Next Up on 14th Street – Love n’ Faith Community Cafe Opening Early May – Featuring Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

2420 14th Street, NW

Back in Sept. 2013 we first learned of Love ‘n Faith Cafe coming to the Capitol View building at 14th and Chapin St, NW (just north of Florida Ave.) Look out for an early May opening:


Looking south toward Florida Ave and Streets Market:


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  • welcome to the neighborhood! Sounds like a great addition.

  • i live around the corner from here – id give it about 4 months before it goes belly up! but maybe it will benefit from spill over at Creme which is right next door (dont know when thats slated to open)

    • Appreciate the input. Reasons for why it will go belly up? I live around the corner as well…

      • A) its a tiny space so you get your icecream and coffee with no where to sit nearby (its a concerete jungle on that stretch.
        B) Its not a brand name place that people would trust, probably wouldnt even notice its a coffee place by the name ‘love and faith’.
        C) nitrogren icecream sounds like $$$$$

        Glad something will be there but i doubt i will frequent there. Creme on the otherhand – those fried chicken and waffles are on point

        • I agree with point B. The name “Love and Faith” makes me think there are going to be crosses on the walls and owned by proselytizers.
          The last time I went to Creme, I saw the cook open a box of Quaker instant grits into a pot.

      • Why can’t it just be simple and good quality?

        -Awful name (Christian Book Store with Coffee and High Tech Ice Cream?)
        -“All natural” liquid nitrogen ice cream – ” It is produced industrially by fractional distillation of liquid air” – just seems like an odd way to describe a ice cream made with it; also, I’ve seen this process a few times at fancy restaurants and craft bars – it’s not easy so good luck; I find getting a scoop of ice cream challenging when I go to the local Baskin Robins on 14th street
        -In general that sign is just all over the place in trying to describe what they are doing; KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

        Out of business in 9-12 months or changed concept within 13-18 months

  • Can’t wait for the oxygen bar to open up down the block!

  • I think I’ve had their ice cream at events at the convention center. Ok but nothing special.

  • sounds like a Christian meeting space

  • Really terrible branding but if they pull off good ice cream, and more importantly, good coffee, people will come. .
    It’s actually kind of an ice cream desert in this area.

  • At what point does the 14th St Corridor become over saturated? How many coffee and ice cream places do they need? Granted, this seems a little more niche, but eventually the competition will weed out the cool places like this. Survival of the fittest. Folks need to branch out beyond 14th St and look at NOMA, Petworth and Brookland. Find a neighborhood that doesn’t have the services you offer. And I guarantee you won’t pay the exorbitant rent of 14th St or U St. Say a business does make it 10 years, then watch the owner double or triple the rent. The locally owned places have to leave and chains overtake the area (ie Dupont).

    • where are the other ice cream shops? and no, not gelatto, ice cream.

      • Let me clarify… There are many ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt etc etc etc options in this area. I would argue the people looking for ice cream vs gelato is the same. Ok, gelato has a few more eggs. Meanwhile, my initial point is that this area is becoming Dupont Circle east. Eventually it’ll be all chains bc rents will be so damn high. I just think some neighborhoods offer greater opportunity.

    • Those neighborhoods don’t have many open storefronts, nor do they have the amount of commercial activity that 14th Street does. You want more businesses in those areas? Zone more commercial and mixed-use.

      • +everything
        We want retail diversity but we don’t want the conditions that allow it.

        • I would disagree. However, I can only speak to Petworth. There are great places, recently renovated in Park Place (next door to Safeway, Chez Billy and Metro) as well as plenty of other nearby store fronts on Georgia. Upshur St is filling up fast, but there are still a few available.

  • I think the place will fly, I say this having tried it at the Convention Center and Pie Sisters – quality is amazing actually. Plus there really are no ice cream places in the area – let’s not count upcoming Dolcezza with $5 per microscoop. The owner’s name is Faith, so I don’t think it’s meant to be religious at all but too bad the name is off-putting to some.

  • As an ice cream maker extraordinare, liquid nitrogen ice cream pisses me off.
    That is all.

    • saf

      I make very good ice cream. I love ice cream. I want to try this. I want to get some liquid nitrogen and make ice cream.
      In general, I just want all the ice cream.

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