using profanity where it’s neither necessary or appropriate, such as advertising a neighborhood pizza place.

          • It’s really not a contest.
            (I just spent a few days with my nephews, 6 & 9 years old, and was amazed how many times I had to use that sentence. That, and “quit picking your nose.”)

  • Went to Pizza Parts & Service for lunch today. Had a slice of sausage and a soda, total was 5.50. Pizza was NY style, slice pretty big. It was pretty damn delicious actually. The name notwithstanding, I think they will do pretty well. Welcome!

  • notlawd

    Can we start a petition to bring an & Pizza to Petworth?

  • Listened to snippets of the video twice and am still missing all the “shi*ts” and “f*cks” people are talking about… guess I’m just immune too.

    • Listen to the whole video and if you still don’t hear them then you’re really bad at listening to words.

  • Does the Taylor Gourmet app (LevelUp) work at the Pizza place too?

  • I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am confused. This place opened on H st NE and it’s considered Brookland? Maybe it’s because I’m not looking at a map but I’ve never considered an H st address as Brookland.

    • Sorry, nevermind. Just read again and see it is 2 new locations.

      However, I agree with the others on the stupidity of the name.

  • Went to Pizza Parts & Service this week and it was delicious. I used to travel all the way over to We the Pizza or Wise Guys because I didn’t care for really any other options. This place is cheaper, better tasting, and has delivery. I’m happy to finally be able to get a good pie for under $20.

  • Anyone know if the Brookland &pizza serves beer/wine yet?

  • I miss New City pizza so much. RIP. Hooray for delivery, I guess.

  • Tried it! Pretty good. VERY similar to sbarros. Nothing to write home about but thank goodness it’s better than manny and Olga’s. They will do just fine with the neighborhood residents increasing exponentially and H getting more and more crowded on weekend nights. Another late night drunk food option pretty much always does well.

  • None of these pizza places can touch wise guys!

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