Not Looking Good for City2Cafe – 1917 18th St, NW For Lease

1917 18th St, NW

City2Cafe opened up back in the summer of 2010. That retail space is now being listed for lease:

“-FULLY BUILT restaurant – 1,250 sf
-Near popular restaurants such as Jack Rose, Regency Thai, Lauriol Plaza, Mandu, and Rosemary’s Thyme!
-Building has recently undergone an extensive renovation”

For the moment City2Cafe remains open, perhaps they’ll be able to negotiate a new lease. Any fans of City2Cafe?

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  • POP – Any further updates on Pi Pizzeria on 18th?
    I walked up to the door yesterday evening and although it was closed for business, I didn’t see any indication that it was closed for good. Tables were still set and computer was still up and running at side bar.

    • They had an ABRA hearing to terminate their settlement agreement with the Board last week. If they are in fact closing down, they are investing a lot of time in priming the license so it doesn’t have an SA.

  • I used to live a block from this place and it was never open. I don’t know what their hours were, but it would be consistently closed at all times of the day.

  • The one time I went to this place it took the lady 20 minutes to make me an egg salad sandwich – and I was the only customer. Can’t think that this place will be missed.

    • They were only open for lunch on weekdays, in an area that had very few office jobs. Even when they were open, nobody was ever there. I always wondered if they were a front for a spy agency.

  • austindc

    I like the ad enticing people to open a restaurant in the middle of a bunch of well-established competition. I guess whoever picks it up will be pretty confident!

  • I thought the food was fantastic. Unfortunately, i had the same issue with odd hours.

  • Live a block away from here, this won’t be missed. A place that is pretty much only good for a mediocre bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and is closed on Sundays? No thanks.

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